Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On The Question Of Marriage and Enforcement Of Traditions Of Marriage

The purpose of this post is to permanently record my own thoughts posted on the Booker Rising blog.

Take a step back and consider the two tracks of known and accepted "emotional damage" to Black people today:

* RACISM!!! - where you are made to feel like trash by someone else because of your race

* FATHERLESSNESS - where your own self worth can be assaulted as you wonder if it is "your fault" that dad has left and other assorted issues contained within. I recall from personal experience growing up the peer pressure and jokes made on the family of 4 up the street who had a good looking mother and no father around. We joked about their relative poverty. We joked about the occasional man that their fine mother used to bring around. And when we were "busting" on each other and one of the family in question was the opponent - there were plenty of times in which some reference to "your daddy" was brought up into the exchange because it was an obvious pain point to all of them.

Of these two issues - racism and family structure - both of which cause harm only ONE OF THEM get proactive play within many circles of the "Civil Rights" dominated Black Activism. RACISM has an EXTERNAL operator who has hurt us for nothing more than being BLACK! Being that an outsider of known quantity is the operative it is fairly easy to get a crowd of Blacks in agreement that they will MARCH at dawn on Saturday to counteract this threat that has caused so much pain and which has caused us to levitate below our full potential.

The second "threat" is handled very differently mostly because our community is not as attuned to MANAGEMENT as compared to MARCHING. The question of structured and traditional family bonds challenges the popular sentiments WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. This community has been pro-libertarian and non-judgmental with respect to social order despite the claims of our "conservatism" in this area. Indeed there might be some segments who are more "liberal" (typically those who have been indulging in the situation in question themselves - ie the Gay community) but it is the Black community itself which is tacitly supportive of their particular saga because of our own experiences with forces of repression.

The problem is that these operatives (some of whom are WITHIN our midst) always attempt to link their struggles against traditional values which stand distinct from our challenges over SKIN COLOR as being indistinguishable. The Blacks who have little grounding in any particular BEDROCK OF BELIEFS due to the need for DIRECTED OUTCOMES rather than FREEDOM FOR FREEDOM'S sake take the bait and join in with them.

Missing from this entire movement is the recognition that in order to manage the FRANCHISE and remain in ownership of the OUTCOMES those who are held accountable for these OUTCOMES must at times go against what is the immediate POPULAR WILL and instead hold fast toward what has known to work.

There are plenty of PSEUDO-FRANCHISERS in our midst. They show themselves by preaching these OUTCOMES as stated above but making THE STATE out to be the agency by which this condition will be obtained by the Black masses. Truth is that they are not interested in obtain this end - they are doing little more than latching their own ideological notions about what government should do onto a people desperate to find some agent by which these ends might be long as it is not expressly UPON THEIR OWN BACKS and thus their own actions. Aversion to CHANGING their own actions toward confinement is prime. The peddler of such a promise will enjoy popularity. Those who evangelize the contrary message that it is YOU who need to straighten up (not the system) won't have such a virtual mega church of a following.

The INTERNAL vs EXTERNAL battle is prime in so many struggles that the Black community faces. It is my view that the near exclusive focus on the external is done at a loss of the capabilities for us to develop a culture of management and self-sufficiency. Since this concept is eschewed - what does it matter how the people choose to orient themselves in their relationships that are had in the context of child birth and indoctrination? In their minds it is the STATE'S responsibility and thus they are to blame for the failings contained within the community.

Externalities directly correlates to VICTIMIZATION. Internalization requires MANAGEMENT of all of the direct resources seeking to benefit from the change.

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