Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ron - I Am Sorry That I Followed Your Side Track About The Dixiecrats

Ron - Please accept this as my appology for following after you in addressing the talking points that you prefer to talk about. This was a temporary lapse of judgment on my part.

I realize that it is your goal to advance the notion that "White Conservatives are Racists" and thus are the primary threat to Black people - as is the popular operating assumption within the Black community today. Thus you focused our conversation on the question of "Is Trent Lott a Dixiecrat?". I went forth and sought to define what a "Dixiecrat" was, you went on to do a "6 degrees of separation" tree of interconnectedness between the Dixiecrats and the "Council of Conservative Citizens". Ron - you won the argument in that you advanced the notion that "The White Conservative is the primary racist entity and the primary threat against Black people."

Please allow me to distill your argument. indeed the White Southerner in particular was the most blatant threat against the Black American civil rights (but certainly not the exclusive threat). In your argument you say that the Southern Democrat split off from your illustrious Democratic Party once they saw that the party was starting to adopt economic reform and civil rights. In 1948 the Dixiecrats indeed became active and they worked actively to maintain segregation of the races.

Lets go a bit deeper Ron. WHAT was the ultimate desire of these White racists? I have a proposed list:

1) Use of systematic violence against Blacks - to intimidate Blacks into acting as they wanted to.

2) Destruction of Black Economic interests - so that Blacks had no vehicle for upward mobility

3) Suppression of the Effective Education In Black Schools - in order to keep Black folks ignorant and unable to assemble effective solutions using more scientific and systematic practices

4) Assaults Upon Black Health status (ie: Tuskegee Experiment) - which suppress the healthy living for Blacks

Ron - you would agree with me that all of these elements had the ultimate goal of ADVANCING WHITE SUPREMACY by insuring that Black folks remained at the bottom of the societal totem pole. In its most perverse form - "White Supremacy" was to be insured by taking a bat to the kneecap of Black folks and our interests. Thus the same spread between the races could be created either by having real world, organic actions that prove that the White race was superior......or push down the competition while their own race stayed at the baseline level. In both ways - their position was made relatively higher in reference to Blacks.

Now Ron in my list above I have two key elements - the mode of attack and the resulting consequence.

Just to review:

The modes of attack were:
*Use of systematic violence against Blacks; Destruction of Black Economic interests; Suppression of the Effective Education In Black Schools; Assaults Upon Black Health status

The resulting consequences were:
*to intimidate them into acting as they wanted to; Blacks had no vehicle for upward mobility; to keep Black folks ignorant and unable to assemble effective solutions using more scientific and systematic practices; suppress the healthy living for Blacks

With this as the foundation for review Ron - I must ask you - Do you believe that the MODES OF ATTACK listed above are the exclusive realm of White Conservatives - the primary adversary to Black people in your book?

Let me expose some of the cards in my hand for a second. Through my research upon Black folks I have noted and have coined the term "Non-White White Supremacy". This is the strong presence in the belief of White Supremacy.........among Black folks. This is expressed in the thoughts, their actions, their policy initiatives OF BLACK FOLKS. In this specific case - this is expressed in the belief that WHEN BLACK FOLKS PERFORM THE VERY SAME ASSAULT that a White man did to other Black people......their actions do not rise to the level that was the case when the WHITE MAN did the same thing yet garnered the same results - usually a Dead Black man. Thus the OPERATOR of the assault is made superior or inferior based on the observation of who he is (ie: White) or his INTENTIONS (ie: a racial 'hate crime' as opposed to a robbery)

It is interesting, Ron, that your entire argument is centered upon the fact that "the Democratic Party of today has CHANGED".

Gone are the days when the Democrats were the "Party of Slavery" and "Jim Crow" and the home of the primary adversary that the Civil Rights leaders were fighting against. You coyly distill the issue from one of PARTY over to one of IDEOLOGY. Thus since the "White Conservative" element had vacated the Democratic Party for the Republican Party then the beloved Democratic party (that most Blacks just also happen to favor today).....was washed clean - pure and White as the undriven snow - in your view. It is the "Republican Party" which has become the receptacle for the White Conservative of today and thus it is the Republican Party who is the "Party of Racism against Blacks" today - if we allow you to tell it.

Again - you successfully got me to yield (even if temporarily) to you that "conservatism = racism". (More specifically "White Conservatism".) Here is when I reclaim that point, snatching it from your grasp.

You and other Blacks - who are Progressives rather than Conservatives love to craft easy associations which allow such associations in people's minds do the thinking for them. You are wildly successful at doing this. For example on the issue of Affirmative Action - it is assumed as a given that "Affirmative Action helps Black people". Thus anyone who is opposed to A.A. thus is opposed to the interests of Black people. I have previously disassembled the notion that A.A. represents a comprehensive and "the best" solution for Black progress so I will spare you the side tracked conversation at this time. The point remains that you would rather have a judgment on the litmus test of A.A. rather than an INSPECTION of the very question of the EFFECTIVENESS of A.A. at the foundational level. Again I say that the larger domain of Black 9th graders will never benefit from A.A. and thus it fails the comprehensiveness test in the real world, but indeed it remains a popular litmus test to "draw out our enemies"....when we you all are allowed to define them as such, that is.

Ron as we consider the modes of attack as listed above I make the case that the WHITE MAN is no longer the exclusive threat to Black people in these key domains in 2008. The use of systematic violence against Black people today is still in existence. Just as the "Democratic Party has changed", so too has the primary OPERATIVES who are carrying out this deed. Black people are dying at a disproportionate rate, none the less. According to the statistic Ron - the Black Thug is the primary operative who uses SYSTEMATIC VIOLENCE against our people in 2008. The challenge that YOU face, Ron, is to PROMOTE THE EQUALITY OF THE BLACK MAN and agree that the resulting DEATH of Black people at his hands is an EQUAL THREAT to our community as when the Klan did the very same thing in the past in support of their goals to have Black folks to be KEPT IN PLACE in a given manner. Isn't this the ultimate goal of "Stop Snitching"?

Ron there were about 5,500 recorded lynchings in the United States between the period of Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Movement. This figure includes both WHITE AND BLACK. In one year alone in 2007 - more than 7,000 Black people were murdered. Now of course not all were murdered by Thugs as part of their systematic operations - usually drug dealing. It takes no large amount of brilliance, however, to see that from the sheer difference in numbers alone via the time spans - there is a big problem. A problem that is thus far not being addressed as the "racism chase" has been addressed per the threat that was perceived by the White Conservative assailant.

I use this as an example Ron, because I see that with the loss of the FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE for the activism of Black people - the introduction of "Non-White White Supremacy" is going to motivate the Black community to drive past an area within our own community where a high incidence of murders have taken place as the activists choose to run out to a scene where one White man has done the same thing - murder a Black man. This is a sign that our community VALUES him as a greater target of our scorn rather than what they saw in memorial as they exited their own communities to the "crime scene" of more VALUE.

It is interesting that just as the "Democratic Party" has changed, no longer the home of lynching and White supremacy - you all can find today no Republican that has lynched Black people. Worse yet some of you same people show little outrage at the burned bodies of Black people who's murders were covered as the killer burned the house down to cover his tracks.

It is clear through little inspection that the distilled essence that he have long fought for has been distorted in our current POLITICAL activism. Today the popular Black activism is done in support of a fixed set of ideological/economic and partisan interests rather than focused upon the key essential elements of:

* Safe streets for the protection of our people from any threat against their lives
* Effective education of our people so that they will have the skills to solve our problems and allow us to prosper
* Local Economic prosperity which provides us with the vehicle to rise up
* Healthy Lifestyles which allow our people to live long, ailment-free lives as possible

Ron - my central challenge to you is to ask:

Are you able to EQUALLY go after ALL THREATS, foreign and DOMESTIC which threaten these essential elements for the Black community? Or are some threats more superior, in your mind, than others?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Jamaican Track Stars Successful Due To Slavery"?

Doctor links Jamaica’s sprinting success to slavery

The people of Africa were on this Earth for tens of thousands of years. Why do people submit to the notion that 400 years of slavery is the origin of so much of our character?

This comment is ignorant and offensive.

Herb Elliott, who oversees drug testing in Jamaica and serves as the Olympic team’s head doctor, said African slaves who ended up in Jamaica were among the strongest and most determined – qualities, he says, that have helped the likes of Usain Bolt, the 22-year-old Jamaican track star.

“They say that our aggression, our toughness, came out of our slave situation,” said Elliott, who is black. The team doctor said he subscribes to the view “considering that Jamaica had more slavery rebellion than any country in the world.”

“It’s not a question of genetic pool, but we have that,” he added. “It’s a cultural thing, too, that we want to achieve.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

Nana says:
[quote]communal well-being [/quote]

DH says:
[quote]In most Sub-Sahara African countries the top loyalty is to the tribe/clan.

Although they are no longer as meaningful, but always loyalty to the state and the state being in many ways the definer of cultural norms and even regulator of religion [/quote]

The American Negro is currently in a quandary regarding his answer to the question posed by MLK - "Where Do We Go From Here?"

The popular ideology that he is beholden to has him to seek the said "communalist"/shared resources from the STATE (Nationalization of his RIGHTS) while struggling to keep intact his own cultural identity, fighting earnestly from having the key financial supporters in his "Friends and Family Plan" above from co-opting his cultural sensibilities. He hates their business practices but can ill-afford to stop them because he need them to KEEP DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING so that he can eat for yet another day.

The modality of "The Angry Black" and "SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER" allows him to perpetuate the aura of POWER over the system within the confines of his own mind. His POWER is contextual just as the was the power of the local resident from the projects who confronted me 25 years ago as I accidentally stepped on his brand new White sneakers in the COLLEGE party that he snuck into as he attempted to find a "college girl" who would be interested in him - after listening to him talk. I applogized and kept walking.

He believes that his POWER comes in holding a "mirror of consciousness" up to the very SYSTEM from which he consumes all of the aspects of his own "STANDARD OF LIVING" from as he launders away the machinations of the offensive POLICIES which were implemented to achieve the positive flow of resources into the nation.......and thus into his community in the name of "Social Justice". He often calls himself the "Conscious of America".

His 'consciousness' comes from the fact that he doesn't asking the street dealer too many questions about the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the wealth (the laptop, the flat screen television, the iPod that is for sale to him at the flea market) that he demands into his community as his RIGHT.

The fiasco that is going on right now in the City of Chicago regarding public school funding is quite interesting in this regard. Despite the fact that the subject of our study is the overwhelming majority of the school system and it would behoove him to actually produce the resources needed to effectively educate his own flock as he prepares them for the future........instead of asking those who will BENEFIT THE MOST to channel their limited resources more toward the OPPORTUNITY CREATION (hey BET Uncut :lol which EDUCATION is said to provide.....he runs to THE STATE to demand MORE MONEY. In his own boundary of Chicago he is not able to arrange an economic system that would fund the $3,000 gap between him and the "Rich White folks" in the suburbs despite the bragging about the "CONTROL" that his race and HIS PARTY has over the city of Chicago.

Having failed to construct an economic system that provides the resources for his own within the city limits of his own domain - he is forced to call upon the NEXT GOVERNMENT in the hierarchy to MAKE HIM WHOLE!!

There is a basic disconnect between the "group PRIDE" that he has in the social/political domain and the utter DEPENDENCE that he has in the ECONOMIC DOMAIN. It is all too clear that his "front" of STRENGTH thought ANGER simply does not translate in the realm of economics and productivity. He is too prideful to admit that HE MUST CHANGE before CHANGE WILL COME UPON HIM!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

High Infant Mortality Rates For Blacks In Memphis - Lifting "The Blacks" Up To The American Standard

Tennessee's High Infant Death Rate
Baby Death Public Health Crisis Thwarted by Poverty

"Thwarted by Poverty" or a confluence of thoughts and behaviors that can only result in this possible outcome??

(More later)

Author: "Lincoln didn’t free the slaves; the slaves freed themselves."

AJC: Historian suggests Southerners defeated Confederacy

Boy do we need a dose of this very spirit WITHIN our community today.

Q: How important were black Southerners in the outcome of the war?

A: They were very important to undermining the Confederate war effort. When slaves heard that Abraham Lincoln had been elected, many of them thought they were free and started leaving plantations. So many eventually escaped to Union lines that they forced the issue. As other historians have said, Lincoln didn’t free the slaves; the slaves freed themselves.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Camilia Masacre - Black Freedmen Shot Down By Whites In Georgia

First the historical facts around the issue:

On September 19, 1868, violence broke out in the small town of Camilla, Georgia. Referred to as the Battle of Camilla, the Camilla Massacre, or the Camilla Riot, it was neither the first, nor the only incident of violence in the area, but it is the most notorious with long term implications for race relations in Mitchell County, the State of Georgia, and the New South.

Against a backdrop of Reconstruction politics, the Camilla Riot broke out on the day scheduled for a Republican political rally in Camilla at the Mitchell County courthouse. Republican speakers William P. Pierce, a congressional candidate from the district, John Murphy, the party elector, and F.F. Putney, a local party member, among others, set out from Albany with a bandwagon headed for Camilla. Included in the group was Philip Joiner, one of the thirty-two freedmen expelled from the state legislature in earlier that month. As they went, they gathered a crowd of between two to four hundred freedmen and women from the surrounding area. A number of freedmen, though probably fewer than half, carried with them either walking sticks or guns loaded with squirrel or birdshot. When the procession came within three to five miles of Camilla, they were met by Mitchell County Sheriff, Mumford S. Poore, who told them that he would not allow them to enter the town with firearms. Despite assurances of peaceful intentions from Pierce and Murphy, Sheriff Poore returned to Camilla and formed a posse of white townsmen to await the group's arrival. At the same time, Pierce and Murphy did not advise the freedmen to leave their walking sticks and shotguns, but continued on for Camilla as before, thereby setting the stage for conflict.

Coming into town, the group met James Johns. Johns, who was drunk at the time, ordered the band to stop playing, and when they did not, he fired his gun. Though accounts vary on the intent and direction of the shots, all agree that it was Johns who fired first, and most saw Johns fire purposefully, straight into the bandwagon. After the first shots, the other white townspeople joined in firing on the crowd. The Republicans and freedmen returned fire for less than two or three minutes before fleeing the scene into the surrounding woods. The Sheriff's men spent the rest of that day and several days following systematically pursuing the freedmen through the countryside as many as five miles from town and wounding or killing them as they tried to escape. According to documents collected by local agents of the government relief agency, the Bureau of Freedmen, Refugees, and Abandoned Lands, at least nine freedmen were killed, and as many as twenty-five to thirty were wounded. No whites were killed or seriously wounded.

Following the incident, Freedmen's Bureau agents began the task of thoroughly documenting the event. Bureau members O.H. Howard, Christian Raushenberg, William Mills, and others chronicled the incident with letters to superiors, witness affidavits, and reports in an attempt to secure justice and greater protection for the freedmen in Mitchell County. The agency considered bringing in troops to calm the situation, but political difficulties prevented the Bureau from getting either justice or the support of government troops. No one was ever tried in the deaths of the freedmen in the riot. In the end, the presence of the Freedmen's Bureau itself was short-lived, as its role was greatly diminished in December of 1868, and by June of 1872 it was entirely abolished.

Now fast forward to the year 2008. History has come to life but the "gun grabbers" now think of themselves as the good guys.

AJC: Law banning guns at ‘public gatherings’ has racist past, group claims

Next month is the 140th anniversary of the Camilla Massacre, when a group largely made up of blacks heading to a Southwest Georgia Republican political rally were shot up by white locals after being warned not to bring guns to town.

Gun-rights advocates say the September 1868 massacre, in which at least nine freedmen were killed and up to 25-30 were wounded, led the General Assembly to ban citizens from carrying firearms at political rallies and other “public gatherings.” The aim, they say, was to keep guns away from blacks.

“It was entirely about race,” said Ed Stone, president of

But many African-American lawmakers don’t see the “public gatherings” law as a civil rights issue. In fact, at the Capitol, black lawmakers have been some of the leading backers of gun-control legislation over the years.

One, Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta), called GeorgiaCarry’s use of the Camilla massacre “deeply offensive.”

“It’s very cynical, even more-so when you understand that in many African-American demographics, gun homicides are the number one cause of death,” Fort said. “To have these people use the history of discrimination against African-Americans going back 140 years to say this is why we need to have guns in churches, restaurants and schools …. where is this going to end?

As usual Senator Fort has it wrong. Where as in the past Blacks were slaughtered for the lack of a means to protect ourselves, today we have too many Black people using firearms to kill other Blacks. This is not a problem with firearms. This is a problem with the consciousness of those who are killing Black people.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Gun / Gun - Note The Outcomes

For the record - this thug on the elevator should be caught and then put in a crowded jail cell with the video of his attack looping endlessly.

Or someone should Photoshop the image of his cell mate's grandmother onto the head of the woman who was attacked and then "let nature take its course".

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Africa - The Ghetto That Is Colonized By The United Nations

I subscribed to Comcast cable about a year ago in order to gain access to "The Africa Channel" that run upon their system. I had been watching the news about the planning and launch of "The Africa Channel" since its inception. I was very interested in learning more about the internal details of the African continent but such news sources were sparse. Where as various existing channels provide news and business information about Asia and Europe, news about Africa was limited to the conflicts and the miseries there.

A year into the evaluation of "The Africa Channel" the most valuable channel in my view is "The UN World Chronicle Show". This is valuable but not for all the right reasons. Where as the other shows produced from Africa which are shown on the channel feature various news and entertainment pieces - "The UN World Chronicle" is the voice of the OVERLAY GOVERNMENT of the African continent.

"Overlay Government?" you might ask. Yes indeed. It appears that the United Nations has more peacekeeping forces in Africa than on any other continent in the world. The "UN Chronicle" brings forth POLICY MAKERS and allows them to present their perspective on how to fix problems around the world. It stands to reason then that since the UN is so deeply embedded in Africa that much of its policy pronouncements are about Africa as well.

This week's episode of "The UN World Chronicle" was about the importance of empowering women as a means of achieving population control. The argument is that as women get the right to control their reproductive choices and are able to decline sex from their mate - that this is the sign of a society that will allow their women to receive a higher order of education, that does not have unsustainable population growth and thus society as a whole is better off. I accept much of this argument in that we in America are living within such a society of reference.

The problem that I have with the general discussion from this particular episode of the show is that the OUTSIDERS from the United Nations were executing their policies that were crafted in the plush offices of the UN Headquarters in New York City and are now spreading them throughout Africa. It is interesting that while these same places are called "vulnerable" in regards to certain forces of terrorism and economic exploitation due to their lack of strong central stands to reason that these same places are also "vulnerable" to the exploits of the United Nations and the policies they wish to bring forth.

This hit home to me during the conversation about condom distribution in Uganda. This was the famous "ABC Program". (Abstain, Be Faithful, Use Condoms) This program has successfully curtailed the growth of HIV infections in this particular country. One of the show's hosts said something that was particularly disturbing to me. (Side Note: Even though the "UN World Chronicle" has a web site of archived shows - they stopped posting them beyond the 2006 broadcast season. I will save this particular segment of the conversation to YouTube and update this blog entry later)

On the subject of Uganda one of the shows host said something to the effect of:

"In Uganda where the 'ABC program' is a showcase for success in controlling HIV infections there is currently a condom shortage. The Ugandans are blaming this problem on the West for failing to insure that they have enough condoms to keep the program going".

STOP RIGHT THERE!!! Let's analyze this sentence.

Who is the BENEFICIARY of the 'ABC Program'?: Answer - the Ugandans
What are they asked to do in the control of HIV? Answer - Have more responsible sex
Since we are discussing 'government to government' relations why is it that the Ugandan government sees the WESTS 'failure' to supply FREE CONDOMS as the fault of the West?

A new feature of my evaluation of certain policies is the analysis of the TRANSACTION that takes place between two parties that are assumed to be EQUAL. It stands to reason that transactions between PEERS involve a mutual transfer of value - if the EQUAL PEER assumption is to be substantiated. (Otherwise we have a charitable exchange).

So we see that the West and the United Nations provided both CONDOMS and the constructs of the 'ABC Program' to the nation of Uganda. What I am not so clear about is what the UGANDANS have given to these two organizations in the context of the transaction.

Some would argue that they gave the world fewer HIV cases and also evidence that the program works. Sorry - this is not a tangible or hard benefit that flowed the other way. As always there was reference to Uganda being a POOR NATION and thus the assumption that they are not able to take care of themselves was the prevailing sentiment going into the deal.

Thus at the end of the conversation I got the feeling that the people of Uganda were simply constituents or clients of the United Nations. The government of Uganda is like a "Residents Association" that could be found in any American housing project in their relation to the real authority - the United Nations. Their job was to accept and implement the policy that was derived from on high, making a few tweaks along the way.

So you might be asking "What difference does it all make as long as HIV INFECTION RATES ARE DECLINING?". This question misses the broader point. The reason why HIV and other problems are a major problem in these nations is because they lack the ORGANIC means by which the local government can express such policies through the channel of a functioning and transparent government, using people who have the appropriate education and, most importantly with a prevailing group of people who see the need to change as the primary means of adopting such policies. In summary all of this is a question of AGENCY with me.

The "salvation" metaphor works best here. How can the United Nations seek salvation for a group of people unless they are central players in the process of their own salvation? Instead they seem to be clients in the process of transformation. Like so many other outside interventions those programs to "prime the pump" until it can run on its own often become the installation of a permanent dependency.

That which I see here is that which I see in West Philadelphia USA. A group of people who are all but disconnected from a system that would lead to their full development as a people - both on the consumer side as expressed by them living at a "higher standard of living" and on the supply side with them being the primary vehicle which are providing the goods and services to the (functionally) closed system of consumption that they operate in.

Instead of this system of self-sufficiency it is far more common to see the altruistic outsiders being pacified with the community being in a state of RECEIPT OF THE BENEFITS. Thus, in this case, if the HIV infection rate is totally in check and the United Nations outsiders did 95% of the is still a community that is no longer ravaged by HIV infections.

Key questions to ask:

* What organic problem solving skills did the community develop during this process?

* If a new crisis comes along but the United Nations is not available or is resource constrained to give it their full attention - what happens to the clients? Where as the UN as a global organization has to prioritize its list of problems to focus on - if the client's problem is not high enough on the list are they forced to LOBBY THE UN FOR RESOURCES.....or are they empowered to TAKE IT UP THEMSELVES in pursuit of their own interests? These are sovereign nations we are speaking of - or are they?

All of this calls into question the underlying mission of the African Diaspora. Are we seeking EQUAL STANDING around the world as evidenced by our STANDARD OF LIVING (and LEGAL RIGHTS) that we consume or are we on a mission of seeking EQUAL STANDING as evidenced by our ability to PRODUCE SUCH AN EQUAL OR SUPERIOR STANDING based on the SYSTEMS that we are able to create to express it?

I can't help but to notice that the United Nations is entrenching itself in to places where it is most needed BUT ALSO in places that have the least amount of organized government to tell it "NO we don't like all of the downside dependencies that you create".

In closing, do not get me wrong, I am not one who makes the case that "We don't need no outside help", letting people suffer in the wake of such fundamentalism. I AM saying that too often short term receipt of benefit because of an emergency many times substitutes for long term course correction. Thus we have a series of SHORT TERM CRISISES who's responses to address them becomes the prevailing government culture. Never does the place do PLANNING where their macro course correction itself immunizes them from these series of crisises.

The collection of people are WEAKENED as a result.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cullen Jones - From Irvington New Jersey!! Irvington's Jones helps U.S. win Olympic gold

BEIJING - When Cullen Jones powered through the water Sunday night, chasing history, the charismatic kid who learned to swim in Newark could hear the roar from a half a world away. Amid the deafening cheers from the thousands squeezed into the National Aquatics Center, Jones felt the support from the scores of people that he touched along an incredible and unlikely path that began in inner city pools and led him here to the world's biggest stage.

An ambassador for African American swimmers, Jones wanted to shatter stereotypes one lap at a time, eager to spread his message that, yeah, black kids can swim too.

He also wanted to help out a buddy on his own personal mission.

Jones accomplished both by helping the 4X100 freestyle relay team win the gold medal in a comeback for the ages. In a race soaked with drama and subplots, the Americans shattered the world record they had set just hours earlier in the prelims, blistering through the water in 3 minutes, 8.24 seconds.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bernie Mac - Lifted Our Flag From Off Of The Ground More Than He Dragged It

Fox News: Comedian and Actor Bernie Mac Dies at Age 50

I knew that the brother had some medical problems over the last several years. I did not realize that he was in the hospital recently and that death would result.

Bernie Mac was a net positive to the Black Cultural Consciousness. His comedy show on Fox, "The Bernie Mac Show" was one of my all time favorites.

Bernie Mac Show Facts

Bernie Mac had a lot of style about him. I believe that his show gave him a unique opportunity to put this on display. In the show he was a successful entertainer with a wife who was a corporate executive. They had 3 kids that they had to keep control over. This series showed America that a Black family has issues just like everyone else.

Bernie Mac died too young.