Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ron - I Am Sorry That I Followed Your Side Track About The Dixiecrats

Ron - Please accept this as my appology for following after you in addressing the talking points that you prefer to talk about. This was a temporary lapse of judgment on my part.

I realize that it is your goal to advance the notion that "White Conservatives are Racists" and thus are the primary threat to Black people - as is the popular operating assumption within the Black community today. Thus you focused our conversation on the question of "Is Trent Lott a Dixiecrat?". I went forth and sought to define what a "Dixiecrat" was, you went on to do a "6 degrees of separation" tree of interconnectedness between the Dixiecrats and the "Council of Conservative Citizens". Ron - you won the argument in that you advanced the notion that "The White Conservative is the primary racist entity and the primary threat against Black people."

Please allow me to distill your argument. indeed the White Southerner in particular was the most blatant threat against the Black American civil rights (but certainly not the exclusive threat). In your argument you say that the Southern Democrat split off from your illustrious Democratic Party once they saw that the party was starting to adopt economic reform and civil rights. In 1948 the Dixiecrats indeed became active and they worked actively to maintain segregation of the races.

Lets go a bit deeper Ron. WHAT was the ultimate desire of these White racists? I have a proposed list:

1) Use of systematic violence against Blacks - to intimidate Blacks into acting as they wanted to.

2) Destruction of Black Economic interests - so that Blacks had no vehicle for upward mobility

3) Suppression of the Effective Education In Black Schools - in order to keep Black folks ignorant and unable to assemble effective solutions using more scientific and systematic practices

4) Assaults Upon Black Health status (ie: Tuskegee Experiment) - which suppress the healthy living for Blacks

Ron - you would agree with me that all of these elements had the ultimate goal of ADVANCING WHITE SUPREMACY by insuring that Black folks remained at the bottom of the societal totem pole. In its most perverse form - "White Supremacy" was to be insured by taking a bat to the kneecap of Black folks and our interests. Thus the same spread between the races could be created either by having real world, organic actions that prove that the White race was superior......or push down the competition while their own race stayed at the baseline level. In both ways - their position was made relatively higher in reference to Blacks.

Now Ron in my list above I have two key elements - the mode of attack and the resulting consequence.

Just to review:

The modes of attack were:
*Use of systematic violence against Blacks; Destruction of Black Economic interests; Suppression of the Effective Education In Black Schools; Assaults Upon Black Health status

The resulting consequences were:
*to intimidate them into acting as they wanted to; Blacks had no vehicle for upward mobility; to keep Black folks ignorant and unable to assemble effective solutions using more scientific and systematic practices; suppress the healthy living for Blacks

With this as the foundation for review Ron - I must ask you - Do you believe that the MODES OF ATTACK listed above are the exclusive realm of White Conservatives - the primary adversary to Black people in your book?

Let me expose some of the cards in my hand for a second. Through my research upon Black folks I have noted and have coined the term "Non-White White Supremacy". This is the strong presence in the belief of White Supremacy.........among Black folks. This is expressed in the thoughts, their actions, their policy initiatives OF BLACK FOLKS. In this specific case - this is expressed in the belief that WHEN BLACK FOLKS PERFORM THE VERY SAME ASSAULT that a White man did to other Black people......their actions do not rise to the level that was the case when the WHITE MAN did the same thing yet garnered the same results - usually a Dead Black man. Thus the OPERATOR of the assault is made superior or inferior based on the observation of who he is (ie: White) or his INTENTIONS (ie: a racial 'hate crime' as opposed to a robbery)

It is interesting, Ron, that your entire argument is centered upon the fact that "the Democratic Party of today has CHANGED".

Gone are the days when the Democrats were the "Party of Slavery" and "Jim Crow" and the home of the primary adversary that the Civil Rights leaders were fighting against. You coyly distill the issue from one of PARTY over to one of IDEOLOGY. Thus since the "White Conservative" element had vacated the Democratic Party for the Republican Party then the beloved Democratic party (that most Blacks just also happen to favor today).....was washed clean - pure and White as the undriven snow - in your view. It is the "Republican Party" which has become the receptacle for the White Conservative of today and thus it is the Republican Party who is the "Party of Racism against Blacks" today - if we allow you to tell it.

Again - you successfully got me to yield (even if temporarily) to you that "conservatism = racism". (More specifically "White Conservatism".) Here is when I reclaim that point, snatching it from your grasp.

You and other Blacks - who are Progressives rather than Conservatives love to craft easy associations which allow such associations in people's minds do the thinking for them. You are wildly successful at doing this. For example on the issue of Affirmative Action - it is assumed as a given that "Affirmative Action helps Black people". Thus anyone who is opposed to A.A. thus is opposed to the interests of Black people. I have previously disassembled the notion that A.A. represents a comprehensive and "the best" solution for Black progress so I will spare you the side tracked conversation at this time. The point remains that you would rather have a judgment on the litmus test of A.A. rather than an INSPECTION of the very question of the EFFECTIVENESS of A.A. at the foundational level. Again I say that the larger domain of Black 9th graders will never benefit from A.A. and thus it fails the comprehensiveness test in the real world, but indeed it remains a popular litmus test to "draw out our enemies"....when we you all are allowed to define them as such, that is.

Ron as we consider the modes of attack as listed above I make the case that the WHITE MAN is no longer the exclusive threat to Black people in these key domains in 2008. The use of systematic violence against Black people today is still in existence. Just as the "Democratic Party has changed", so too has the primary OPERATIVES who are carrying out this deed. Black people are dying at a disproportionate rate, none the less. According to the statistic Ron - the Black Thug is the primary operative who uses SYSTEMATIC VIOLENCE against our people in 2008. The challenge that YOU face, Ron, is to PROMOTE THE EQUALITY OF THE BLACK MAN and agree that the resulting DEATH of Black people at his hands is an EQUAL THREAT to our community as when the Klan did the very same thing in the past in support of their goals to have Black folks to be KEPT IN PLACE in a given manner. Isn't this the ultimate goal of "Stop Snitching"?

Ron there were about 5,500 recorded lynchings in the United States between the period of Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Movement. This figure includes both WHITE AND BLACK. In one year alone in 2007 - more than 7,000 Black people were murdered. Now of course not all were murdered by Thugs as part of their systematic operations - usually drug dealing. It takes no large amount of brilliance, however, to see that from the sheer difference in numbers alone via the time spans - there is a big problem. A problem that is thus far not being addressed as the "racism chase" has been addressed per the threat that was perceived by the White Conservative assailant.

I use this as an example Ron, because I see that with the loss of the FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE for the activism of Black people - the introduction of "Non-White White Supremacy" is going to motivate the Black community to drive past an area within our own community where a high incidence of murders have taken place as the activists choose to run out to a scene where one White man has done the same thing - murder a Black man. This is a sign that our community VALUES him as a greater target of our scorn rather than what they saw in memorial as they exited their own communities to the "crime scene" of more VALUE.

It is interesting that just as the "Democratic Party" has changed, no longer the home of lynching and White supremacy - you all can find today no Republican that has lynched Black people. Worse yet some of you same people show little outrage at the burned bodies of Black people who's murders were covered as the killer burned the house down to cover his tracks.

It is clear through little inspection that the distilled essence that he have long fought for has been distorted in our current POLITICAL activism. Today the popular Black activism is done in support of a fixed set of ideological/economic and partisan interests rather than focused upon the key essential elements of:

* Safe streets for the protection of our people from any threat against their lives
* Effective education of our people so that they will have the skills to solve our problems and allow us to prosper
* Local Economic prosperity which provides us with the vehicle to rise up
* Healthy Lifestyles which allow our people to live long, ailment-free lives as possible

Ron - my central challenge to you is to ask:

Are you able to EQUALLY go after ALL THREATS, foreign and DOMESTIC which threaten these essential elements for the Black community? Or are some threats more superior, in your mind, than others?


Freddie B said...

Are you writing in third-person?

You need help dude.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]Are you writing in third-person?

You need help dude.[/quote]

Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn!!!

Another ENGLISH LESSON about my writing style that substitutes for CRITICAL rebuttal to what I said.

Damn it!

Freddie B said...

Why would you think that you need "CRITICAL rebuttal?"

What you wrote was nonsense contrived from your warped mind. Then, by placing your post in third person, it became unreadable because your message was obfuscated by your so-called writing style.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]What you wrote was nonsense contrived from your warped mind. [/quote]

This is my ole buddy "Freddie B" from the AfricanAmerica days? Now I see the problem.

You see it was fairly easy for you to craft the crap that you wrote up above - using the one finger typing method as well.

It is far harder for you to cut and paste the disagreeable segments (I'll accept even one for starters) and then have you ACTUALLY ARTICULATE where my logic does not hold.

You see Freddie - once I have accepted the fact that you and others are not going to go toe to toe and actually defend your points of view - I have thus lowered my expectations of you in kind.

Thus you and others will just have to suffer through my writings until you can redirect me via a more superior argument that you cast.

Until then you will just have to "go wilding" hoping that brute force in numbers that you all have will effectively isolate my words from greater distribution.

Anonymous said...

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