Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where Do We Go From Here?

Nana says:
[quote]communal well-being [/quote]

DH says:
[quote]In most Sub-Sahara African countries the top loyalty is to the tribe/clan.

Although they are no longer as meaningful, but always loyalty to the state and the state being in many ways the definer of cultural norms and even regulator of religion [/quote]

The American Negro is currently in a quandary regarding his answer to the question posed by MLK - "Where Do We Go From Here?"

The popular ideology that he is beholden to has him to seek the said "communalist"/shared resources from the STATE (Nationalization of his RIGHTS) while struggling to keep intact his own cultural identity, fighting earnestly from having the key financial supporters in his "Friends and Family Plan" above from co-opting his cultural sensibilities. He hates their business practices but can ill-afford to stop them because he need them to KEEP DOING WHAT THEY ARE DOING so that he can eat for yet another day.

The modality of "The Angry Black" and "SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER" allows him to perpetuate the aura of POWER over the system within the confines of his own mind. His POWER is contextual just as the was the power of the local resident from the projects who confronted me 25 years ago as I accidentally stepped on his brand new White sneakers in the COLLEGE party that he snuck into as he attempted to find a "college girl" who would be interested in him - after listening to him talk. I applogized and kept walking.

He believes that his POWER comes in holding a "mirror of consciousness" up to the very SYSTEM from which he consumes all of the aspects of his own "STANDARD OF LIVING" from as he launders away the machinations of the offensive POLICIES which were implemented to achieve the positive flow of resources into the nation.......and thus into his community in the name of "Social Justice". He often calls himself the "Conscious of America".

His 'consciousness' comes from the fact that he doesn't asking the street dealer too many questions about the ORIGINAL SOURCE of the wealth (the laptop, the flat screen television, the iPod that is for sale to him at the flea market) that he demands into his community as his RIGHT.

The fiasco that is going on right now in the City of Chicago regarding public school funding is quite interesting in this regard. Despite the fact that the subject of our study is the overwhelming majority of the school system and it would behoove him to actually produce the resources needed to effectively educate his own flock as he prepares them for the future........instead of asking those who will BENEFIT THE MOST to channel their limited resources more toward the OPPORTUNITY CREATION (hey BET Uncut :lol which EDUCATION is said to provide.....he runs to THE STATE to demand MORE MONEY. In his own boundary of Chicago he is not able to arrange an economic system that would fund the $3,000 gap between him and the "Rich White folks" in the suburbs despite the bragging about the "CONTROL" that his race and HIS PARTY has over the city of Chicago.

Having failed to construct an economic system that provides the resources for his own within the city limits of his own domain - he is forced to call upon the NEXT GOVERNMENT in the hierarchy to MAKE HIM WHOLE!!

There is a basic disconnect between the "group PRIDE" that he has in the social/political domain and the utter DEPENDENCE that he has in the ECONOMIC DOMAIN. It is all too clear that his "front" of STRENGTH thought ANGER simply does not translate in the realm of economics and productivity. He is too prideful to admit that HE MUST CHANGE before CHANGE WILL COME UPON HIM!!!

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