Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Presidential Election Prediction - Follow On Results For Black Folks

Baring any major unforeseen incident that changes the tide dramatically - I predict that Barack Obama will be elected the next president of the United States and thus the first Black president in this nation's history.

For me as a Black man this otherwise joyous occasion that represents a picture of how much this nation has already "changed" is counterbalanced with my conflict with the main people who bother me the most as I consider the problems that our community faces and what needs to really "change" before improvement is had.

I am going to be painfully honest in this post. I am not a liberal Black man. It burns me up to no end to see the people who already have control of our community also serve as the self-police and thus look past all of that which they have allowed to fester within as they are bound with their economic, ideological, social and moral proclivities that give them their guidance. It takes no rocket scientist to see that despite their gains on the ground regarding political control - they have not been able to translate this into organic economic development, more uniform academic attainment for the children within the community, public safety nor a higher quality of health. Where as no doubt all of these elements were suppressed during the "Jim Crow" period and before their primary claim is that its residual effects are the biggest factor in today's results.

In my view this is to be rejected. It is clear to me that it is the absence of a system to produce results that are any different than we are seeing that is the problem. "Massa's whip" is simply not that powerful as they claim it to be.

As I look at the Republican party - they have stepped in too much "do do" for them to recover from this untimely financial meltdown that we are experiencing. With Wall Street on the fritz and with an amount equal to the entire Iraq War having to be spent in one weeks time to stabilize the nation - this is the same type of torpedo in the presidential campaign of candidate Barack Obama that the news of his sentatorial campaign opponent's escapades into sex clubs were a few years ago.

I have no particular loyalties to the Republican party. I simply can't stand the antics of leftists in this nation and I seek accountability from them more than I have an ounce of "racial hatred" within me. I don't believe that John McCain is going to provide any more of a fix to this nation than I believe that Barack Obama can as well.

All I can do is lament and accept the fact that Black Americans will have moved into a new interval in time via our American experience. This otherwise positive view is counterbalanced again by my knowledge of the antics of the Negro operative. In listening to my recordings of a local Black talk radio station - their conversation is almost wholly about the negation of John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republicans with gross absence of details about what the Democrats having power is going to mean for them and their community.

When they do talk about the "benefit" it is nearly 100% couched on resource reallocation via taxation. I have heard that cities, schools and domestic infrastructure are going to get far more money under the Democrats than what we have seen during this "past 8 years". What frustrates me the most is that when the BUDGET PROPOSALS and the ECONOMIC REALITIES of this nation are considered IT JUST DOES NOT ADD UP!!!

The campaign platform for education by either candidate, for example proposes a continuation of the existing policies and an increase in funding at most of $18 billion. We just saw a $6 billion reading program crash and burn with no measurable success. What makes the operatives believe that $18 billion spread across 50 states will lead to the revolution that they are promising?

Worse yet - it appears that the serious financial challenges that I have been reporting upon via my attendance in the "Fiscal Wakeup Call" conference last spring are coming to fruition just not YET in the form that was mentioned. They talked about Social Security and entitlement spending being the great drain on the federal treasury. Today we have the mortgage loan collapse drawing at least $700 billion out. If people believe we have just seen "1929" over these past few weeks - I am afraid that they don't know what is coming behind that first destructive wave.

Thus it seems counter intuitive to seek more federal entitlements to add to the drain rate upon the budget. The next president of the United State is going to have to make some gut wrenching decisions. Indeed if the opposition party to the current one gets into power he will be able to live at least 2 years passing off the current mess upon "the last guy". It is my opinion, however, that America is in the midst of a major global correction in which the very people who always pointed to economic prosperity being a function of the PARTY that is in office are going to have their eyes opened.

In my research I have brought forth compelling details regarding how the same investment banks which are now being destroyed by the mortgage crisis also had a primary hand in the Internet bubble and associated financing that drove the market up 12 years ago and counting. The similarity of the lists are stunning. After having $7 trillion of equity lost to all sorts of investors in the market these investment banks switched over to real estate as a means of making their fortunes. In addition, not to let the consumers of - we attempted to maintain our lifestyles through the acquisition of home equity mortgages and refinancing as a means of liquidating our equity found via increased housing values. All of this was funny money.

The next 10 years will be a period in which the two key vehicles for wealth creation in the past have been exploded - the technology driving stock market/ venture capital funding and the real estate market. There will be no spiraling growth during this next interval as structural reform will be mandated. The next 100 years of our nation will be defined by the actions in the next 16 years.

The US debt ceiling will be raised to $11 trillion soon. Where as it was $6 trillion when Bush first got into office - I predict that it will be $15 trillion after this next president does his thing. Add to it that other nations around the world have massive labor forces seeking to come on line and participate in the global economy. America's competitive advantage that was crafted while these other nations were stuck in the mud.


Where as I am an ideological adversary to the average Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser I love the Black community more than I dislike them. At the end of the day I want a system of ACCOUNTABILITY established within our community. Today absent the system of such you have something out of the bazaro world - as this faction gains more power over more Black communities - their ability to blame outside forces for the problems WITHIN grows. Thus in their "Unification Strategy" they ask that Black folks not blame them for the shortfalls that take place within their domain but instead to stay UNIFIED as they pursue the next plateau on the mountain. Then and only then will that which was promised when the current plateau was taken over be provided.

Friends - by all logical and reasonable measure the presidency of a Black man. A House and a Senate controlled by Democrats is a sign that ANY RATIONAL ATTEMPTS at the creation of this Utopia is right before our eyes. Since this is about as deep as the average Black Democratic operative goes we should see a dramatic recovery within the Black community in the next 4 years. I have reported on the long list of Black communities where there is nearly a 100% path of Democratic representation from city council all the way up through to the Federal legislature. Now this will be topped off with a favorable president as well.

You would think that we now have grounds for the Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist Racism chaser to open himself up for SCRUTINY on the results that his favored machine can deliver for the benefit of our community.

I used to think this as well.

The fact of the matter is that when there is a monopoly alignment of those who would ordinarily be charged with providing such scrutiny FOR THE BEST INTERESTS OF OUR COMMUNITY I 100% assure you that their angst will turn to any political force that stands in the way of their machine........not the failure of the machine to deliver.

I have written in the past why I now fully understand certain people's hatred and concern over media consolidation and Rupert Murdoch in particular. When a monopolist has his hands on the entire vertical for information dissemination - sizable portions of the truth will be left on the floor. The only thing that I can't understand is why they believe that this is only the case with the White corporatist that has a formal company that is traded in the stock market but the same is not the case among the Black media that is not as formally coupled but which is as coordinated as the school small fish that swim aside the large fish at the bottom of the sea. Independence is not had by structure but is expressed by action. There is no independent Black media. Instead they serve to amplify that which is already in power over the Black community - results be damned.

Again and in closing - the only thing that I can hope for out of this election season and these uncertain economic times is that the Black community, now having been to the mountain top and, as I predict, have come up short because the logistical plan to actually receive some tangible benefit was not requested - will one day begin to demand real change from the people who are actually in power over them rather than hopping on the conveyor belt which seeks to advocate change by packing us in and hoping that mass numbers in support will lead to change by happenstance.

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