Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Symptoms Of A "Black In A Sold Out State"

Now that we are in the full throws of the political season after listening to the commentary streaming from certain people I am forced to communicate that level of understanding that I have arrived at regarding "beholden Blacks" and how they operate.

1) He talks more about the harm done to his community by the external "conservative adversary" than he is willing to itemize the actual BENEFIT that he has received within his community from his progressive 'permanent friend'.

2) He focuses more on the societal standards that his adversary has fallen short of and yet not received in kind attacks about from 'the other side'.....rather than defining HIS OWN STANDARDS and making sure that HIS PEOPLE live UP TO the standards that he has defined as being "acceptable" in his eyes.

3) He prefers to have an arbitrary discussion about the issues rather than a structured discussion where empirical data is used to have the people come to a conclusion - WHERE EVER the evidence leads them to. Instead he prefers to use "matter of fact" discussions where one person's perspective on events trumps any broad based, empirical evidence that might be to the contrary.

4) He calls out his same race adversaries for "sounding like massa" when they echo opinions that sound just like those of their inter-racial, ideological soulmate. Yet he proudly announces that he goes to "The Huffington Post", "Daily KOS" or "" to obtain his information.

The key difference between THIS sellout and his mirror image "Black Conservative" sellout who is committed to his own party is that the "Black Progressive Sellout" is not likely to be called to the carpet as a "SELLOUT". Simply put the primary people who would MAKE THE CALL of "Sellout" are likely to look at their own concurrence with his actions rather than the DEFINITION of a sellout and then withhold their comments so as not to undercut their own ideological soulmate.

By definition a "Sellout" is one who puts the best interests of a third party interest over that of his native own interests. For the Black community - one only needs to look at the prevalence of a particular ideological and partisan ethos within our community, how despite this domination our core problems remain and then call those people who reside in the nucleus of our racial interests yet who are actively advocating for this third party - what they really are - SELLOUT OPERATIVES!

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