Wednesday, September 10, 2008

W Deen Mohammed Dies - A Great Leader Of His Community

AJC: Former Nation of Islam leader W.D. Mohammed dies

I have a lot of respect for W Deen Mohammed.

Approximately 3 years ago when he came to town I took my children along with me to hear his community forum at a local convention center.

I have to say that the views that he expressed on stage came closer to the expressing that which I often talk about on this blog more than anyone else who I can think of at this time. While he is a leader in the Muslim faith his basic concepts were universal for any community seeking to perpetuate itself with a high set of standards in place.

The frustration that I have with secular Black leaders is that their primary modality for Black progress centrally lies with political reforms that are aimed at sculpting the economy. In short having money that was not generated by the productivity of Black people flow into our communities because of our "membership in America". W. Deen Mohammed had a strategy in which the community itself, after being properly ordered - would be the primary vehicle for its own progression.

It is my belief that people are often confused regarding the time line that we are walking upon. At a time "a Black man had no rights that a White man need respect" I fully understand the need for an external advocacy effort. Whatever we built up could be burned down with impunity. I get it folks. When we have our rights codified and we have those who are charged with upholding these laws doing so or facing a check on their abuse - an environment is thus created where our community can indeed turn within. The message of W Deen Mohammed was a "Black community" strategy rather than a Black political strategy that is the case for the majority of his contemporaries. In this regard Mohammed gained my respect because his message is more in line with what is clear to be the case of what is needed to secure our advancement as a people.

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