Friday, October 24, 2008

The Battle Over Educator's Pay For Performance

A proposal to scrap the current pay plan for one based on performance taps into a national trend, but stirs controversy among school leaders

“The system is eager to do this, and we do want principals to be compensated as professionals,” says President Janet Knupp.

Berry argued that the bonus proposal based solely on academic performance leaves out other important responsibilities that fall to principals, like hiring the best teachers and making sure schools are safe. “What principals do is very complex,” she says.

One principal, who did not want to be identified by name, noted that the proposal under consideration would make it more difficult to recruit principals to lead the district’s neediest schools

All of this is interesting.
This hits at a major class of theories and ideologies.

Many of the people who are opposed to this are also opposed to a meritocracy where people earn what they are compensated. I do agree that in many cases the principal does not get to pick and choose the type of studnets (expecially), teachers or parents that he has to deal with. Often "it is what it is". At the same time this advances a very important point: for many of these communties to survive in this changing world many of the inferiorities and defenses that have been allowed to fester must be destoryed. They infact need to be connected to the world of competition and see THIS as their primary means for development. Currently their local leadership has tacit REPARATION for past oppression and resource imbalance that is going to save the day. The flaw in this strategy is that the people are focused more on taking over the system rather than making sure that they are ready when they do take it over.

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