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Can blacks be conservative?

Savannah Morning News: Can Blacks Be Conservative?

My Response:


Indeed Black people hold a multitude of varied opinions on various subjects - just as do all other people. I believe that some of your points are some what off of the mark with your assessment of the "conservatism" within the Black community.

Instead of the example of young mothers who carry their child to term and thus you prove their valuation of life - you should also make note that many of these children were born outside of the traditional/conservative framework of marriage. The bond of marriage has shown to produce far better results for all children, Blacks included. The conservative position would be to ask people to hold the line regarding their current impulses for the sake of better days ahead in reconstructing the Black family.

Your example of the supposed unacceptability of homosexuality is not evident beyond the verbal shaming that some people receive when others talk about them behind their backs. Yet I can think of no particular wide spread sanction that is present within the for such a lifestyle - even among church members. "Non-Judgmentalism" is rife within our community.

If your argument were to stand based on the evidence then the entire Black community would do more to culturally enforce the construct of marriage as the foundational means to addressing many of the problems that we have within our community. The statistics say otherwise. Some of us are even comforted that by seeing a creeping increase in OOW births among Whites and Hispanics - our own problems are not so bad - we have company now.

Instead, Geveryl, what we have is a force that serves to co-opt and trump all of these points listed above from being addressed organically - within the Black community. The notion of the continuing presence of the amorphous force called "White Racism" causes otherwise rational "Black conservatives" (along with many others within) to place the core of our problems with the SYSTEM that is seeking to destroy us rather than any set of constructs that we enforce upon our own people that might produce a differentiated set of results.

The reason why more Blacks who are Conservative don't exit the Democratic party is because if there is one thing that Black folks are judgmental about it is about political conservatives. Do you notice that in our community Clarence Thomas has received more attacks upon his character than has Tookie Williams, the founder of "The Crips" gang who turned into a children's book author before he received justice in the death chamber?
While Williams is not only charged with first hand killings of several people he also started a gang which has killed tens of thousands. Clarence Thomas, on the other hand, is hated by some because he is willing to allow the state to execute people who have dutifully gone through the system and were judged as guilty. Since he is not an anti-death penalty fundamentalist - there is no room for him in the mind of many Black Progressive fundamentalists. These same people are able to see redemption in the mind of the various Black people who have killed other Blacks on the street as they conduct their illicit commerce on the streets. They can't find space for a Black man who is the agent of the system though.

I agree with you 100% that despite the process - some guilty men are sentenced to death. I strongly disagree, however, in that your greater focus needs to be on the street crimes in which 100% of the time the victim receives no justice from his executioner. The person who receives this type of death penalty has no access to a system that at least has the checks and balances to have it work toward a system that is just.

It seems to me that you should express your concerns over the accuracy of the judicial system to the "would be killers" before they kill. Tell them about the sanctity of life and how those that they might kill in the future have value just as you value the baby in the mother's womb who is innocent to the world.

In summary - the real proof of the Black Community's conservatism will be evidenced by our ability to craft a more desired set of results within our communities by primarily seeking to express these results via the actions, thoughts and structures that are produced on the backs of our own people. Since we stand to benefit the most from such changes we also need to be the primary operators in such a movement.

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