Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Erosion Of The Consequences Of Criminal Activity

Jacksonville: Bill touts hiring ex-offenders to cut crime rate

This story is one more story highlighted on the web site "Black". The editor of BE is driving to give voice to the various "Felon Voting" efforts around the nation.

For the record - I have personally yielded my opposition to "felon voting". At the end of the day this segment of the voting public represents an insignificant portion of the electorate. In fact any sustained opposition serves as just one more claim of a "conspiracy theory" to hold a brother down.

The point that there is a strong correlation (at least in some people's mind) between Black folks and felon voting should be more problematic than the person having been stripped of their voting privileges in the first place. Their victims are likely Black as well.

One day I would like to see Black activists getting on the front end of the issue. They will talk to PERSPECTIVE criminal element before they commit their crimes against the community. They detail the CONSEQUENCES of their actions. They tell the prospect that the real VALUE of their caper is not just the money in hand but instead:

* The value of the time spent away from their families
* The value of the freedom that is lost
* The value of the negative impact that their actions have upon the community

Instead the popular sentiment within the Black community is to focus on the unspoken conspiracy of the government to "Lock a Brother up"

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