Monday, October 20, 2008

The Judge, The Thug and The City Council Woman - The Rebellion Within Our Community

Judge Vonda Evans of Wayne County Michigan - Detroit Recorders Court
Thug Rapper Young Jeezy
Detroit Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers

I realize that some of you all believe that I pick on "Black cities" and "Black politicians" too much. This is only because they provide too much material to focus upon (and few other people are saying anything about it) and they do things that fortify certain negative attributes that are associated with them.

Above we have a sitting judge and a city council leader posing with a known drug dealer and thug rapper.

Let me tell the story of two key points of consciousness that I experienced this past weekend that make this picture relevant and disturbing.

First I went to a sports bar on Saturday. As I waited for my friend I watched a series of videos on BET. Besides a song that I had never heard of before in which a female told her man why she had to break all of the windows out of his car - I saw a video with Young Jeezy in it. At the start of the video he was being arrested by two White cops. They made him lean against the wall to be searched. It appeared as if this type of "harassment" was just another day at the office for Young Jeezy. He then takes off for Miami where he enjoys fun in the sun with a bevy of beautiful women, jet skis and expensive jewelry. Of course since he is the narrator of the tale he comes out as a victim of the system initially but then he gets over on the system because he is PAID. He is living the good life and the White cops can't hate on him. They can't stop his flow no matter how hard they try.

Indeed Young Jeezy is a role model for all young Black males.

The second key mental impression that I experienced to over this weekend was my visit to a local church for their "Recognition Of Public Servants Day". They had an array of local elected officials, judges, and police officers from several different agencies on hand to recognize their hard work and commitment to the community. Though this is election season there was no political tone to this ceremony. None of them were allowed to speak. Individuals were allowed to go up and talk to them individually after the service.

This church was a diverse but majority White Christian Church. I would say that they are conservative in their leanings. As I watched the video tribute that was a part of the recognition service I noted that there was an unmistakable presence of police, military, fire fighters - THE SYSTEM if you will. There were images of "9/11", various hostage situations where the police were the heroes. The firemen saved a baby from a burning house.

Simply put - there was a level of brainwashing and indoctrination contained in the Young Jeezy video and the "rah rah rah" nationalism seen within the video at the church. I choose to place a different set of values on both and conclude that the church based indoctrination ultimately served a greater purpose to that particular community.

In some communities gone are the days of the "Sesame Street" version of "the police officer is your friend" message. To be clear - the police played a hand in the tarnishing of their own image. At the same time, being a voracious consumer of news and current events - you can't tell me that the members of the Black community suffer a far worse fate from the actions of the police than from the actions of the cancerous thugs within. Watch a few episodes of "The First 48 Hours", for example, and see for yourself.

I make no bones about it - I don't like the ideology and general political outlook of Monica Conyers or her husband John Conyers. It surprises me none that the city of Detroit is in the condition that it is presently in when the voting populace can promote people with these ideas as their leaders. I do not know Judge Evans and have never heard of her prior to this picture and my related research attesting to her friendship with Mrs. Conyers. For me, however, this "guilt by association" is enough to obtain an instant read on her ideological sentiments.

How then can two public officials justify being present in good company with a known drug dealer and thug rapper like Young Jeezy? Jeezy's entire message is about "Fuck The Police and the System". Does anyone believe that Detroit is in need of more people who "speak truth to power" or are they in a massive need of SYSTEM BUILDERS who can fill the void that is currently present. The powers in Detroit are presiding of a city that is a shell of its former self.

This is the key point of frustration that I have with "my people". When it comes time to be SYSTEM BUILDERS some people are so beholden to their ideology and the ethos of "fight the power" that when it comes time for them to BE THE POWER they know not what they do. All decrease that results from the departure of Whites (and some Blacks for that matter) is blamed on systematic racism. Some of the problem, in truth, needs to be placed upon the "things that certain Negro leaders do".

Yes indeed there is quite a lot of "shunning" that takes place within the Black community. If you are a conservative "Clarence Thomas type" please don't expect too many invitations to the local NAACP awards banquet. Sadly enough - these Thug operatives have done far more immeasurable damage to our community than even the most liberal reading of Clarence Thomas' rulings can be proven to have done harm to us.

At what point should our community demand that some DISTANCE be placed between the leaders that we have entrusted to build up our communities and the system of Thugs who seek to tear it down all the while liquidating the lives of our people via their drug profits? I do not buy the notion spoken by Louis Farrakhan that "these rappers are our voices.....WE CAN CHANGE THEM. let's not throw them to the side". The fact is that they are not changing. Aside from their favorable work for the popular ideological and partisan causes in the framework of the American Political plane that Blacks are fused into these operatives do more damage to our culture than good.

It is time for the Black community to set certain standards. Stay within the limits if you want to be accepted as a person in good standing.


maidintheus said...

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'as MI goes so goes the country'?

Anonymous said...

I live in Northern Michigan and was arrested and charged with bank fraud when I dropped out of school during a semester after accepting a private student loan. I was assigned Judge Vonda Evans in Detroit Circiut Court. Yes, the "Murder City" of Detroit. In her courtroom, I have seen her slap dozens of gun-totting crack dealers on the wrist because they are "victims". I was sentenced to 3 years of probation for my "crime" and ordered to drop out of college and mow lawns during the winter months in Northern Michigan. I will be appearing before Judge Vonda Evans on May 31, 2011 to be sentenced to 3 years in prison for having lost my job last fall and completing my college degree. I am now working and I have been unable to come up with the extortion money she demands to keep my freedom. By the way, I am a white man from suburbia and couldn't get a job "slangin' rocks" here in Northern Michigan. Federal taxpayers will now be paying my defaulted Stafford Loans for me. Thanks Judge Evans.

Anonymous said...

I am a young educated black woman thats from the city of Detroit. I am still a resident here. Hate to admit this but this article may be "dead on". Why are these two supposed-to-be leaders taking pictures with a known former drug dealer and rapper. They're putting out the wrong images if they want young women from the city to follow in their footsteps as far as career/education choices. At the same time i'm not surprised; Monica Conyers is serving time for bribery. Vonda Evans, in my opinion is biased towards "her people" and Detroit Police officers. I've sat in her court room while officers testify......The damage was done. The officers sounded like idiots. Every answer regarding arrests, proof of evidence and legal matters were "I don't know" and "this/that doesn't work" yet Judge Evans is able to provide a sentence to a defendant!! How can you prove someone guilty off of a bunch of "I don't knows" from Police officers who WERE AT THE SCENE OF THE ALLEGED CRIME. I love my city...but Damn these women and people within the city like them... I pray young women throughout the city DO NOT FOLLOW IN THEIR FOOTSTEPS!! I would also like to mention Judge Evans is what black people refer to as "over ghetto" she literally sat in court listening to testimony reading magazines, abruptly leaving for coffee, and demanding everyone HURRY UP! because she didn't want to be in here all damn day!!

Anonymous said...