Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Words Of Specificity For My Good Friend Cnulan - Safe Communities

My good friend cnulan asked me the followinng question regarding my standard 6 point framework for Black community progression.

Please be so kind as to hold forth on the specific reference architecture and internal processes you're advocating that poor folks in America adopt in order to better thrive in America.and you gave me a bunch of high-level objectives. Surely you can do better than that? Pick one, any one, and spell out the "how to" of the process you have in mind, comparing and contrasting the way it's done in your idealized community with the way it's currently not done in your demonized community. Tell us what the gamma defectives on whom you relentlessly heap your scorn are failing to do and give us your prescriptive detail for their doing it better. Thanks.[/

This is why cnulan is my friend. He challenges me more than he does his ideological friends. I am glad that he gave me the opportunity to respond to his question. It is a great question.

Before I go into detail - I must challenge you on your use of "poor people"/"poor communities". Once you commit to such a definition for a people then you also begin to accept their actions as being that of poor and/or you begin to treat them as poor and thus inherently INFERIOR.

I will chose the topic of "Safe Streets So That The People Can Create Community Connections"

The argument that I make here is that a "safe community" is the fundamental building block for a people to craft a community that is functional and synergistic in action ,thought and enforcements from their people.

We only need to point to the time when "A Black man had no rights that a White man need respect" to see the damage that one's arbitrary choices to ignore and then attack the Black community upon a whim proved dealy and destructive to this same community.

This it is clear that the Black community has a vested interest in producing an environment where certain threats are removed from the daily conduct of life, thus allowing the masses within to pursue their "life, liberity and happiness".

My criticism of the the faction that I call the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" is that in their pursuit against their EXTERNAL enemies - they have allowed the 'internal cancers' to feed upon the community, absent the same outrage that was shown when WHITE FOLKS molested us, intimidated us and crafted a system in which those who were guilty were effectively protected by the masses within.

Thus, my good friend cnulan - I would say that the most critical first step that must be taken for the "poor communities" that you speak of to accept my high level prescription and "operationalize" them is for them to TAKE OWNERSHIP of the general state of their community and ENFORCE their own concept of "The Law" within.

Too frequently there are references to "the law" as made in city hall or the state legislature. As the theory goes - these laws and, more importantly the CONSEQUENCES there in are being imposed upon the community rather than accepted by them as just and necessary.

On the other extreme is the presence of "Street Justice". If someone does something to "your people" the response is to strike back at them by your own hand, no involvement by the "authorities" to render justice. All this does is fan the flames of VIOLENCE and retribution leading to a net violent community as a result.

One of the motivations for the "Stop Snitching" phenomenon is that the thug operatives and many other elements have chosen the rules of the street above the rules of law and order as expressed from the system. Think about it - the criminal element within the Black community is engaging in destructive and illegal conspiracies that ultimately harm our community. When one of these operatives performs an assault upon another member who is "in the game".....and takes out several other innocent people in the process there is a need for JUSTICE as rendered by "the system". Thus we have the situation where a "citizen victim" is also a "criminal operative" that has also brought other innocent members of the community down with them. Having avoided the agents of law and order for the duration of his time spent in the game he is not inclined to "SNITCH" to them when members of his family or community are victims, in need of justice.

cnulan - Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Booker T Washington WEB Dubois and so many other of the champions of JUSTICE for Black people are crying profusely as they look down upon the condition of our people in these "poor communities" that you refer to. After bloody decades in which they fought for a FAIR hearing for Black people within this American justice system - the operatives in power today within our communities have thrown a collective middle finger at all of their works that have come with much bloodshed and mental anguish.

So to directly answer you challenge - it is imperative for these "poor communities" to have a spirit of ownership and projection of rules of order UPON THEIR OWN PEOPLE as the primary means of expressing a higher order standard of living WITHIN.

If the claims about there being a present strong legacy of "conservative racism" that thwarts a Black man from moving forward no matter how hard he tries cnulan, AT LEAST you and your Progressive-Fundamentalist brotheren who dominate our community could make sure that the people THEMSELVES are not taking on the role of the "conservative blocker" that destroys the dreams of Black people.

The milieu of the "progressive" has been to FIGHT AGAINST THE OUTSIDE THREAT as a means of obtaining increased rights for the masses within. This has also served as a "UNIFYING FORCE WITHIN" the community as they are always one step behind the antics of the oppressor who has gamed them. cnulan - the second major tenant for these communities to REFORM themselves into the present from a COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT perspective - will be for them to retire these old and tired antics which play upon the people's emotions and resentment but which are ultimately hollow. Presently even when "the adversary" moves away and thus has access to the community to do his dirty work via a local interstate he is STILL the primary threat for the community, regardless of what the actual statics indicate. It is time to EXPRESS THE GOALS OF THE COMMUNITY CENTRALLY THROUGH THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!!! No more SCAPE GOATS as the centerpiece!

We must also force a retirement of certain RIDICULOUS concepts that only serve to mentally nullify the Negro into believing that "he did not pull the trigger". Certain progressive operatives have come up with the concept of "derivative behavior" to describe why "the Black man shot the other Black guy in the head on the 6 o'clock news". As the story goes - the reason why the one Black guy acted out is because the legacy of Slavery, Jim Crow and racial oppression - regardless of the fact that he was born in 1973. It is imperative, cnulan, that the individuals in the community and the voices that speak for it take a bias toward ACCOUNTABILITY rather than psychobable that tends to shift the reason for the transgression upon SOCIETY as a whole and more specifically White Folks/Capitalism/The United States.

It must be noted that just as the assailant is a "victim of slavery" so too is his VICTIM. This victim has the misfortune of being force to live right next door to thugs who DON'T GIVE A DAMN. This proximity to this threat (you know that Black progressives "cast no judgment" and accept everyone without malice) is a threat in and of itself. The iron bars over the windows in some communities are not placed there to make sure their children don't sneak out of the house at night.

cnulan - I give you permission to say "That Negro pulled the trigger, killed the person and he deserves the death penalty". No need to make this into an old Richard Prior skit.


Why is it that some people only look to establish a system of confiscation and redistribution when they are the key beneficiaries of such? When there is need and desolation among their own communities this is the last concept that we are inclined to hear. This is an anathema to all that is known about successful socialism. I practice socialism at home under my roof and within my immediate family. I have written checks to needed relatives knowing that I would never see the money again, regardless of their promises. As long as I convert this "loan" to a "grant" in my own mind - I can deal with the fact that their pride at the time won't allow them to admit that they ain't giving me my money back. In addition - confrontation is averted because I rationalize in my own mind that I will never see this money again thus I don't feel the need to go after them later or hold it over their head.

cnulan - there are so many opportunities for these "poor communities" that you speak of to practice the very SOCIALISM that they show a preference for at the voting booth when they stand to gain from the ascension of progressive-fundamentalists and Marxists. Think of all of the "unemployed" souls walking within and prone to do mischief. Ironically the progressive seeks to have the greater society to demonstrate the WORTH of these people via public policy. In truth, cnulan, it is their community and the people themselves who need to express the value of these people by soliciting their assistance in resolving the problems that are abundant at the community level.

Cnulan - it is time for you and other progressives to make use of your own theory which says "money is not everything" as the pretext of asking more of the people in the community to engage in community service without the demand for PAY which the community cannot afford WHEN IT IS THE COMMUNITY THAT STANDS TO BENEFIT FROM THEIR EFFORTS WITHIN.

There you have it cnulan - I gave you actionable points. This is likely not what you wanted to hear - because it does not contain enough blame for the system - but this is indeed what YOU NEED TO HEAR.

In summary

1) Take ownership of the community - let the community's laws be "The Law". As long as the standards are high there is little risk of running awry of the laws belonging to the state which is causing so many to be incarcerated

2) Promote a milieu of INDIVIDUAL responsibility where everyone is clear on what they need to do to move the ball forward.

3) Employ SOCIALISM as locally as possible. The need is for precision "Friends and Family Plans" rather than NATIONAL plans that ensnare people who ultimately don't have your interests in mind.


cnulan said...

OK, first off, it's not that hard to post a link in haloscan, all you gotta do is copy and paste the link, but with a space in front of it so it doesn't go bad. The link you posted was bad.

I'm glad you picked this topic, because it's one that I have a great deal of direct personal experience with and one which I've operationalized in KC for upwards of 70,000 people.

What you've proffered here is still high-level drivel. So let me help you try to focus your attention and actually prescribe something concrete and operationalizable, okay?

Let's hear how you would go about increasing the overall level of safety in a 240 unit section 8 apartment complex.

One with a very low percentage of male heads of household, with an active gang presence - including the active co-operation of at least 15 apt. unit residents. One in which there's a high level of gang intimidation of residents and relatively indifferent involvement by the property managers.

Police are not well trusted and relationships with the residents are fairly poor, not to mention, if the police talk to a resident, that resident will be considered suspect as a snitch and subject to possible harm.

Tell me how you recommend improving safety for the non-criminal, non-complicit residents of such a housing project?

Constructive Feedback said...

The answer is contained in your question.

A) Very low percentage of male heads of household
B) An active gang presence
C) The active co-operation of at least 15 apt. unit residents
D) High level of gang intimidation of residents
E) Relatively indifferent involvement by the property managers
F) Police are not well trusted*
Relationships with the residents are fairly poor
G) If the police talk to a resident, that resident will be considered suspect as a snitch and subject to possible harm

Please afford me the opportunity to translate this list above

1) The government authority has been rejected - F,G

2) A detached correlation between family & male/female relationship with the the community outcomes that are problematic to them and which threaten their existence

3) Gangs are a manifestation of that which is noted above in 1 and 2.

4) C & E point to a "dog eat dog" community spirit where the collective best interests are subjugated and the cancerous agents operate within the breach

5) Where as #1 noted a rejection of "government authority" E points to the presence of government DEPENDENCY where their community problems which are like a snowball that contains all of their previous cultural decisions are expected to be fixed by this amorphous EXTERNAL GOVERNMENT FORCE that has failed to provide the people with OPPORTUNITY.

I assure you cnulan - that this will be a record voting year for these same "aggrieved" people. There is HOPE in the air cnulan.

Where as the people NEED a balanced LOGISTICAL plan where they are made to be the central players in their own salvation, instead the powers that have most influence upon them will convince them that they are ONE VOTE away from prosperity.

Do you see, cnulan, the state which these people currently reside in IS NOT just a consequence of "Slavery and Jim Crow" but also the active pimping of them by the Progressive-Fundamentalist establishment - BLACK and WHITE who claimed that they were helping them.

The plan of action for their SALVATION must be centered upon their EQUALITY AS A HUMAN BEING not upon their INFERIOR ECONOMIC and CULTURAL STATE.

The flow from any government plan must be a TWO WAY FLOW! The progressive seeks to provide resources and opportunity. The conservative's plan is said to be punitive; providing sanction if the person fails to perform up to a certain standard.

The operatives that have most sway over these communities - the Progressives - know that when given a choice between BENEFIT or SANCTION - the choice is easy as to which a desperate individual will view as most favorable. In truth BOTH are necessary. If one of the two are out of balance - you have dysfunction. It thus stands to reason that those who have most influence over these people must be made to prefer these people's HOLISTIC REPAIR rather than their continued SUBSISTENCE.

The choice is yours cnulan.
Short term political gains for your progressive friends or long term healing of the people you care about as you work to REPAIR their culture - with them as the central operatives.

Which will it be?
Are you or they any happier as their ideologically favored forces gain more power in the plain of American Politics. This resides in the plain of Community and Racial CULTURE.

You need to choose.

I am tired of seeing my being USED and INFERIORIZED.

cnulan said...


You have no practical idea how to go about helping these folks improve their safety, do you?

All that verbiage, and nada, zip, zilch, nothing on the "how to improve the situation" side of the ledger.

Just what I thought.

See, this is why I scorn and deride so-called conservatives as stupid and sycophantic. You have so much energy to waste passing judgement on the people in a bad situation, and so little ingenuity and consideration for how to go about improving the situation so as to enhance the safety of the people.

I'm gonna give you one last chance to show that you can do better than this, and then I'm going to discard you as a hopelessly lost cause.

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]See, this is why I scorn and deride so-called conservatives as stupid and sycophantic. You have so much energy to waste passing judgement on the people in a bad situation, and so little ingenuity and consideration for how to go about improving the situation so as to enhance the safety of the people.[/quote]

My friend cnulan -

Again, as I dissect the words and thoughts from your mind - the solution....AND THE PROBLEM are resident in both.

You just said "how to go about improving the situation so as to enhance the safety of the people"

By definition doesn't this speak to the notion that some FORCE NOT OF THEIR OWN is going to come into their midst and IMPROVE their situation and their SAFETY?

So I must ask you, cnulan:

Is it bears and lions who have a taste for human blood that they are not SAFE around?

When you say IMPROVE - what are the elements that are contained in your domain for "improvement"?

For example, cnulan - if I arrange a system by which each of these aggrieved individuals are provided access to:

* Free Health Care
* Supplemental Income that insures that they will all have $35,000 minimum per year in financial resources
* School Funding which is indexed to the per student funding of the richest WHITE public school system in the state
* A police review board who takes on each case with the assumption that the CITIZEN who is a VICTIM of alleged police misconduct has EQUAL STANDING as do the police......(regardless of the fact that he has a long rap sheet which speaks to his character and his utility for the benefit of the community

WITH ALL OF THIS IN PLACE cnulan - with so much being done in GROUND PREPARATION upon the field that the people operate within with the hopes that in this care taker state they will GAIN TRACTION AND THRIVE........cnulan - WHERE in your capacity to see them as EQUAL HUMAN BEINGS do you ask of THEM to play a part in their own salvation?

Secondly, cnulan - you posted an article a few weeks ago which posted the details of how the conditions that poor Blacks live within are the source of many of their ailments. At the end of the article it recommended that the PROFESSIONAL and the MANAGERIAL class of Black people MOVE BACK INTO THE GHETTO as a means of providing order in the chaos.

With this in mind - if you want a SOLUTION....why don't YOU and your fellow ideological soulmates who are looking for a SOLUTION that comes from afar be the ones to become FUSED with these people?

Now THEIR interests for a safe community becomes a part of YOUR interests for such. With due skin in the game from you and your family - I figure that some of your abstract theories and perpetual CHASING against external conservatives will not endure past the fact that it was a LOCAL THUG who was attracted by the blue light radiating from your computer screen in the middle of the night as you talk your foolishness. He looked through your window and saw the tool that YOU use to communicate to the rest of the world. In his view - he saw a piece of expensive computer hardware that he could come into your home while you and your wife were at work and score a quick couple hundred dollars at your expense.

I am giving you SOLUTIONS cnulan. You are conditioned to a point where it is an OFFENSE to your sensibilities to even expect the people to play a central role in their own salvation.