Friday, October 24, 2008

The Questions My Ideological Adversaries Should Be Asking Me - Party 1

I am fresh from reading a US Supreme Court ruling on school funding which was handed down back in 1973. In this case the majority ruled that there is no violation of the 14th Amendment by a state in relying on local taxes to fund public schools.

Of course in reading this I primarily focused on my man Justice Thurgood Marshall. Since I have coined the term "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" to describe the general tendency of the progressive activist to make a criminal defendant a VICTIM of the state and thus the offense of the system is made greater than the individual assault that this person has committed. (Even if he assaulted a fellow victim of the system)

No surprise that Justice Marshall dissented on the school funding ruling, making the case that the use of local taxes is an arbitrary means of maintaining class distinctions within a state boundary. I will report on the details of the case but that is not the key focus of this post.

As I bounce my own views against the prevailing sentiments within the Black community I imagine (and have occasionally hear) that there is a big question of me generated by my more Progressive debate adversaries:

"How is it that your views are so counter to the views of the Civil Rights greats, where if they had not taken their liberal would not be where you are today as a Black man with a good job, living in a mixed community and not fearing getting your head bashed in by a racist White cop? Aren't you ultimately working against your own best interests by being so "conservative"?


I like to believe that I come to my conclusions after much deliberation of the key facts of an issue and with a strong consideration of the strategic benefit for my people. It should never be mistaken that I 'stand against the interests of my own people' because I am opposed to government enforced resource redistribution efforts.

I also take these same people to task, asking if they and and those who preceded them FOUGHT FOR ME to be loyal subjects to their calling.....or did the FIGHT so that I as a Black man living in America could blossom into the person with the ideological and political bent that any other person, White or otherwise would have his life experiences direct him toward absent the ARBITRARY RACIAL STRICTURES that were once upon our people? I think that we all know the truth on that one. In Black America today there is a strong drive to "speak truth to power", remaining behind the ideology that fights the outward fight. Even when the census map shows that "the power" are people who we favor and helped put there - they simply "move the goal posts" and continue the "fight the power" dogma, shifting once again up on this external enemy that always seems to extend beyond their reach.

For me personally - I mandate that there be a balance with being in "receipt of" a certain set of resources from an external entity such as the government outside of my community. Some believe that as a member of society our individual care and feeding should flow down from the hierarchy if the local resources that are produced by the system that we have in place is not sufficient. Many of these same people fail to see the critical importance of insuring that our own people express their value of this proposed standard of living by ordering ourselves so that we can sufficiently supply our own needs, using these external resources as the EXCEPTION rather than the rule.

Think about it - the claim is that there is a circular reference in that we need access to quality education in order to become more self sufficient so that our people can access quality jobs and thus can provide the jobs and services that the people are demanding. The key problem as this is implemented by our people and their political surrogates is that it never quite kicks in as a one to one consequence because of the power of THE SYSTEM to trip us up at every turn via the prevailing sentiment against us. Thus the "fight the power" is a perpetual, circular reference. It becomes a modus operandi rather than a means to an actual conclusion. Thus despite being in agreement on the front end for the additional resources so that people have the OPPORTUNITY to gain access to these stated resources......when it comes to actually enforcing the back end consequences there in - these people are always the first people claiming that "there has not been enough time allotted, we're not ready", "others have more thus how can you ask the same of us", "the people have been more damaged by slavery than we had anticipated. We can't pull the plug".

All of these concepts heard in an attempt at forbearance points to the reasoning from a person who had a knee injury and is unwilling to put his full weight (and confidence) on the knee when it comes time to make the sharp turn necessary to avoid the defender and score the touchdown. Despite what all of the x-rays say in regards to this person's healed state - is it the state of the person's mind and confidence which has him imagining that the knee is still busted. He doesn't feel any pain, he just remembers the pain that he used to feel. This is enough to debilitate him.

The way I see it - I am not the one who is standing against the best interests of Black people in that "I sound just like our conservative enemies". In my frame of mind I think that the prevailing forces within the Black community are standing against the best interests of the Black community because they sound like "the racist progressive/liberals who believe that Blacks are inferior and in permanent need of help".

What they fail to realize is that Blacks are but a bit player in the scheme of the progressive. It is a Black victim today. It will be a baby seal or a spotted owl tomorrow. The superior being is providing protection, cover - care and feeding for the inferior - as long as he remains in the subordinate position.

I have the audacity to make note of the broad wingspan for the Black man that allowed us to thrive in Africa on our own for thousands and thousands of years. There is no record of catastrophic environmental destruction, mass regional wars in which millions of African humans were killed nor the acceptance of infanticide in the name of "choice". While these civilizations do not measure up to today's advanced societies from a material acquisition and scientific manipulation stand point - from the perspective of longevity and Earth-balance there is no comparison.

I am not calling for a return to nature by any means. I am a product of the 21st century. What I am calling for is a return to the spirit in which our people valued both their independent free will AND the accompanying responsibility that came with it. The yin and yang of such an interconnected commitment forced the people themselves to enforce a measure of social structure that force certain productive behaviors from the masses while suppressing socially corrosive behaviors that threatened to destroy them one and all.

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