Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Unifying Theory On Progressivism

A few weeks ago I viewed a few documentaries about Albert Einstein. After having published the world renouned "theory of relativity" to explain events in the macro universe his work was not finished. Still to be addressed was a "UNIFYING THEORY" regarding how the behavior of subatomic particles could be expalined. At the subatomic level - the physics of predictability within the greater universe was shattered as these particles failed to behave as expected. Einstein laid on his death bed working to craft one single mathematical equation that could unite these two planes of physics. He died, pen in hand, having failed to bound these two relms of understanding.

Having been inspired by what I saw within Einstein's travails I will now set out to craft my own "Unifying Theory" as I attempt to unite the two major hemisphere that impact man. These are "the part that culture plays" upon the person versus that which the system of government works to provide resources, social justice and opportunity to him.  In addition, these two hemispheres are divided vertically and thus into quadrants. On the one side of the verticle axis is that which the individual expects to and from those who he is immediately responsible for versus the views that he imposes upon the greater society who are his national brothers.

Domain Of Care & Concern 

Domain Of Societal Architecture, Resources & Rules

Unified Theory

I learned in church today that we should "lover our neighbors as we love our own".   In the Christian teachings of today this is typically thought of in regards to resource sharing.  If you care about the hunger that your own child experiences - be sure to care that your neighbor's child is hungry as well.  I have no problem with this - this is how it should be.

Interestingly enough, however, just as I noted in the words of Miya Angelou that money given to charity by businesses for the sake of a tax write off is not CHARITY - so too is it the case that those who strive for new GOVERNMENT policies that foribly take money from the rich and give it to the poor should not be seen as charitable spirits either, despite the popular belief as such.

Seemingly absent from the notion of "treat your neighbor as your own" is the subject of ADVICE AND GUIDANCE.  Today's parlance is more like "give me your money and mind your business if you are to prove that you indeed care for me".

As I debate certain people who attempt to deny that I have any particularly unique pathway toward success, they often bring up the story of their dual state.  On the one hand they point to the fact that as a Progressive their views are counter to mind and yet they have children who are wildly successful in school, that they have great personal wealth and that their marriage is intact.   The key point that I seek to rebut them with is the fact that while it is true that THEY manage the affairs of their own family correctly because they seek to demand nothing but the best from their own.........they don't express that same notion of "treat your neighbor as you treat your own" when they work to INFERIORIZE the victims that they seek to draw attention to as society's forgotten bunch.  

In truth some of these very same people are incapable of asking the very same level of quality, commitment and outcomes from their neighbors as they constantly ask from their own kind.  For some reason it appears that if these people are asked to be the primary contributors to their own salvation and transformation they might break in the process.  For some reason they simply can't extend these very same structures that were used to propel their own toward success upon these neighbors who they claim to be committed to helping.

Thus relating to our quadrants - this person shows a basic disconnect between the CULTURE that they seek to enforce upon their own kind in the quandrant of "Cultural Influence Upon Your Loved Ones" (Quadrant II) as compared to the quadrant labled "Cultural Influence Upon The Common Man"(Quadrant I).   Similarly where as they, in their pride and dignity would not dare allow their own loved ones to fall into the quadrant of "Government Social Contract Influence Upon Loved Ones" (Quadrant III), they have no problem allowing those who they SHOULD BE loving like they love their own to fall into "Government Social Contract with the Common Man" (Quadrant IV).

When people push their "neighbors" into Quadrant IV and pretend that  we have is the situation that I called out when I noted the ridiculous position that several wealthy celibrities held as they claimed that they as rich people should be made to pay "THEIR FAIR SHARE" via taxes. Little did they detail the "great works" that they have done with their money without being forced to do so by the tax man. Isn't THIS the true measure of the man and his charitable inclinations? Doing wonders WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY is not impressive at all. 

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