Saturday, November 29, 2008

HIV Could Be Eliminated In 10 Years After A Coordinated Attack Upon It

HIV could be eliminated in a decade

The virus that causes AIDS could theoretically be eliminated in a decade if all people living in countries with high infection rates are regularly tested and treated, according to a new mathematical model.

It is an intriguing solution to end the AIDS epidemic. But it is based on assumptions rather than data, and is riddled with logistical problems. The research was published online Tuesday in the medical journal, The Lancet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can All Racial Disparities Be Attributed To Racism?

Racial Disparities In The United States Persist

  • Income Disparities
  • Wealth Disparities
  • Disparities in Life Expectancy
  • Educational Attainment Disparities
  • Disparities in Incarceration Rates
  • Health Care Disparities

Various "progressive activists" will view this list and make the case that Blacks are lagging behind due to the

  • Legacy of Racism Which Denied Access To Blacks
  • The Legacy of Slavery Which Confiscated The Work Product From Blacks
  • The Exodus Of Capital From The Cities in which jobs left Blacks behind
  • The Purposeful Underfunding of Urban Schools

With this line of analysis as to the source of the problem it comes as no surprise that their proposed responses also are targeted at a particular end:

  • The Government entity that is "failing to deliver" for the Black community
  • The Law Enforcement / Justice entity that needs reform for Blacks to receive equal rights
  • The corporate/banking entity who's actions discriminate against Blacks
  • The educational funding entity who as a franchise of the state is failing to remove the political boundaries that stand between the Black school and the money
  • The health care industry and the government policies which sculpt its present form which in this present form does not afford Blacks equal access to health care services
  • The body of laws which lead Black people into the Prison Industrial Complex
I could go on - but you get the general picture.

The bottom line is that the progressive activist seeks to allow the Black community to experience better living by primarily changing the SYSTEM in which he lives which bears upon him. In graphical terms these reforms will "rain down upon the Black community" and thus wash the residue of the past from our bodies and thus allow us to live equally after the fruits of this advocacy come to harvest.

From my perspective as I critically analyze both the charges and the proposed solutions I can't help but notice that there are often some glaring holes in their documention of both the antagonistic forces as well as the solution set.

Too frequently the primary void in their characterization of the situation at hand is that they fail to focus on their VICTIM to which they seek to express benefit toward:

  • What impact do the prevailing CULTURAL Norms that he lives under contribute to these outcomes?
  • What does the prevailing view of what the government's role in entitlements have in suppressing the presence of more ORGANIC solutions to their problems?
  • What is he doing to ensure that he is optimally prepared for life's challenges?
  • Did any of the normal human greed, stubbornness or procrastination - some of this which has been allowed to continue unchecked due to the cohesiveness of that same community as they react to the history of racism

Keep in mind - I am NOT saying that racism has no hand in this.
What I am saying is that there is a virtual absence of inspection of the INTERNAL forces that bear upon the results that the progressive activist is inclined to focus upon.

This must change for real CHANGE to take place.

Homicide - The #1 Threat To Young Blacks In New Jersey, Elsewhere. "Drug Thug Gangs" Are The Main Purveyors Of It

NJ Gang Related Homicides

Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - DEFINED

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" - what does this mean:

Black - They are indeed "Black". "Black conscious" in all they do in regards to maximizing their own interests over the other movements that they are bound to? Not sure.

Quasi-Socialist - government based "sharing plans" where the masses can VOTE their way into another man's wallet. "Private Property" as a limit upon government confiscation? Forget about it!!! Society must PROVE to them that IT considers them EQUAL. Nothing is asked of them to SHOW their EQUALITY.

Missing from the discussion is the damage to "cultural confidence" that is perpetuated by being in "receipt of" BENEFIT from the greater system rather than focusing on creating a SYSTEM within the SYSTEM that impresses upon all of the people they are concerned about to express the standard of living that they hope for via their own ORGANIC action as much as possible, with the external system being used on an exception basis.

Progressive-Fundamentalist - REGARDLESS of how much failure and destruction of human capital and potential this ideology has in its wake in the areas where they are the dominant force upon the sentiments of the people - if those who notice the failure don't offer PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVES to CONVINCE THE AGRIEVED PEOPLE that they THEMSELVES must ALSO change before things can ever improve.....they are just wasting their breath. The fundamentalists value GOOD INTENTIONS over EFFECTIVE RESULTS. The notion "If you fail....TRY HARDER doing the same things that you have been doing" was meant for them. They reference the number of other people who THINK LIKE THEY DO as evidence that they are correct. Popularity over evidence to substantiate the assumption is their M.O..

Those who challenge their orthodoxy automatically become their enemy in that they have convinced themselves that their methodology is most correct. Those who disagree with them - are seen as the evil spirits - just as what the preacher in a cult might tell his loyal followers to view those who challenge his group.

RACISM-CHASER - This was added after the other words were assembled because it brings all of the rest of them together. If you were an operative who is steadily achieving POWER (and the BQPFRC readily tells you about their POWER as compared to competing ideologies) BUT they don't want to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the

* Failed Schools under their tutelage
* Lack of Public Safety while they govern the streets
* Anemic Local Economy that "being left behind" renders them to suffer within
* Center for Disease Control "Hot Spots" with respect to HEALTH CRISISES that their prevailing social mores of "NON-JUDGEMENTALISM" leave in their wake

Their antics are Group Self-Perpetuation 101 in which certain tactics are deployed with the goal of keeping the aggrieved people from BLAMING those that are in POWER yet are failing them.

This involves staging press conferences to shift the blame for the conditions in the 4 corners of your district and you PLACE IT UPON THE GREATER SOCIETY!!! (Expanding the police tape around the crime scene" or "Moving the goal posts")

They make the case that the individual and community FAILURES are actually a failure of AMERICA! They ask the people who they have FAILED per the voids in their plan to join with the clique and FIGHT A LARGER STRUGGLE. They are asked to BOIL THE OCEAN. Once this GREATER GOAL IS RECOGNIZED, .....the benefit will RAIN DOWN upon the unwashed masses!! These masses don't even have to change to receive the benefits! What a deal!

Do you see how the last component is key? THE EXTERNAL CHASE if what keeps Black folks UNIFIED and not asking questions of their leadership.

Where as a state lottery has 2 pay out modes - either you get ALL OF YOU MONEY UP FRONT with taxes and the time value of money taken out OR you get you money in incremental payments over a long period of time.

The BQPFRC flips this on its head.
He does not offer INCREMENTAL EVIDENCE that in the attrition of each seat that he acquires in the auspices of his favored political party and ideology the COMMUNITY HAS INCREMENTALLY BENEFITED.

Also the "Cash Option" in his system is not ALL OF THE MONEY UP FRONT IN ONE PAY OFF if you win. Instead he plays a CONFIDENCE GAME. He sells you on receiving ALL OF THE BENEFIT AT THE END OF THE STRUGGLE in which you have not criticized him during your UNITY and upon having the OCEAN BOILED you are going to receive the BIG PAY BACK - interest and everything.

Take a look at the "incremental payouts" where the progressive-fundamentalist has taken over in Chicago, Philly, Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, St Louis, East St Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland. It stands to reason that when one INTERPOLATES that IF under his leadership the key institutions in these cities have eroded then is it TOO BIG A LOGICAL LEAP for me to expect that upon NATIONAL ASCENSION - the promises that he is going to pave the streets with gold appear hollow as well?

I hope you understand the POWER of the label BQPFRC.

It is all about THE CHASE/THE STRUGGLE rather than about preparing the people for the ARRIVAL to the Promised Land. The "Promised Land" is only a PROMISE used to keep the people unified.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catholic Priest Faces Excommunication For Promoting The Idea Of Women Priests

Catholic Priest faces excommunication for stance on women priests

My Response: The question of the ordination of female Catholic priests is nothing more than "inside politics" with the Catholic faith and has little or nothing to do with the ultimate objective of Christianity - to bring people to Jesus Christ as their personal savior and to have them operate as disciples unto the world.

Catholicism is but a Christian sect. This is not a slight but a definition. The preferred ordination of males only into the priesthood is of their own choosing. Just as the case with the prohibition of the priests to marry.

The battle for the ordination of women does not mean that one side is "evil" and the other are the "good guys". This is only an attempt to reconcile the question of the function of this tradition with the standards of today. The church should make their decision based on function rather than the claim of "discrimination" by those who are pro-ordination of women nor the claim by the traditionalists that ordinating women is evidence of the impending collapse of the church.

The Needed Civil War For The Heart And Direction Of The Black Community

I am continuing my mission of collecting as much information as possible about what is actually going on within "Black America". My research is done on foot - going to where the people live, in my car traveling through various communities of the cities that I travel to, through my observations of the media messages - particularly focusing on "what makes Black people cry or feel terrorized today".

It is clear to anyone who is honest with themselves that this moment in time is different than any other time for the African American. There is no need to go through the details about our experiences with slavery, domestic terrorism and the fight for our civil rights as equal Americans. Today we stand at a point where all of these major battle for "rights" having been accomplished.

People believe that "incidences of racism or injustice" prove that nothing has changed in this nation. They are 100% wrong. The legacy for Black people in America has been the combination of incidences of systematic racism AND the presence of a system that was complicit with those actions and thus who did nothing to the assailants thereby allowing them to operate against us with impunity. The key question for Black America must be addressed - "Will there ever be a point in this country or any other in which the incidence of 'racism' will be eliminated and thus you will be able to operate unchallenged by race on this new 'level playing field' that you have been vying for for so long as your primary point of activism?". Of course not!! The goal of "elimination of racism" is absurd. The elimination of ACTING OUT ON ONE'S RACISM AND WALKING AWAY WITH IMPUNITY is what the fight needs to be about.

Wait though. You are concerned about IMPUNITY? This impunity is proof of INJUSTICE?
The largest amount of IMPUNITY in relation to the assaults upon Black people in 2008 is the impunity that results from the SYSTEMATIC acts that take place WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Straight up witness intimidation, assassinations, and mutilated Black bodies all take place within the auspices of the criminal underground that serves as the shadow economy.

If White racists were indeed doing the very same for the sake of keeping Blacks in their places economically, socially and politically - WHY is it that the RESPONSES are so different today?

Easy answer! The people who were the loudest advocates against the system enacted by White folks that oppressed us had nothing but upside in their fight. Today when the antagonist himself is BLACK to call for federal sanction against him by "throwing the book at him" they would also violate their other operating plank - 'There are too many Blacks in jail'.

In having the attacker as a rotten apple in the barrel - their only option is to blame the OUTER SYSTEM for making the apple rotten - per some global conspiracy. If they are able to get their current "Black attackers" to join with them and FIGHT THE SYSTEM TOGETHER then the act of FIGHTING will be the unifying agent between the victims and the "cancerous termites" who now feed off of them.

The key flaw in this strategy is that the "Black power structure" never has to render JUDGMENT upon the actions of this element they seek to join with for mutual political benefit. In their tenuous contract they both agree to not attack or criticize each other publicly even when the situation at hand and the resulting silence proves that something is awry with regard to logic and their past actions. This flows both ways. To the benefit of the Black establishment the young upstart activists agree not to attack those who run the local schools and the local police forces for failing them because they both come from the same political machine. The machine asks them to join in to attack the greater system. To the benefit of the Hip Hop Activist generation (broad term but I will use it for ease of description) their irresponsible actions in their culture, lyrics and economics don't face criticism by the Black establishment. After all - with society having cut out most other 'formal' channels toward a stable life for a Black person.....who can blame them for "doing what they've got to do" - is how it all is rationalized.

The way I see it - all of this stands on shaky foundations only when this EXTERNAL UNIFYING ANTAGONIST is present. Remove this threat or let him be shown to be more accommodating and then at some point BOTH SIDES of the joint venture detailed above will have to face some painful facts that are present with the other.

The Black Progressive Establishment - (and you can say Progressive Establishment as a whole) will be confronted with being in charge now of the government at all levels and yet STILL failing to deliver upon what the movement had fought for.

The Hip Hop Activist Movement - which has implemented their style of social order will need to be held accountable for the general actions of the people who follow their ethos as it relates to their inclination to respect laws, order, academics and the relationships by which a stable society can be built upon.

In summary - the REVOLUTIONARY must one day become the GOVERNMENT. The rebel must one day agree to be governed.

In this Cultural Civil War Within The Black Community that I speak of this will be necessitated because there are two competing interests which cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It is ONLY the presence of a larger force that is perceived as a common threat that allows the Black community to look past this need for resolution.

With our community being dominated by progressives in the midst of this greater system the progressive can pride himself with having "clean hands" NEVER having DISCRIMINATED against anyone, yet always the fighter for OPPORTUNITY and OPENNESS. It is only when the Progressive is forced to EXPRESS that which he longs for because the 'opposition has vacated' that he either flees to where his long time opposition has departed to in order to to fight AGAINST once again OR he himself vacates from his Progressive-Fundamentalist position and chooses to DEFINE AND ENFORCE SOCIAL STRICTURES so that order might be created or maintained.

This war SHOULD NOT be avoided. It is a necessary doorway through which our community must walk through. No different than the election of 'the first Black president' is necessary to signify change is this war. From this war will come the operating order by which the Black community lives upon for the next 100 years. From it as well will come the retirement of "Slavery's Damage" as the justification for what is currently allowed within.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Drugs In Africa - Corruption and Civil Rights Violations

We can learn a lot about the claims about the drug conspiracy against African Americans by looking at what is going on internationally.

(to be completed. I have a date with the wife tonight)

Friday, November 21, 2008

"The Don't Want To Talk About HOME" Is What I Notice

Can I give you all a hint about how my "network of blogs" work? I try to keep my political stuff on the "Within The Black Community" blog. I also debate on other blogs just to maintain my "connectedness" with the popular sentiment that is present among many Black people whom I debate against and with.

I try to keep "Functional Culture" free from straight up partisan or ideological rantings. Once I feel comfortable that I have a sound observation regarding a phenomenon or a fix I will enter it upon this particular blog.

Thus if you don't care to wattle through my daily ideological "attacks" don't use "Within The Black Community" as a reference. That blog is only a means to a particular end. Focus on "Functional Culture" as the culmination of my observations from elsewhere.

Today I feel that it is time to make a entry that details a significant observation that I have made from a long time effort.

The bottom line is that some of the most strident and vocal Black folks are LOATHED TO TALK ABOUT what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY because so much of the debate that I confront them with confounds their normal tools for debate and advocacy. If they are not able to go on the offensive against some POWER that has been trampling them, that has made them a VICTIM - they are rendered impotent with a response.

Let me be clear - I AM A BLACK MAN!!! I know all of the issues that are being dealt with WITHIN. I go out of my way to observe various people. I listen to a variety of sources of information. When I am live and in person I bite my tongue and don't say a word because it is essential that the conversation take the normal course of action as if I was not there to cause the people to go on the defensive.

I can tell from the challenges that I put out with certain people that they know that I am TELLING THE TRUTH. They know that they are unable to use their normal tactics. Thus they either change the subject, they don't respond or, most frequently they will respond back to the lest of my challenges.

You know and I know that many of you all are in a SOLD OUT CONDITION. You have subverted your own interests by placing your hope in a machine that you know deep down inside IS NOT going to ultimately deliver for you and in many respects who feeds off of your VICTIMIZATION.....the very currency that your leaders trade in.

This is NOT about "Civil Rights"! There is more evidence that the Black leadership and political machine doesn't GIVE A DAMN about Civil Rights for Black people today than anyone could produce otherwise.

This is about POWER. Make no mistake about it.

In America 2008 there is no other place on this land where more CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS are taking place than in the INNER CITIES. Witness Intimidation, Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands (Lynching), Non-Justice For Crimes Done. Despite these facts the Black establishment is more focused on CORPORATE violations of "civil rights" in employment law; police violations of civil rights; and the gift that keeps on giving - voting rights violations.

If anyone did a measurement of the forces which terrorize, kill or hold back Black people in 2008 there would be no contest as to what this force really is.

The problem is that the Black community has not yet developed the language or the apparatus to deal with this "cancerous threat". In the wake of such a void the leadership is forced to GO EXTERNAL. These conditions that we see are called "derivative behavior". The reasons why they happen is because of 400 years of slavery rather than the 15 to 25 years of dysfunctional culture that has been communicated to the person. The "Slave Master's whip" has far more power than does the absence of his father, the overburdened and/or immature mother and the community that is made up of a "fractal image" of the first two elements in aggregate. Is there any surprise that this outcome might be had?

Aren't you all TIRED OF BEING USED?

I have to be honest there are some operative who know Black folks far better than I do. Just when I think that the rubber band of absurdity can't be stretched any further and that something is going to snap - some other operative comes along and pulls it furth. The Black community stretches accordingly. That extra dose of "hope" allows it to continue walking down the same path.

I believe that the reason for this resilience is that as a community we have been inculcated with a collective amount of "conditioned inferiority" that in not expecting much more than what is turns out to be a defense mechanism against the searing pain of disappointment.

Do you figure that some people KNOW YOU LIKE THE BACK OF THEIR HAND and leverage all of this to their particular advantage?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Does "God" Have Any Place Within The Cultural Debate Today?

The post election debates along with the constant gun fire that has taken place in the context of the great cultural battle that we as Americans are fighting have brought forth some critical observations and questions to my mind.

I recently purchased and listened to the audio book by Rabbi Daniel Lapin entitled "American's Real War". In this author's opinion the real war is over the prevailing culture in America. The battle appears to be between the Secularists and those who wish to hold fast to the Judeo-Christian values which predominate this country and have "brought us to the dance".

One key point that I found true from this book is Rabbi Lapin's assertion that a person who believes that the human form was ultimately created by a series of "accidents" in nature, otherwise known as "Evolution" is not inclined to accept the notion of some absolute truths and "right or wrong" in this world. In his view of culture - everything is negotiable per the will of man.

On the other side of the equation - there is the person who hides behind religion to cover for his inability to justify and articulate certain positions that he holds. Believe me - though I consider myself a Christian I also make note of people who use the "Because Jesus told me so" as their primary line of reasoning. They prove to be no more convincing or acceptable as the killer who makes use of the same line.

As we clash as a civilization around some crucial issues which can't reside in the same space at the same time what other than a shooting war or attrition can we use to settle certain issues that don't seem resolvable because of significant entrenchment on both sides?

From my perspective TRADITION proves to be a convincing foundation upon which to base prevailing thought of the day. If this is good enough for the legal system surely it can work in this area. I am of the view that while indeed the technology that allows the human to have more material advantage now than ever before might change - the basic rules for interaction between men do not change throughout the ages. In fact - absent any particular rules through the ages man will think himself as intelligent enough to have solved many of the challenges that had dogged his ancestors. I am not sure about you but the claim during the Internet boom that "the business cycle had been solved by 'just in time' supply chain" proved to be a damned lie, used by certain individuals who were well positioned to profit from this claim. I am loathed to place my full confidence in certain schemes ever again. It proves too costly.

I am empathetic with some of the people who make the case that today's religions which are popularly followed and fully believed by the masses are no different than yesterday's "Zeus" or "Hercules". As we look back upon those cultures their idol worship seems quite foolish and slavish. I am a Christian not only because of my belief in salvation through Jesus Christ as our savior - I am also one because I see the great value in perpetuating the system of religious faith and order which allows us to settle upon certain important cultural challenges that man, when left up to his own devices is incapable of settling. Man will always seek personal advantage in his decisions rather than yielding to the will of a higher authority.

For some people the concept of the yield to a higher authority proves that this person is mentally weak. I say just the opposite though. A person that has the mental fortitude to direct his individual lusts, gratification and actions toward a certain directed outcome when there are other options before him has shown a greater mental power than one who as "made up all of the rules" along the way, insuring that he will always be RIGHT.

I have to admit - most of my debates are with those who consider themselves "Intellectuals" and better persons than me for they have never denied any man their free will. This also includes those who I disagree with ideologically as well. Not that I think that any of them are God-less but I do believe that many of their beliefs are more secularly inclined and or they take upon a scope of Christianity that leaves an awful lot of key points about the reality of man left hanging. For example the often hear claim of "treat your brother as you want to be treated" extends to the notions of charity. A Christian is said to be willing to give of what he has without judgment until his brother is made whole - just as he is. All of this sounds good but at times it perverts the very notion of God's will if not checked by some other counter-veiling facts about man. A person who is so inclined to provide charity to an otherwise healthy man yet never asks of this same man is in violation of God's will that this man, who was created in the image of God, might one day be healed because his charitable provider had the audacity to make note of that which he is afflicted with and provide some measure of "tough love" so that he might actually be a participant in his own salvation. To fail to implement this as a fundamental element of the charitable engagement is to assume the inferiority of the recipient. Sadly there are plenty of Christians that go to "God", patting themselves on the backs as to how many people they had in their soup line that day, never once doing anything to insure that they are pared from the line because of any enhanced capabilities that this person had assisted in building up in preparation of such separation.

As we proceed to debate many of the issues of the day some people would prefer to have a discussion based purely on science and or popular will. I notice that they say "science", unlike religion is based on provable fact and "popular vote" or democracy is a just means of arriving at a conclusion. As we debate key issues, however, it becomes clear that with some people their science in fact does not follow scientific discipline and their reliance on the popular will too often depends upon the IGNORANT MASSES who don't focus upon SCIENCE but upon the opinions crafted by MARKETING. Thus we have a double fraud at play.

A few weeks ago I watched a mocumentary by Ben Stein titled "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" in which he entered into the academy to challenge them on their views on evolution and their disregard for "Intelligent Design". Stein made the distinction between "Creationism" which is Christian and religious in nature and "Intelligent Design" which simply states that the world as we know it became ordered as such by some force that did so with respect to a distinct end in mind rather than random chance happenings as the evolutionists would make the case for. The key moment in the film came when Stein debated the author of a book which tore apart Intelligent Design and which advocated Evolution as the only scientifically viable body of reasonings that anyone calling himself a scientist could cling to.

The final blow in the debate was landed by Stein when he asked the author to detail for him WHERE the first instance of life on Earth came from before the "Big Bang". The author's response..........that life in some form came to Earth on a celestial body and from this all of the present life was evolved. This was a jaw dropping moment for all of the viewers to partake of. You see - if science is to discount religious notions of creationism and its cousin "Intelligent Design" because they lack SCIENTIFICALLY PROVABLE claims.........then this man's theories of the origins of life are no different from the "magic" that is present in these non-scientific alternatives. In effect they all make use of the "magic" of sight unseen when you go back far enough. Since science is required to have a higher level of certainty for it to be considered "scientifically reproducible" then this man's entire theory must come crashing down as a result.

My main criticism of Intellectuals is that despite sounding so good in the articulation of their theories they actual have a horrible track record in having us mere mortals to actually follow through with their brilliant ideas and thus avoid a greater FUBAR than when the masses were weak-minded and dependent on a God that was unseen and the figment of our imagination. Their God of man made logic and reasoning so frequently proves to be ill-equipped to address the aggregation of thousands and thousands of fully actualized human beings all living in a society.

I have no problem outsourcing some of my deepest unsolvable thoughts to "God". It seems plausible to me that some things are beyond the understanding of man and thus man is made to understand his own limits and thus yielding to a higher power.

As a culture the more we step away from some common respect for a higher authority the more we are going to be faced with major fractures among our people that might shift from spirited debates to a shooting war as it is proven that one way to win over your adversary is to permanently silence him by killing him. Dear God perish the thought!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Is The Slave? Remind Me Again?

A clip from the mockumentary "Goodbye Uncle Tom"

The dialogue:

INTERVIEWER: But sir surely you must realize the injustice of your situation? The violation of your liberty. Your freedom.

The Wise Slave: Sir if you speak of freedom I must tell you something. I am a worker and workers are not free and never will be.

If you speak of my condition. I will quickly say:
I don't pay taxes.
I'm housed, fed and clothed by my employer.
I worked a short week.
My medical care is free and I get a Christmas bonus and retirement or
permanent disability at the expense of my employer without mentioning
this – that in time of war I am not even obligated to military

The Interviewer: But if your not even paid……

The Wise Slave: I see the ones which you called freed slaves and liberated workers .
Out from morning till night working like horses to make ends meet and
they never do.
So just tell me then what's the difference between us slaves and
liberated workers?

Interviewer: You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

The Wise Slave: Who me?

The Interviewer: Yes you. You are a dishonor to your race.

The Wise Slave's outlook sounds somewhat like the domestic policy of our progressive friends here in America.

What Do Black Males in Ohio Need?

What do black males in Ohio need?

Sammie Gresham Jr., executive director of the Ohio Commission on African American Males, got an earful of responses when his agency set up shop Thursday and invited testimony into an open microphone.

Several themes emerged, including these two: Black male teens need mentors to show them the way, and they need to think very hard about going to college.

Vicki Slaughter, assistant principal at Sandusky High School, had a ready answer when she finished her testimony and Gresham asked her to name one thing people could do to help.

"Mentor males," she replied.

It's very important for more black teens to have mentors and role models, she explained.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Will The Progressive Hand The Culuture To His Progeny In Any Better Shape Than The Environment Will Be Handed Over?

My thoughts as expressed on Cobb's Typepad


Here is where I must disagree with your video blog - though I respect your view.

The Homosexual is not just fighting for LEGAL EQUITY of his relationship and his marriage UNDER THE LAW. He is also intent upon FORCING SOCIETY and all of its INSTITUTIONS TO SEE HIS RELATIONSHIP AS EQUAL. The LAW is but THE FIRST STEP.

With the law in hand he is going to go on the OFFENSE and work to TEAR DOWN any INSTITUTION left standing which dares make a DISCRIMINATION between the relationship where there is a FEMALE set of genitalia and function and where there is a MALE set of genitalia and function.

BY DEFINITION, Cobb....these PROGRESSIVE forces are aiming squarely at what YOU ULTIMATELY BELIEVE!

Make note that 50 years ago it would have been the "Hetrosexual Mob" beating upon and shouting down the Homosexual protesters who sought only to NOT BE BEATEN with legal impunity upon the attacker. Today their relationship is ACCOMMODATED and TOLERATED.

People confuse the RIGHT FOR ALL AMERICANS TO BE FREE FROM the treading of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (ie: having the full force of the law if someone ACTS OUT in hatred against them being gay), confusing this with the reluctance of the societal balance in granting their WISHING of legal sanction of their relationship and all that comes along with it.

What do they do to buffer this? Make it all about MONEY and DISCRIMINATION!!! When the argument is shifted from the INNATE AND INTUITIVE information granted by the physiological form by which the MALE and FEMALE body is CONSTRUCTED then you have already lost.

I am called a FASCIST, Cobb, because I dare to make note that the end of the line of the DIETARY SYSTEM is very different than the beginning of the line of the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Knock me down and paint a HITLER sign upon me for making such an OBSERVATION!!

We are also HIGH ORDER ANIMALS though. Where as animals are driven by the pheromones and instincts that cause them to bond and copulate as they do.....we are said to be BEYOND THE STRICTURES OF THE FUNCTION THAT GOD HAS CREATED US TO BE in the form that he has bound us to.

I just ran awry though Cobb because when there is no CREATOR then it is just an error of EVOLUTION in which the homosexual man and the homosexual woman HAS NOT YET transmuted into the hermaphrodite that they will one day be. GIVE IT A FEW hundred thousand years though Cobb.....all of this will be taken care of!!

The PROGRESSIVE is the enemy of ORDER!! If he is not tearing down some societal stricture - he is not performing his FUNCTION!! An unemployed carpenter or farmer is simply an UNEMPLOYED MAN! He thus loses his FUNCTION.

If you listen to the Progressive about the admonishment of DISCRIMINATION - it is DISCRIMINATION in and OF ITSELF that must be FOUGHT:

No measure of FUNCTION for his view - just the fact that HE HATH DENIED NO MAN WHAT HE SOUGHT TO DO WHEN HE WANTED TO DO IT. The Progressive being the high order human being able to OUT SMART his ancestors that came up with the foolishness called the "Judeo-Christian values" requests to do a version "3.0" of the rules that have been handed down as he has outgrown and outsmarted the rules and the FASCIST CONSERVATORS of this past.

We are to HAND THE EARTH OVER to our progeny in a pristine form.
Where as MAN's actions are THREATENING the natural order of the EARTH when it comes to the ENVIRONMENT!! BE DAMNED THE PERSON who dares make note of the PROPER FUNCTION of the HUMAN BODY and the SYSTEMS within it!!!!!

In the same breath we are to DEMOLISH the societal strictures that have been handed over to us WITH LOVE from our ancestors who doth thought that this was their present to us so that WE MIGHT NOT DESTROY EACH OTHER absent the WORKS that took THOUSANDS OF YEARS and MANY DEAD HUMAN BEINGS TO CRAFT.

WHO IS THE THREAT TO OUR CIVILIZATION more than the IGNORANT who fashions himself to be LEARNED?

Sunday, November 16, 2008



noun: the cognitive process whereby two or more stimuli are distinguished

noun: recognition of the difference between one thing and another.

noun: good judgment or taste.


treating people differently through prejudice: unfair treatment of one person or group, usually because of prejudice about race, ethnicity, age, religion, or gender

The word "discrimination" has been a hot topic recently in regards to the results of voting which did not turn out so well for one side regarding the majority view.

Admittedly as I review the opinions of the Black Progressive-Fundamentalists on this issue I have to say that just as they might be surprised of the fact that I have extended my "conservative viewpoints" as applied to my disfavor for the views of a "Black President", I must yield that they too can express a certain amount of consistency regarding their view that restriction on gay marriage is "discrimination". It is my aggregate thoughts that have made me who I am and thus I was not able to pack these viewpoints away and vote for "the Black guy" who ultimately is more in line with the people who I most fervently hold as my debate opponents. I yield that they too have the right to extend their notions of "equal treatment" held in the RACIAL domain over to the SEXUAL orientation domain.

Thus my argument against their line of reasoning will focus on the flawed constructs by which they have allowed the prohibition against same sex marriage to be seen as "discrimination".

Words have loaded meanings. When you are said to have 'discriminated' against someone any conscious person is driven to "check himself". Make sure it was not any hate or irrational thoughts that have lead you to your viewpoint. This is all that we can expect individuals to do in a free society where opinions are valued even if they don't correspond with your own.

The hidden hand in this debate that few people seek to talk about is that of ENDURING CULTURE and the consequences of altering it there in. Bottom line - there are some people who see themselves as REVOLUTIONARIES - seeking to "Speak Truth To Power" and erode all of those tentacles of power that stand opposed to their current target of scorn for the day. They call themselves "Progressives" and thus when one battle is won the "progress" onto yet another one, constantly seeking to remove strictures that stand in the way of man's free will. Acceptable behavior should be defined by the current collection of men, not by books that were written by men who have turned to dust in their graves.

Others see themselves as the conservators of the elemental rules of behavior and societal order that was handed to them and which is passed from generation to generation. Despite the fact that man's progression affords him access to great material gains as generations perpetuate and as well - our access to knowledge increases - their belief is that the elemental mores and rules for interaction with other men should stand the test of time despite these changes all around us. It is this continuity that affords us clarity and our ability to determine "right from wrong", without being confounded by a constant gray area as intellectualized by man.

In my view this is the key difference between these two camps that do constant battle.

While I am appreciative of the perspective of the Progressive - I am none the less a Conservator of Culture in my prevailing sentiment.

I wise to the bias added to the word "discrimination" because those who throw this around know the power of such admonition. Few people want to be called "racist" just as the word "discrimination" is used. In truth, however, DISCRIMINATION is a fundamental requirement so that we might live as civilized people. At the end of this passage I hope to prove that it is not DISCRIMINATION in and of itself that the Progressive detests - instead he simply seeks to shift the menu of issues by which it is PERMISSIBLE to discriminate upon. The absence of discrimination is anarchy.

Anyone who has kept up with my views is well aware of my position: PROGRESSIVISM is INORGANIC. It cannot exist in a world all by itself. I've learned recently that the plant that produces corn as we know it today cannot exist absent MAN who must harvest it and provide it with order so that it will perpetuate. Take away man - and this crop that we know as a special wild grass that produces corn cobs will die off because the kernels will fall to the ground and the next generation of corn plants will choke each other via its entangled root system. It needs a semblance of ORDER as a ecosystem by which to seek to alter the prevailing order. The farmer must provide the corn plant with adequate spacing in the field so as to afford this corn plant that has taken the form that we know today, to live for yet another generation.

Our CULTURE is the order that man needs to survive. Those priding themselves with never having DISCRIMINATED against another, so frequently, are simply extolling the fact that they have never had the prevailing burden of crafting a culture for society which ultimately produced the high quality of life/standard of living that they find desirable. Just as a politician who has no one who hates him can't possibly have held any position of importance where the distribution of scarce economic resources are up for debate - so too with the person who is able to pride himself upon his past that is free from discrimination. This is no vanity in my view.

The fact is that there are many places where two competing values cannot reside in the same space lest one be irreparably perverted and destroyed. It is my view that some people who work as advocates are never required to stand besides the "baby that they have birthed". They instead are able to shift the blame of the resulting fallout upon the fact that their entire docket of ideas have not been adopted by society and thus - they can't be held liable until all opposition to their plan is destroyed. Once again they prove their theirs is not an ORGANIC concept.

New agenda for black America? By JONATHAN NARCISSE

(Hat Tip To Booker Rising for bringing this to my attention)

New agenda for black America? By JONATHAN NARCISSE

The time has come for black leaders and organizations to exchange affirmative action and race-based preferential treatment in favor of a more enlightened and effective empowerment strategy.

If an argument can still be made that racial equality has not been reached, the facts on the ground no longer support the outdated approach of affirmative action.

Mr Narcisse's top priorities are:

Reconstruct the black family
Revive, refocus the black church
Renew emphasis on academic success
Undertake relentless get-healthy campaign
Recognize, cultivate economic freedom

I agree with all of these. I will allow you to read the article linked above and thus choose not to repeat Mr. Narcisse's message. I would like to expound upon what he has not dedicated enough emphasis to.

This was a great article but I believe that the good brother left out some key issues that are going on WITHIN the Black community that need to be addressed head on.

First is the issue of CRIME and PUNISHMENT and ultimately A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP of our community. In the wake of the "revolutionary spirit" and "speaking truth to power" that enjoys popular following Within The Black community, few people talk about the end game and the disposition of OWNERSHIP that must be resident when this day finally comes.

For the life of me I cannot truly say that some Black folks really and truly believe that a BLACK CRIMINAL who has waged an assault upon a resident of their own community has in fact violated THE COMMUNITY CODE rather than having simply violated "Their Code", "They" being the people sitting in the far off legislature in City Hall, the State House or Capital Hill. It is the local community who suffers the most from this ambiguity. Yes we hear "F the police" but the neighborhood "Drug Thug" is made into some type of hero for getting over on the system.

Where as I am not looking for a spirit of VENGEANCE to prove that our community repudiates the actions of the cancerous criminals within (ie permanently taking away their voting rights) - at times the presence of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" has our community deftly silent as the news of the attack appears on the 6 o'clock news yet up in arms after some left wing group does a summary report notating the number of Black folks who are in jail. This INDIVIDUAL who has made his own way into prison soon becomes a "faceless summary statistic" loses his identity and the box of evidence of what he has done against HIS COMMUNITY to earn him a spot there. The victim of his assault - too often another Black person - will just have to "get over it" when it comes to the memory of the assault, the civil rights machinery within the Black community is not tuned to dealing with "cancerous termites" but instead external villains.

The concept of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" and OWNERSHIP are ultimately INCOMPATIBLE and cannot reside in the same space at the same time. If you believe that today's criminal justice system is CORRUPT then first ask yourself "What did I DO to escape the vicious, racist snare that it casts out and then what am I going to do to have these others live their lives so they too can avoid the trap?".

It is clear that "Lynching 2008" is happening to Black people via Murders and Assaults that are related to GANGS and the ILLICIT DRUG TRADE going on today. Bodies are being burned, bullets shot at point blank range, and the witness intimidation can make the KKK jealous regarding its effectiveness.

For the article to not dedicate more time about the actions of the "cancerous termites WITHIN" and how they threaten so much of our quality of life was a big oversight. To fail to talk about the prevailing Black political establishment tacit PROTECTION of this criminal class is also a pretty big miss.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nebraska - No Questions Asked Orphan State

Simplistic solutions just add to problems

Haunted houses are nothing.

If you really want to frighten today's child, drag them kicking and screaming into Nebraska.

Thanks to that state's lawmakers Nebraska has become a kind of "Roach Motel," with children as the pests who check in but don't check out.

With every other state in the nation having so-called safe haven laws that give parents a legal loophole to abandon their newborns, Nebraska lawmakers decided in February to create a similar law. Except their law gives anybody within the state's borders free license to drop off any child.

If Johnny's too young to vote or smoke a cigarette, Johnny can be dropped off in Nebraska -- no questions asked.

The Nebraska law has helped draw attention to the previously unknown, but apparently quite expansive, network of actively negligent parents: those who will fill up the tank multiple times and drive across many states to rid themselves of their children.

A 14-year-old Iowa girl was driven to an Omaha hospital by her grandparents and left there. A 13-year-old Michigan boy was driven to that city by his mother, grandmother and aunt and left at a hospital. A Georgia woman dropped off her 12-year-old, and a 17-year-old boy from Lincoln, Neb., was left at a hospital by his mother and stepfather.

As of Thursday, 24 children had been legally abandoned in Nebraska. All but one were over the age of 6. There were no babies left at all.

Bad laws have consequences, and bumper sticker philosophies are no match for complex problems. But legislative bodies across the country -- including ours here in Louisiana -- have a bad habit of ignoring complexities and drafting simple-sounding bills that end up backfiring. This year, the Louisiana Legislature repealed a humane and progressive tax plan in response to some complaints that the "Stelly plan" was burdensome. Partly because of that repeal, state officials expect to have $1.3 billion less than necessary for the 2009-10 fiscal year, a shortfall that imperils the state's health care and higher education budgets.

We needed a thoughtful approach. Instead we got something that sounds good but threatens to do us harm.

Study: TV sways teen rates of pregnancy

Study: TV sways teen rates of pregnancy

Groundbreaking research suggests pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior compared with those who have tamer viewing tastes.

“Sex and the City,” anyone? That was one of the shows used in the research.

The new study is the first to link those viewing habits with teen pregnancy, said lead author Anita Chandra, a Rand Corp. behavioral scientist. Teens who watched the raciest shows were twice as likely to become pregnant over the next three years as those who watched few such programs.

Previous research by some of the same scientists had already found that watching lots of sex on TV can influence teens to have sex at earlier ages.

Shows that only highlight the positive aspects of sexual behavior without the risks can lead teens to have unprotected sex “before they’re ready to make responsible and informed decisions,” Chandra said.

The study was being released Monday in the November issue of Pediatrics. It involved 2,003 12- to 17-year-old girls and boys nationwide questioned by telephone about their TV viewing habits in 2001. Teens were re-interviewed twice, the last time in 2004, and asked about pregnancy. Among girls, 58 became pregnant during the follow-up, and among boys, 33 said they had gotten a girl pregnant.

Participants were asked how often they watched any of more than 20 TV shows popular among teens at the time or which were found to have lots of sexual content. These included “Sex and the City,” “That ’70s Show” and “Friends.”

Pregnancies were twice as common among those who said they watched such shows regularly, compared with teens who said they hardly ever saw them.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Obama Inauguration Ball 2009

Inauguration Ball 2009

Guests began arriving early. There are no place cards and no name tags. Everyone knows everyone else here. The Rev. Nat Turner will open the Inaugural Celebration with prayers of Thanksgiving, while John Brown assures his sons that Harper's Ferry was not the beginning and that this Inaugural Ball will not be the end, but the Dawn of a New Beginning. Now, there's a grand foursome - Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz sharing laughs with Martin and Coretta Scott King. Looks like Hosea Williams refused the limo again, keeping it real. And my goodness; is that Rosa Parks out there on the dance floor with A. Phillip Randolph? Seated at a nearby table, Frederick Douglass has a captive audience in W.E.B. DuBois and Fannie Lou Hamer, and Medgar Evers has just joined them.

Marian Anderson was asked to sing tonight, but she only agreed to do it if accompanied by Marvin Gaye, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix. Look, there's Harriet Tubman. No one knows how she arrived, but there she is. And my guess is that, when the time comes, no one will see her leave.

There's Jackie Robinson swiftly making his way through the hall as the crowd parts like the Red Sea to the unmistakable sound of applause. "Run, Jackie, run!" Along the way he is embraced by Jessie Owens.

Three beautiful young women arrive with their escorts - Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney. Ms. Viola Liuzzo flew in from Michigan, exclaiming, "I could not miss this." Richard Pryor promised to be on his best behavior. "But I can't make any guarantees for Redd Foxx and Moms Mabley," he chuckled. Joe Louis just faked a quick jab to the chin of Jack Johnson, who smiled broadly while slipping it. We saw Billy Eckstine and Nat King Cole greet Luther Vandross. James Brown and Josh Gibson stopped at Walter Payton's table to say hello.

I spotted Congressman Adam Clayton Powell of Harlem having a lively political discussion with Eldredge Cleaver. Pearl Harbor WWII hero Dorey Miller shared a few thoughts with Crispus Attucks, a hero of the Revolutionary War.

And there is Madam C.J. Walker talking with Marcus Garvey about exporting goods to Africa. General Benjamin O. Davis flew into Washington safely with an escort from the 99th Fighter Squadron - better known as The Tuskegee Airman. At the table on the left are three formidable women - Shirley Chisholm, Sojourner Truth, and Barbara Jordan - gathered for a little girl-talk... about world politics. As usual, all the science nerds seem to have gathered off in a corner, talking shop. There's Granville T. Woods and Lewis Latimer needling each other about whose inventions are better. Someone jokingly asked Benjamin Banneker if he had needed directions to Washington. And George Washington Carver was overheard asking, "What, no peanuts?" Dualing bands? Anytime Duke Ellington and Count Basie get together, you know the place will be jumping . Tonight is special, of course, so we have Miles, Dizzy, and Satchmo sitting in on trumpet, with Coltrane, Cannonball, and Bird on sax. Everyone's attention is directed to the dance floor where Bill "Bojangles" Robinson is tap dancing. Right beside him is Sammy Davis Jr., doing his Bojangles routine. And behind his back, Gregory Hines is imitating them both. Applause and laughter abound! The Hollywood contingent has just arrived from the Coast. Led by filmmaker Oscar Micheau, Paul Robeson, Cana a Lee, and Hattie McDaniel, they find their way to their tables. Dorothy Dandridge, looking exquisite in gold lamé, is seen signaling to her husband, Harold Nicholas, who is standing on the floor with brother Fayard watching Gregory Hines dance. "Hold me back," quips Harold, "before I show that youngster how it's done." Much laughter! Then a sudden hush comes over the room. The guests of honor have arrived. The President and Mrs. Obama looked out across the enormous ballroom at all the historic faces. Very many smiles, precious few dry eyes.Someone shouted out,"You did it! You did it!" and President Obama replied,"No sir, you did it; you all - each and every one of you - did it.
Your guidance and encouragement; your hard work and perseverance . . .." Obama paused, perhaps holding back a tear.

"I look at your faces - your beautiful faces - and I am reminded that The White House was built by faces that looked just like yours. On October 3, 1792, the cornerstone of the White House was laid, and the foundations and main residence of The White House were built mostly by both enslaved and free African Americans and paid Europeans. In fact, most of the other construction work was performed by immigrants, many of whom had not yet become citizens. Much of the brick and plaster work was performed by Irish and Italian immigrants. The sandstone walls were
built by Scottish immigrants. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that The White House is, ultimately, The People's House, with each President serving as its steward. Since1792 The People have trimmed its hedges, mowed its lawn, stood guard at the gate, cooked meals in the kitchen, and scrubbed its toilet bowls. But 216 years later, The People are taking it back!

"Today, Michelle and I ushered in a new era. But while we and our family look toward the future with so much hope, we know that we must also acknowledge fully this milestone in our journey. We want to thank each and every one of you for all you have done to make this day possible. I stand here before you, humbled and in awe of your accomplishments and sacrifice, and I will dedicate my Presidency, in your honor, to the principles of peace, liberty and freedom. If it ever appears that I'm forgetting that, I know I can count on you to remind me."
It's gonna be a good day."

by Kenyada

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Jonathan Kozol - I Must Apologize To You About Black People Needing Integration

Mr Kozol - please accept this as a targeted apology from me on a specific point that you have made in your arguments of how to educate Black children. It is your view that Black kids need to be relocated into White schools in order to receive the benefit of a structured environment and the resources that they need to prosper. I yield to your analysis in the ways which I will detail shortly.

I have been a constant critic of yours for years. Your views don't sit well with me. You seek to accomplish quality education for Black people by focusing on changing the SYSTEM rather than having Black folks to change our CONSCIOUSNESS. By definition that places Black folks on the conveyor belt where we are in constant pursuit of educational excellence by constantly looking outside of our selves and the school buildings that we already administrate and the children that we already leave the biggest imprint upon. I believe that my strategy is a far more comprehensive and enduring change. Credit me at least for having read at least 3 of your books and thus I understand your general beliefs and arguments. I just disagree with you on some major points.

I have called you a "White Cultural Supremacist" with respect to your view that by sending Black kids to White schools this is the ultimate solution for education problems for Black folks. I saw you several years ago on "America's Black Forum" in which you dismissed the success of the church school ran by Rev Floyd Flake as being an insignificant exception to your belief that an all-Black school cannot successfully educate Black students. Even the panel dominated by Black liberals could read between the lines of your dismissal of Black capabilities in this area to see it as what it really was - a cultural supremacist claim.

The specific point of my apology to you is that I have come to believe that you are correct about the need for Black students to be in a certain academic culture for them to be successful. Just not in the way that you express your views of how this is to be achieved. I now believe that Black Children are currently best educated within the context of a specific environment that promotes academic success. Today this environment is mostly found in schools that are majority White.

Please afford me the opportunity to distinguish the difference between my views and yours - thus the point that this is a "targeted apology".

You see Mr. Kozol when I hear you say that "we need to move Black kids into White schools so they can learn" I detect a bit of White cultural supremacy within you. I don't believe that you hate Black people in fact - I would defend you against such a claim. I do believe that you associate the fundamental elements of academic success with the White culture that you speak of and seek to shuttle Black kids to.

I then have to reconcile the facts of my own existence with what you have said. Truth be told my own children go to a mixed school that has a prevailing White academic culture. My wife and I moved to this suburban Atlanta county because of the quality of their schools. We passed over several other options which may have had more fellow African-Americans present who share our values but still the situation in the schools did not measure up to what we have found where we presently live.

As I think about it, however, I see that I have a daughter who is at the top of her class in academic performance. She has been accepted into the "advanced placement" segment for her grade. She is no less Black than if she were resident in an inner city schools. Clearly the prevailing environment of the school has allowed her to actually express the aggregate investment that her mother and I have made in her academic growth. This leads me to believe that there is an "essence of 'White Academic Cultural Environments'" as you have promoted it that can be distilled away and subjected to further scrutiny as to how this might be applied to Black schools. (I use the term "White Academic Cultural Environment" for argument sake - not as an indicator that I believe as such")

I don't understand how you and others can oppose "vouchers and charter schools" because there are not enough of them to house the students who will transfer from failed public schools......yet you fail to see that YOUR PLAN fails for this very same reason. Simply put, Mr Kozol - there are not enough White classrooms for the hundreds of thousands of Black students who are in need of repair to be shuttled off to. I won't even talk about the transportation costs of accomplishing this. It goes without saying as well - the staunch opposition from White parents who fail to see the benefit afforded to them. Most parents seek to strategically position their children upward not be a part of an experiment by which their children and the culture that they have conditioned into their children is being siphoned from. History has also shown how the local Black school is destroyed as we focus on valuing White schools over our own.

Here is what you are missing Mr. Kozol. Instead of valuing what these White schools have - why don't you (and other Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers) focus on distilling the essence that makes these White schools worthy of your coveting and then fight your fight in getting the existing Black schools to implement these as their prevailing cultural principles?

Much of your argument centers around the great resource imbalance between the White and the Black school entities. You and I both know, however, that while there are some poor school districts that need additional help, this is not THE problem that is holding down the inner city schools that you advocate for. I think that you are aware of your problem in that you advocate not only for more money but the transshipment of Black kids into a school with a prevailing White cultural. No doubt is it that CULTURE that you see as being desperately needed in this Black schools. I would argue - even more than MONEY.

The main reason why I was brought to a point of having to apologize to you is that I have come to realize that a great portion of what makes your statement true - with regards to the need to transport Black kids to White schools - is in regards to the INTRANSIGENCE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY which would be the main obstacle in implementing the culture that I speak of. Simply put, Mr. Kozol - the Black community is not willing to accept the list of "distilled elements" that are present in the schools that you covet and implement them within the schools, across the community, upon the parents and ultimately - projected upon the young Black child who is the student in question. It is far more attractive for some of us as Black people to join a perpetual quest for JUSTICE than it is for the community to accept a coordinated plan where we are the primary agents for change on the inside. This external chase substitutes for the weaknesses of structure within.

Do you see the key difference between your strategy and mine though, Mr Kozol? You argue for a TRANSPLANTING to a new pot and thus the specimen will flourish. I am arguing for a new set of guidelines to be enforced within the ecosystem that bears upon the current pot and the inhabitants of the pot and thus allow the specimen to remain where it is.

The main force standing as a threat to the implementation of such a strategy is the Black Cultural and Political sensibilities that dominate us. We are averse to "acting White". We are averse to "conservative strictures" placed upon our people who just want to be free to express themselves. In the absence of such guidance coming from the home - the SYSTEM that seeks to enforce these standards ends up sending more Black males to detention, expulsion or jail. Thus this is the flaw of having THE SYSTEM to do what THE PARENTS AND COMMUNITY CULTURE MUST BE DOING. Thus I must fully reject your theory and the theory dominated by the prevailing Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers that dominate Black thought of today.

The major body of my work is focused on how the current disconnected and discombobulated set of policies to live by within the Black community show up as the hidden hand in many of the results that we see in our community. Where as the conservatives and Republican party drive VALUES as the gateway toward economic prosperity the Progressives and the Democrats drive ECONOMIC JUSTICE as the gateway toward CIVILITY. Both are flawed in their pure form but at the present time the LATER is most dominate within the Black community while facing no real challenge from the opposition which would tend to moderate the sentiment within the community.

I have ultimate confidence that if a more consciously directed community that is properly segmented and then made to work in alignment to their goals could work to attack these problems in the context of OWNERSHIP that the problems will be fixed.

You and other Progressives, however, seek to attack THE SYSTEM that bears upon the Black community which, in your mind is the problem. Thus you find yourselves working ON BEHALF OF the Black students rather than UPON THE BLACK STUDENTS and their families. I have read your work Mr. Kozol. You are more inclined to accept the fact that a single Black mother who has to work two jobs to keep the house going is in no position to help her child fortify his reading skills. She may not even have adequate skills in the first place. For you, Mr Kozol - this is evidence of the need for more government spending to develop after school programs and other means to provide resources such as food, health care and other services.. In short Mr Kozol - you are working to "boil the ocean"/"expand the police tape to a wider crime scene" so that ultimately a more sound academic environment will be produced. I reject this as fantastical and fanatical thinking.

It is clear that there needs to be a bottom up effort. Yes there needs to be a hierarchy of order as it relates to communicating the mission. Ultimately, however, each community, each school, each grade level within that school, each family sending a student to that school must be the primary operative in the salvation of their children.

* Where are the community sponsored and funded reading programs? Why not train the trainers so they can spread out?
* Where are the community 'laws' which attempt to reign in individuals or family units before the authorities have to deal with them punitively?

I guess the main difference between me and the various people that I am most critical of is that I seek to point out what Black people are failing to do in the way of social order and its
linkage to our common goals remaining elusive. People with your prevailing sentiment seek to push Black folks toward a particular ideological and economic social expressed by the Democratic party and Progressivism. Upon its prevalence - all will be made golden. But it this so?

The main criticism that I have with you all is that the rampant increase in growth in your power over these same communities all the while certain elements within these communities having not enough evidence to you that something is awry in your strategy. Instead you use it as more evidence that you need more national power to accomplish your goals. This is the essence of FUNDAMENTALISM!!! The inability to allow real world facts to cause you to reconsider what you believe to be the case. (thus the label "Progressive-Fundamentalist)

I will be monitoring you as it relates to President Barack Obama. Not surprisingly you were a harsh critic of President Bush and of "No Child Left Behind". It is interesting that with Obama supporting NCLB yet promising to throw more money at the problem and making lip service to the need to do more than just "testing" - you face a conundrum. Clearly Obama would be more to your ideological liking - but I am not convinced that you will focus on the results actually produced or yield because you have an ideological ally in place - while the results continue to remain tepid.

Time will tell.

The Fatal Fusion - The Democratic Party, Civil Rights, Hip Hop and The Black Criminal Element - Part 2

My views are vindicated.

Right under my nose was the blueprint of all that I spoke of in my first submission regarding how the Progressives are seeking to unite Hip Hop and "The Black Criminal Element" as part of their outreach to the socially marginalized groups.

ISR Magazine

International Socialist Review magazine: "Can The Left Take Over The Democratic Party?"

" The most important thing that we can do is that inside-outside strategy: Pulling together members of the Green Party, the Independent Progressive Politics Network, the hip-hop community, the civil rights community, our allies in congress, the anti-war community. We are bringing together all the social movements within the Democratic Party under one effective tent, and we will do it better if people can contribute to our cause"


"American socialism must concentrate its efforts on the battle for political realignment, for the creation of a real second party that will unite labor, liberals, Negroes, and provide them with an instrument for principled and effective action. "

I do extensive and continuing research on those I consider my ideological adversaries. In my attempts to understand them the best source of information is their own writings found in magazines, television and books. While I understand their arguments on many issues....I just disagree with them. Reading their views often help me to fortify my own views.

The best source of understanding of what the "Sold Out 'Democrats who are Black'" are doing is to GO LEFT and read the strategy that is laid out by the extreme left forces. You WILL NOT hear a Democrat tell you what they are doing. They are only SELLING TO YOU. The ISR and other leftist sources are valuable in understanding how people are playing you.


One thing that I need to drill down upon is the cost of having the Black political establishment turning a blind eye on its affiliation both with Hip Hop and "the Black criminal element". The primary cost is that the powers that be in their quest for the aggregation of political power in support of their progressive political interests and the Democratic party is that they will fail to set the necessary ground rules for these two groups as a condition for their alignment as a coalition. This is especially disturbing since the progressive community can't list as one of its prime strengths the ability to set conditions on behavior for those they consider "oppressed classes".

Instead they practice tolerance and negation of judgmenalism. Ironically the very same people who attack tobacco and liquor companies for their exploitative images are equally as silent and/or punitive against those they bring under its protective veil.

Again I underline the point that as the progressive political forces take over more of the cities, counties, states and regions of the nation their primary focus on economic potency will be negated by their inability to define social order per their proclivity to "give" rather than "demand of". In the absence of a force to perpetually rebel against I am still left to wonder exactly who will maintain the onus of the prevailing cultural order within.


In my view the position of the aggregate Black clergy on this entire confluence of civil rights, social justice, economic realignment and, of course social order is quite suspect. No I am not proclaiming that there is such a thing as one united front where all Black clergy think alike and are on message. I can make the case, however, that in the face of the current economic and social challenges that are the case within our community today some of the more vocal pastors have much to explain.

Where as the subjects of civil rights and social justice is appealing to the Christian minister. In many of their interpretations of the Christian doctrine they are able to wrap both of these items under the notion of "helping the poor and oppressed". Likewise if the particular minister is a social liberal there is a strong chance that he will trend to the dogma of "non-judgmentalism". Indeed in their view the sight of a hungry man is no time to confront him on the alcoholism problem that he has as evidence of the liquor bottle in his back pocket each time he comes to the soup line for needed nourishment.

There has always been a delicate balance between "Christian doctrine" and "Secular Humanism". Some Christian churches have long ago crossed over into the "secular humanism" trench. They err on the side of Christian giving without judgment. God as a commander who seeks to regulate our behavior on Earth lest we be punished on this Earth or in the afterlife is secondary to the mission of helping those in need.

My challenge to the progressive minister who follows this track is to ask - What happens after you have exhausted all of the support and charity given out in the name of Christian charity only to find that despite doing your part - your beneficiary has not done his part? The tendency is to have him brought into line by getting him to unite with you behind a common enemy. Once he sees the light - he will clean up his ways and see that the he can best help the cause by disciplining himself accordingly. What happens when you run out of enemies and need to depend on him to reform himself on more organic terms?


It comes as no surprise that most revolutionary thoughts come from the youth as well as those who are older but still carrying forth the thoughts of their youth. As some point in time the "student will become the teacher" and thus those in rebellion today will become the establishment which is protested against tomorrow.

The Hip Hop message is all about revolution from the perspective of the streets. In the narratives that they control in their videos - they are the oppressed heroes and the police and law enforcement are the adversaries and antagonists. No one with a serious outlook could image a time in which there will not be a police function in this fantastical society of the future.

The key point that I notate about the Hip Hop movement is that beyond its protestations they don't seem to be able to define the alternative that they seek to gravitate toward. What is their plan for those who break the law - even the libertine laws that they will no doubt have in place? Is there a chance that the rights that we have today will exist under this system? Ironically the track record of such movements around the world shows "no" more than "yes". Once certain elements of the social order is eroded away the government likely will have to use such strong armed techniques to maintain control. If so much of the mission is for the best interests of all over the individual then what is to stop this from being the justifying force for eroding these rights?

(To be continued)

I See Ya Looking At Me

Nearly 6,000 unique hits in one day!!
A record breaking one day page hit day for "Functional Culture".
All of this likely because of one post in which I laid out my views on how the operatives are working to use the Black community for their own political and ideological purposes.

This one article has caused certain "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chasers" to renounce their willingness to post on a particular Conservative news aggregation site because they were upset that I would dare to make such a claim. Or maybe because I would dare to EXPOSE THEM and their operatives?

SADLY this one article, which is my opinion and analysis - has not produced any voices who can present a full REBUTTAL OF MY CLAIMS.

Until I see it I will just assume that "A hit dog will holla".

The real question that you must ask yourselves is - WHAT ARE YOU GETTING OUT OF THIS DEAL?

With the main threat to your community linked together to form this "fatal alliance" all for the purposes of strengthening the Democratic voting bloc...what is the cost to your communities as you continue to tacitly support the antics of the Thugs and the Criminal class?


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Fatal Fusion - The Democratic Party, Civil Rights, Hip Hop and The Black Criminal Element

Nov 7 @ 1:00 pm Note - More updates and clarifications
Nov 4 @ 6:30pm Note: Updated and Edited For Clarity. My goal is to remove all points of diversion from the usual suspects who refuse to deal with the issues in an above board manner.

Executive Summary Of The Arguments Made In This Document:

1) There is a gross set of circumstances in place that allows many Black people to be victimized with WITHIN various Black communities around the nation. There is an element within our own community that has been allowed to fester who prey primarily on their own. The long time "victim of society" is now creating new "victims in his own community" and thus they are "victims twice over".

2) This element (and their defenders) undercuts most efforts to apply law, order and cultural discipline to their behavior and have their presence transformed into a more productive set of actions upon which a stable community can be built. This faction is resistant to government based efforts of law enforcement. The Black Political and Civil Rights establishment by contrast has been resistant to call "a spade a spade" and confront their actions which so often resemble the very same methods of attack used by the White's who oppressed us.

* Systematic Violence
* Witness Intimation
* Terroristic Actions
* Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands

3) Despite the blatant civil rights violations going on WITHIN our communities the usual suspects are silent because the perpetrators don't fit the mold that they can exploit in the media and gain public sympathies as "the oppressed minority". The key problem is that these oppressors to the innocent Blacks are not EXTERNAL to the Black community in the present day.

4) In order to make amends for this fact - the Black machine (Civil Rights and Political) have promoted the idea of a grand conspiracy against Blacks as well as the notion of "derivative behavior" in which we remain "damaged goods from slavery" as a means of getting the masses of Black people to believe that what is identified in #2 as being the fault of outside forces rather than a failure of this Machine to field a modern strategy that enforces CIVIL RIGHTS and calls for justice in a color blind manner.

5) The loop is closed in that the Black Political and Civil Rights Establishment - seeks to form a grand alliance with this criminal underclass and cultural revolutionaries by agreeing to avoid direct repudiation of their antics and instead "working with them" to form an umbrella movement of activism. "Let us have them channel their anger into "political activism" is the strategy.

6) All of this done under the milieu of "the Oppressed Underclass" which is seeking grand systematic changes so they are not forced into criminal behavior that primarily hurts their own people, dysfunctional cultural behavior which destroys the building blocks of a functional culture and predatory economic actions that creates a Black market that ultimately financially liquefies, objectifies and marginalizes the lives of Black people more than any other.

6a) The logical equation is made - Help us change societal imbalances and you will be less angry and thus you will stop preying on our communities and instead will become productive forces.

7) The foundation that requires a circular reference to be made says that as the Black Political establishment and their Democratic Party based progressives assume more land where Blacks are highly concentrated theoretically they should be made to account for the actions WITHIN these communities as well as producing the promised results.

The circular reference is made in that upon failing to produce these changes despite being in control there is a need to find a scape goat and a higher calling lest they receive the brunt of the attack of those who remain disenchanted. Thus they point to both the actions of their ideological adversaries - conservatives and Republicans as the main spoiler which is causing them to fail AND they ask that the masses of Black people for a continued alliance as they "move the goal posts" as they market the notion that a NATIONAL take over is necessary BEFORE the masses can actually expect that the fruit will be delivered to them.

8) The fusion with the negative elements with the community is fatally flawed in that the main Black community does not attempt to set any conditional rules for conduct of the criminal class and the rebellious bunch in the Hip Hop community upon which violated causes the tenuous partnership to be severed.

How do you credibly attack "tobacco and liquor companies for their imagery" as you note that they are ultimately against your interests yet you form a partnership with the operatives who are not only marketing negatively but also performing what can be called "civil rights violations". Just as with the partnership with old enemies forged in the "War On Terrorism" as you fight a greater enemy this fusion between the Black Political/Civil Rights operatives and the Hip Hop /Criminal Class has been forged.

Where are your STANDARDS that you enforce in support of your ultimate goal to "Change Them"?

************************************The Original Post - With Edits******************

What are some of the key issues that are being vocalized within the Black community and driven in the political activism space today?

* Ratcheting Down "The War On Drugs" to decrease incarceration rates of Black males who's incarceration is destroying families and ruining communities because "Their Laws" (not our laws) are disproportionately targeting Black men

* Felon Voting Advocacy - these Black men, having been targeted are thus having their votes systematically taken away (by THEM)

* The Prison Industrial Complex is a growth business for corporations where Blacks are the raw materials vital for this growth

* The Impact Of and The Need To "Stop Snitching" (depending on if you are outside of or within the ghetto). The police as the invading force are using our people against each other to forward their plans to destroy our communities. "You must maintain your loyalties to the 'brother man' rather than 'the man' wearing a badge. We will be there with you while he leaves you hanging."

* The Police as the Criminal Element Within The Black community. Many Blacks are "political prisoners" in the context of the attempt to destroy our communities.

You only need to go to The Black Electorate to see these various themes being hammered upon on a daily basis.

Let's not forget about The Black Commentator and countless other Black, left leaning blogs that pepper the Internet - advancing their ideological and partisan agenda above the inspection of the integrity of our own community.

I have also reported my views after watching the film: "The Injustice System In America". This is a leftist narrative of what is really going on in America. In their view even "progressive" San Francisco is overrun with "racist cops" that need to be spanked by the "Civilian Review Board" per the activist who spoke in the film.

Does anyone get it?
Just as a situation can be created in which "Black man - Bill Clinton" can be called a RACIST during a campaign - now we have the City of San Francisco and neighboring San Jose emulating a Southern hick town of the early 60's....... if you allow some to tell it. It seems to get lost on these left wing activists that quite possibly IT'S NOT JUST THE ESTABLISHMENT doing all of this to them but in fact some type of fatal tango going on.

Maybe we need to bring forth the Black VICTIMS of this criminal behavior as a means of countering the claims that "the police are doing all of this to us".

The purpose of this post is to vocalize my research of the last few months and to detail a fusion of political activism, race, economic class and ideology within the Black community that is being attempted. It is the Democratic Party that is being used as the primary framework upon which all of these plans are built. No surprise here. In my view, however it is the Democrats Party, not the Black community which is the ultimate beneficiaries of this framing. The Black community will end up used, marginalized and worse, unable to address the key cultural problems that is plaguing the impoverished class to whom so much of this advocacy is supposedly directed. Again, if you allow the narrative of those who are plotting to stand unchallenged - this is all about helping the poor and disenfranchised. As long as no one realizes how much turf this party is grabbing over the major population centers where Blacks live - all is grand. We can't take our eyes off of those Republicans you know. They are not dead yet!

The politics of this group are strongly "left of center". They house Quasi-Socialists views of what the governments role in our lives. Their views on income redistributive polices serve as proof of a "just society". All are equally valued when everyone is provided with the resources that they need to live. The venerable "Caretaker state". When it comes to private property rights - the amount that you are allowed to keep is negotiable.

As I listen to this theory I just can't dismiss from my mind the assumptions of the "individual inferiority" of the common man. Not even the most conservative person will believe that there is no need for government or government services. The point of contention is the question of how much government intervention beyond the basic Constitutionally defined operations of government are acceptable. The Conservative tends to either limit or localize this government projection. The Progressive seems to maximize and nationalize the benefit so that no one's location under the umbrella of the state leave him exposed. As a right leaning person I am prone to make note of the fact that the more you have a person working for the global common good you also introduce a situation where that person's individuality is compromised. A support system is constructed to prevent him from failing because of his actions or lack there in; the same system limits his adaption toward his optimal self because there is no consequence in not doing so.


The Civil Rights Movement for JUSTICE of yesterday is today the movement for quasi-socialist economic change within the nation today. As the thought goes - upon success in the political and economic domain - the civil rights challenges will subside. The shift of power from corporations and leveraged individuals over to the government shows through in their agenda.

Where as they have succeeded in insuring punishment for any racist violation of one's civil rights - they have moved on into their phase II of their agenda - the economics question that were left on the table when Dr King was murdered. However, what today promotes itself as the quest for "justice" really has strong roots in the foundations of "economics denied" to Black people. REPAIR-ation of Black people will come by attrition as a new economic order is implemented.

As such the current system of economic oppression is said to create the "derivative behavior" that is seen today. The current economic line up expresses itself as an imprisoned Black male who is out of the work force and thus can't be he head of the household. The movement is all about attacking the current order of the ECONOMIC system so that change will come within. If the Black man did not have to struggle to put food on his table, pay for health care, pay for high education costs and any other threats that an "unregulated economy" might throw his way then indeed he won't have to turn to the black market in order to feed his own family....placing other struggling families in peril with his choice of profession - "retail distribution".


Where as the above activist element focuses on the external economic and criminal justice system that bears down upon the Black community and leads to these certain outcomes - they also fight for internal liberties around freedom of expression among our people. They strike out against sanction and punitive action for such displays. They show a systematic attempt to unravel most conservative social strictures that are placed upon the people but which can't be justified by rational debate. In "speaking truth to power" they might ask: "What does how I wear my pants or my hair have to do with how I perform my job?". It is incumbent upon the authority who has set the rules to justify their constraints, not for the individual to fall in line "because this is how it has always been done". We see the hand of the "intellectual supremacists" who seeks to upon up many issues that were settled in the Judeo-Christian cultural order. You'll hear many references to the "male dominated society" where command and control has allowed oppressed classes to suffer.

The rebellious spirit runs deep - even if it runs counter to what the Black community needs the most at the time. The milieu of "Speaking Truth To Power" trumps passive conformity. I seriously doubt if some people recognize that in removing these "foreign strictures" upon the people's behavior they are setting themselves up for failure as they take over more of the cities in their political ground game.

There lies the grand scheme. In removing cultural strictures that could unify the people behind a common set of civilities they instead turn to PERPETUAL STRUGGLE AND PROTEST for political, ideological and economic order as the unifying force for the masses.


As I build up my argument it is important to understand first that there are many economic and cultural factions within the Black community in regards how this political activism plays out. I will attempt to make a crude framing of them here:

At the bottom of the economic and social order there is the "Black ghetto dweller". He is poor, dispossessed, marginalized and exploited by the system. People and companies appear to always seek to get away from where he is. (Unless they are practicing "Environmental Racism" - where the polluting plant can only exist where the people are helpless to fight against it)

"The Ghetto" itself is a metaphor. This does not need to be the brick multi-tenant units in New York, Philly, or Detroit. It also includes "the other side of the tracks" in small Southern towns and the small homes that are constructed in tight clusters out west. They have limited economic means and an environment that often throws up more roadblocks than opportunity.

The person's residency in the ghetto might be in fact or in spirit. Some of us do "in fact" live in the ghetto and thus "the struggle" metaphor is critical to our consciousness. Others don't live in the ghetto, having moved out physically but never left home mentally. In some twisted and perverted ways "The Ghetto" is "The Motherland", the embodiment of "overcoming" for many Black folks in America. It is the standard reference for one's "real Blackness" to some. "Represent Nigga!". Just as you may hear a White person talk about having "worked his way up from the farm", some Black people are inclined to talk about having come from the projects, with single mother who had to endure gun shots heard outside each night and yet he made it to his present form. "What do you know about the streets? I'm real!". In having survived the Ghetto you now have a "war story" to tell for the rest of your life just as does any infantryman has.

Next on the economic and social order among my people are those who live a stable middle class and/or suburban lifestyle. Today this represents the largest share of African-Americans as most of us are living above the poverty line and have more than just our basic needs addressed. In this group their lives are about as traditional and American as you'd expect from a person of any race with the "Black spice' added for its special flavor to an otherwise standard experience in this modern day.

As Black people in this class enjoy mobility are likely to live in a mixed community that is experiencing "flight" - be it in South Jersey or the ring cities around many of the southern metropolises. These are standard, working class communities and the real heart of the Black community. The cultural consumptions of the young people from these communities is greatly influenced by the music from the "Hood" - their life experiences are very different. Their parents have some measure of advanced education and good jobs. They face only a fraction of the drama that one might expect in the ghetto. Despite this fact - the racial gravitational pull within the Black community demands that they at least relate to "the ghetto". "Don't forget where you came from!". On an increasing basis, however, with mobility per the easing civil rights challenges AND the desire for upward economic advancement - their only relation to the ghetto is via entertainment rather than physical contact.

Yet another class is the Black professional class. They are "corporate types" who might be considered "upper middle class" by most accounts. Their engagement in this entire framework is that of expanded business opportunity that such an alignment with Democratic politics might afford them. Despite "working like Republicans" in their financial services, sales or managerial jobs - their politics are indistinguishable at the national and policy level from these other groups mentioned thus far. Please detail a distinction in the reply - if you disagree. I have called them out as "Black Flight Progressives" as they use their monetary resources and their preferences as obtained from their "corporate norming" to move into Conservative areas with their ideologically conservative adversaries and yet continue to vote for Democrats who run the areas that they have departed from.

Another important yet small faction that must also be mentioned are the wealthy Black class of entertainers and athletes. They exert an increasing amount of political influence upon our people, both shaping the public views within the community but also speaking on behalf of our people to the outside world. When the political scientist that I saw on C-SPAN a few weeks ago put a footnote only beside Black people as the one group of people who's wealth and conservative voting habits do not correlate - it is these people who this poly sci researcher had in mind.

Despite their wealth they feel that they "cannot leave their people". If not with their own money, they will continue to fight for the government to redistribute the money of all of their wealthy peers so that the society can become "more just". Thus they know from where they've come. The fact that they have more than likely made their money in the entertainment field rather than "on Wall Street" allows their liberalism when it comes to finance to show.

How is it then that a group of 40 million people with such divergent life's experiences and that are 'ships passing in the night' all come together to vote for a set of ideological packages that purport to capture their own interests? This is easy to answer.


Make no mistake about it - there is keen consciousness of SYSTEMATIC WHITE SUPREMACY in the minds of all of these segments of the Black population. As we consider the list of items above we see the standard framework of "the little guy" who is poor, minority and marginalized fighting against THE OPPRESSIVE SYSTEM.

All of the factions that I have listed above are teamed up and united behind their fight. They seek to be the liberator rather than the "denier of opportunity". Leave this for their right wing adversaries to do the dirty work.

Anyone following my research as expressed through my blog presence will make note of my observations that even when "their side" is in full control of "the system" which bears down on their personal lives at the local level - they will STILL focus the bulk of their attention and outrage on the amorphous concepts of "the system of White supremacy oppressing us". This despite what their electoral success over their own communities and their expansion into new communities should have them to focus upon.

(Note: Demographic Research on where African Americans Live in their highest concentrations and who dominates these areas politically)

In Atlanta 2006, for example, the POLICE COMMAND STAFF in the context of the "Aggressive Policing" policy that was applied to a high crime area in a Black neighborhood approved a raid on an alleged drug house using their "Red Dog" narcotics unit. A 92 year old Black woman's house was invaded by "3 White cops" shooting this woman dead in a hail of bullets. While the community was angry at the the Black Democrat mayor, the Black police chief - neither of these officials nor the majority Black police command staff who these White cops reported to were asked to resign under the strain of a drumbeat of protest. The White cops were tried and convicted for having tried to fabricate a story that explained how they invaded the wrong house. The civil rights activists got $18 million out of the city and all died down. The mayor got reelected. There was not a daily protest march claiming that THE SYSTEM conspired to kill this Black woman. If only New York City's Rudy Guilliani could be so lucky in response to his "aggressive policing" policies in targeted areas.

The similar phenomenon is seen in the responses of the Civil Rights community to incidents recently in Philadelphia and Prince Georges County Maryland. In PGC - the local NAACP held a joint press conference with the local Democratic elected officials in charge of the county rather than a PROTEST over the killing of a Black inmate. Despite the Black political control of all of these situations - it was the "rogue White cops" who are embedded within that are our main oppressors. Not the "entire system" any longer. Those in charge walked away intact - unlike the case with so many other incidents where there was an "operable target" to dispense of. (A white or Republican leadership). Ironically in displaying such a double standard Black folks might actually be put in more harms way where Black Democrats are in political control because the usual protesters are not as inclined to seek to take them out in their calls for "justice" and "change". This political power block IS THE CHANGE that the Black community has advanced. What do they shoot for if they fail? "Change 2.0"?

Is it possible that the Black community could actually have "sold out" their community goals by placing their desire to incubate certain Black and Democratic leaders "of their own" from being held accountable for the results that the community must bear? It seems so to me. "Permanent Interests" should not care about the color of its "friends" no doubt.


OWNERSHIP. The presence of this one concept distinguishes the outlook that is frequently present in the "White conservative suburban/rural town" from many Black communities within big cities which have a Black and/or Democratic Party monopoly on political power. Where as the conservative town will work in earnest to MAINTAIN control of their communities even if it means that they are perceived as "intolerant" or punitive in their laws - their Black counterparts who similarly have the prevailing powers in their respective towns often have a much different orientation and vision as it comes to the projection of their power. Theirs is often formatted as an "external to internal" siege mentality where the county or the state is some how undercutting the attempts of the local politicians of their own choosing to deliver services "now that WE are in control".

Take a look at the drama in Clayton County, Georgia that I have been reporting on. (I am not going to furnish any links - there are too many of them to count) Presently the second round of Black Democratic leadership has been embroiled in years of internal strife since it took over control of the county. It took an external entity - the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to put its foot down after documenting all of the antics that were going on within the midst of the school board and seek correction and a reaffirmation of their purpose. SACS observed all of the chaos INTERNALLY and how it was undercutting the administrations ability to effectively govern the school system and thus the school students. Many, certainly not all, of the Clayton County residents believed that it was SACS which acted in a harsh manner only because the leadership of the schools was Black. The sight of "3 White men" representing SACS was frequently projected on the news coverage. These were the White males who "stripped the school system ran by Blacks of their accreditation" no doubt was an angle that some people took on this matter. In her closing arguments the attorney defending several of the school board members who stood accused of violating their oath of office made note of this fact in a last ditch effort to bring race into the game. Gladly the judge who had heard all of the evidence rejected the racial angle. These last few members were purged by this judges action. Ironically, on a side note, a billboard from an all Black private school in Clayton county advertises that it does have the SACS accreditation that the public school system has had revoked.

In my view the prevailing "powers that be" who run the Black community (elected, community, clergy, etc) are the primary determining factor of the outcomes within the community per the aggregate set of policies and pronouncements they make. Their choice is to work to transform the community over time or to blame someone else hoping that upon a successful struggle CHANGE will come. Failing the presences of a community based set of consciousness, however, these same leaders seem ready to shirk any ACCOUNTABILITY if they possibly can. I am not mad at them - this is what politicians DO! My point is that the COMMUNITY, after being so enthralled with their "Black leadership" who is also Democratic - often fail to provide the needed limits, management of and consequences for failure. This is a significant reason why some of these communities are in an eroded state.

These strategic failures grow into certain intractable problems that upon which they are unable to deal with on their own, having failed to nip them in the bud. The call for more nationalized reform is really an admission that these localized elements are unable to field a system that engages all of the people within to work primarily for the aggregate advancement of the whole.

It seems to me - where there is the most clear cases for "voluntary, community based SOCIALISM" these operatives are tone death to it. They want "national socialism" where the productive economic engine of others can use to supplant that which their own ideological and economic systems that are fielded can bring forth to them.

When there is an element of lower income Blacks with limited professional education growing in proportions to the whole in these Black run communities - there is a good chance that these noted problems grow as well. Some of you think that me, this evil Black conservative who is at least open to voting Republican - has unique negative feelings of "the Black poor". Not the case. I am doing nothing more than echoing that which I hear all of the time from Black folks who are sold Democrats. Again this is why the "Black Fight Progressives" move to live with conservatives - because of the "ghetto element" having moved into where they departed from. Honesty is in order here.

As a personal defense and another side note - you don't need to listen to me on this point - I have reported upon this very claim made by those asking the "Professional class Blacks to move back into the ghetto and provide stability". The "Black Flight Progressives" have residential patterns that are at odds with their ideological ones. This particular authors request that they return to the Black community is only a softened version of exactly what I just said above. They acknowledge that a certain underclass cultural element within our community is a threat to law, order and academic progress if allowed to become the prevailing order within. If you quote me - quote all of what I said. Then attack those who said it in a more "PC" manner.


The key criticism that I have for the Black political machine is that despite knowing deep down that, what has been jokingly called "The Ghetto Element" represents a threat which negatively impacts certain communities - they have no inclination to "Go Right" and confront this element, redirecting its actions into a more productive form. In fact there is the "Michael Eric Dyson-types" who actively defend this "Ghetto element", attacking all who make note of their antics by showing the "attacker" that he too has mud on his shoes and thus is in no position to judge anyone. The net result of such a stance is not ADVANCEMENT where both parities agree to RAISE THEIR STANDARDS. Instead what results is the pacification on the part of those who have been successfully protected. "It is not their fault that they are as they are.....THE SYSTEM MADE THEM THIS WAY! Stop criticizing the poor victims - help them by fighting with them against the system!"

A vital lesson learned by those who dared to speak up though. They know not to say a damned word again lest they get it again.

The fatal cost to the Black community is that, once again, an "intellectual supremacist", via his diversion and obfuscation tactics has been allowed to get you to AGREE TO SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW is counter to what you believe. And by the way - those Blacks who are moving away........they have been conditioned by the White folks they work around to hate the ghetto culture. We need to SHAME those who judge and defend those who are vulnerable to attack.

Let me be clearer on this point - The "Right wing" is more inclined to act upon certain correlations between the transgressions done by a 'picked upon' group in their surveillance and policing actions (yes I just said profiling). This results in them ERRORING ON THE SIDE OF TOO LARGE OF A DRAG NET. The progressive left, on the other hand, who is verbally and ideologically bound against profiling is forced to use other tools which are "one off" and deflective in nature. Instead of direct confrontation (this is reserved for when they confront conservative threats) they will instead seek to "engage these youth". They hope to extract some utility out of them. After all - "they are our own. They come form our own houses. They are our future leaders".

Little will they admit, however, some of their behavior that is problematic stems originally from the the left's own unwillingness to confine the community to a more limited set of behaviors. (Note that they are more than willing to regulate the behavior of people within corporations to achieve certain directed and beneficial outcomes?).

In having successfully deflected the point of contention and shifted toward a focus to the broader set of challenges that confront the group that is acting out - the MEASURE OF SUCCESS is shifted from the question of "how many people have become victims of these people's actions" to "how much resources have you in the government thrown at certain programs to assist them from having to act out in such a way?"

Once again I have to make a hit on the "Black Flight Progressive". You went along with these policy initiatives when you were a resident within these areas. Once the results of these policies came to full bear......YOU MOVED to live with the CONSERVATIVES and yet you continue to VOTE like you did in your former residence. What we see is that you don't want to expose your family (skin in the game) to the POLICY RESULTS that you have continued to support so that OTHERS might be provided access to "opportunity" and barriers lowered. It is clear that you live an abstracted life. If the Black Conservative who is consistent in his policy and lifestyle the real sell out - or is it you are who in denial?


All of these foundational elements advance us to the Fatal Alliance which is crafted from the drive to erect a Political/Hip Hop/Ex-Felon activist movement. In an attempt to get these cancers to the community to "do right" and be productive - they need to be made ACTORS WITHIN THE STRUGGLE. An EXTERNAL unifying villain needs to be constructed to unify the vacated middle class progressive with the disenfranchized and marginalized dweller in the ghetto. This is how the vicious death spiral and the loss of racial dignity and standards is initiated.

If the Democratic Party is positioned as "the big tent" which is tolerant to all who come to it (and provide it their vote) AND the "Democrats who are Black" are allowed to have free reign with a microphone that is trained upon the Black masses - you can be sure that what we see forming today will take over as the predominate force that manages to unite Black America despite our varied backgrounds.

Think about it -

Person A from the ghetto is promised more resources from the entitlements that the Democrats will bring forth. He will be promised more justice when it comes to his interactions with the police who are oppressing him.

Person B - who is middle class and upon actually LIVING ALONGSIDE Person A was motivated to move away will receive a higher order set of entitlements that had been reserved for Person A because of his poverty. His guilt for leaving behind Person A is absolved because the Democrats are going to take care of all of them - and thus he did not "leave him behind" after all.

Person C - who is the professional class Black agrees to the compromise because his taxes are only going to go up moderately. Though he now lives with the conservatives who he works along with - seeing them brought down to size as the Democrats take over the economy is appealing to him because he expects that more opportunity will be opened up when contracting policies are changed. The compromise for more taxes paid to the poor in exchange for his business interests being advanced is a worthy one.

Person D - the wealthy person is going to get soaked in taxes. He has already been told this. Once again, however, he is able to rationalize his having "voted against his interests" by noting that he is able to vote for "his people's collective interests" as the poor will be taken care of.

All of this needs to be kept logically in order with the knowledge that when the housing projects of which "the ghetto" is referentially based in our cultural communications were torn down - many of these people PROTESTED the notion of the loss of "home". (Listen to any political broadcast from New Orleans back in October 2007 regarding the fight to stop the demolition of the public housing). In a further irony the conflict over the notion that a "Person A" might be put into a section 8 home within a community that a "Person B" resides in after the projects were torn down only further illustrates the lack of rationality that surrounds this coalition. "I will vote the same way as you - I just can't live with you".

Evidence of such an alliance:

Louis Farrakhan - Farrakhan challenges the hip hop community: Accept The Responsibility Of Leadership

This one deserves more explanation of my point. Farrakhan, like my former barber who is a member of the NOI rightly pushes these young Black males change their ways. He documents their misguided ways. He attempts to get them marching behind a more productive mantle. The key criticism that I have for he and my former friend is that when the issue of the Hip Hopper who is made known of his antics yet continues to do so is brought up - they don't have any details of what they will do to rebuke them. Certainly they are clear on corporations pushing the imagery of alcohol and cigarettes into our communities. They are not as coherent on the pushers of drug dealer imagery, gun violence, materialism and objectification of women.

As a comparison when it comes to Clarence Thomas or Condi Rice, both of whom are said to have participated in vile acts against our people's consciousness and are SHUNNED until they reform themselves and come back such structure or stricture exists for those who do far more damage to far more of our people as they have more marketing touchpoints that influence them than any Black Conservative will have. Russell Simmons was correct in pointing out that Hip Hoppers have more influence on young people than do most elected officials.

Hip Hop Action Network
Ludacris Project Links To AFLCIO's My Vote My Right Page

Is this linkage and attempt to engage these young people a "crime"?
Let's not pretend, however, that there is no attempt to capture this youth vote - I applaud this - but in the process - clam up about much of the excesses that they do and the gutter messages that they promote.

There has been an active attempt to "not turn off these young people by criticizing what they are doing". The liberal milieu is to "accept them as they are", not to judge. The cost of this strategy is that the Black powers that be are accepting certain messages that are patently offensive to our being as a people and thus can't avoid degrading our standards of consciousness....all in an attempt to form a Democratic coalition.

The basic question must be asked - What foundational items do you have over which you would be "Selling your soul" if you demoted them in pursuit of your partisan, ideological and economic agenda?

Do you REALLY thing that they are going to come around once you succeed in these areas of pursuit? (Keep dreaming)


So let me briefly summarize and bring the key issues to the table before I continue my argument.

We are inspecting the OWNERS of the community. They have the choice to either PRODUCE an ORGANIC favorable outcome for the people or to AGITATE for better outcomes against some outside entity that is denying them such benefit as their primary mode of operation. Too often they are allowed choose the latter option. This is because doing so has a natural draw upon the masses of disenchanted people. They will follow along in that their provincial problems will be made to be SYSTEMATIC in nature and based on structural imbalances. The movement will suppress any notion that the failures are inherent to anything that the leaders have implemented and the masses have accepted as the most proper set of assumptions for their community.

In truth those in power have not developed the skills of the people to express organic growth. Their movement has cut its teeth during the Civil Rights Movement where such an outward struggle was necessitated by the violent and intolerant actions of the system bearing down upon them. Today they have little intentions on focusing their protestations and confrontational activism upon the domain that they already control. This would require them to impose upon the people in their own circle, forcing them to act in a directed fashion so that directed outcomes can be achieved. Again - the people are asked to VOTE and PROTEST....not show temperance as they MANAGE their way toward a greater local environment by insuring that their own small contribution and sacrifice in in order with the main outcomes.

In the economic ideology domain - with a large population of disenchanted people within their constituency they certainly are not going to advance straight up capitalism where the people are employed but are forced to work at subpar wages. Even if this was sold as a means of getting the jobs that were lost back the union forces would make the case that this is giving the owners the deal that they had walked away from - 15 years ago when the plant was closed. And despite the examples highlighted on "LinkTV" where the WORKERS reopened a closed manufacturing plant in a few places around the world - you can forget about this as the grand scheme to solve the problem with unemployment.

The quasi-socialist movement is inorganic and outward by nature.

Their community will only be made to prosper once the entities that are higher up in the government structure (city/county/state/feds) are lobbied to provide the needed resources so that the masses might live. Their very ideology requires a fundamental change in the orientation of this country. Where as traditionally cities, by definition were provided with a charter from the state because they had reached a point of synergy as their human, industrial, natural and transportation resources worked together to allow them to craft an "internal combustion engine" within this closed network. The modern city per the economic view of the quasi-socialist is but a container to which external sources deposit their money because the ENTITLEMENT RIGHTS of the people within trump all else. There is no longer the demand that the organization known as "the city" work in their own aggregate best interests to field an economic system that can produce such prosperity for the people based on their own choices.

During the founding of these cities as is the case in many nations - absent a federal government to act as an agent to obtain resources there was indeed an "on your own-ership" society. The other option is that their city became a ghost town.

The fatal flaw in such an "nationalized entitlement" outlook is that the CONSEQUENCES of bad policy within these city units is abstracted away from the local leadership as the higher order government is mandated to make up for the shortfall that was generated from their choices. In turn what is the MOTIVATION for good local government? Someone else will come take your stores of resources anyway. If there is a bigger violation of the "Ant and the Grasshopper" please show it.

Again - there is that "assumed inferiority" element that lurks so closely with progressive thought.

With this as a substructure - the movement is set. The goal is to activate the otherwise disenfranchised youth to lobby for MORE resources from the higher order government so that the conditions of their city is improved. This is the key platform from which this alliance of left wing groups that I am speaking of is derived.

Any concerns and anger over the physical assaults upon the Black community done by the individuals in the groups that are brought into the coalition must be muted. Despite the fact that they "DO ACTIONS JUST LIKE THE ENEMY"......they are OF US and ultimately can assist US in achieving our goal.


Since the language of the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism-Chaser" is one of struggle against the system, he is forced to ignore the irony that at a certain point the political power that he aggregates MAKES HIM "THE SYSTEM". Thus it stands to reason that the protesters who should be directing their anger at the officials that they put into place are instead focused upon the distant government who is "failing them". (or the distant conservatives and Republicans who are derailing them). More specifically - anyone who OPPOSE the redistribution of resources as they want it become the target of attack. (Did anyone see that Republican run from under that rock right there?)

I must say this is a brilliant strategy in the short term. Think about it - you have an ideology that rejects the capitalism that would otherwise "exploit" the unemployed youth that you are engaging. If you tried to pay them a "living wage" in an ORGANIC FASHION.....your enterprise would close because YOU'D HAVE NO MONEY in that your expenses would exceed your income!!! Thus your policies have "priced labor out of a job".

You are the office holder (or the ideological contingent from which the actual seat holders come from). You should be the recipient of the criticism and the purge attempts that the masses direct toward the very people that that are failing them. You learn over time that by MARCHING WITH THEM to obtain the resources that you lack per your inability to generate them locally. Thus your job becomes one of ADVOCACY on their behalf rather than insuring that you maintain a balanced market within which they can remain employed and one which is attractive for business. You avoid criticism because YOU REMAIN ONE OF THEM!!! (Brilliant - at least for a short while)

I can't find the article right this second - but I recall that a fellow politician said that the job #1 of the new mayor of Hartford CT must be to go to the state legislature and demand more money for the city.


Folks - I have been talking a long time about what I have called "The Black Voter Nullification". This is the reason WHY it happens. In normal circumstances the American political party system - Republican and Democrat forge the lines of demarcation between the individual camps that are fighting for resources. While there are hardened individuals in both camps that can't be swayed, the essential power player are the "Show me the Money Folks". These are the independents or slight partisans who can be swayed either way once the preponderance of evidence causes them to move in such a fashion. What happens, though, when you have such a PARTISAN IMBALANCE as you have within the Black community? What happens when all of the media messages (ie: Black talk radio, Black television, Black newspapers, man on the street conversations) are all directed toward a certain partisan end?

ANSWER - you don't have a "Democratic Purge" when the Democrats fail you. Instead you have an IDEOLOGICAL PURGE if and when a Democrat fails to tow the left wing line. Thus we see the AMPLIFICATION AND ENFORCEMENT of Ideological and Partisan thought - substituting for the presence of a QUEST FOR YOUR STATED COMMON GOALS. (Sell out status!!)

Witness former US Rep Albert Wynne of Maryland. Despite being a loyal Democrat this long serving representative was "out lefted" by Donna Edwards a hard left operative who sits comfortably in an interview with "Pacifica Radio" knowing that she is "with her people" and would not get challenged in the interview any less than Sean Hannity challenges his conservative buddies. Edwards was able to paint the staunch Democrat Wynne as "George Bush's best friend" because he voted for the Iraq War authorization and had allowed several big box stores in the district to open (Home Depot and Lowes). These very stores are today packed with people who voted against Wynne because the presence of these big boxes had drove small competitors out of business....but not the choice of these shoppers to stop conducting business with the smaller firms that lost their customers and thus went out of business. (Go figure the logic)

The Black community VIA ITS POLITICAL MACHINE is a rock solid, immutable constituency for the Democratic Party and they are ideological-fundamentalists. It is not the "results" delivered by this machine into our communities but the "intentions" (the alignment to the progressive message) that matter the most. We prefer ACTIVISTS who will lobby on our behalf to those who focus within and ask us to change. Again "Speak truth to power" lasts even when WE ARE THE POWER.

The ONLY reason why this unhealthy alliance for Black people is present IS NOT because the Democratic Party has been "delivering the goods" to the community. It hasn't. The Black community remains as a flashing warning light of some of the key "misery index" points here in America.

The reason why the Democrats have a stranglehold is because the Republican Party is the metaphor for WHITE RACISM (even when there are plenty of evidence to show that bigotry has no ideological bound - go to New Orleans and see White Democrats fighting Black Democrats) AND because of the selling of the MOVEMENT (as explained above) by the Black Political Machine.....who are, surprise, surprise Democrats. The Democratic Party is the party of the "Working Man"....even when their policies put him out of work.


I highlighted the logic of Dr Ronald Walters - a Democrat, a Political Science Professor and purportedly a Black man working for the Black best interests despite my serious doubts of such. In his body of work titled "The Costs Of Racial Reconciliation" he basically laid out the "Mission from God" that most Blacks who look past the present failures of the Democratic Party on the local level cleave to. There is a big drive to "keep the faith and remain unified" in the movement and struggle despite what the evidence tells them otherwise. I like to hit Dr Walters frequently - but I have respect for his acumen in knowing how Black people think and then using this for the benefit of the Democrats. I readily say the very same thing about both Russell Simmons and PDitty as political and marketing operatives. I am NOT saying that he or they are ultimately working in the best interests of Black people only that they know how we tick. Some day SOMEONE is going to rewrite the infamous "Willie Lynch Article" and apply it to how Black operatives use us.

In my view these best interests of the Black community is to form a community that is as organically empowered. This would have them centrally focused on mapping the productive actions of our people with the ultimate goals that we have - as much as practically possible and then seeking OUTSIDE HELP AS AN EXCEPTION not an ENTITLEMENT. What I am saying is that Dr Walters and others are masters at getting Black folks to see this vision via the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the M.O. of "The Struggle". My hats off to you bro - you have been very successful in your mission. Sadly we may never recover from it.

I primarily reject the strategy of Waters, Brazile, Obama and even the much heralded Thurgood Marshall (I am reading several of his rulings - See San Antonio v. Rodriguez) is that they abstract the question of the line of aggregate choices and preferences that a group of people make and/or allow within their group domain from the end results into which the people live. While bound to this ideology they work more upon removing societal confinements that purport to stand in the way of a people more than they focus on ever asking these same people to make more directed action and thus improve their own standing. Are there exceptions that prevent a person from standing - YES. This does not mean that you must make everyone an "exception".

Don't be fooled. All of their actions are being conducted under the guise of "Reparations for Slavery one drop at a time". They seemingly never seek the planned separation or disengagement from the system or the resources provisioned in response to the INJURY once the injured bird begins to fly once again. They will always seek to collapse any artificial political boundaries that separate their people of interests from the pile of RESOURCES that they need to live the lifestyle that they desire. The thought of implementing "localized socialism" where the people themselves are the main agents of sharing is seemingly out of the question. They know that the same people who will demand a tax increase upon their rich neighbor is not inclined to "give till it hurts" to ride their schools of 30 year old text books.

I have always said "progressivism is not organic - it is confiscatory" by its nature. They want prosperity through redistribution under the guise of a "fair economy". Left in the wake of this plan is a people who are IN RECEIPT OF BENEFIT but not necessarily able to PROVIDE THE SERVICES to their own people because service delivery is but a secondary demand to the receipt of.

Their claim is that if provided with the EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES that have been long sought after - the people will be made whole and fly. They will tell you that equal and adequate educational funding is the cornerstone of our freedom as a people. "Deny us resources for education and you destroy our future." Oddly enough, in my view, they tell of the need to develop these young minds to become professionals while at the same time abstracting them in aggregate from the consequences of failing to perform in a directed path that would have them to "do it because we need you to provide services for the community".

How does one get to the point of self sufficiency and "taking care of our own" when your raison d'etre is a government caretaker state that removes the need for them to do so?

How do do the extreme left elements purport to seek to destroy capitalism yet require it to stay a live so it can be milked?

Analysis of their educational funding argument shows that they are seeking EQUAL funding with the ubiquitous "White suburb" than you could ever expect them to be satisfied with "adequate funding" with which it is reasonable to expect better academic results. In engaging in such an argument their actual focus on academic outcomes becomes secondary and it all becomes a money chase. Walk down this path at your own peril.

It is clear to me that the movement is more about INTENTIONS and OUTWARD DEMANDS - "The Struggle" if you will, than about ever achieving a certain point of accomplishment and 'conserving' it, protecting it against all who might erode it back into chaos.

To get back on track from my original argument - let me bring back in the "Criminal Element" and the Hip Hop faction. To be clear - NOT ALL HIP HOPPERS ARE CRIMINALS but it sure seems like all of the criminal element is down with "hip hop". Tell me that I am wrong?

I question if some people actually believe that a convicted person has HARMED THE COMMUNITY and thus violated 'its laws' as opposed to "Their Law" - "They" being the people way down in city hall or the state legislature who wrote them. How do you have COMMUNITY OWNERSHIP if you don't fundamentally believe that the laws that govern the community are laws that are in the aggregate best interests of the community? YOU CAN'T!

This is the fatal consequence of having outsourced both your consciousness and inferiorized your own people. This is a non-recoverable error which the people will need to go 40 years into the wilderness to be purged of the after effects.


In this current presidential election season where Barack Obama is likely to be our next president - how odd it is to see the same element who last week was in the drug game and saying "F_ck The Police" are now strong Obama Supporters. (Side note - the local Gay paper also believes that Obama will be great for the hopes of Gay marriage - so I do hold out the notion that Obama can be "all things to all people).

I have also been reporting on the lack of outrage and protests over the senseless and heinous killings of Black people that have been going on in the streets. I assure you that 80% of these killings are related to the "Drug Game" some how. There is an incestuous relationship between the drug dealing, the marketing of materialism on videos, the strip club circuit and the hip hop music that adds a beat to sooth the soul of all of the operatives working against our community.

Why is there silence from the Black community and the Usual Suspects who march when it comes to government infractions but in the face of the abundant killings WITHIN, the CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS and WITNESS SUPPRESSION that "Stop Snitching" brings forth - we don't hear from them????? At least not in the form that they show when a White person does the same civil rights infractions. I think I told you the answer already.


Once the people have been convinced that there is a conspiracy set out AGAINST THEM and that OUTSIDERS are forcing Black men who have no employable skills (due to discrimination - but not their own making - of course), the system that denies them the education that would have made them upstanding citizens, the system that throws them in jail because each Black body locked up translates into a line item on an invoice for prison services rendered, the system that works in cahoots with the gun industry to pump guns into the community. After all of this these external conspirators have crafted these conditions to make the a tinderbox that we have in certain communities...............Why on Earth would anyone who BELIEVES THIS blame the INTERNAL OPERATIVES WHO ARE ACTUALLY DOING THE DIRT? (Sadly some of you believe that every element that I have just listed to be true - this is something that you need to deal with on your own).


Last week I exchanged emails with a good friend of mine who told of how Chevron Oil PAID Nigerian Army personnel to KILL NIGERIANS that were protesting at the Chevron production plant in the Nigerian Delta region. I asked my friend - "How is it that you blame the corporation when the key elements that you told me were that

* Government troops
* On Nigerian soil
* Killed Nigerian citizens
* Who were protesting Environmental destruction in their country
* Done by a corporation

"WHERE IS THE NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT in this story?" I asked. Aren't they the controlling legal agent for all that happens on their lands?

His response is in line with what the rationale that we see domestically among our people:

"You know that the Nigerian government doesn't run things in their country!! They have no power against these oil companies. What do you expect them to do?"

This from a highly educated Black man. What might have been true during the days of colonization STILL has the same power in the mind of those who are afraid to test the limits TODAY to see if this is in fact still true. We continue to stick our toes in the water to test the tolerances of WHITE FOLKS. When are we going to start testing our own capacity to operate with the confidence that TIMES HAVE CHANGED and thus make expectations upon our people accordingly? No more inferiorizations!

This response exactly matches the prevailing notions that are seen within many people who are a part of our community. Their de facto belief that some outside forces are ultimately in charge and are plotting against us cause them to become IMMOBILIZED in regards to doing anything meaningful against the internal termites who are eating the hell out of their infrastructure. Instead they are most active in their focus against the vast network of external conspirators. Who kills more Black folks today than US? Certainly not Rednecks doing target practice in the mountains.

Thus the Drug Element of the Hip Hop scene - be they former drug dealers like Young Jeezy (Young Jeezy Implicated In Cocaine Case) or those who are fast and loose with the imagery of the marriage between drug dealers and the music scene are able to "join the activism movement" because it is actually THE POLICE who are harassing them - not their own actions that are suspect. They only sold drugs because society cut off all other avenues for them to follow.

So how does all of this fit together?
ANSWER - It DOESN'T!!! At least not logically.

It does begin to answer some questions regarding why we as a community focus on certain things and express "Nullified" aggregate responses with the assumption that in our little bit of personal rebellion or refutation against Da Man - we have actually accomplished something.

What we have instead is a very fragmented Black community. A community that remains on the CHASE rather than working to MANAGE ITS OWN AFFAIRS within the four corners of the domain of its control. The dope boys and assailants are given a tacit wink and nod because they are only operating out of DESPERATION and NECESSITY in that someone else set them up where they could only do as such in order to survive - even if they are doing net harm to their community.

The community is left to absorb the negative imagery and lower its standards. The goal is to not criticize them so that they will rebel about OUR COMMUNITY AUTHORITY. Wake up people.....they already have!

The collective Black community can't act out against this internal threat and focus on retaining these degraded standards - THAT'S CONSERVATIVE AFTER ALL.

PUNITIVE responses would be necessitated and this is something we cannot do. After all we are the "consciousness of America", the moral standard bearers not the oppressors. The resulting function of this is that all is turned over to POLICE ENFORCEMENT to handle the dirty work. With our CLEAN HANDS we are able to PROTEST AGAINST THE POLICE whenever they VIOLATE OUR RIGHTS.

All of this winds up to be one strange orgy of incompatible goals.

The worse thing that could happen to the "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" movement would be those who are ripe for the picking resist their expansive confiscation attempts and forced them to live in the isolated communities where they have allowed the culture that they are tolerant of to flourish. In forcing the "Black Flight Progressive" to return to his creation and thus now have permanent skin in the game - the CULTURAL CIVIL WAR that is needed within Black America would be initiated. No longer can the "Morally Superior Intellectual" RUN AWAY from the painful truth that he is in denial of.

With the Republican/Conservative scapegoat out of the way he will be forced to confront that which he hath made. After all he used these forces to gain power and now he is the POWER - he must deal with them.