Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser - DEFINED

Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser" - what does this mean:

Black - They are indeed "Black". "Black conscious" in all they do in regards to maximizing their own interests over the other movements that they are bound to? Not sure.

Quasi-Socialist - government based "sharing plans" where the masses can VOTE their way into another man's wallet. "Private Property" as a limit upon government confiscation? Forget about it!!! Society must PROVE to them that IT considers them EQUAL. Nothing is asked of them to SHOW their EQUALITY.

Missing from the discussion is the damage to "cultural confidence" that is perpetuated by being in "receipt of" BENEFIT from the greater system rather than focusing on creating a SYSTEM within the SYSTEM that impresses upon all of the people they are concerned about to express the standard of living that they hope for via their own ORGANIC action as much as possible, with the external system being used on an exception basis.

Progressive-Fundamentalist - REGARDLESS of how much failure and destruction of human capital and potential this ideology has in its wake in the areas where they are the dominant force upon the sentiments of the people - if those who notice the failure don't offer PROGRESSIVE ALTERNATIVES to CONVINCE THE AGRIEVED PEOPLE that they THEMSELVES must ALSO change before things can ever improve.....they are just wasting their breath. The fundamentalists value GOOD INTENTIONS over EFFECTIVE RESULTS. The notion "If you fail....TRY HARDER doing the same things that you have been doing" was meant for them. They reference the number of other people who THINK LIKE THEY DO as evidence that they are correct. Popularity over evidence to substantiate the assumption is their M.O..

Those who challenge their orthodoxy automatically become their enemy in that they have convinced themselves that their methodology is most correct. Those who disagree with them - are seen as the evil spirits - just as what the preacher in a cult might tell his loyal followers to view those who challenge his group.

RACISM-CHASER - This was added after the other words were assembled because it brings all of the rest of them together. If you were an operative who is steadily achieving POWER (and the BQPFRC readily tells you about their POWER as compared to competing ideologies) BUT they don't want to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the

* Failed Schools under their tutelage
* Lack of Public Safety while they govern the streets
* Anemic Local Economy that "being left behind" renders them to suffer within
* Center for Disease Control "Hot Spots" with respect to HEALTH CRISISES that their prevailing social mores of "NON-JUDGEMENTALISM" leave in their wake

Their antics are Group Self-Perpetuation 101 in which certain tactics are deployed with the goal of keeping the aggrieved people from BLAMING those that are in POWER yet are failing them.

This involves staging press conferences to shift the blame for the conditions in the 4 corners of your district and you PLACE IT UPON THE GREATER SOCIETY!!! (Expanding the police tape around the crime scene" or "Moving the goal posts")

They make the case that the individual and community FAILURES are actually a failure of AMERICA! They ask the people who they have FAILED per the voids in their plan to join with the clique and FIGHT A LARGER STRUGGLE. They are asked to BOIL THE OCEAN. Once this GREATER GOAL IS RECOGNIZED, .....the benefit will RAIN DOWN upon the unwashed masses!! These masses don't even have to change to receive the benefits! What a deal!

Do you see how the last component is key? THE EXTERNAL CHASE if what keeps Black folks UNIFIED and not asking questions of their leadership.

Where as a state lottery has 2 pay out modes - either you get ALL OF YOU MONEY UP FRONT with taxes and the time value of money taken out OR you get you money in incremental payments over a long period of time.

The BQPFRC flips this on its head.
He does not offer INCREMENTAL EVIDENCE that in the attrition of each seat that he acquires in the auspices of his favored political party and ideology the COMMUNITY HAS INCREMENTALLY BENEFITED.

Also the "Cash Option" in his system is not ALL OF THE MONEY UP FRONT IN ONE PAY OFF if you win. Instead he plays a CONFIDENCE GAME. He sells you on receiving ALL OF THE BENEFIT AT THE END OF THE STRUGGLE in which you have not criticized him during your UNITY and upon having the OCEAN BOILED you are going to receive the BIG PAY BACK - interest and everything.

Take a look at the "incremental payouts" where the progressive-fundamentalist has taken over in Chicago, Philly, Newark, Camden, Baltimore, Atlanta, Birmingham, St Louis, East St Louis, Detroit, and Cleveland. It stands to reason that when one INTERPOLATES that IF under his leadership the key institutions in these cities have eroded then is it TOO BIG A LOGICAL LEAP for me to expect that upon NATIONAL ASCENSION - the promises that he is going to pave the streets with gold appear hollow as well?

I hope you understand the POWER of the label BQPFRC.

It is all about THE CHASE/THE STRUGGLE rather than about preparing the people for the ARRIVAL to the Promised Land. The "Promised Land" is only a PROMISE used to keep the people unified.

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