Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Can All Racial Disparities Be Attributed To Racism?

Racial Disparities In The United States Persist

  • Income Disparities
  • Wealth Disparities
  • Disparities in Life Expectancy
  • Educational Attainment Disparities
  • Disparities in Incarceration Rates
  • Health Care Disparities

Various "progressive activists" will view this list and make the case that Blacks are lagging behind due to the

  • Legacy of Racism Which Denied Access To Blacks
  • The Legacy of Slavery Which Confiscated The Work Product From Blacks
  • The Exodus Of Capital From The Cities in which jobs left Blacks behind
  • The Purposeful Underfunding of Urban Schools

With this line of analysis as to the source of the problem it comes as no surprise that their proposed responses also are targeted at a particular end:

  • The Government entity that is "failing to deliver" for the Black community
  • The Law Enforcement / Justice entity that needs reform for Blacks to receive equal rights
  • The corporate/banking entity who's actions discriminate against Blacks
  • The educational funding entity who as a franchise of the state is failing to remove the political boundaries that stand between the Black school and the money
  • The health care industry and the government policies which sculpt its present form which in this present form does not afford Blacks equal access to health care services
  • The body of laws which lead Black people into the Prison Industrial Complex
I could go on - but you get the general picture.

The bottom line is that the progressive activist seeks to allow the Black community to experience better living by primarily changing the SYSTEM in which he lives which bears upon him. In graphical terms these reforms will "rain down upon the Black community" and thus wash the residue of the past from our bodies and thus allow us to live equally after the fruits of this advocacy come to harvest.

From my perspective as I critically analyze both the charges and the proposed solutions I can't help but notice that there are often some glaring holes in their documention of both the antagonistic forces as well as the solution set.

Too frequently the primary void in their characterization of the situation at hand is that they fail to focus on their VICTIM to which they seek to express benefit toward:

  • What impact do the prevailing CULTURAL Norms that he lives under contribute to these outcomes?
  • What does the prevailing view of what the government's role in entitlements have in suppressing the presence of more ORGANIC solutions to their problems?
  • What is he doing to ensure that he is optimally prepared for life's challenges?
  • Did any of the normal human greed, stubbornness or procrastination - some of this which has been allowed to continue unchecked due to the cohesiveness of that same community as they react to the history of racism

Keep in mind - I am NOT saying that racism has no hand in this.
What I am saying is that there is a virtual absence of inspection of the INTERNAL forces that bear upon the results that the progressive activist is inclined to focus upon.

This must change for real CHANGE to take place.

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