Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catholic Priest Faces Excommunication For Promoting The Idea Of Women Priests

Catholic Priest faces excommunication for stance on women priests

My Response: The question of the ordination of female Catholic priests is nothing more than "inside politics" with the Catholic faith and has little or nothing to do with the ultimate objective of Christianity - to bring people to Jesus Christ as their personal savior and to have them operate as disciples unto the world.

Catholicism is but a Christian sect. This is not a slight but a definition. The preferred ordination of males only into the priesthood is of their own choosing. Just as the case with the prohibition of the priests to marry.

The battle for the ordination of women does not mean that one side is "evil" and the other are the "good guys". This is only an attempt to reconcile the question of the function of this tradition with the standards of today. The church should make their decision based on function rather than the claim of "discrimination" by those who are pro-ordination of women nor the claim by the traditionalists that ordinating women is evidence of the impending collapse of the church.

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