Friday, November 21, 2008

"The Don't Want To Talk About HOME" Is What I Notice

Can I give you all a hint about how my "network of blogs" work? I try to keep my political stuff on the "Within The Black Community" blog. I also debate on other blogs just to maintain my "connectedness" with the popular sentiment that is present among many Black people whom I debate against and with.

I try to keep "Functional Culture" free from straight up partisan or ideological rantings. Once I feel comfortable that I have a sound observation regarding a phenomenon or a fix I will enter it upon this particular blog.

Thus if you don't care to wattle through my daily ideological "attacks" don't use "Within The Black Community" as a reference. That blog is only a means to a particular end. Focus on "Functional Culture" as the culmination of my observations from elsewhere.

Today I feel that it is time to make a entry that details a significant observation that I have made from a long time effort.

The bottom line is that some of the most strident and vocal Black folks are LOATHED TO TALK ABOUT what is going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY because so much of the debate that I confront them with confounds their normal tools for debate and advocacy. If they are not able to go on the offensive against some POWER that has been trampling them, that has made them a VICTIM - they are rendered impotent with a response.

Let me be clear - I AM A BLACK MAN!!! I know all of the issues that are being dealt with WITHIN. I go out of my way to observe various people. I listen to a variety of sources of information. When I am live and in person I bite my tongue and don't say a word because it is essential that the conversation take the normal course of action as if I was not there to cause the people to go on the defensive.

I can tell from the challenges that I put out with certain people that they know that I am TELLING THE TRUTH. They know that they are unable to use their normal tactics. Thus they either change the subject, they don't respond or, most frequently they will respond back to the lest of my challenges.

You know and I know that many of you all are in a SOLD OUT CONDITION. You have subverted your own interests by placing your hope in a machine that you know deep down inside IS NOT going to ultimately deliver for you and in many respects who feeds off of your VICTIMIZATION.....the very currency that your leaders trade in.

This is NOT about "Civil Rights"! There is more evidence that the Black leadership and political machine doesn't GIVE A DAMN about Civil Rights for Black people today than anyone could produce otherwise.

This is about POWER. Make no mistake about it.

In America 2008 there is no other place on this land where more CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS are taking place than in the INNER CITIES. Witness Intimidation, Taking The Law Into Their Own Hands (Lynching), Non-Justice For Crimes Done. Despite these facts the Black establishment is more focused on CORPORATE violations of "civil rights" in employment law; police violations of civil rights; and the gift that keeps on giving - voting rights violations.

If anyone did a measurement of the forces which terrorize, kill or hold back Black people in 2008 there would be no contest as to what this force really is.

The problem is that the Black community has not yet developed the language or the apparatus to deal with this "cancerous threat". In the wake of such a void the leadership is forced to GO EXTERNAL. These conditions that we see are called "derivative behavior". The reasons why they happen is because of 400 years of slavery rather than the 15 to 25 years of dysfunctional culture that has been communicated to the person. The "Slave Master's whip" has far more power than does the absence of his father, the overburdened and/or immature mother and the community that is made up of a "fractal image" of the first two elements in aggregate. Is there any surprise that this outcome might be had?

Aren't you all TIRED OF BEING USED?

I have to be honest there are some operative who know Black folks far better than I do. Just when I think that the rubber band of absurdity can't be stretched any further and that something is going to snap - some other operative comes along and pulls it furth. The Black community stretches accordingly. That extra dose of "hope" allows it to continue walking down the same path.

I believe that the reason for this resilience is that as a community we have been inculcated with a collective amount of "conditioned inferiority" that in not expecting much more than what is turns out to be a defense mechanism against the searing pain of disappointment.

Do you figure that some people KNOW YOU LIKE THE BACK OF THEIR HAND and leverage all of this to their particular advantage?

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