Sunday, November 02, 2008

Farrakhan: A 'new beginning' for Nation of Islam

"We are all in a journey to become complete human beings," the 75-year-old Farrakhan told the crowd of thousands gathered inside Mosque Maryam and in white tents outside. "Look how we have become so divided, so hateful, while claiming the same creator."

Farrakhan renewed a call for many to get back to the basic tenets of Islam, while still encouraging black pride.

"Black people must stop seeing themselves as inferior, and whites must stop seeing themselves as superior,"
he said, adding that black Muslims "have to keep going our own way."

Though other religious leaders and non-Muslims were invited to the public event, most of those in attendance were Nation of Islam followers.

Farrakhan did not lay out any specific plans for the "new beginning," but he offered his opinion on many topics and made a plea for understanding with immigrants south of U.S. borders.

"Our brothers and sisters from South America are not trying to take your jobs. They are trying to survive," Farrakhan said.

Farrakhan would be more accurate to say "Black people must stop seeing themselves as inferior AND stop seeing Whites as superior".

This would more accurately reflect the broad based agenda within the Black community and what it collectively focuses upon for "repair".

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