Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Needed Civil War For The Heart And Direction Of The Black Community

I am continuing my mission of collecting as much information as possible about what is actually going on within "Black America". My research is done on foot - going to where the people live, in my car traveling through various communities of the cities that I travel to, through my observations of the media messages - particularly focusing on "what makes Black people cry or feel terrorized today".

It is clear to anyone who is honest with themselves that this moment in time is different than any other time for the African American. There is no need to go through the details about our experiences with slavery, domestic terrorism and the fight for our civil rights as equal Americans. Today we stand at a point where all of these major battle for "rights" having been accomplished.

People believe that "incidences of racism or injustice" prove that nothing has changed in this nation. They are 100% wrong. The legacy for Black people in America has been the combination of incidences of systematic racism AND the presence of a system that was complicit with those actions and thus who did nothing to the assailants thereby allowing them to operate against us with impunity. The key question for Black America must be addressed - "Will there ever be a point in this country or any other in which the incidence of 'racism' will be eliminated and thus you will be able to operate unchallenged by race on this new 'level playing field' that you have been vying for for so long as your primary point of activism?". Of course not!! The goal of "elimination of racism" is absurd. The elimination of ACTING OUT ON ONE'S RACISM AND WALKING AWAY WITH IMPUNITY is what the fight needs to be about.

Wait though. You are concerned about IMPUNITY? This impunity is proof of INJUSTICE?
The largest amount of IMPUNITY in relation to the assaults upon Black people in 2008 is the impunity that results from the SYSTEMATIC acts that take place WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Straight up witness intimidation, assassinations, and mutilated Black bodies all take place within the auspices of the criminal underground that serves as the shadow economy.

If White racists were indeed doing the very same for the sake of keeping Blacks in their places economically, socially and politically - WHY is it that the RESPONSES are so different today?

Easy answer! The people who were the loudest advocates against the system enacted by White folks that oppressed us had nothing but upside in their fight. Today when the antagonist himself is BLACK to call for federal sanction against him by "throwing the book at him" they would also violate their other operating plank - 'There are too many Blacks in jail'.

In having the attacker as a rotten apple in the barrel - their only option is to blame the OUTER SYSTEM for making the apple rotten - per some global conspiracy. If they are able to get their current "Black attackers" to join with them and FIGHT THE SYSTEM TOGETHER then the act of FIGHTING will be the unifying agent between the victims and the "cancerous termites" who now feed off of them.

The key flaw in this strategy is that the "Black power structure" never has to render JUDGMENT upon the actions of this element they seek to join with for mutual political benefit. In their tenuous contract they both agree to not attack or criticize each other publicly even when the situation at hand and the resulting silence proves that something is awry with regard to logic and their past actions. This flows both ways. To the benefit of the Black establishment the young upstart activists agree not to attack those who run the local schools and the local police forces for failing them because they both come from the same political machine. The machine asks them to join in to attack the greater system. To the benefit of the Hip Hop Activist generation (broad term but I will use it for ease of description) their irresponsible actions in their culture, lyrics and economics don't face criticism by the Black establishment. After all - with society having cut out most other 'formal' channels toward a stable life for a Black person.....who can blame them for "doing what they've got to do" - is how it all is rationalized.

The way I see it - all of this stands on shaky foundations only when this EXTERNAL UNIFYING ANTAGONIST is present. Remove this threat or let him be shown to be more accommodating and then at some point BOTH SIDES of the joint venture detailed above will have to face some painful facts that are present with the other.

The Black Progressive Establishment - (and you can say Progressive Establishment as a whole) will be confronted with being in charge now of the government at all levels and yet STILL failing to deliver upon what the movement had fought for.

The Hip Hop Activist Movement - which has implemented their style of social order will need to be held accountable for the general actions of the people who follow their ethos as it relates to their inclination to respect laws, order, academics and the relationships by which a stable society can be built upon.

In summary - the REVOLUTIONARY must one day become the GOVERNMENT. The rebel must one day agree to be governed.

In this Cultural Civil War Within The Black Community that I speak of this will be necessitated because there are two competing interests which cannot occupy the same space at the same time. It is ONLY the presence of a larger force that is perceived as a common threat that allows the Black community to look past this need for resolution.

With our community being dominated by progressives in the midst of this greater system the progressive can pride himself with having "clean hands" NEVER having DISCRIMINATED against anyone, yet always the fighter for OPPORTUNITY and OPENNESS. It is only when the Progressive is forced to EXPRESS that which he longs for because the 'opposition has vacated' that he either flees to where his long time opposition has departed to in order to to fight AGAINST once again OR he himself vacates from his Progressive-Fundamentalist position and chooses to DEFINE AND ENFORCE SOCIAL STRICTURES so that order might be created or maintained.

This war SHOULD NOT be avoided. It is a necessary doorway through which our community must walk through. No different than the election of 'the first Black president' is necessary to signify change is this war. From this war will come the operating order by which the Black community lives upon for the next 100 years. From it as well will come the retirement of "Slavery's Damage" as the justification for what is currently allowed within.

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