Sunday, November 16, 2008

New agenda for black America? By JONATHAN NARCISSE

(Hat Tip To Booker Rising for bringing this to my attention)

New agenda for black America? By JONATHAN NARCISSE

The time has come for black leaders and organizations to exchange affirmative action and race-based preferential treatment in favor of a more enlightened and effective empowerment strategy.

If an argument can still be made that racial equality has not been reached, the facts on the ground no longer support the outdated approach of affirmative action.

Mr Narcisse's top priorities are:

Reconstruct the black family
Revive, refocus the black church
Renew emphasis on academic success
Undertake relentless get-healthy campaign
Recognize, cultivate economic freedom

I agree with all of these. I will allow you to read the article linked above and thus choose not to repeat Mr. Narcisse's message. I would like to expound upon what he has not dedicated enough emphasis to.

This was a great article but I believe that the good brother left out some key issues that are going on WITHIN the Black community that need to be addressed head on.

First is the issue of CRIME and PUNISHMENT and ultimately A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP of our community. In the wake of the "revolutionary spirit" and "speaking truth to power" that enjoys popular following Within The Black community, few people talk about the end game and the disposition of OWNERSHIP that must be resident when this day finally comes.

For the life of me I cannot truly say that some Black folks really and truly believe that a BLACK CRIMINAL who has waged an assault upon a resident of their own community has in fact violated THE COMMUNITY CODE rather than having simply violated "Their Code", "They" being the people sitting in the far off legislature in City Hall, the State House or Capital Hill. It is the local community who suffers the most from this ambiguity. Yes we hear "F the police" but the neighborhood "Drug Thug" is made into some type of hero for getting over on the system.

Where as I am not looking for a spirit of VENGEANCE to prove that our community repudiates the actions of the cancerous criminals within (ie permanently taking away their voting rights) - at times the presence of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" has our community deftly silent as the news of the attack appears on the 6 o'clock news yet up in arms after some left wing group does a summary report notating the number of Black folks who are in jail. This INDIVIDUAL who has made his own way into prison soon becomes a "faceless summary statistic" loses his identity and the box of evidence of what he has done against HIS COMMUNITY to earn him a spot there. The victim of his assault - too often another Black person - will just have to "get over it" when it comes to the memory of the assault, the civil rights machinery within the Black community is not tuned to dealing with "cancerous termites" but instead external villains.

The concept of "Justice Thurgood Marshall Justice" and OWNERSHIP are ultimately INCOMPATIBLE and cannot reside in the same space at the same time. If you believe that today's criminal justice system is CORRUPT then first ask yourself "What did I DO to escape the vicious, racist snare that it casts out and then what am I going to do to have these others live their lives so they too can avoid the trap?".

It is clear that "Lynching 2008" is happening to Black people via Murders and Assaults that are related to GANGS and the ILLICIT DRUG TRADE going on today. Bodies are being burned, bullets shot at point blank range, and the witness intimidation can make the KKK jealous regarding its effectiveness.

For the article to not dedicate more time about the actions of the "cancerous termites WITHIN" and how they threaten so much of our quality of life was a big oversight. To fail to talk about the prevailing Black political establishment tacit PROTECTION of this criminal class is also a pretty big miss.

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