Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama - "His Story Is Our Story" - But Is It Really


(Note - some will see this as a slam against Barack Obama. It is not. Some people don't want to deal with what some of the sad truths that Obama's journey reflects upon our community)

Barack Obama was born to and raised by a White female. He met his father one time while of age in which he was conscious enough to know the man.

Barack Obama's White mother instilled the values and sensibilities into him that many Black folks have come to value.

This is not an attempt to tear down Barack Obama - it is a call for more Black people to CONFRONT many of the things that go on WITHIN OUR COMMUNITIES that cause otherwise promising young Black people to lose their dreams. This loss occurs either through the realities of life which beat such lofty goals out of them OR through an untimely death from a thug who is blinded as to this person's value and potential.

If we are to be honest we would see Barack Obama's ascendancy as evidence that AMERICA HAS CHANGED and then begin the SELF-REPARATION efforts to make sure that we have change in kind.

But of course - I know how many people think. Assuming that this man is elected, after the outbreak of celebration will come the depression once again. Once the political adversaries begin to attack him....NOT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK but because this is what is done to ANY PRESIDENT......out again will come the claims that "America is hate filled and racist". Much of this is because others are not smitten the way that you are so THEY must be wrong. Funny that you had never saw it as your patriotic duty to not speak ill of the president before.

Back to Barack Obama's upbringing. Just the other day I confronted a debate adversary who told me that I could not have survived the challenge of being an "accidental pregnancy" to a single mother and be who I have become today. I had to call him on this perverted notion. This should be THE EXCEPTION. Why should I feel shamed that I came from a two parent family? I thought that this is what we were all aspiring for?

What this speaks to is the flawed tendency to "Represent". Some how when we have "Street Cred" because we came from the Projects or the Hood this makes us more authentic than those who grew up in a suburban house with Bermuda lawns that brown in the winter time and don't require mowing during this time.

If Black people were really interested in celebrating Barack Obama and molding their kids after him they should look to understand what his White mother instilled in him; take these key mentally stimulating elements; put them into their own children and PROTECT THEM FROM THE TOXIC MESSAGES that would have allowed Barack Obama to fail.

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