Monday, November 17, 2008

Will The Progressive Hand The Culuture To His Progeny In Any Better Shape Than The Environment Will Be Handed Over?

My thoughts as expressed on Cobb's Typepad


Here is where I must disagree with your video blog - though I respect your view.

The Homosexual is not just fighting for LEGAL EQUITY of his relationship and his marriage UNDER THE LAW. He is also intent upon FORCING SOCIETY and all of its INSTITUTIONS TO SEE HIS RELATIONSHIP AS EQUAL. The LAW is but THE FIRST STEP.

With the law in hand he is going to go on the OFFENSE and work to TEAR DOWN any INSTITUTION left standing which dares make a DISCRIMINATION between the relationship where there is a FEMALE set of genitalia and function and where there is a MALE set of genitalia and function.

BY DEFINITION, Cobb....these PROGRESSIVE forces are aiming squarely at what YOU ULTIMATELY BELIEVE!

Make note that 50 years ago it would have been the "Hetrosexual Mob" beating upon and shouting down the Homosexual protesters who sought only to NOT BE BEATEN with legal impunity upon the attacker. Today their relationship is ACCOMMODATED and TOLERATED.

People confuse the RIGHT FOR ALL AMERICANS TO BE FREE FROM the treading of their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS (ie: having the full force of the law if someone ACTS OUT in hatred against them being gay), confusing this with the reluctance of the societal balance in granting their WISHING of legal sanction of their relationship and all that comes along with it.

What do they do to buffer this? Make it all about MONEY and DISCRIMINATION!!! When the argument is shifted from the INNATE AND INTUITIVE information granted by the physiological form by which the MALE and FEMALE body is CONSTRUCTED then you have already lost.

I am called a FASCIST, Cobb, because I dare to make note that the end of the line of the DIETARY SYSTEM is very different than the beginning of the line of the REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM. Knock me down and paint a HITLER sign upon me for making such an OBSERVATION!!

We are also HIGH ORDER ANIMALS though. Where as animals are driven by the pheromones and instincts that cause them to bond and copulate as they do.....we are said to be BEYOND THE STRICTURES OF THE FUNCTION THAT GOD HAS CREATED US TO BE in the form that he has bound us to.

I just ran awry though Cobb because when there is no CREATOR then it is just an error of EVOLUTION in which the homosexual man and the homosexual woman HAS NOT YET transmuted into the hermaphrodite that they will one day be. GIVE IT A FEW hundred thousand years though Cobb.....all of this will be taken care of!!

The PROGRESSIVE is the enemy of ORDER!! If he is not tearing down some societal stricture - he is not performing his FUNCTION!! An unemployed carpenter or farmer is simply an UNEMPLOYED MAN! He thus loses his FUNCTION.

If you listen to the Progressive about the admonishment of DISCRIMINATION - it is DISCRIMINATION in and OF ITSELF that must be FOUGHT:

No measure of FUNCTION for his view - just the fact that HE HATH DENIED NO MAN WHAT HE SOUGHT TO DO WHEN HE WANTED TO DO IT. The Progressive being the high order human being able to OUT SMART his ancestors that came up with the foolishness called the "Judeo-Christian values" requests to do a version "3.0" of the rules that have been handed down as he has outgrown and outsmarted the rules and the FASCIST CONSERVATORS of this past.

We are to HAND THE EARTH OVER to our progeny in a pristine form.
Where as MAN's actions are THREATENING the natural order of the EARTH when it comes to the ENVIRONMENT!! BE DAMNED THE PERSON who dares make note of the PROPER FUNCTION of the HUMAN BODY and the SYSTEMS within it!!!!!

In the same breath we are to DEMOLISH the societal strictures that have been handed over to us WITH LOVE from our ancestors who doth thought that this was their present to us so that WE MIGHT NOT DESTROY EACH OTHER absent the WORKS that took THOUSANDS OF YEARS and MANY DEAD HUMAN BEINGS TO CRAFT.

WHO IS THE THREAT TO OUR CIVILIZATION more than the IGNORANT who fashions himself to be LEARNED?

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