Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Is The Slave? Remind Me Again?

A clip from the mockumentary "Goodbye Uncle Tom"

The dialogue:

INTERVIEWER: But sir surely you must realize the injustice of your situation? The violation of your liberty. Your freedom.

The Wise Slave: Sir if you speak of freedom I must tell you something. I am a worker and workers are not free and never will be.

If you speak of my condition. I will quickly say:
I don't pay taxes.
I'm housed, fed and clothed by my employer.
I worked a short week.
My medical care is free and I get a Christmas bonus and retirement or
permanent disability at the expense of my employer without mentioning
this – that in time of war I am not even obligated to military

The Interviewer: But if your not even paid……

The Wise Slave: I see the ones which you called freed slaves and liberated workers .
Out from morning till night working like horses to make ends meet and
they never do.
So just tell me then what's the difference between us slaves and
liberated workers?

Interviewer: You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

The Wise Slave: Who me?

The Interviewer: Yes you. You are a dishonor to your race.

The Wise Slave's outlook sounds somewhat like the domestic policy of our progressive friends here in America.

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