Wednesday, December 31, 2008

White People: The Standard Reference Of Measure Used By White Liberals

"Why does this guy talk about "White Liberals" so frequent?"
Because their antics are so easy to see through. That's why.

I have already documented how, during the 2008 US elections the standard question was "Will White folks vote for 'the Black guy' when he is speaking to 'their best interests' ". The question that was never asked by this same media is 'How is it Black people can vote to the tune of 96% for the party which already has nearly all of the elected seats over their communities and yet they continue to have fundamental grievances about their own districts......while coveting the areas where the candidates that they keep rejecting for ideological reasons? Can the Black voter overcome his ideological bigotry?". Functionally the cry of "We have been left behind and marginalized as THEY have moved away, taking the economy with them" is not a call for them to return. It is a call for THEIR MONEY to return while the prevailing ideological and economic policy of those with grievance become the prevailing system. Few people with such a perspective will see their state of "being on their own with the right to promote which ever system they choose" as a challenge to actually adopt a set of economic and social systems that can endure the test of being the system which sets the standard of living in the district.

Failing this they maintain their political focus OUTWARD rather than INWARD, keying upon more organic development to relieve the dependency upon their adversaries.

This challenge is not going to be put forth despite the fact that it is screaming to be asked.

The latest piece of media which triggered my latest barrage against the White Liberal is a piece from Link TV (a progressive channel - that is also one of my favorite channels by the way) called "All White In Barking". Barking seems to be a city in England just outside of London.

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The documentary focused upon the impact of significant immigration of foreign nationals into this small town outside of London. The key focus was upon the views of the White natives and their reaction to the increasing diversity that was happening within their small community.
Most of the White folks that were featured expressed trepidation over the displacement that they have suffered as they are bombarded with new cultures, new foods, that threat of crime (real or perceived) and, of course the threat of miscegenation.

As the camera focuses on the Whites who are resistant to the vast changes taking place the investigative style of the film maker paints them as "intolerance racists" - not the type that would go out and firebomb the houses of their African neighbors but the type that would rather them not be there. "Why can't they change their clothing to more Western styles?" - asks the one White man. He was the most plain spoken of the native residents. He told of all human's natural preference to live among "their own kind". Interestingly enough his daughter has a child by a Black Nigerian. He accepts his mixed grandson but hates the father. His reservations over his daughter's mixed relationships was because he doesn't believe that mixed relationships work. His hatred of the Nigerian came when he began to control and then beat his daughter. (If this is not "judge a man by the content of his character" - then what is?)

The story focused as well on the foods and how each group has their own preferences. The Whites questioned the types of animal parts that the Africans consumed as well as the smells that were generated when they did cook. One couple, in a bit of cultural exchange was seen eating dinner with their Nigerian neighbors. They were gracious and ate the food. Later on they said that they did not like the food and it was not as flavorful as they would have expected.

Let me be clear - I am not pointing to some grand malicious agenda as set forth by the White Liberals who seek to document the impact of rampant change within such communities. I actually like these type of documentaries as they expose what is really going on in the greater world. At the same time to paint the indigenous people and their culture as intolerant as they resist changes that tend to erode their own position in their own country is massively unfair. These people were not slaughtering their new neighbors as is the case in many of their home countries. (Note this includes Albanians and other European nations in conflict, not just Africans) .
The narrative of these type of documentaries seemingly always focuses on the incumbent White populations and the need for them to change their ways. Why is it that few of these documentaries make note of the nations which are net destinations for "emigrants" versus nations who's conditions provoke masses of their people to become "immigrants" into other nations?

From a pure numbers stand point - the people leaving their home countries for more opportunity are but a small fraction of the total population of their own people. In fixing the fundamental problems of their home nation more people will be exposed to the fleeting concept called "opportunity".

Some will ask of me "Why does a Black man argue on behalf of the 'White perspective'? ". The is not what I am doing. I am working to focus on the bigger picture - THE IMPORTANCE OF CULTURE in a given location. Clearly the destination nation has constructed an environment that is attractive to those who seek to come there to live. Why is it that we never see the argument put forth by various progressives to DISTILL the key attributes which the immigrants are appealed to in their new lands and then work to systematically implement these favorable attributes into the home country?

It appears to me that the greatest amount of intolerance to change and progress forward will be found in the home country. Many people would attempt to fight to retain their native culture........just like the WHITE FOLKS who are painted negatively for their resistance are doing.

Which position, IN FACT, is the more "Pro-Black Interest" position then?
Which, in turn, is the more "White Supremacist" position, regardless of that which is on the surface?
Do some people even believe that the African nations can CHANGE to afford the masses a better life?

I choose to focus on the more comprehensive challenge that is present.....that few want to talk about.

Monday, December 29, 2008

White Supremacist Group Target Martin Luther King Jr

AJC: Web site uses MLK name to attack him

Type the name “Martin Luther King” into the popular Google Internet search engine, and find a surprise: among the expected university and newspaper links, one site — the third highest ranked link — stands out.

It attacks the personal life of the slain civil rights leader and, by extension, the movement of nonviolence he championed. It rehashes allegations of plagiarism and adultery and accuses King of fraud, claiming he was not a “legitimate reverend” or “bonafide Ph.D.” It also invites visitors to learn about civil rights by reading the work of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

The site,, is run by a white supremacist group called Stormfront, described by one watchdog organization as the largest “hate group” online. It has used King’s name for its Web address since 1999.

King’s heirs, who have aggressively defended his name from unauthorized exploitation, have known about the Stormfront site for more than two years. A reporter for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution first asked King family representatives about it in early 2006.

Isaac Newton Farris Jr., King’s nephew and head of the nonprofit King Center in Atlanta, said he’d sent the site’s operator threatening letters and offers of money to shut it down since then, but that they were ignored. Farris said he consulted lawyers, but has not approved filing a lawsuit.

“You never authorize a lawyer to do whatever it takes because that could be a black hole,” he said. “But we definitely asked them to look into it.”

Stormfront’s leader, Don Black, did not return recent phone calls seeking comment for this article.

Meanwhile, activity on a Stormfront Web forum linked to the site has grown, more than doubling since early 2006. Visits to the site jump each year around the King holiday, according to the San Francisco firm Alexa Internet, which tracks Web traffic. It also spiked in November after the presidential election.

The site continues to rank high on Google — even ahead of the King Center’s own Web site (

As ignorant as these clowns are - they have a free speech right to display their ignorance on line.

In fact - the more time that is spent in recognizing their ignorance the greater sense of accomplishment that they will profess. The ignorant racist is not going to go away.

The most effective strategy for Black America to take - IF THEY ARE NOT PHYSICALLY ATTACKING US - is to first ignore them and then make damned sure that we don't PROVE THEM RIGHT WITH OUR OWN ACTIONS.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Child Exploitation in Togo Africa

Just to bottom line it for everyone:

"No Corportion To Blame - No American government clandestine operation to blame it all upon..........not much traction in the International press for such a story. Sorry Africans - you'll have to fix this one yourselves."

Friday, December 26, 2008

What Is Making Black People Cry In 2008 - Part III

The "Terrorism Of Crime & Violence" and the "Oppression Of The Criminal".

During this joyous holiday season where the merriment of spending time with friends and family allows us to be thankful for the loved ones in our lives - there remains a disturbing picture that is projected through the television screen.  These images of "Black People Crying" brings back the real world pain that is present in many of our communities.

As a people who have endured the presence of physical threat and mental intimidation from the system.   We have historically had little ability to control our own destiny because such a system was imposed upon us.

Today is a new day.  We control the ultimate environments in our own communities.  This fact and the awareness of this fact are two distinct subjects for consideration.

Who is making Black people cry in 2008 more than the actions of another Black person?

The language and points of focus of our leaders are lagging behind the real world experiences of our people living on the groud.  These leaders and their messages are not going to change until the PEOPLE WITHIN work to promote new messages.  New leadership will sprout from this demand for different outcomes.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Former Principal Joe Clark Tells The Painful Truth About The State Of Affairs In Urban Education

Hat tip to "Conserative Black Woman".  I stole the link to this interview from her web site.

Principal Joe Clark is a man before his time.   The words of this particular interview still ring true.  Yet there remains people who are unwilling to accept the basic facts:  DISCIPLINE IS THE CORNER STONE TO QUALITY EDUCATION.   A school that is in chaos has no organied learning taking place.

I am forced to agree with Clark that the teachers, "per se" are not the cause of the problem.  The problem is with the SYSTEM.  This includes the parents and the prevailing culture in the community as well.  I also agree with him that many principals display abject cowerdice in their willingness to take responsibility and thus control of the situation within their schools.

As a substitute teacher years ago I can relate to the notion that at times education is a thankless job.  I am sure that if I had become permanent the sight of young people growing up before my eyes and then returning years later to tell me of their progress would have been rewarding.  From what I saw in the urban schools that I taught within this profession was not for me.  Where as in the corporate world I fell a sense of gravitational pull to talk properly and perform that extra duty - within the schools that I worked within my job was to keep mass fights from breaking out in the lunchroom.  

During this time in my youth what I saw was in basic conflict with what I was raised to expect from school.  Where as my parents put the "fear of God" in me with respect to the consequences of me misbehaving in school - the parents who interacted with the school system where I worked were against the teachers and administrators and thus a net part of the problem.

I recall working at the Ralph Bunch Middle School in Atlanta as a sub.  A fight broke out between two females in the lunch room.  One girl took out her hair piece and the proceeded to go toe to toe with another one.   I stood in the middle of the two and "played patty cake" with one girl.  In my mindset - she was a female and thus I had to reason with her rather than physically restrain her.   

All of a sudden the assistant principal stormed into the middle of the fight and physically separated both girls.  When the one girl tried to blow past him and swing at the next girl the assisant principal restrained her.  As she attempted to wiggle free she passed out from the force of his forearm upon her neck.  After a 5 second black out - she got up, fists swinging.

The response from the parents the next day permanently sealed my opinion about urban schools.  The father of the one girl came up to the school and the first question out of his mouth was "WHY DID YOU CHOKE MY DAUGHTER?"


His daughter was out of control.
She and the other girls saw red in their eyes and went charging.
The Assistant Principal took appropriate action from my vantage point to get an out of control situation back in hand.
My response was tentative and out of proportion with respect to the crisis at hand.
After failing to head the verbal commands and then the physical barrier placed between these two girls - the Assisant Principal RESTRAINED THEM as was necessary.  
The girl's reaction made herself pass out.

If I had done the very same thing in school - I would have been beaten when I got home and then forced to appologize to the teacher and the assistant principal for my behavior.

These two girls were not indoctrinated with such respect for AUTHORITY, the santuary of the school building or for their own personal dignity.

Too often the parents are the main forces perpetuating the foolishness that occurs in our schools.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Punishment For One's Beliefs - The Gay Lobby

AJC: Rick Warren to be main speaker at Ebenezer on King Day

I will be honest with you. One of the benefits that I had anticipated from the Barack Obama Presidency is that on that 3rd Monday in January in the United States to honor Martin Luther King Jr the compound in Atlanta which hosts the official ceremony would be crowded with adoring fans of the president rather than be a scene of great hostility over the repudiation of the featured speaker.

As I recall George W. Bush made 2 visits to the King Center on MLK Day or during the weeks cerimony leading up to it. On each occassion angry Black Progressive-Fundamentalists greeted Bush in a scene that was remincent of the first day of school for Black kids in the deep South a few decades ago. If MLK was a champion of peace and understanding some of the people who claim to follow his guidance have perverted it greatly.

As I sit back and think about Obama - I can think of no particular course by which he could implement a set of policies where this same crowd could be provoked into organizing these same spirited protests. Even if Obama carried forth the very same two wars as Bush did - the outcome could not be more different. Sadly the policy results upon the people protesting is not the prevailing force. Instead it is their forward sentiments and the person's perceived alignment with their own.

The announcement that Rev Rick Warren will be the featured speaker at the 2009 King Day ceremony at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta could not come at a more tumultuous time. With the wound still fresh in California in which the Gay community in California has blamed the Black voters for the ban on gay marriage Warren who is an evangelist is seen as fortifying this stance. As logic would hold the White homosexual community would forge a protest in front of the King Center on MLK Day. As we all know - this ain't gonna happen. The White gay community may have its own strong beliefs but it realizes that it is not allowed to fundamentally disrespect the Black community by putting forth such a massive protest.

During my walking tour of the King Center / Auburn Avenue compound prior to the November 4, 2008 elections I saw "Democratic Party Central" in effect. In addition to having campaign posters for every single Democratic candidate on the ballot there were signs against the death penalty posted in various stores as well as fliers supporting various "political prisoners" locked up in American jails. As liberal as this place is - the White gay community knows how far it can go with their own ideoogical journeymen in pressing their own issue. They are not going to go to battle on MLK Day. If this were "St Patrick's Day" and the gays felt they needed to fight against the establishment - you had better believe that they would be out in force.

White liberals know that only Black Conseratives are fair targets. They had better not attack the Black Progressive establishment let doing so is war.

The attacks on Rick Warren is emblematic on where we are going as a society. The threshold for being damned as a "hateful bigot" has been lowered. The racist of the past who attacked Blacks, who threw bricks through windows, who lynched people to make an example for all of the other members of that group who he wanted to keep in their own place is gone. This low hanging fruit is not present for exploitation.

Today there are certain prevailing thoughts and beliefs that we are expected to have. If somone disagrees with this orthodoxy that is managed by the popular media and the academy then this person is subject to attack or is placed on the outside of mainstream thought. The ironic part of the matter is that this person may hold positions that have endured with civilized society for thousands of years. Their views may be based on physiological evidence rather than the will of man. Despite these facts, once the balance of society thought has tipped toward the progressive order on the subject it is just a matter of time before the sustained stream of messages in support of that which has been taboo becomes normalized in the name of "progressivism".

The main offense of Rick Warren and others IS NOT that they are evil men and wish harm on others. Their crime is that they dare ground themselves in the bedrock of the stream, refusing to move, as the flood waters come in and seeks to force them to roll down like the others who have no such grounding.

At some point in our future will see a total reversal in fortunes. Those who once held minority views and were oppressed will begin to adopt the same tactics as their former tormentors had used against them. They know that this is an effective technique. This shows the abject humanity of all of us. The question that I have is whether the institutions that were originally set up to protect progressive free speech and the right to run counter to the prevailing winds will stand up and defend the rights of those who seek to be conservators of our traditional cultures.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesse Lee Peterson - You Have Lost Your Damned Mind

Reverend Peterson - I have given you the benefit of the doubt for quite a long time. As a former avid listener to Atlanta's Black "Fight The Power" radio station I listened to you as a guest on a talk show only to have a long line of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers line up to attack you one by one. Some of the same people who have solid defense for Gangsta Rap would be the first people attacking you.

Though I figured it ironic that you would exchange pleasantries with David Duke as a guest on your show while you would show hostility to Jesse Jackson if he were ever to appear.

For the most part I understood what you were trying to say and only figured that you took the wrong angle of attack in making your point.

Rev Peterson - I am not able to package your comments in the above video. They are preposterous.

I am the first person out of the blocks fighting against Black people who seek to put the chains that our ancestors had worn on to themselves for use in their own agenda today. You are guilty of the opposite offense. You make LIGHT OF the perils of the slavery that our people had to endure in order to make your own point. Your words are no less offensive than these others.

The people who exploited the human beings in Africa, exploited the land in Africa and then sent our people over to these lands for further exploitations did us NO FAVORS. They treated us like animals and property rather than the equal human beings that God made us. They ignored the genetic truth that was before them. How is it that they were able to "mate" with a subornidate human being and yet produce a progeny? If a human attempted to made with an ape or a monkey would anything be produced? Of course not.

Please understand Rev Peterson - I understand the argument that is at hand. I don't agree with the "Magical Africa" folks. These are the people who believe that if the European had not come to Africa that the continent would be the greatest in the world. The truth is that Africa would have gone through major bloody battles in order for one culture or government form to reign supreme over another. This is no different than from Asia, Europe or elsewhere.

I therefore must also reject the line that you tacitly take which says that "Savage Africa" would never have oriented itself into the modern world absent external intervention. This is as "non-White White Supremacist" as the words that people from the other side of the isle make as a means of justifying perpetual intervention for Black folks here in America. If Africa and Africans have this as their default tendencies - how do you justify your own consciousness and mental clarity when science shows that there is no genetic difference between you and Black Africans - or White folks for that matter?

If you are in fact "different" from Africans because of your passage and indoctrination in the American way of life then logic holds that Africa has not a problem with its PEOPLE but instead a problem with the prevailing cultures, bodies of knowledge and the system to allow it to persist. I will be the first to tell you about how populations of Black people are injured because internal ideological bigotry crowds out many attempts to apply a more corrective order, upon which the people could benefit in the long run.

As an American who is indoctrinated in the ways of this nation I prefer this nation above all others. I do not run from the intellectual connundrum which brings forth the irony that absent slavery I as a Black person would likely not be here in America as Iam. This intellectual honesty does not afford me the logical leap where I "thank" those who exploited my people. As a Christian minister you should also reject the fact that they perverted Christianity to justify the mistreatment of African people because it was "God's will".

These people are not to be thanked.
The systems of the world should be strengthened so that this situation never happens again.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How The Progressive Establishment Stifles Important Debate Within Our Society

How The Progressive Establishment Stifles Important Debate Within Our Society

City Journal: The Black Family: 40 Years Of Lies

This is an old but excellent piece regarding how certain operatives only like to promote Black folks as VICTIMS. If there is an opportunity to achieve improvement in the Black condition via organic means within the Black community - don't look toward certain operatives to take the lead in promoting them. In the same way if the system is responsible for taking in Black people, grinding them up and spitting them out - rest assure that this will make front page news on The New York Times or The Nation magazine.

These points are why this article proved to be worthy of my review.

More than most social scientists, Moynihan, steeped in history and anthropology, understood what families do. They “shape their children’s character and ability,” he wrote. “By and large, adult conduct in society is learned as a child.” What children learned in the “disorganized home[s]” of the ghetto, as he described through his forest of graphs, was that adults do not finish school, get jobs, or, in the case of men, take care of their children or obey the law. Marriage, on the other hand, provides a “stable home” for children to learn common virtues. Implicit in Moynihan’s analysis was that marriage orients men and women toward the future, asking them not just to commit to each other but to plan, to earn, to save, and to devote themselves to advancing their children’s prospects. Single mothers in the ghetto, on the other hand, tended to drift into pregnancy, often more than once and by more than one man, and to float through the chaos around them. Such mothers are unlikely to “shape their children’s character and ability” in ways that lead to upward mobility. Separate and unequal families, in other words, meant that blacks would have their liberty, but that they would be strangers to equality. Hence Moynihan’s conclusion: “a national effort towards the problems of Negro Americans must be directed towards the question of family structure.”

Johnson was to call this his “greatest civil rights speech,” but he was just about the only one to see it that way. By that summer, the Moynihan report that was its inspiration was under attack from all sides. Civil servants in the “permanent government” at Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) and at the Children’s Bureau muttered about the report’s “subtle racism.” Academics picked apart its statistics. Black leaders like Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) director Floyd McKissick scolded that, rather than the family, “[i]t’s the damn system that needs changing

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Washington DC Schools At The Crossroad

BBC: Washington schools at the crossroads

So much has been made of Barack Obama's achievement in breaking barriers - a poor black kid, son of a single mother, who made it to the White House.

For many African-American families here in Washington DC, he is a role model.
He inspires ambition - but their children need more than that. Like Mr Obama himself, they need to aspire to an excellent education.

And can they get that in the nation's capital, in the state schools just a matter of miles from the White House?

Not according to the woman in charge of them.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Illogic That Dominates Our Society

Warning - This Video Has Profanity. If you are not interested in listening to foolishness - don't press play. Just read my analysis

I came across this female from another Black blogger's site. This "dominatrix" by night is a "social commentator" in this particular video.

This line of reasoning is the key problem in our community:

  1. Corporate America is blamed for "exploiting us" yet the people who are demanding it and purchasing it with their own money aren't detailed
  2. Since it is 'art' and people are using it to express their lives as it is in the ghetto - it is not be judged based on its content
  3. She makes use of "Well White folks are in the mud with us because they have vulgar sculptures and painting and no one sees it as anything other than art" as a circular reference to her justification of this ignorance
The song that she is speaking of I had never heard of prior to watching her commentary. "Smell Your Dick" is a song in which a girlfriend is attempting to bust her man cheating by "smelling his penis" to see if he has the scent of a woman on his private parts.

"Can I Smell Your Dick"

Here is another woman's perspective on the issue:

Can we take a big picture look at this folks?

Let me first clear the table. I am not an angel. I am not perfect. If the operating theory is "let he who without sin......" I could not throw anything.

For me this is not about INDIVIDUAL judgment where someone is disqualified from saying anything if he has sinned.

I have been arguing for CORPORATE or STRUCTURAL ENFORCEMENT where certain standards and principles are defined and then enforced by an entity that is greater than one man.

The key flaw of Secular Progressive theory can be seen in the both of the commentaries above. The first lady rationalizes the actions behind the song as a necessary defense mechanism against a "cheating man". The second lady attacks the song and the practice of doing what the song has suggested but never makes reference to any societal or cultural structures that work to address this issue and "slow one's roll".

Let me be clear - No Marriage alone is not going to stop a man from cheating if he wants to cheat on his woman. If a man is committed to all that he has built up with his wife and does not want to lose it AND if he plans to follow the commandments of his God in pursuit of his own salvation - while STILL no guarantee that he is going to come straight home every night - it surely is a much better system of fail safes and back ups than the straight "woman to woman" advice that the second commentators have suggested.

As I continue my study of Black folks and people in general - it comes as no surprise that we are having problems actually achieving what we seek out on the MACRO LEVEL. So much of our potential and our energy for uplift is stolen away by B.S. like this.

I don't live in the dysfunctional world that is described in the first girl's commentary. You would think that since she and others are so interested in relieving some of the pain from dysfunction in these people's lives that she and others first start off with considering the repetitive things that they do to feed the misery that they face.

Daddy's Little Girl

This is a story I figured I had better capture in writing.

Last night as I was preparing dinner for the family, my wife had my two children at work preparing for their musical recitals that are coming up this weekend. I was supportive of this because at times sitting through the music play by some of these beginning musicians as they play something that "only a parent can love" is too much to take at times.

As I was in the kitchen I hear a bit of playing by the violin that my daughter was practicing on. Since I didn't hear the piano that my son was playing I had to walk into the living room and get him in line with an authoritative voice.

After a few minutes the violin play stopped. All I heard was crying. I thought to myself "what in the world is wrong with her? Did my son break her violin or something?". That's not it because she would have retaliated and he would be crying too.

Me: "What is wrong with you?"
Daughter: "The string on my violin broke!"
She is standing there crying her eyes out.
Momma yells out from upstairs "What is wrong with you?"
Daughter: "The string on my violin broke and now I can't play it".
Me: "Well can't you just play with those 3 other strings? You'll just have to adjust your music"
Daughter: "I can't. That's the 'A' string. That's the string that I play on the most.
(I have no clue about musical instruments. If that was a computer or something technical - I could fix it)

She is still inconsolable.

It is now 6:30pm. I ruled out Wal-Mart, Target and Home Depot as having violin strings.
I took a shot and called "Guitar World" to see they sold violin strings. They did not.
I finally called the place where momma got the violin from and they were open until 7pm.
I told my daughter to get her shoes on and let's run around the corner before they close.

While driving over I had one of my famous "father-daughter" talks.

"Did you tighten the strings before you played it"?
"Yes. We always have to tune the violin before we play it."
"Did you tighten the strings too tight?"
"No. When I picked it up it was out of tune and I adjusted it just like Ms. Barbara taught us to".

"Somethings are not worth crying over. While there are some appropriate times to cry - instead of crying you should think about how to fix the problem. Sometimes people cry when they are overwhelmed by the situation.

Did you see the other day when daddy's car ran hot? I could have pulled over and cried. Instead I opened the hood and saw that I needed anti-freeze and then we drove to the store and got it. Things break some times. You can't worry about it."

Then we arrived at the music store and the man took a look at the instrument. As he was installing the string and tuning the instrument he returned and told us the problem - the other strings were tuned too tightly - about 2 octaves too high and thus the string likely broke from being stretched too much.

That information tossed out my previous statements of "You didn't do it. Things happen" but I didn't say anything to my daughter.

The man told us about an electronic string instrument tuner and some knobs that are installed at the bottom of the strings in which the instrument can be tuned in smaller increments - putting less stress on the strings.

I figure that this would be a good Christmas present to prevent future drama.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Magnet Schools, Charter Schools, Racial Diversity, White Flight From Schools

Kansas City’s ‘forgotten’ magnet schools lead in state scores

The Kansas City School District doesn’t even call them magnet schools anymore.

Desegregation-era wounds run too deep.

But for anyone who still values a demographic mix of race and class in classrooms, the district’s “signature schools” — as its magnets are now known — do more blending than the city’s growing public charter schools and have better test scores overall, according to data analyzed by The Star.

National researchers see similar results among magnet schools across the country, yet the schools are getting little attention.

“Magnets are the forgotten choice,” said Gary Orfield, co-director of the UCLA-based Civil Rights Project, which recently released its national findings.

Magnets and charters offer free public schooling to children anywhere within Kansas City School District boundaries. Magnets are part of the district. Charters are independent, with their own school boards.

State data show that district magnets — with one exception — tend to promote integration, while charters have a tendency to isolate races and classes.

Magnets, on average, also perform better on state tests than charters. Both have outperformed the district as a whole.

The Civil Rights Project study saw the same kind of strengths in magnets nationwide, yet most of the talk and federal dollars continue to spur the growth of charters.

President-elect Barack Obama has proposed doubling federal funding to charter schools from $200 million to $400 million, while support for magnet school programs has remained mostly stagnant around $100 million.

Not that charters don’t deserve support, Orfield said. Magnets and charters can work together to improve education and keep families from abandoning urban centers.

“Both of these systems could learn from each other,” he said.

The word magnet in Kansas City bares memories of perhaps the most audacious school desegregation plan in U.S. history.

Racial dynamics of the 1960s had spurred white flight from the urban core that took with it a disproportionate share of the resources that had supported the public schools.

The district began to tumble, and by the mid- to late-1970s, most families that had the means to leave — black and white — were doing so. The remaining families were disproportionately black and poor.

Forced busing was proving to be a fiasco in many cities, so school systems faced with federal desegregation orders began turning more to magnet schools as a way to voluntarily lure back middle- and upper-class families.

Kansas City took it one huge step further. A recurring practice in other cities had been to take the best black high school, declare it a magnet, then push out a certain number of students into the nearest nonmagnet school to make room for the influx of white students, said Arthur A. Benson II, the plaintiffs’ attorney in Kansas City’s desegregation case.

“We wanted to avoid double-penalizing the victims of segregation,” said Benson, now a school board member.

So Kansas City — at a steep financial cost — converted all its schools into magnets with networks of feeder elementary and middle schools united under academic themes.

It didn’t work.

Only Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, a selective admission magnet school, proved to be a consistently popular high school.

Eugene Eubanks, one of the architects of the plan, said the district staff didn’t have the capacity to pull off the huge task.

Trojan Condom Company: "Let's Fight STDs By 'Wrapping It Up' "

The "Evolve One Evolve Overall" Campaign

People - I am no prude. I was once a "frat guy" and I have had my share of sexual experiences. I marvel at the "Wrap It Up" campaign and the various iterations of it - as seen in this Trojan condom campaign to raise awareness of STDs and the need for condom protection.

Here is where I stand on the issue of premarital sex, accidental pregnancy, abortion, STDs and AIDS:

We will never have a time in this nation where young people that are highly juiced up on hormones decide logically to not have sex.

OK? There it is. I have come down off of my conservative high horse where some assume that "they didn't try hard enough to abstain and thus they are at fault".

My position remains intact, however. Just as the people demonize "Abstinence Education" their own projection is flawed if not more so. They seek to abstract sex from the possible negative outcomes of it - pregnancy, STDs and deadly HIV/AIDs. Rather than attempt to allow people's commitments to higher order structure in their lives the "Wrap It Up" crowd seeks to carpetbomb society with condoms and condom advertisements as their way to abstract people's behavior from the ultimate outcomes.

Thus the question of pregnancy or STDs or HIV is left to about 0.2 mil of latext that blocks the exchange of body fluids between one human and the other during sexual intercourse of any type - vaginal, anal or oral (I may have missed some other forms but you get the picture).

The perversion of this entire campaign is that it in effect dehumanizes the subjects into robots that only seek to get the nerve endings in their genital areas stimulated, RISK BE DAMNED!! In the questions surrounding the other areas of human order these secular progressives see the human animal as highly evolved and enlightened. But for the lack of resources from the society they are not able to blossom. Why is it when it comes to sex these same high order beings are not able to register the RISKS as well as their desire to obtain a better standard of living and thus not derail this with a deadly infection or a child that they don't want which moves them to the next branch in the decision tree? To abort or to allow to live?

This entire campaign is devoid of any particular value and confidence in the intelligence of the human being.

The best summation that I have heard thus far on the issue comes from Cardinal Welfred Napier of South Africa:

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Heroin Market Of Oakland California Examined

A recent "American Gangster" episode about Felix Mtchell who controlled a large portion of the drug game in Oakland CA has motivated me to do more research on the heroin market and on Oakland.

The Oakbrook: Oakland in the Heroin Economy

According to the DEA, the vast majority of heroin in California and on the whole of the West coast is Mexican tar heroin, with rare exceptions in some recent LA-area busts during which Colombian cocaine was found. On the East Coast, however, Colombian heroin is the norm. According to Mr. Ciccarone’s latest research, which he will publish in an upcoming article, the country’s division is due to cooperation between Colombian and Mexican traffickers.

“It’s not an easy cooperation, but it’s a cooperation nonetheless, because the Colombians want something the Mexicans have — the border,” Mr. Ciccarone says.

In the past, Colombian traffickers successfully used boats and small planes to traffic drugs through Venezuela, Panama, and the Caribbean, but in recent years, law enforcement in the U.S. has managed to cut these routes off, says Mr. Ciccarone. Therefore, he says, the Colombians learned to cooperate with Mexican smugglers; in the case of cocaine, the Mexicans move the Columbian product across the U.S. border in exchange for 50 percent of the Colombian’s profits.

UNCF Chief - Save HBCUs

UNCF president: Don’t close historically black colleges

Last week, state Senate Higher Education Chairman Seth Harp (R-Midland) suggested that the University System should merge two of Georgia’s historically black colleges, Savannah State and Albany State, with majority-white institutions. It would save money, he said, and it would close an “ugly chapter” in the state’s segregated history. Not so fast, said Michael Lomax, president and CEO of the United Negro College Fund. Lomax is a former Fulton County Commission chairman and former president of Dillard University, a historically black school in New Orleans. He also has served on the board of advisers of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Here, the graduate of Morehouse College, Columbia and Emory universities talks about education and what race has to do with it.

More of the discussion at the link above.

Morehouse Collge Wants "Morehouse Men" To Act Like It

AJC: College looks to promote ‘Renaissance man’

I have to give it to Black folks. Certain styles are allowed to go too far. The first people who call out the trend and ask people to be more thoughtful typically face attack. They are called "conservatives" and some claim that they are against the young people who are simply expressing themselves. This tactic is usually successful in beating back the initial concern.

As things progress the social revolutionaries continue on and things spiral out of control. Their "I don't give a what" attitude proves directionless. As wiser and cooler heads make note of how our dignity is being dragged through the mud those who have more "credibility" in the Black community step in and in effect say the very same thing that was rejected when the Black Conservatives made mention of it.

Our community has reached this point of seeking to restore the dignity and consciousness with our dress.  More public schools are implementing school uniforms to remove the fad element from their campus.  Morehouse College, an HBCU that prides itself on its image of the finished "Morehouse Man" is moving to compel its students to be more conscious about their dress.  I applaud them for it.

The time has passed for the people who attempt to dominate the Black consciousness when they ask "What does how I dress influence my ability to perform academically? ".  They have used this type of "prove your arbitrary standards" concept to gut so much of the dignity that was present within our community and culture.  NO MORE!!!   The standard answer to them needs to be "This is what has brought us this far and this is the standard that we choose to perpetuate.  If you happen to come up with an idea to LIFT OUR PEOPLE UP rather than tear it down for the sake of rebellion - then you show us and you prove its worth".

I realize that Morehouse is not allowed to call what it does "conservative" because of the negative connotation that "conservatism" has with many Black people.  I am willing to not use labels and instead focus on the functional equivalent as such if it allows progress against the 'permanent revolutionaries" to take place.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Nigerians In Italy - Caught Up In Drugs, Prostitution and Attacks From The Italian Mafia For Taking Over Their Rackets

While I am still attempting to find the CNN Inside Africa video which led me onto the original story about the fate of Nigerians in Italy further research bears out the fact that these immigrants are having a tough time in Italy. Some of this from their own making, some from the attacks by the Italian Mafia.

Nigerians find violence in Italy sex trade

TURIN, Nov 29 (Reuters) - The prostitutes lining the roads around Turin, a hub for the Nigerian sex trade, have names that evoke dreams of a bright future -- Joy, Blessing, Hope.
Hope that they could escape poverty at home in Africa's most populous nation drew these women to Italy. But when they arrived, they were saddled with crushing debts. They were spat at, insulted, robbed and even raped.
Standing by a fog-shrouded road, three shivering young Nigerians in lacy stockings and miniskirts wave and holler at passing cars. A van carrying sexual health educators pulls up to distribute leaflets and condoms.
The youngest of the girls -- in her early 20s, long-haired, round-faced, and sporting a tiny black skirt that barely covers her knickers -- slips into the back of the van for warmth.
"She's a new girl. Always crying, always cold," another, slightly older woman says, shrugging her shoulders.
Her indifference vanishes when asked for her own story.
"I'm very scared," she says, lowering her eyes. "Sometimes the client forces, pushes, he wants to make love like I'm his wife, even if it doesn't work."
Outreach groups say Nigerians make up more than half Italy's 19,000 to 25,000 street prostitutes, competing mainly with eastern Europeans and Latin Americans.
Many flock to Turin in wealthy northern Italy, which has had strong business and trade links with Nigeria since the 1980s. Today, there is a large Nigerian community.
Women are typically recruited in their late teens or early 20s by a friend or relative in a poor Nigerian town like Benin City. Most of them know they will work as prostitutes.
They are flown to Turin or smuggled overland via north Africa, then bought by a female pimp, or "madam", who tells them they have to pay off up to 50,000 euros ($65,690) in debt to regain their freedom.
With oral sex costing as little as 5 euros on a bad day, this can take a while.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Sandy Cornish (c1793 - c1869) - Key West Florida

The "Mallory Square" memorial park in Key West, Florida caught my attention. While there were about 20 statues of various famous citizens of the island - the one that caught my eye was the story of Sandy Cornish. He was a Black man living during slavery times who did what he had to do to remain free.

This included self-mutilation as a means of "destroying the value of the property". The concept that I can't relate as a free man who is not facing a similar threat is that Mr. Cornish injured himself so that he would no longer be fit for slavery.

The placard below reads:

Sandy Cornish (c1793-c1969)

Sandy Cornish (Uncle Sandie) was born a slave in Maryland about 1893. He migrated to Florida in 1939 where with his wife Lillah's help he was able to buy his freedom. In the last 1840's his free papers were lost in a fire. Six unprincipled men captured him with the intent of selling him at the slave market in New Orleans. Uncle Sandie escaped and to prevent recapture he inflicted several injuries on himself. In the public square of Port Leon, he cut the muscles of his ankle joint, plunged a knife in the other hip joint and cut off the fingers of his left hand, tendering himself unfit for labor and thus worthless as a slave. In the late 1940's he came to Key West where he and Lillah bought a farm on what is now Truman Avenue near Simonton Street. Uncle Sandie supplied fresh vegetables and fruits to the island inhabitants. During the Civil War many Union Soldiers visited Sandy's fruit orchard. He was by all accounts a highly successful farmer, one of the richest men in Key west and a leader of the African American community. In 1964 he established the ongoing Cornish Chapel of the African Methodist Episcopal Church at 802 Whitehead Street. Uncle Sandie died in the late 1860's a wealthy and respected and free citizen of Key West

Donated by Peter & Ellen Batty, Karl Scheuerman and Carol Solmon

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

James Paschal - The Man Who Feed The Civil Rights Movement - Passes Away

AJC: James Paschal, 88, started eatery that fed Civil Rights movement

James Vaughn Paschal, whose Atlanta restaurant served the fried chicken that nourished the soldiers of the civil rights movement, died Friday from complications of heart surgery at Piedmont Hospital. He was 88.

The funeral will be 11 a.m. Friday at the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College. Murray Brothers Funeral Home is handling arrangements.

This franchise has moved from selling fried chicken on "MLK Jr Blvd" over to selling baked chicken in its more upscale location on Northside Drive. The dream is alive.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Democratic Party, Hip Hop & The Criminal Element

Georgia Senatorial Candidate Jim Martin - Liberal Democrat

Young Jeezy

All sharing the stage together at a political rally targeting Black folks.

Is there a problem here folks?

Democrats had asked for more visible support

Ludacris, Young Jeezy, T.I. are indeed VISIBLE.

This is not about these 3 entertainers.
This post is about the Black community and our need to raise our standards prior to us being able to bring forth the vision that we are in constant pursuit of.

The news of this political rally came as I have recently viewed an episode of "American Gangster" on BET. In this new season of A.G. the Oakland CA drug dealer Felix Mitchell was featured. The show opened with a scene of Mitchell's funeral. There was a festive environment within the Black community as the horse drawn carriage pulled his casket down a street full of onlookers paying their respects to their hero.

Despite the fact that Felix Mitchell sat atop of a gang empire which had killed many Black people, forced countless number of Black women to sell their bodies and stole an incalculable amount of "CPU time" from the brains of Black people who's consciousness would have been put to better use focusing on a solution to the community's problems while being sober rather than strung out - despite all of this - Felix Mitchell was celebrated!

Mitchell was seen as a wealthy Black man. He purchased a house along side Hollywood millionaires using the drug money that he extracted out of the community. He gave young boys jobs - as drug lookouts, warning when the police are coming. We only need evidence that Mitchell handed out Thanksgiving turkeys to round out the story of his character from the perspective of the people.

It comes as no surprise that the "Man of the People" perversion that is seen in Felix Mitchell is the exact same force that allows "T.I." and Young Jeezy - both former drug dealers and both whom have made careers out of vocal ignorance - to come on stage and stop for the Liberal Democrat Jim Martin, absent protestations of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign OR Black people making note of this affiliation.

I left Ludacris out of this equation because he is a different character. As far as I know - Ludacris has no criminal record. I have no more respect for him because it is the words and the thoughts that he has put forth that has made him millions and it is these words that are most offensive to the consciousness of our people. ("HOtel" and "Whore-escope"). I credit Ludacris in that he has gone on to become a business man and an actor. In reviewing the lyrics of his most recent album he has attempted to clean up his lyrics. He still maintains the braggadocio that is a key element of the hip hop genre but has included some political attack lyrics as well. No surprise though - despite the fact that most of his listeners live in Democratic controlled environs within cities - the targets of his attacks are the Republican President and Presidential candidate. Who would have ever guessed this?

The key point that I fail to understand is that in the "F_ck The Police" lyrics that we are likely to hear from these 3 and other Hip Hop stars - all of them fail to make note that the big city police men who are said to be harassing them ultimately report to the mayors and police chiefs that are a part of the MACHINE THEY ARE NOW LOBBYING FOR!!!

Can we now pull the cover off of the scheme? These Hip Hop stars are liberal/progressives. No surprise there. They are perpetual activists AGAINST THE SYSTEM. Their music is their vehicle of protest. OK. I get it.

It is only when we step outside of this surface analysis and make note of the fact that they have no ORGANIC movement that we seek the massive flaw in their effort. The worst possible situation for their followers to be in is ALL ALONE - with their favored political movement as the prevailing power. "F_ck the police" does not negate the need for a "police function". If the "street justice" that is present today is any evidence - you can best believe that their brand of justice would look strangely like the justice that was meted out back in the day in racist Southern towns or in the Wild, Wild West.

As I take a second glance at the picture - the irony hits me. Dekalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown is ON STAGE taking a picture with former drug dealers within the Black community. Do you see what I am talking about people? If a Republican official is seen in the same picture as a Council Of Conservative Citizens member - this would be used to permanently tarnish his character and judgment. The Sheriff of Dekalb County - who might one day have to house Young Jeezy or T.I. in some future offense as they maintain their pattern of lawlessness - will not miss a beat in for this infraction. After all - ALL OF THEM are doing what Black folks like - Advocating for the Democrats.

Added to the picture is Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley Senior Pastor Providence Missionary Baptist Church Atlanta. Rev Durley is an otherwise respectable man. I attended one of the many "What We Must Do As A People" conferences a few years ago. I recall him saying on Saturday "We need to stop appearing on camera telling the world how we have been 'victimzed' but instead work within our community to bring forth the positive changes that we seek". That next Friday.......he was on camera because of some incident that I don't recall......telling of how the Black person had been VICTIMIZED. I also remember walking into the conference and being asked to sign a petition which sought to stop the state of Georgia from charging high long distance fees to the family members of the incarcerated people who called home collect. I was politically correct with the lady as I indicated that I would sign it on the way out. In my mind I said "Hell No I am not signing this". They need to be made to pay at least something for their family member's offense. Maybe the high phone bills will cause them to talk some sense into their loved one.

The bottom line of it all folks is that the Black Political Movement has SOLD OUT. It cares more about advancing Democrats than it does in developing some standards that all who claim to be working for our community's interests are expected to live up to. In their liberalism, acceptance and tolerance they are disinclined to tell an operative who productive by-product is the net destruction of the Black community that he must CEASE AND DESIST from what he is doing before he can be allowed onto stage. My father introduced me to a saying "When sugar and poop are mixed together - the sugar is ruined while the poop maintains its integrity".


Or should I say "shill" instead of "shell"?

The Hip Hop political movement has all the makings of a standard leftist protest movement which attempts to give the oppressed a voice through social protests. It thus comes as no surprise that the Progressive Movement and the Democratic Party has attempted to channel this energy for the benefit of their particular movement.

The map above should tell them all that they need to know. The circles represent a relative proportion of where Black folks live in highest concentrations. The larger the circle - the more Black folks. Are any of these places dominated locally by Republicans?

The basic point is that the "Fight The Power" milieu is in truth applied to the "Amorphous Conservative" infrastructure which is oppressing Black people. Even when this structure is not present - it will be reconstructed in effigy as a needed whipping boy for the Progressive-Fundamentalist.

Monday, December 01, 2008

But Mike, Where Is The Logistical Plan Of Operation?

But Mike, Where Is The Logistical Plan Of Operation?

This was the question that I asked of my lifelong friend Mike in response to his response to my response to his original question “So what do you think about the most recent presidential elections?”.
Mike and I go back to the days of junior high school – some 28 years ago. Whereas I typically debate people who don’t know me and thus are less likely to understand the perspective that I am coming from I know that my friend Mike can relate to me because we developed our outlook on the world as best friends in school. Throughout 8th and 9th grades I used to steal – errr borrow self-help books from my father’s stash of books in our basement. These books were taken out in an extended borrowing plan as they would never get returned.
Mike and I used to read these books in order to gain understanding about the world and to develop a positive mental attitude about it. Most importantly these books taught us a basic FRAMEWORK for approaching problems and rationalizing our way through them. When I moved to Atlanta after college and faces the tremendous challenges in attempting to make full use of my education and skills to get out of the rut of joblessness I continued this tradition of listening to self-help tapes that provided structure thinking. The Atlanta Fulton County library used to allow people to borrow audio cassettes on various subjects. I used to dub these tapes and brainwash myself on these subjects. These were my “mix tapes”.
Thus when I talked with Mike about what the election of Barack Obama meant to Black Americans he knew exactly what I was talking about. I knew his rationale as well. When my father responded to the debate between my brothers, cousins and I – he told of the folly of worrying so much about the control of man-made systems while not having your place secured in heaven. I have to admit that my father’s line of reasoning has a disarming effect on me. I am not quite ready to passively yield the battles that are happening here on Earth – especially since so many fellow Christians are in on the fight for our future just as well.
I responded to Mike’s question about the election, saying that I am happy that America has shown that it has the open mindedness to vote for a Black man as their leader. This shows the great progress that this nation has made. I told him that I did not vote for Barack Obama. As a conservative I am more inclined to vote for a conservative candidate. John McCain did nothing for me. Ultimately the Republicans made a mistake running an old candidate against a young candidate with market appeal.
I did not register a vote as president, instead choosing “None of the above”. I told Mike that while I do not hate Barack Obama – I could not stomach the “Verizon Wireless” crowd that has amassed around him. It is unlikely that one candidate could ever build a consensus of all Americans when there are so many divergent views within. In truth, if and when this does appear to happen you’d better be cautious because there is something amiss when Michael Moore and various corporate CEOs can agree on one candidate.
Mike responded that Barack Obama has a strong positive influence on many people and that his words and accomplishments have gotten many people exited and willing to bring forth CHANGE in this nation. He stated that Obama is an intelligent man and he has brought intelligent people into his cabinet thus far. All of these moves are positive and that he will unite our country as a result. He then mentioned that seeing Obama working his way up to the presidency has had a positive influence on him personally. He is now motivated in his own life to attempt some things that he thought were not possible previously. In listening to him I did not doubt his sincerity nor did he have any particular ideological or partisan prejudice in anything that he said.
In response I asked him to think back to when he was first married. From my experience marriage is not a light switch where things are radically different the day before as they are the day after. Instead the marriage ceremony is but a recognition of the general state of attainment that a man and a woman have attained in their relationship. It is true that as a couple they can forge ahead and build stronger bonds – such as buying a house together, having and raising children and committing to themselves in general for their mutual benefit. I asked him – “What is now true about Black America and the opportunity that is before us that WAS NOT true on November 3, 2008?”.
His next round of responses was another iteration of what he had said previously – motivation, positive occurrence, change.
I told my friend Mike about my current demographic research that I am conducting regarding the political arraignment of the Black community. Where we live in highest concentrations – the machine that Barack Obama is a part of ALREADY has dominant control over. What about this ONE MAN is going to change the effective results on the ground that have been shown by the MACHINE that he is a part of? Our community got into political activism to solve critical problems within our community. We wanted justice and to be able to live in our communities without the threat of intimidation from certain individuals who meant us harm. We sought quality education for our children. We sought jobs and economic development that could employ us as well as providing us with the opportunity to sell our goods and services and profit accordingly. Today Black America has appointed those who have been popularly chosen to lead us in the political space into office. Today these key points that we originally advocated for have never been more threatened despite having this array of control by the people, the party and the ideology that the majority of us favor. I asked my friend Mike – how is it that Barack Obama’s ascendency to the presidency is going to change these facts? The truth is that the Black community needs to reassess its own commitment to these key principles and begin to operate in a manner which acknowledges the difference between being “the odd man out, displaced and marginalized” over to the consciousness of “OWNERSHIP, where our collective actions ultimately determine the outcomes that are had within our own communities”.

Mike then chimed in – “This is exactly what I am talking about. While I agree with 95% of your concerns I think that Barack Obama is going to lead the nation as well as motivate Black people that if we work together in a more positive fashion that these changes that were longed for will come to be”.
At this point our conversation was interrupted because I needed to go as my family was departing for a holiday trip.
I plan to call my friend Mike back next week to finish our conversation. I do not want to make it appear in any way that I am being negative or contrarian for the sake of being contrary. There are some Black partisan operatives who rejected critical reforms presented by President Bush in the educational and social services arena. When Barack Obama chose to adopt both “No Child Left Behind” and “Faith Based Initiative” – coupled with the gratuitous slams against the way “Bush had implemented them” – these operatives were given a “out” by which they were able to justify their previous opposition to these key programs to which the Black community stood to benefit the greatest from as many of our communities are among those in need of the most help.

The fact remains that I cannot accept the fundamental fusing of the “Black Development agenda” with the “American political domain”. This is a fundamentally flawed strategy. We are but 13% of the population and by definition Barack Obama nor any other politician – Black or White will be able to develop an agenda that distinctly addresses the issues within the Black community. Only the BLACK COMMUNITY can do this.