Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Democratic Party, Hip Hop & The Criminal Element

Georgia Senatorial Candidate Jim Martin - Liberal Democrat

Young Jeezy

All sharing the stage together at a political rally targeting Black folks.

Is there a problem here folks?

Democrats had asked for more visible support

Ludacris, Young Jeezy, T.I. are indeed VISIBLE.

This is not about these 3 entertainers.
This post is about the Black community and our need to raise our standards prior to us being able to bring forth the vision that we are in constant pursuit of.

The news of this political rally came as I have recently viewed an episode of "American Gangster" on BET. In this new season of A.G. the Oakland CA drug dealer Felix Mitchell was featured. The show opened with a scene of Mitchell's funeral. There was a festive environment within the Black community as the horse drawn carriage pulled his casket down a street full of onlookers paying their respects to their hero.

Despite the fact that Felix Mitchell sat atop of a gang empire which had killed many Black people, forced countless number of Black women to sell their bodies and stole an incalculable amount of "CPU time" from the brains of Black people who's consciousness would have been put to better use focusing on a solution to the community's problems while being sober rather than strung out - despite all of this - Felix Mitchell was celebrated!

Mitchell was seen as a wealthy Black man. He purchased a house along side Hollywood millionaires using the drug money that he extracted out of the community. He gave young boys jobs - as drug lookouts, warning when the police are coming. We only need evidence that Mitchell handed out Thanksgiving turkeys to round out the story of his character from the perspective of the people.

It comes as no surprise that the "Man of the People" perversion that is seen in Felix Mitchell is the exact same force that allows "T.I." and Young Jeezy - both former drug dealers and both whom have made careers out of vocal ignorance - to come on stage and stop for the Liberal Democrat Jim Martin, absent protestations of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign OR Black people making note of this affiliation.

I left Ludacris out of this equation because he is a different character. As far as I know - Ludacris has no criminal record. I have no more respect for him because it is the words and the thoughts that he has put forth that has made him millions and it is these words that are most offensive to the consciousness of our people. ("HOtel" and "Whore-escope"). I credit Ludacris in that he has gone on to become a business man and an actor. In reviewing the lyrics of his most recent album he has attempted to clean up his lyrics. He still maintains the braggadocio that is a key element of the hip hop genre but has included some political attack lyrics as well. No surprise though - despite the fact that most of his listeners live in Democratic controlled environs within cities - the targets of his attacks are the Republican President and Presidential candidate. Who would have ever guessed this?

The key point that I fail to understand is that in the "F_ck The Police" lyrics that we are likely to hear from these 3 and other Hip Hop stars - all of them fail to make note that the big city police men who are said to be harassing them ultimately report to the mayors and police chiefs that are a part of the MACHINE THEY ARE NOW LOBBYING FOR!!!

Can we now pull the cover off of the scheme? These Hip Hop stars are liberal/progressives. No surprise there. They are perpetual activists AGAINST THE SYSTEM. Their music is their vehicle of protest. OK. I get it.

It is only when we step outside of this surface analysis and make note of the fact that they have no ORGANIC movement that we seek the massive flaw in their effort. The worst possible situation for their followers to be in is ALL ALONE - with their favored political movement as the prevailing power. "F_ck the police" does not negate the need for a "police function". If the "street justice" that is present today is any evidence - you can best believe that their brand of justice would look strangely like the justice that was meted out back in the day in racist Southern towns or in the Wild, Wild West.

As I take a second glance at the picture - the irony hits me. Dekalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown is ON STAGE taking a picture with former drug dealers within the Black community. Do you see what I am talking about people? If a Republican official is seen in the same picture as a Council Of Conservative Citizens member - this would be used to permanently tarnish his character and judgment. The Sheriff of Dekalb County - who might one day have to house Young Jeezy or T.I. in some future offense as they maintain their pattern of lawlessness - will not miss a beat in for this infraction. After all - ALL OF THEM are doing what Black folks like - Advocating for the Democrats.

Added to the picture is Reverend Dr. Gerald L. Durley Senior Pastor Providence Missionary Baptist Church Atlanta. Rev Durley is an otherwise respectable man. I attended one of the many "What We Must Do As A People" conferences a few years ago. I recall him saying on Saturday "We need to stop appearing on camera telling the world how we have been 'victimzed' but instead work within our community to bring forth the positive changes that we seek". That next Friday.......he was on camera because of some incident that I don't recall......telling of how the Black person had been VICTIMIZED. I also remember walking into the conference and being asked to sign a petition which sought to stop the state of Georgia from charging high long distance fees to the family members of the incarcerated people who called home collect. I was politically correct with the lady as I indicated that I would sign it on the way out. In my mind I said "Hell No I am not signing this". They need to be made to pay at least something for their family member's offense. Maybe the high phone bills will cause them to talk some sense into their loved one.

The bottom line of it all folks is that the Black Political Movement has SOLD OUT. It cares more about advancing Democrats than it does in developing some standards that all who claim to be working for our community's interests are expected to live up to. In their liberalism, acceptance and tolerance they are disinclined to tell an operative who productive by-product is the net destruction of the Black community that he must CEASE AND DESIST from what he is doing before he can be allowed onto stage. My father introduced me to a saying "When sugar and poop are mixed together - the sugar is ruined while the poop maintains its integrity".


Or should I say "shill" instead of "shell"?

The Hip Hop political movement has all the makings of a standard leftist protest movement which attempts to give the oppressed a voice through social protests. It thus comes as no surprise that the Progressive Movement and the Democratic Party has attempted to channel this energy for the benefit of their particular movement.

The map above should tell them all that they need to know. The circles represent a relative proportion of where Black folks live in highest concentrations. The larger the circle - the more Black folks. Are any of these places dominated locally by Republicans?

The basic point is that the "Fight The Power" milieu is in truth applied to the "Amorphous Conservative" infrastructure which is oppressing Black people. Even when this structure is not present - it will be reconstructed in effigy as a needed whipping boy for the Progressive-Fundamentalist.


Anonymous said...

...Houston (Harris County) is/was run by Republicans

Constructive Feedback said...

That's NOT THE POINT Mr Houston!

The fact is that ALL POLITICAL DISTRICTS where Black folks have the prevailing say in who gets elected ARE RUN BY DEMOCRATS. There are more Black Independents serving in elected roles over Black people than there are Black Republicans.

From Wikipedia on Houston TX:
[quote]The racial makeup of the city was 49.27 percent White, 25.31 percent Black, 5.31 percent Asian, 0.44 percent American Indian, 0.06 percent Pacific Islander, 16.46 percent from some other race, and 3.15 percent from two or more races.[/quote]

I assure you that every majority Black city council and/or house district in Houston has Democrats in place.