Friday, December 12, 2008

The Illogic That Dominates Our Society

Warning - This Video Has Profanity. If you are not interested in listening to foolishness - don't press play. Just read my analysis

I came across this female from another Black blogger's site. This "dominatrix" by night is a "social commentator" in this particular video.

This line of reasoning is the key problem in our community:

  1. Corporate America is blamed for "exploiting us" yet the people who are demanding it and purchasing it with their own money aren't detailed
  2. Since it is 'art' and people are using it to express their lives as it is in the ghetto - it is not be judged based on its content
  3. She makes use of "Well White folks are in the mud with us because they have vulgar sculptures and painting and no one sees it as anything other than art" as a circular reference to her justification of this ignorance
The song that she is speaking of I had never heard of prior to watching her commentary. "Smell Your Dick" is a song in which a girlfriend is attempting to bust her man cheating by "smelling his penis" to see if he has the scent of a woman on his private parts.

"Can I Smell Your Dick"

Here is another woman's perspective on the issue:

Can we take a big picture look at this folks?

Let me first clear the table. I am not an angel. I am not perfect. If the operating theory is "let he who without sin......" I could not throw anything.

For me this is not about INDIVIDUAL judgment where someone is disqualified from saying anything if he has sinned.

I have been arguing for CORPORATE or STRUCTURAL ENFORCEMENT where certain standards and principles are defined and then enforced by an entity that is greater than one man.

The key flaw of Secular Progressive theory can be seen in the both of the commentaries above. The first lady rationalizes the actions behind the song as a necessary defense mechanism against a "cheating man". The second lady attacks the song and the practice of doing what the song has suggested but never makes reference to any societal or cultural structures that work to address this issue and "slow one's roll".

Let me be clear - No Marriage alone is not going to stop a man from cheating if he wants to cheat on his woman. If a man is committed to all that he has built up with his wife and does not want to lose it AND if he plans to follow the commandments of his God in pursuit of his own salvation - while STILL no guarantee that he is going to come straight home every night - it surely is a much better system of fail safes and back ups than the straight "woman to woman" advice that the second commentators have suggested.

As I continue my study of Black folks and people in general - it comes as no surprise that we are having problems actually achieving what we seek out on the MACRO LEVEL. So much of our potential and our energy for uplift is stolen away by B.S. like this.

I don't live in the dysfunctional world that is described in the first girl's commentary. You would think that since she and others are so interested in relieving some of the pain from dysfunction in these people's lives that she and others first start off with considering the repetitive things that they do to feed the misery that they face.

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