Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Jesse Lee Peterson - You Have Lost Your Damned Mind

Reverend Peterson - I have given you the benefit of the doubt for quite a long time. As a former avid listener to Atlanta's Black "Fight The Power" radio station I listened to you as a guest on a talk show only to have a long line of Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers line up to attack you one by one. Some of the same people who have solid defense for Gangsta Rap would be the first people attacking you.

Though I figured it ironic that you would exchange pleasantries with David Duke as a guest on your show while you would show hostility to Jesse Jackson if he were ever to appear.

For the most part I understood what you were trying to say and only figured that you took the wrong angle of attack in making your point.

Rev Peterson - I am not able to package your comments in the above video. They are preposterous.

I am the first person out of the blocks fighting against Black people who seek to put the chains that our ancestors had worn on to themselves for use in their own agenda today. You are guilty of the opposite offense. You make LIGHT OF the perils of the slavery that our people had to endure in order to make your own point. Your words are no less offensive than these others.

The people who exploited the human beings in Africa, exploited the land in Africa and then sent our people over to these lands for further exploitations did us NO FAVORS. They treated us like animals and property rather than the equal human beings that God made us. They ignored the genetic truth that was before them. How is it that they were able to "mate" with a subornidate human being and yet produce a progeny? If a human attempted to made with an ape or a monkey would anything be produced? Of course not.

Please understand Rev Peterson - I understand the argument that is at hand. I don't agree with the "Magical Africa" folks. These are the people who believe that if the European had not come to Africa that the continent would be the greatest in the world. The truth is that Africa would have gone through major bloody battles in order for one culture or government form to reign supreme over another. This is no different than from Asia, Europe or elsewhere.

I therefore must also reject the line that you tacitly take which says that "Savage Africa" would never have oriented itself into the modern world absent external intervention. This is as "non-White White Supremacist" as the words that people from the other side of the isle make as a means of justifying perpetual intervention for Black folks here in America. If Africa and Africans have this as their default tendencies - how do you justify your own consciousness and mental clarity when science shows that there is no genetic difference between you and Black Africans - or White folks for that matter?

If you are in fact "different" from Africans because of your passage and indoctrination in the American way of life then logic holds that Africa has not a problem with its PEOPLE but instead a problem with the prevailing cultures, bodies of knowledge and the system to allow it to persist. I will be the first to tell you about how populations of Black people are injured because internal ideological bigotry crowds out many attempts to apply a more corrective order, upon which the people could benefit in the long run.

As an American who is indoctrinated in the ways of this nation I prefer this nation above all others. I do not run from the intellectual connundrum which brings forth the irony that absent slavery I as a Black person would likely not be here in America as Iam. This intellectual honesty does not afford me the logical leap where I "thank" those who exploited my people. As a Christian minister you should also reject the fact that they perverted Christianity to justify the mistreatment of African people because it was "God's will".

These people are not to be thanked.
The systems of the world should be strengthened so that this situation never happens again.

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