Sunday, December 07, 2008

Morehouse Collge Wants "Morehouse Men" To Act Like It

AJC: College looks to promote ‘Renaissance man’

I have to give it to Black folks. Certain styles are allowed to go too far. The first people who call out the trend and ask people to be more thoughtful typically face attack. They are called "conservatives" and some claim that they are against the young people who are simply expressing themselves. This tactic is usually successful in beating back the initial concern.

As things progress the social revolutionaries continue on and things spiral out of control. Their "I don't give a what" attitude proves directionless. As wiser and cooler heads make note of how our dignity is being dragged through the mud those who have more "credibility" in the Black community step in and in effect say the very same thing that was rejected when the Black Conservatives made mention of it.

Our community has reached this point of seeking to restore the dignity and consciousness with our dress.  More public schools are implementing school uniforms to remove the fad element from their campus.  Morehouse College, an HBCU that prides itself on its image of the finished "Morehouse Man" is moving to compel its students to be more conscious about their dress.  I applaud them for it.

The time has passed for the people who attempt to dominate the Black consciousness when they ask "What does how I dress influence my ability to perform academically? ".  They have used this type of "prove your arbitrary standards" concept to gut so much of the dignity that was present within our community and culture.  NO MORE!!!   The standard answer to them needs to be "This is what has brought us this far and this is the standard that we choose to perpetuate.  If you happen to come up with an idea to LIFT OUR PEOPLE UP rather than tear it down for the sake of rebellion - then you show us and you prove its worth".

I realize that Morehouse is not allowed to call what it does "conservative" because of the negative connotation that "conservatism" has with many Black people.  I am willing to not use labels and instead focus on the functional equivalent as such if it allows progress against the 'permanent revolutionaries" to take place.

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