Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Punishment For One's Beliefs - The Gay Lobby

AJC: Rick Warren to be main speaker at Ebenezer on King Day

I will be honest with you. One of the benefits that I had anticipated from the Barack Obama Presidency is that on that 3rd Monday in January in the United States to honor Martin Luther King Jr the compound in Atlanta which hosts the official ceremony would be crowded with adoring fans of the president rather than be a scene of great hostility over the repudiation of the featured speaker.

As I recall George W. Bush made 2 visits to the King Center on MLK Day or during the weeks cerimony leading up to it. On each occassion angry Black Progressive-Fundamentalists greeted Bush in a scene that was remincent of the first day of school for Black kids in the deep South a few decades ago. If MLK was a champion of peace and understanding some of the people who claim to follow his guidance have perverted it greatly.

As I sit back and think about Obama - I can think of no particular course by which he could implement a set of policies where this same crowd could be provoked into organizing these same spirited protests. Even if Obama carried forth the very same two wars as Bush did - the outcome could not be more different. Sadly the policy results upon the people protesting is not the prevailing force. Instead it is their forward sentiments and the person's perceived alignment with their own.

The announcement that Rev Rick Warren will be the featured speaker at the 2009 King Day ceremony at Ebenezer Church in Atlanta could not come at a more tumultuous time. With the wound still fresh in California in which the Gay community in California has blamed the Black voters for the ban on gay marriage Warren who is an evangelist is seen as fortifying this stance. As logic would hold the White homosexual community would forge a protest in front of the King Center on MLK Day. As we all know - this ain't gonna happen. The White gay community may have its own strong beliefs but it realizes that it is not allowed to fundamentally disrespect the Black community by putting forth such a massive protest.

During my walking tour of the King Center / Auburn Avenue compound prior to the November 4, 2008 elections I saw "Democratic Party Central" in effect. In addition to having campaign posters for every single Democratic candidate on the ballot there were signs against the death penalty posted in various stores as well as fliers supporting various "political prisoners" locked up in American jails. As liberal as this place is - the White gay community knows how far it can go with their own ideoogical journeymen in pressing their own issue. They are not going to go to battle on MLK Day. If this were "St Patrick's Day" and the gays felt they needed to fight against the establishment - you had better believe that they would be out in force.

White liberals know that only Black Conseratives are fair targets. They had better not attack the Black Progressive establishment let doing so is war.

The attacks on Rick Warren is emblematic on where we are going as a society. The threshold for being damned as a "hateful bigot" has been lowered. The racist of the past who attacked Blacks, who threw bricks through windows, who lynched people to make an example for all of the other members of that group who he wanted to keep in their own place is gone. This low hanging fruit is not present for exploitation.

Today there are certain prevailing thoughts and beliefs that we are expected to have. If somone disagrees with this orthodoxy that is managed by the popular media and the academy then this person is subject to attack or is placed on the outside of mainstream thought. The ironic part of the matter is that this person may hold positions that have endured with civilized society for thousands of years. Their views may be based on physiological evidence rather than the will of man. Despite these facts, once the balance of society thought has tipped toward the progressive order on the subject it is just a matter of time before the sustained stream of messages in support of that which has been taboo becomes normalized in the name of "progressivism".

The main offense of Rick Warren and others IS NOT that they are evil men and wish harm on others. Their crime is that they dare ground themselves in the bedrock of the stream, refusing to move, as the flood waters come in and seeks to force them to roll down like the others who have no such grounding.

At some point in our future will see a total reversal in fortunes. Those who once held minority views and were oppressed will begin to adopt the same tactics as their former tormentors had used against them. They know that this is an effective technique. This shows the abject humanity of all of us. The question that I have is whether the institutions that were originally set up to protect progressive free speech and the right to run counter to the prevailing winds will stand up and defend the rights of those who seek to be conservators of our traditional cultures.

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