Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black Man - Beware Of White Liberals Making Promises And Bearing Gifts About How Great Things Will Be

Black Man - Beware Of White Liberals Making Promises And Bearing Gifts About How Great Things Will Be

Big ups to "Black Conservative" on YouTube for spotting this clip.

This video deserves analysis.

Missy Anne thought how grand it would be to have Kizzie at her beck and call as a playmate and subordinate - as long as it was in her own advantage to do so. The promise to look out for her for ever and ever is the key irony which shows how empty of a promise when the "before and after" scenes are played.

The error that Kizzie made (and I am not claiming that she had any particular choice in the matter) is that she was agreeable to that which Missy Anne had established. What was promoted as a mutually beneficial arrangement turned out to be stacked in the favor of Missy Anne.

Missy Anne went on to live her life as a White woman, got married and (I'm sure) had children. She likely got a new "Darkie" after having dispensed of Kizzie.

Kizzie on the other hand who went along with the plan (again - not that she had any choice) ended up discarded by Missy Anne despite the promises of eternal protection.

Fast forward to today. Black Americans DO have a choice in the matter regardless of how it appears. What appears to be an intractable bond akin to what Kizzie faced is really the unwillingness of the modern Black populace to slowly ween itself off of various entitlements that span the gap between the incumbent "Standard Of Living" that our PRESENT industriousness would have us live at and the higher "Standard of Living" which the "Missy Anne Programs" allow us to live at.

This is not to say that there aren't any people who need help from such programs and policies. The fact is, however, certain policies that appear to be agreeable within the context of your aggrieved and bonded state are not, in fact, policies that are in your own best interests in the long run.

"What is the transaction that is present?" is a necessary question to ask before agreeing. Some deals are "just too good to be true".

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