Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fan Mail From Someone Who Asks Me To Stop Bitching And Start Working

Benjamin writes:

Since you seem so intelligent and in the know as to what is ailing the black community, why don't you tell me your plan to change(help) the community outside of bitching about it?

Thank you for the challenge and the question Benjamin.

While it might not seem obvious to YOU, in my view I AM CONSTANTLY 'DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THE PROBLEM".

You see Benjamin in my estimation the Black community has a MANAGEMENT PROBLEM.  Who other than Black people are ultimately going to fix that which ailes the Black community?  Do you really think that the nation of people who happen to live on the same dirt as you do in this land called the USA is going to address your unique issues as a Black person by looking at you as a brother in national terms?  Will they promote their NATIONAL commonality above their racial, community or family interests?   This clearly is the flaw in the assumptions of many Blacks.

For me as a Black man the ONLY thing that I ask from the government of this nation is that they ENFORCE THE LAWS and that any law that is written be confined to be within the domain of what can be called reasonable and legitmate governance.   After that, Benjamin it is the responsibility of the citizenry to structure themselves as free people to ultimately EXPRESS the standard of living that they desire.

Thus when you ask ME what I am doing to improve the Black community - this is an easy answer for me.  In as much as I see a BLACK ESTABLISHMENT who is gaining power in the political and cultural domain over our community but uses the VERTICALLY INTEGRATED NETWORK of operatives (Politics, Policy Makers, Press, Publacists, Public School Teachers, Preachers, Producers, Pavement Pounders) to put forth a message and attack all who question it - I AM FOCUSING UPON HOLDING THIS FACTION ACCOUNTABLE TO PRODUCE RESULTS as my main gift to BLACK PEOPLE.

Would you agree that the present GOVERNMETN of the nation of France is not equivolent to the "White community" of France?  The government in this instance is a REPRESENTATION of the people.  In addition it is but ONE PERSPECTIVE that has been promoted into popular acceptance.  It would be a mistake to assume that it is the ONLY legitimate government and perpective and that it is tied INHERENTLY to their RACE OF PEOPLE.

Coming back to the Black community within America - please apply the statements above to MY understanding of the disposition of the prevailing Black establishment to the Black community here in this nation.  This orthodoxy is only as legitimate as its ability to solve the problems at hand and to produce prosperity upon the people.

My "bitching" about the problems within and the failures of this regime is ONLY problematic to you because you are DEFENSIVE of this current order.  You and others seek to defend this ESTABLISHMENT more than you appear to want to DEFEND the INTEGRITY OF THE ULTIMATE GOALS that all of us as Black people are interested in obtaining.

It comes as no surprise to me that some Black operatives today act as former bigoted White people did in the past in regards to defending the SYSTEM while looking past the selective justice of this same system.   There was NEVER  a time in America where the majority of White people owned slaves or phyiscally assaulted a Black person in order to express a certain order.  The vast majority of Whites were oblivious followers to the existing order.  As long as THEY received their particular benefit from this order - they were not inclined to lift a finger to call out the examples of injustice, murder, intimidation or exploitation of Black people.  To do so would mean that their condition of comfort might be compromised.

Benjamin - I see LITTLE DIFFERENCE in regards to certain Black people and how they operate today.  The sight of a string of Black on Black murders happening in a city where Democrats rule the roost is not enough for the usual suspects to DEMAND ACTION and reform in the present order.  To them their 'CHANGE HAD COME' years ago when the Democratic Party, and in some cases, the Black Democrat who now sits in the seat got ELECTED.

You see right there - most loyal Black Democrats would make the case that I just attacked the Democratic party and thus I am a hater and thus all that I say should be purged.

My argument is that Black people have become more enamoured with the VEHICLE upon which we are going to ride to the "Promised Land" within more than they are concerned with ever REACHING THEIR GOAL.  Certainly proper considertion of the course, the road conditions and one's driving skills would afford a person riding on a skate board to arrive at the Promised Land more assuredly than a person who has the top of the line Lexus but threw all of these important considerations to the wind.

I am demanding that we shift from focusing on that which is most in ALIGNMENT WITH OUR PRESENT ASSUMPTIONS at a time in place where we are MOST AGGRIEVED over to a focus upon the management order that is in place within those who we COVET.

In the biggest ironies of a lifetime - the end results of WHITE FOLKS are seen as the reference "1.0" standard by which to compare ourselves as Black people against.  Yet at the same time many Black folks summarily REJECT the "conservative" management strategies that many of these same communities use in their role as CONSERVATORS of the order that they have made.

In summary Benjamin - at this point in my life I see my greatest value as going after BLACK IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTS.  They have increasing POWER and yet they are still COMPLAINING about
  • Crime In Our Communities
  • The Failure Of Our Schools To Educate Our Children
  • The Lack Of Economic Activities To Employ Us
  • The Health Crises That Hit Us Disproportionately
  • The Corseness of our Culture
What is absent in all of their inspections is INTROSPECTION with respect to the part that THEY PLAY in the polluted river.  I dare to trek up stream and consider the source.....of the POLLUTION.

This is what I am doing.

In as much as the MACHINE does not like to be criticized - I am the subject of much attack and scorn. 

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