Thursday, January 22, 2009

Josephy Lowery's "Good Type of Crazy" Surmon Is Empty Rhetoric

Excuse me Drum Addict:

Could you translate the value of this sermon for me? Maybe I missed something?

In a 2 mile radius of where Rev Joseph Lowery lives in Atlanta - MORE BLACK PEOPLE ARE KILLED than in any other plot of land in the metro area on an annual basis.

Unfortunately there are too many BAD CRAZY people roaming around there knowing that they have the RELATIVE PROTECTION of the SILENCE from washed up Civil Rights warlords like Lowery as they know that their focus is WHITE FOLKS WHO KILL BLACKS.

I am not sure why you all don't get it. The only hope (and strength) of these Civil Rights Actor-vists operating in 2009 is that BLACK FOLKS LIKE YOU ALL buy into THEIR narrative in regards to the rank order of the biggest threats to BLACK PEOPLE. Thus you look past the most significant ones.

I give them credit on their brilliance. Rather than attacking Black on Black murder and the high rate of killers who GET OFF....they instead have crafted a unique prognosis for why this is happening:


This is the new way of saying: "THEY WHITE MAN MADE HIM KILL THAT OTHER BLACK PERSON. Don't go after HIM. Go after WHITEY!!!"

In as much as the FOOLISH follow after the FOOLS who say this - the body count of Black folks will remain HIGH and YOU ALL will be duped into believing that the POLITICAL GAINS that they want you to make for the DEMOCRATIC PARTY are in fact absolute gains for the key issues that Black people are suffering from.

Again Drum Addict - I have learned NOT to confront them on their charge that RACISM STILL EXISTS. This is a FOOLS ARGUMENT.

They biggest vulnerability is the ENUMERATED COSTS of their RACISM CHASING.

As they are chasing WHITE FOLKS:

* Blacks are being killed and the killers walk free

* Black children are in schools ran by people who are in line with their ideology and yet their education is inferior mostly because there is no ACADEMIC CULTURE within the schools

* Blacks remained disproportionately UNEMPLOYED. While they do studies which show that a White boy with a criminal background is able to get an UNSKILLED JOB at a greater rate than a Black guy with no record. THEY ARE LOATHED to investigate what a BLACK MAN with a COLLEGE DEGREE and a good disposition CAN OBTAIN in the way of EMPLOYMENT.

Don't you see Drum Addict - THESE PEOPLE ARE TIRED.

They ONLY know how to play upon Black's feelings of being under siege.

When they are placed in control of an area where the "enemy" has CLEARED OUT and now they must take it and run with it, developing an ECONOMY, a SAFE ENVIRONMENT, a SCHOOL SYSTEM and a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE......they run back and tell how THE WHITE MAN HAS LEFT US and thus LEFT HIS OBLIGATION TO US.

The shameful part is that YOU ALL SIT THERE ALL ALLOW THEM TO play you!!!

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