Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question: "What are 'White Interests'?"

My reply from Booker Rising. (Recorded for my own personal archive)

[quote]Noah The African:
CS, “white interest” is essentially a racist interest that manifested politically after the civil rights movement removed the last vestiges of legalized racism. With the absence of a legal foundation, racist now needed a political way to preserve their interest, which they did via seeking “small government” and the politics of denial. Since they could not legally knock blacks down any longer, many racist whites sought to keep blacks down by reducing the ability or role of the government to help blacks up from the aftermath of legalized oppression. Racist whites began to see the government, via democrats, as a threat to white privilege and status and hence they flocked in mass to the Republican Party in the Dixicrat revolution…..seeking small government and reduced social spending on programs that whites saw as redistributive from whites to blacks.[/quote]

My Response:

You indeed have a good sense of humor Noah.

So Noah - being that evil Bush not only FAILED to cut social spending but in fact TRUMPED the Democrat CLINTON in his social spending in many areas - would this serve as any evidence to put to rest your incredible claim above?

It is infuriating to me to watch you and other Blacks parade on high about the MUNICIPAL TAKE OVER that has taken place where your politicians/ policies and economic order take over a city BUT in reality you all FAIL TO FIELD A VIABLE economic system that can EMPLOY the people who remain in your support base.

The fact is that these CITIES were built UP in population because they provided employment in support of the livelihood of the people contained within. In as much as they are no longer able to do this - they should be DE-INCORPORATED just as any insolvent company that receive a charter, grew large but then slipped as a going concern as evidenced by their FINANCIAL position.  Their economic condition is plain and simple that the MARKET is providing the entity with feedback as to the desreablity of its end product based on cost, features and reputation.  The base of citizens have likewise rejected these failing cities.  Rather than running to the race card you and others need to focus on the original function of the city.

In your perverted sense of "Helping" it matters not that the local "incorporated government" which received a charter from the state because the synergy of its raw resources (human, industrial, natural, transportation, financial) allowed it to become greater than its original parts - Is not now able to provide the basic services for its citizens.

The point is clear Noah. The citizens in an unincorporated plot of land petition the STATE for a city charter. This provides them with the authority to collect taxes and provide services. As a result the taxes that HAD BEEN collected by the greater authority (the county or the state) are now channeled to the municipal concern. The point that frustrates me with your line of thinking is that in diverting the "money flow" from the state there was an implicit agreement that the city had a viable economic order. Today people demand BOTH local aggregation of their tax money AND money from their state brothers and sisters to make up the gap which their insolvent city can't pay for BASIC SERVICES. (Did someone say CHICAGO and their schools? Hello!)

What is lost in your theory is the BRICK WALL/POINT OF NO RETURN that is established when a GROUP OF PEOPLE, realizing that THEIR STANDARD OF LIVING is functionally derived from the economic and social and cultural order that they field for themselves will more aggressively focus upon squeezing productivity out of EVERYONE within their circle - demanding that they contribute - LEST THEY ALL live at a degraded standard.

Instead, Noah, the Progressive seeks an EXPANSIONARY bias. They craft the socialist concepts such as "Social Justice" which demands of this OUTSIDE POWER to pull people up to some arbitrary standard rather than have themselves functionally circling the wagons and defining a distinct territory upon which they will seek to both PROTECT with this higher standard AND ask that everyone who seeks BENEFIT also CONTRIBUTE to the pot.  I don't understand how you all miss the critical importance of expressing one's LIVING STANDARD on the backs of YOUR OWN PEOPLE.  The skills and expertise that are gained cannot be procured from the outside.  Instead you all see this as an OFFENSE to ask the people to order themselves so that they are their main means of production.  This is the sickness that slavery have infected you with - taking your CULTURAL CONFIDENCE in the process.

Thus the Progressive will always be on an EXPANSIONARY CHASE for "Social Justice" and will, rather pervertedly, see a request to have one's LOCAL ORDER (and willingness to craft it) be the primary determinant factor for the outcomes as offensive.

The shameful residual consequence of your orientation Noah is that all the while you purport to be "chasing" after more resources so that the people of interest within your circle can receive education and other benefits so they might one day DISCONNECT from the gravy train - the fact that you only passively ask them to OBTAIN education, for example, so that they might directly help the local cause only means that you will never achieve the point where you can disconnect. You will only ever be on a CHASE.  This must be changed from the concept of "social justice" (your rights) over to A TRANSACTION where something distict is GIVEN in return for your acceptance.

In as much as the people you are chasing after have mobility to move away from your "confiscation domain" you will never content yourself that YOU PRESENTLY HAVE WHAT YOU WILL BE FORCED TO WORK WITH in building up your domain. The fact that there is "Gold Still out THERE!! to be tapped" defines the milieu of your movement.  Pitty for you if they cede from you into a new land with their own military to defend their resources from you.  It will be THEIR ACTIONS which define the boundries of your confiscation domain, not YOURS.

At some point you must define a CONTAINER and work within those confines to BUILD IT UP!!

We are NOT "Damaged from SLAVERY!!!". We are lacking boundaries for CONTAINMENT to focus our efforts within. 
  • The People Within
  • The Culture Within
  • The Rule Of Law Within
  • The Commerce and Productivity With
  • The Education Within
  • The Standards Within

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