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Adam Clayton Powell Jr - Oh How The Black Elected Official Has Changed

Adam Clayton Powell Jr Entry From Wikipedia

You can read the entire passage for your own edification. These specific elements caught my attention:

As one of only two black Congressmen, Powell challenged the informal ban on black representatives using Capitol facilities reserved for white members only. He took black constituents to dine with him in the "whites only" House restaurant. He clashed with the many segregationists in his own party.

In 1956 Powell broke party ranks and supported Dwight D. Eisenhower for reelection, saying that the Democratic platform's civil rights plank was too weak.

In 1958 he survived a determined effort by the Tammany Hall machine to oust him in the Democratic primary election.

In 1960, Powell forced Bayard Rustin to resign from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) by threatening to discuss Rustin's "immoral" homosexuality in Congress. He was concerned that questions about Rustin adversely affected the reputation and effectiveness of the SCLC.

He passed legislation that made lynching a federal crime, as well as bills that desegregated public schools and the U.S. military. He challenged the Southern practice of charging Blacks a poll tax to vote, and stopped racist congressmen from saying the word "nigger" in sessions of Congress.

Powell sued in Powell v. McCormack to retain his seat. In June 1969 the Supreme Court ruled that the House had acted unconstitutionally when it excluded Powell, a duly elected member. He returned to the House, but without his seniority. Again his absenteeism was increasingly noted.

In June 1970 Powell was defeated in the Democratic primary by Charles B. Rangel. In fall 1970, Powell failed to get on the ballot for the November election as an Independent. He resigned as minister at the Abyssinian Baptist Church and moved to Bimini. Rangel has continued to represent the district, as of 2009.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

US Economic Doldrums Impact The World's Poor

Downturn to cost billions in aid to world's poor

Squeeze comes as needs of crisis-hit Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Darfur rise

LONDON - The cost to aid budgets of the world economic downturn is headed for billions of dollars, slashing assistance to the world's poorest people just as it becomes harder for them to make money for themselves.

In the United States, the heads of more than 50 groups in the InterAction coalition, whose 175 members manage a total of $9 billion annually, say they expect donations from individuals, businesses and foundations to fall by about $1 billion this year.

"If this (recession) goes into 2010, we will be seeing a significant reduction in delivery of programs in the world's poorest areas," InterAction president Sam Worthington told Reuters, adding weaker organizations may fall by the wayside.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Which Entity Has The Autority To Insert Items Upon "The Black Agenda"?

It is totally obvious to me that core members of the "Black Establishment" of today have been totally compromised. They work in support of their entrenched ideological and partisan interests than they any objective analyst could claim that they are materially advancing the key issues impacting Black America.

I make the necessary distinction between what is POPULAR WITH BLACK AMERICANS and what is NECESSARY FOR BLACK FOLKS TO BE FOCUSED UPON.

Thus the latest "Monkey Business" shows, once again, that certain operatives are keen on walking past
  • The Black Child - Seeking Help With her homework in her failing inner city school
  • The Black Family - who son was killed and yet the murderer remains at large. In the context of the low homicide closure rate - the chances of them receiving justice are slim
  • The Black Man - who has to also EXIT THE BLACK COMMUNITY to find employment as he boards the bus each morning at 5am to make it to his job on time. A job that resides inside a community who's leaders have fielded a more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE economic system that "consumes" labor resources in exchange for a pay check
The key indictment of these members of the Black establishment is not WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO PROTEST and seek correction of. Instead we should focus carefully on how, in their power grab which has been skillfully orchestrated over the past 40 years, they have failed to CORRECT in that the modality of PROTEST only lends itself toward provoking CHANGE among an entity that HAS ORGANIZED POWER and which is on the OUTSIDE of the domain of control of the entity that is doing the protests. A protest, fundamentally, is an attempt for otherwise disempowered individuals to form into a unit and speak as one against another power who's force bears down upon them.

In my analysis - with the individuals who are favorable in the eyes of the Black Establishment running so many of the cities, counties and states where Black people live in our highest concentrations - the old, battled scared Civil Rights Warlords who's forte is protests, feigned outrage and "speaking truth to power" are FUNCTIONALLY rendered in effective. There is a key difference between "riling up Black folks" and have them join in on a protest march. A few thousand who show up purporting to represent "the Black whole". They are stumped at the present time, in MANAGING the resources of POWER that they have in place in elective offices and have it instantiate into actual benefit for the Black people living within.

The key question that I have for today is: WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY TO SPEAK FOR BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA? Derived from this question is "Who has the authority to insert line items upon The Black Agenda" and thus have Black folks support these efforts lest we stand against the progression of Black people?

I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement. It is true that much of the newsworthy activity on the ground that "pushed the edge" came from the left wing portion of the Black community. I am a Black Conservative. In listening to Martin Luther King III (and his late mother) in person I do not agree with their economic ideology. By inference I would likely have had some measure of criticism for Dr Martin Luther King Jr if I were of age and of consciousness back then. This is far from unique though. King's critics included Malcolm X as well as Stokely Carmichael as well as George S. Schuyler who came from a right wing perspective.

I don't mistake the "out front public figures" with the devaluation of the important work of the millions of Black people behind the scenes. While the students of the Atlanta University Center were keen on going downtown and "sitting at the Whites only lunch counters" they could not have succeeded to bring attention unless the more conservative and cautious adults and teachers who initially opposed this engagement but then mortgaged their houses on occasion in order to raise money and bail them out of jail. Opposition to tactics does not equate to opposition to the end game.

As we fast forward to today we see a similar situation. Certain "left wing, progressive" factions of Black people are more prone to protest IN THE NAME OF BLACK PEOPLE. As progressives their likely target are Conservatives and Republicans. I have no problem with this. These Black Progressives have their on priorities and clearly the Conservatives run counter to it.

The problem that I do have with those that I call "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" is that, in choosing the agenda of which issues to protest against, there is no assurance that these issues......while important to their ideological bent are indeed IMPORTANT to the global interests of African-Americans. In fact, once again, their tactics involving public protests are far more inclined to appeal to the POPULAR passions of Black people but are not assured encapsulate the long term and enduring interests of Black people. In fact I would even go so far as saying that some of the key people who are best equipped to make long term positive impact lack the will to engage in such protest.

Go research the views of Thurgood Marshall, formerly of the NAACP. While he was appreciative of the various marches lead by King and others, he commented that it was the groundwork laid by implementing and or changing LAWS that codified the changes and the enforcements that were necessary to insure the civil rights of Black people.


Where as Thurgood Marshall told of the need to lay down a legal framework for the protection of Black people and our interests as standard Americans - the year 2009 stands as a year where the African-American community has all of the LAWS that we can reasonably expect to obtain to level the playing field.

Clearly there is something beyond "The Law" that is necessary for us as a people to have our key access to "life, liberty and property" be ensured. In addition to this, the formerly hooded White marauder who terrorized us in the night has been largely replaced by the threat of the "Drug Thug" Black man who rains terror down upon our communities and the Black people who live behind iron bars over their windows to keep him out.

The Black Establishment is loved to "Throw The Book At" its own. Instead of taking the "legal approach" with this threat they are more inclined to focus on "derivative behavior". Unlike the White trash Klansman who used to attack us, today certain Blacks are inclined to inspect the economic forces that CAUSED the "Drug Thug" to seek to get into a business in which the oppression of the Black community is the major byproduct.

They would have us to avoid doing much introspection involving the cultural constructs that are allowed to fester within these Black communities and instead focus on how the "structural misallocation of resources in this country" has created the Black Drug Thug. This would be credible ONLY IF they had extended this same consideration to the Poor White Trash which used to attack us at will, suppressing us lest HE be at the bottom rung of the societal totem pole.

In pursuing this course the Black establishment is allowed to functionally escape the elements of their own ideological and political framework that routinely fails to address these important social constructs. A Progressive focuses more on the new ground that he is able to obtain than he does in actually managing the ground that he conquered "back in the day". In fact as he manages this ground and needs to field a RULING REGIME OF LAW AND ORDER......he finds himself becoming the CONSERVATOR, who needs to retain this order so that his regime can execute its agenda.

The key problem for the progressive course of action is that WHEN HIS ENEMIES DEPART THE BOUNDARIES OF HIS EXISTING DISTRICT........we will simply "move the police tape further out" in order to ensnare his enemies where they have migrated to so that he might continue with the EXTERNAL FIGHT.

Progressivism is NOT an "Organic" ideology by its fundamental nature.

When I ask "who is allowed to insert agenda items upon the Black Agenda" it is really a call for the Black community to take time out to reconcile where we stand today and to determine a new strategy to actually deal with the new situation at hand.

If I am asked to be "With us or against us" then certainly there must be some democratic process for determining direction. No I am not for MAJORITY RULES. If the MAJORITY is going the wrong way and they can use their suppressive powers to ignore the scientific evidence that indeed THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT then what we have is POPULARITY as the controlling force rather than RATIONALITY.

We simply can't afford any more popularity in the days of "American Idol".

A Law That Begats "Civil Rights Violations" Of Justice In New Orleans

Crime thrives under 60-day rule
Blown deadline frees hundreds of suspects

On recent FBI wiretaps, agents can hear criminal suspects muttering about "misdemeanor murders," code for doing hardly any time at all for the worst crime on the books.

On street corners and in the grungy holding tanks at parish prison, they have another name for it: "701," shorthand for Article 701 of the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedure. It states that no one can be held longer than 60 days on a felony arrest without an indictment.

Sometimes a 701 release merely eliminates a bond posted by a suspect in order to remain at liberty pending a trial. But in other cases, the 701 springs a murder suspect from jail because prosecutors have failed to meet the 60-day deadline, and that's been happening with astonishing frequency -- a tenfold increase -- in the widely criticized New Orleans criminal justice system since Hurricane Katrina.

The 701 list for 2005 includes Dquane Morgan, 20, booked with the second-degree murder of Ryan Crooks, 17, shot down in a hallway at the St. Bernard public housing complex June 2, 2005.

Three days later, Morgan was arrested. Sixty days after that, he walked free on a 701 release, leaving the case cold and now closed. The reason, prosecutors noted for the record, was that they never received a police report within the 60-day period. That's the same reason the other seven murder cases from the same seven-month stretch in 2005 tanked.

Jump to July 2006. The two men accused of trying to kill police officer Kevin Thomas in Algiers during a post-Katrina looting spree were released from jail after almost 10 months in jail. Prosecutors say they knew about the case all along but couldn't make a case given the deficiencies of the post-Katrina era.

But by the time District Attorney Eddie Jordan's office finally charged Vincent Walker, 44, and Jimil Joyner, 24, with attempted first-degree murder -- a week ago -- both suspects were on the loose.

Get-out-of-jail-free card

Prosecutors may refile charges against 701'd suspects if they get complete police reports, but often a 701 amounts to the writing on the wall, and cases fall by the wayside.

Conceived as insurance against lethargic prosecutors and detention without due process, a 701 can also be a get-out-of-jail-free card for criminals -- murderers included. And never has the city seen so many of them as in the post-Katrina era.

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What Is "The Black Belt" Of The United States?

The Black Belt -  Seems to be "In the heart of Dixie".  
While it is true that a higher number of Blacks live in the South than any other region of the nation - we should not mix aggregate numbers with that of concentrations.  While the highlighted region is geographically large, there is no comparison to the CONCENTRATIONS, numbers and political control as compared to the aggregated cities of New York City, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Wasington DC,  Baltimore, Newark, Milwaukee and several others.

In these places that reside outside of the "Black Belt" there is far higher concentrations of Blacks AND the forces that are more favored by African-Americans are in power over these population centers than they are in the "Black Belt".


The Black Belt is a region of the southeastern United States. Although the term originally describes the prairies and dark soil of central Alabama and northeast Mississippi[1], it has long been used to describe a broad region in the American South characterized by a high percentage of African Americans. Communities in the Black Belt commonly face acute poverty, rural exodus, inadequate education programs, low educational attainment, poor health care, substandard housing, and high levels of crime and unemployment. While African American residents are disproportionately affected, these problems apply broadly to all ethnic groups in the Black Belt. There are various definitions of the region and its boundaries, but it is generally considered a band through the center of the Deep South, stretching from as far north as Delaware to as far west as eastern

The following picture bears out my argument about CONCENTRATIONS being more important than PERCENTAGES:

My Open Letter To My Friend Rikyrah From "Jack And Jill Politics"

My friend Rikyrah:

Is it possible for you and other Democratic Progressives to scrutinize the shortcomings delivered to the Black community for a political machine that you are so personally involved in advocating for?

How does a Black Journalist objectively report upon a President when his mere presence in office is seen as the embodiment of their own pursuits?

Don't you need an AGENDA that you craft BEFORE you go into battle? You write it down and then put it into escrow. This list is a clear set of DELIVERIES that you demand.

Having it placed in escrow allows you to make occasional reference to WHAT YOU BELIEVE when times get tough in your battle and you lose sight. Where as you might get caught up in the CHEERLEADING for the team that you have chosen to latch onto - having these goals documented - you are able to "Pull Up" when necessary. Occasionally realizing that some FIGHTS ARE NOT YOUR FIGHTS?

The news of yet another Black mother being arrested for taking her child out of a failing public school system and placing her into a better school system is in the news yet again. This time it is Rochester NY. A few months ago it was Clayton County Georgia. And before that Baltimore Maryland.

The common denominator in all of these cases where people were convicted of receiving government services which they were not entitled to due to residency requirements is that:

* All of the parents and students were Black
* All of the failing school systems were majority Black
* All of the failing school systems are attached to Democratically dominated CITIES and SCHOOL BOARDS

Where as the Progressive mind would tend to go and protest against the District Attorney and School board which is PRESSING CHARGES against these parents. (for the record - I think that a Felony conviction is ridiculous) an observer of patterns - I would instead focus on the FAILING SCHOOL SYSTEM which is fully stocked by people who the Black community has APPROVED US to carry forth our INTERESTS.

My friend Rikyrah - what happens when the Black community has POLITICAL SUCCESS upon the vehicle which is most POPULAR to our tastes as we ride on the perceived incline up to power BUT when this same machine is in power over our interests after having our people's long time ideological adversaries having vacated and STILL OUR NEEDS ARE NOT MET?

Do people like you begin to take a step back and make an assessment and then a CORRECTION to their course? Or do people like you MOVE THE GOAL POSTS and keep expanding your power outward?

It is my belief that there are two concepts at play here:

* A power battle in the ideological space of AMERICAN POLITICS in which the majority of Black people are hitched to a particular vehicle known as the "Democratic Party". We are told that if we help the Democrats and the Progressive win then our communities will benefit

* The fight WITHIN the Black Community to obtain benefits and resources for the betterment of our own people.

Clearly the BQPFRC has placed all of his bets in the first basket above. You all are loathed to take a look at the various places where "you have WON politically yet the Black community has LOST". (Newark, Southwest Philly, Vine City Atlanta, etc).

At what point will you express a bit of intellectual honesty and consistency, thus ALIGNING your CLAIMS that by advocating for the Progressive and Democrats you are in fact advocating for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY and taking a "Listening Tour" of the places within the Black community where the victory has been won to see IF THE DELIVERABLES are on the loading dock?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Newbos: CNBC Investigates The New Black "OVER Class"

CNBC Presents - NewBo's - The Rise Of America's New Black Overclass

Beyond The Huxtables

A CNBC ORIGINAL, "NEWBOS: THE RISE OF AMERICA'S NEW BLACK OVERCLASS," ANCHORED BY LEE HAWKINS, EXAMINES A GENERATION OF SELF-MADE YOUNG BLACK MULTI-MILLIONAIRES PREMIERING TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 24 Lebron James, Torii Hunter, Terrell "T.O." Owens, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Wyclef Jean, Lil' Wayne and the Williams Brothers of Cash Money Records, Kirk Franklin, And Bob Johnson Are Featured

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., February 9, 2009 - In the 1980s, the fictional Huxtable family offered a window into the lives of upper middle class professional African American families. But today, there's a new class of young blacks who are now at the highest tier of the financial strata, and their first generation wealth sparks unprecedented challenges and opportunities in their lives. Their profiles are featured in CNBC's "NEWBOS: The Rise of America's New Black Overclass," anchored by Wall Street Journal reporter/CNBC correspondent Lee Hawkins, premiering Tuesday, February 24 at 9 PM/1 AM ET.

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University Of Georgia's "God Distributes Condoms Poster"

Of condoms, the Catholic League, and the University of Georgia
Wednesday, February 18, 2009, 05:43 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Nothing, apparently, is more volatile than a mixture of sex, universities and a state budget crisis.

You know that Georgia State University took a great deal of heat this month for possessing academics who claim bookish expertise about such forbidden topics as oral sex and male prostitution.

So when the Catholic League in New York objected today to an STD/birth control poster issued by the University of Georgia, the institution folded like a genuine Barlow. The reason? The poster featured Michelangelo’s image of the hand of God giving life to Adam — except that between the two fingers, one mortal and one not, was a condom.

“Carefully open condom wrappers with your fingers — don’t use a sharp object,” advised the poster, which was placed in dorms by the university health service as part of Sexual Health Awareness Week, which ended last Friday. As all of you know.

The Catholic League, in a complaint filed today with UGA vice president for student affairs, Rodney Bennett, said the university had “hijacked” an icon of Christianity.

“I hasten to add that the University of Georgia would never choose a depiction of Muhammad to hawk condoms. Indeed, only a few years ago an inoffensive depiction of this Islamic figure in a Danish cartoon led to murder and churches being burned to the ground. One can only imagine what would have happened had he been portrayed pushing condoms to youth,” wrote League president Bill Donahue.

CNN had already aired a morning spot about the GSU controversy and threats from state lawmakers. The piece included mention of a UGA course in “queer theory.”

The League filed its complaint about the condom poster at noon today. Bennett apologized by 2 p.m. Tom Jackson, UGA vice president for dealing with reporters on sensitive topics, emphasized his institution’s sincere regrets for the poster.

“[Bennett] understands that some in the Christian community might be offended by it, and he apologized to the Catholic League,” Jackson said. The UGA spokesman also pointed out that the posters had disappeared five days before the complaint was received.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Gladys Knight Opens New 'Chicken and Waffles' Location - Creates 50 New Jobs

Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles Opens In Johns Creek

Note: (not hateration) - I take it that Ron Wynan has left the business. The restaurant used to named "Gladys and Ron's Chicken And Waffles"

Historically Black Colleges Struggle To Retain Their Niche

Black colleges fight erosion of their niche

Historically black colleges and universities, like many other schools, are struggling with both fewer resources and a growing demand from students for financial aid.

But the institutions known as HBCUs have another problem that some leaders contend is theirs alone: Many African-American students are finding their needs met elsewhere.

In 1977, 35 percent of all bachelor’s degrees awarded to black students were from historically black colleges. By 2002, the share was down to 22 percent, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, even though the number of African-American students earning bachelor’s degrees from historically black colleges actually grew.

In the days of segregation, African-American students had limited options. Now, with a wide range of choices, only 13 percent of African-American college students are enrolled in HBCUs.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Racism Beyond Black And White At Sundance

Teens wrestle with racism at Sundance Film Festival

Consider Jessica Shivers in "Prom Night in Mississippi." She is a high school senior in the small Southern town of Charleston, Miss., population 2,300. She is fiery, beautiful and on the lower end of the economic scale. That she is white is a defining characteristic in writer-director Paul Saltzman's telling documentary about the long tentacles of race that still wrap themselves around us.

Jessica's boyfriend is also white; many of her friends are not. Her stepfather would beat her for her choice of friends, but he's in prison, so it is a nonissue for now. She struggles to find after-school jobs -- discriminated against by some white employers in her small town because it is known that she has African American friends. The local cops have pulled them over when they're riding in the car together. We meet Jessica and others in her senior class only because actor Morgan Freeman lives in Charleston and has been troubled by the high school's practice of separate, segregated proms. Given that court-ordered desegregation of schools began in 1954, "Prom Night" is a reminder of the perception versus reality clash of the racial divide circa 2009.

Freeman first offers to pay for the event in 1997 if the school board members will agree to integrate the prom -- they decline. After talking to the students, he offers again in 2008 -- this time the board accepts. Through interviews with students, their parents and teachers, what emerges is a case study on racial attitudes that is as candid as it is revealing.

A white father talks of the devastation he feels that his daughter is dating an African American boy; the boy's parents talk of their concerns too, though their fears are less abstract -- it is the violence they worry he might face for dating a white girl. The couple, Heather and Jeremy, are unfazed; as with most of their classmates, race is not an issue. They see racism as an inherited trait that stopped with their parents, one that doesn't extend to them or their friends.

Saltzman's camera catches the unspoken ambivalence in the body language of school officials as they discuss the logistics of integrating the prom. Though he tries for balance, he is not helped by the decision of most of the white parents who oppose the change not to participate in the film. Heather's father, a sincere and sad Glen Sumner, is the lone white voice struggling to explain why his resistance to his daughter's boyfriend isn't rooted in racism.

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Toady - Word Of The Day

What a perfect "Word Of The Day" received from


noun - a fawing flatterer; humble dependent

verb - to attempt to gain favor by fawning or being servile

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"We Are The People We've Been Waiting For"

"We Are The People We've Been Waiting For"

This phrase was coined by author (and mother of the year) Alice Walker and then modified by then candidate Obama to convey the message that it is time to transform "HOPE" into action. Instead of the constant positioning ourselves at the ballot box for future power which will benefit our children - it is time for us to order our actions to develop directed outcomes of our own making.

As I just finished reading the local Atlanta paper about crime rates increasing I couldn't help but take a step back and make note of how the concept of "The Promised Land" has been dangled in front of the faces of Black people as a means of keeping us going.

Yes it was a good thing during a time of slavery and Jim Crow racism to look past the barrel of the gun or the police dog that was trained upon our legs, past to a brighter future. The news reports of today, however, showed me just how much this concept has been USED to get people to look past the resources that are at our feet and how far we have come.

The Cascade Heights area in Southwest Atlanta. If we were to remove the smoke and mirrors regarding what "the Promised Land" for Black folks will look like - it would look something like Cascade. Big homes, abundant top rated shopping outlets, restaurants & sports bars full of Black folks who are more worried about what to wear on their Friday night get together than they are about where their next meal might come from.

Yet as we confine our thinking to the real world forces that bear upon any people it is quite ironic that in this fabled land of our own - the biggest force of concern and agreement is that "the local property crime rate is getting out of hand". This is not what it was supposed to be like.

There is no other place that I can think of around the nation which bears out the fruit of the Post-Civil Rights Era that we are in than this little slice of reality. I attended a post Christmas party at a house in Cascade. The present owner benefited from the sloppy financial situation of the previous owner who decked out this crib to the hilt. The present owner moved in to the foreclosed property, paying pennies on the dollar. Despite having a house that is indistinguishable with one in a wealthy White suburb - the property and lifestyle that "We have been waiting for" is not without the problems that have plagued our communities for a long while.

The key point that I am attempting to make is that our community is indeed being lead along a path that has a goal that is ultimately unattainable. So much of the underlying message is about the "struggle against" some unyielding force of oppression that threatens to cut our throat if we are not vigilant. This movement is impotent in putting forth INTERNAL MANAGEMENT constructs that effectively deal with threats from within.

Last week I read a blog post which said "all of my 'skin folks' ain't my 'kin folks'". When we step back and consider the most frequent target of this phrase it will no doubt more likely be applied to people who have an ideological difference from the one held by the person saying it. Rarely, for example, do I hear this phrase mentioned after a Black on Black crime in which the Black assailant slit the through of the Black victim and left him there to die like an "animal carcass".

This all seems to point to the ultimate point that I am seeking to make. The "Promised Land" is not a place. It is a condition that is brought to fruition via MANAGEMENT and CONSERVATION. The present state and the raw materials that are at our feet must be assembled together by the people who seek to be the primary beneficiaries of the finished product. Once the major assembly is complete there will need to be "conservators" who seek to protect the integrity of the structure and insure that no one else - external or internal - comes along and trashes that which was built up.

"We Are The People We've Been Waiting For" as applied to the concept of "The Promised Land" needs to be brought back home and made into a structure of consciousness that those who seek to eat the fruit are made to adopt in all that they do.

One major mission of those who are really interested in achieving maximum action and result from the people is to remove the "magical/ mystical" notions surrounding the promised land and to focus on rationing out specific duties and obligations that each person who plans to live within must do to not only recognize this place but to keep it maintained as such.

If someone can show me a place that will be more favorable to the Black upper middle class than the area of Southwest Atlanta known as Cascade Heights then this person has a bit of unrealism stuck within his outlook. It is not going to get any better than this for the Black upper middle class. Now it is time to hold your own.

Monday, February 02, 2009

7 Year Old Boy Hit And KIlled - There But For The Grace Of God I Stand

AJC: Second-grader hit, killed in DeKalb school crosswalk

These type of stories cause me a great amount of anxiety as it relates to my children, especially my son.

Where as I understand that the fault in this incident resides with the driver of the car who failed to yield to the instructions of the crossing guard - my son in particular is not as attentive as he needs to be in regards to walking in parking lots or across streets.

Just the thought of my son getting hit by a car as he runs through a parking lot while playing around with his sister makes me flinch.

I try to stay on him when I observe him not expressing enough caution around cars.

Today I brought him to the television and had him watch the consequences of getting hit by a car.

He asked me if the boy is gone for ever. "Even if God fixes him and brings him back?". I told him that his mother will only get to see him when she gets to heaven later on.

I also feel sorry for the 40 year old woman who hit the little boy. She was traveling to the very same school to bring her own child to school for the day safely. I can imagine the guilt that she has for impacting the lives of another family and the community in such a way.

The grandmother of the dead boy did not wish to see the woman imprisoned as she realized that it was an accident.

Unfortunately Dekalb County had a stop light at that particular crossing but removed it for some reason.