Monday, February 02, 2009

7 Year Old Boy Hit And KIlled - There But For The Grace Of God I Stand

AJC: Second-grader hit, killed in DeKalb school crosswalk

These type of stories cause me a great amount of anxiety as it relates to my children, especially my son.

Where as I understand that the fault in this incident resides with the driver of the car who failed to yield to the instructions of the crossing guard - my son in particular is not as attentive as he needs to be in regards to walking in parking lots or across streets.

Just the thought of my son getting hit by a car as he runs through a parking lot while playing around with his sister makes me flinch.

I try to stay on him when I observe him not expressing enough caution around cars.

Today I brought him to the television and had him watch the consequences of getting hit by a car.

He asked me if the boy is gone for ever. "Even if God fixes him and brings him back?". I told him that his mother will only get to see him when she gets to heaven later on.

I also feel sorry for the 40 year old woman who hit the little boy. She was traveling to the very same school to bring her own child to school for the day safely. I can imagine the guilt that she has for impacting the lives of another family and the community in such a way.

The grandmother of the dead boy did not wish to see the woman imprisoned as she realized that it was an accident.

Unfortunately Dekalb County had a stop light at that particular crossing but removed it for some reason.

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