Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Open Letter To My Friend Rikyrah From "Jack And Jill Politics"

My friend Rikyrah:

Is it possible for you and other Democratic Progressives to scrutinize the shortcomings delivered to the Black community for a political machine that you are so personally involved in advocating for?

How does a Black Journalist objectively report upon a President when his mere presence in office is seen as the embodiment of their own pursuits?

Don't you need an AGENDA that you craft BEFORE you go into battle? You write it down and then put it into escrow. This list is a clear set of DELIVERIES that you demand.

Having it placed in escrow allows you to make occasional reference to WHAT YOU BELIEVE when times get tough in your battle and you lose sight. Where as you might get caught up in the CHEERLEADING for the team that you have chosen to latch onto - having these goals documented - you are able to "Pull Up" when necessary. Occasionally realizing that some FIGHTS ARE NOT YOUR FIGHTS?

The news of yet another Black mother being arrested for taking her child out of a failing public school system and placing her into a better school system is in the news yet again. This time it is Rochester NY. A few months ago it was Clayton County Georgia. And before that Baltimore Maryland.

The common denominator in all of these cases where people were convicted of receiving government services which they were not entitled to due to residency requirements is that:

* All of the parents and students were Black
* All of the failing school systems were majority Black
* All of the failing school systems are attached to Democratically dominated CITIES and SCHOOL BOARDS

Where as the Progressive mind would tend to go and protest against the District Attorney and School board which is PRESSING CHARGES against these parents. (for the record - I think that a Felony conviction is ridiculous) an observer of patterns - I would instead focus on the FAILING SCHOOL SYSTEM which is fully stocked by people who the Black community has APPROVED US to carry forth our INTERESTS.

My friend Rikyrah - what happens when the Black community has POLITICAL SUCCESS upon the vehicle which is most POPULAR to our tastes as we ride on the perceived incline up to power BUT when this same machine is in power over our interests after having our people's long time ideological adversaries having vacated and STILL OUR NEEDS ARE NOT MET?

Do people like you begin to take a step back and make an assessment and then a CORRECTION to their course? Or do people like you MOVE THE GOAL POSTS and keep expanding your power outward?

It is my belief that there are two concepts at play here:

* A power battle in the ideological space of AMERICAN POLITICS in which the majority of Black people are hitched to a particular vehicle known as the "Democratic Party". We are told that if we help the Democrats and the Progressive win then our communities will benefit

* The fight WITHIN the Black Community to obtain benefits and resources for the betterment of our own people.

Clearly the BQPFRC has placed all of his bets in the first basket above. You all are loathed to take a look at the various places where "you have WON politically yet the Black community has LOST". (Newark, Southwest Philly, Vine City Atlanta, etc).

At what point will you express a bit of intellectual honesty and consistency, thus ALIGNING your CLAIMS that by advocating for the Progressive and Democrats you are in fact advocating for the BEST INTERESTS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY and taking a "Listening Tour" of the places within the Black community where the victory has been won to see IF THE DELIVERABLES are on the loading dock?

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