Monday, February 23, 2009

Which Entity Has The Autority To Insert Items Upon "The Black Agenda"?

It is totally obvious to me that core members of the "Black Establishment" of today have been totally compromised. They work in support of their entrenched ideological and partisan interests than they any objective analyst could claim that they are materially advancing the key issues impacting Black America.

I make the necessary distinction between what is POPULAR WITH BLACK AMERICANS and what is NECESSARY FOR BLACK FOLKS TO BE FOCUSED UPON.

Thus the latest "Monkey Business" shows, once again, that certain operatives are keen on walking past
  • The Black Child - Seeking Help With her homework in her failing inner city school
  • The Black Family - who son was killed and yet the murderer remains at large. In the context of the low homicide closure rate - the chances of them receiving justice are slim
  • The Black Man - who has to also EXIT THE BLACK COMMUNITY to find employment as he boards the bus each morning at 5am to make it to his job on time. A job that resides inside a community who's leaders have fielded a more EFFECTIVE and PRODUCTIVE economic system that "consumes" labor resources in exchange for a pay check
The key indictment of these members of the Black establishment is not WHAT THEY CHOOSE TO PROTEST and seek correction of. Instead we should focus carefully on how, in their power grab which has been skillfully orchestrated over the past 40 years, they have failed to CORRECT in that the modality of PROTEST only lends itself toward provoking CHANGE among an entity that HAS ORGANIZED POWER and which is on the OUTSIDE of the domain of control of the entity that is doing the protests. A protest, fundamentally, is an attempt for otherwise disempowered individuals to form into a unit and speak as one against another power who's force bears down upon them.

In my analysis - with the individuals who are favorable in the eyes of the Black Establishment running so many of the cities, counties and states where Black people live in our highest concentrations - the old, battled scared Civil Rights Warlords who's forte is protests, feigned outrage and "speaking truth to power" are FUNCTIONALLY rendered in effective. There is a key difference between "riling up Black folks" and have them join in on a protest march. A few thousand who show up purporting to represent "the Black whole". They are stumped at the present time, in MANAGING the resources of POWER that they have in place in elective offices and have it instantiate into actual benefit for the Black people living within.

The key question that I have for today is: WHO HAS THE AUTHORITY TO SPEAK FOR BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA? Derived from this question is "Who has the authority to insert line items upon The Black Agenda" and thus have Black folks support these efforts lest we stand against the progression of Black people?

I was not alive during the Civil Rights Movement. It is true that much of the newsworthy activity on the ground that "pushed the edge" came from the left wing portion of the Black community. I am a Black Conservative. In listening to Martin Luther King III (and his late mother) in person I do not agree with their economic ideology. By inference I would likely have had some measure of criticism for Dr Martin Luther King Jr if I were of age and of consciousness back then. This is far from unique though. King's critics included Malcolm X as well as Stokely Carmichael as well as George S. Schuyler who came from a right wing perspective.

I don't mistake the "out front public figures" with the devaluation of the important work of the millions of Black people behind the scenes. While the students of the Atlanta University Center were keen on going downtown and "sitting at the Whites only lunch counters" they could not have succeeded to bring attention unless the more conservative and cautious adults and teachers who initially opposed this engagement but then mortgaged their houses on occasion in order to raise money and bail them out of jail. Opposition to tactics does not equate to opposition to the end game.

As we fast forward to today we see a similar situation. Certain "left wing, progressive" factions of Black people are more prone to protest IN THE NAME OF BLACK PEOPLE. As progressives their likely target are Conservatives and Republicans. I have no problem with this. These Black Progressives have their on priorities and clearly the Conservatives run counter to it.

The problem that I do have with those that I call "Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chasers" is that, in choosing the agenda of which issues to protest against, there is no assurance that these issues......while important to their ideological bent are indeed IMPORTANT to the global interests of African-Americans. In fact, once again, their tactics involving public protests are far more inclined to appeal to the POPULAR passions of Black people but are not assured encapsulate the long term and enduring interests of Black people. In fact I would even go so far as saying that some of the key people who are best equipped to make long term positive impact lack the will to engage in such protest.

Go research the views of Thurgood Marshall, formerly of the NAACP. While he was appreciative of the various marches lead by King and others, he commented that it was the groundwork laid by implementing and or changing LAWS that codified the changes and the enforcements that were necessary to insure the civil rights of Black people.


Where as Thurgood Marshall told of the need to lay down a legal framework for the protection of Black people and our interests as standard Americans - the year 2009 stands as a year where the African-American community has all of the LAWS that we can reasonably expect to obtain to level the playing field.

Clearly there is something beyond "The Law" that is necessary for us as a people to have our key access to "life, liberty and property" be ensured. In addition to this, the formerly hooded White marauder who terrorized us in the night has been largely replaced by the threat of the "Drug Thug" Black man who rains terror down upon our communities and the Black people who live behind iron bars over their windows to keep him out.

The Black Establishment is loved to "Throw The Book At" its own. Instead of taking the "legal approach" with this threat they are more inclined to focus on "derivative behavior". Unlike the White trash Klansman who used to attack us, today certain Blacks are inclined to inspect the economic forces that CAUSED the "Drug Thug" to seek to get into a business in which the oppression of the Black community is the major byproduct.

They would have us to avoid doing much introspection involving the cultural constructs that are allowed to fester within these Black communities and instead focus on how the "structural misallocation of resources in this country" has created the Black Drug Thug. This would be credible ONLY IF they had extended this same consideration to the Poor White Trash which used to attack us at will, suppressing us lest HE be at the bottom rung of the societal totem pole.

In pursuing this course the Black establishment is allowed to functionally escape the elements of their own ideological and political framework that routinely fails to address these important social constructs. A Progressive focuses more on the new ground that he is able to obtain than he does in actually managing the ground that he conquered "back in the day". In fact as he manages this ground and needs to field a RULING REGIME OF LAW AND ORDER......he finds himself becoming the CONSERVATOR, who needs to retain this order so that his regime can execute its agenda.

The key problem for the progressive course of action is that WHEN HIS ENEMIES DEPART THE BOUNDARIES OF HIS EXISTING DISTRICT........we will simply "move the police tape further out" in order to ensnare his enemies where they have migrated to so that he might continue with the EXTERNAL FIGHT.

Progressivism is NOT an "Organic" ideology by its fundamental nature.

When I ask "who is allowed to insert agenda items upon the Black Agenda" it is really a call for the Black community to take time out to reconcile where we stand today and to determine a new strategy to actually deal with the new situation at hand.

If I am asked to be "With us or against us" then certainly there must be some democratic process for determining direction. No I am not for MAJORITY RULES. If the MAJORITY is going the wrong way and they can use their suppressive powers to ignore the scientific evidence that indeed THE EARTH IS NOT FLAT then what we have is POPULARITY as the controlling force rather than RATIONALITY.

We simply can't afford any more popularity in the days of "American Idol".

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