Sunday, March 22, 2009

Americans Are Becoming Less Religious - The Blame Is Cast Predictably

Leonard Pitts Jr.

We are losing our religion.

That, with apologies to R.E.M., is the startling conclusion of a new study, the American Religious Identification Survey, conducted by researchers at Trinity College of Hartford, Conn. The poll of over 54,000 American adults found a sharp erosion in the number of people claiming religious affiliation.

A few highlights: The number of people who call themselves Christian is 76 percent, down 10 percentage points since 1990.

Thirty percent of married couples did not have a religious ceremony.

Better than one in four Americans do not expect a religious funeral.


People of faith usually respond to that ugliness -- by which I mean a seemingly endless cycle of scandal, controversy, hypocrisy, violence and TV preachers saying idiot things -- in one of two ways. Either they defend it (making them part of the problem), or they regard it as a series of isolated, albeit unfortunate, episodes. But irreligious people do neither.

And people of faith should ask themselves: What is the cumulative effect upon outside observers of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker living like lords on the largess of the poor, multiplied by Jimmy Swaggart's pornography addiction, plus Eric Rudolph bombing Olympians and gays in the name of God, plus Muslims hijacking airplanes in the name of God, multiplied by the church that kicked out some members because they voted Democrat, divided by people caterwauling on courthouse steps as a rock bearing the Ten Commandments was removed, multiplied by the square root of Catholic priests preying on little boys while the church looked on and did nothing, multiplied by Muslims rioting over cartoons, plus the ongoing demonization of gay men and lesbians, divided by all those ''traditional values'' coalitions and ''family values'' councils that try to bully public schools into becoming worship houses, with morning prayers and science lessons from the book of Genesis? Then subtract selflessness, service, sacrifice, holiness and hope.

Do the math, and I bet you'll draw the same conclusion the researchers did.

The views posted for public commentary by various Black Progressive opinion columnists have become quite predictable.

Upon hearing the news that people are tuning out religion Mr Pitts and other progressives went on the attack against organized religion and the CONSERVATIVES in particular.

I will not attempt to do a point by point refutation of Mr. Pitts. Instead I will work to put forth a parallel analysis but first I want to notate the present set of circumstances that we face today.

Recently we learned that Washington DC was but one of the large American cities that are being hammered by the AIDS epidemic. Last years the news was that neighboring Baltimore MD was the fastest growing city for HIV infections. When I read the logic of AJC's Cynthia Tucker - yet another Black Progressive opinion writer - it is the BLACK CHURCH which is attacked for failing to step into the breach and address the problem.

Much like the debate over "Abstinence Only Education" the progressives blame the "judgmental establishment" when a certain phenomenon that harms the populace takes root. Thus in their minds - it was not the CULTURE of "Do it if it feels good" that is responsible for the AIDS and STDs that has broken out upon the masses that follow it like a religion. Instead it is the failure of organized religion to provide a compelling framework for engagement of these people and thus win their hearts over from the course that they are taking.

This is the biggest "heads I win, tails - you lose" frame up that I have ever witness.

Let's imagine if we consider a school in a given area and then match it up against the level of literacy that is present within the community.

If a community that was facing a low rate of school attendance and thus a high rate of illiteracy and resulting consequences there in - these progressive commentators would be notating the critical importance of the educational establishment in laying a framework for consciousness and development among the people. Instead of placing scorn upon this establishment for failing to get the masses to enter into the front doors of the school on a daily basis - they would focus upon society's culpability in creating the conditions by which the schools are ignored.

Why is it then that Pitts and Tucker and Jackson and so many other Black Progressive opinion writers use the current crisis in religious faith as a time to take the conservative orthodoxy of this institution?

It is quite ironic to me that Mr. Pitts does not list the sins of the PROGRESSIVE Black church in his list of offenses. Rev Jamal Bryant in Baltimore fathered a child outside of marriage with a teen aged parishioner. Yet Rev Bryant dutifully attacks conservatives and promotes Barack Obama - so he is worthy. Rev Calvin Butts in NYC at Abyssinian makes no bones about his church being a political activist church. Yet again these progressive politics are music to the ears of the progressive analyst. Despite this fact the general area around this church is in need of an injection of a spirit of salvation to redirect it toward a greater mission.

As I have noted a short while ago - the key to progressive political discourse is to keep the CONSERVATIVE ON TRIAL. The expansion of secular progressivism is the focus of few of these commentaries. For them the question is "Why did the conservative church establishment lose the mindshare to secular progressivism?"

What does the church need to do to change?

I ask the question - How much damage must be had by the Black community prior to us notating that the rejection of certain structures has eroded our interests?

Why Did This Black Cashier "Hate Me As A Black Man So Much"?

This is a reenactment of a set of observations that I made while going into a retail shopping strip yesterday in Clayton County Georgia.

When I "criticize" the behavior of Black people some people seeking to PROTECT THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR say that I "hate Black people" because I vocalize my frustrations. Their knee jerk response is to find "offending Whites" who have done the same thing. Thus their goal is not CORRECTION but NEUTRALIZATION of my words.

Instead I think a stronger case can be made that I simply have a HIGHER SET OF STANDARDS FOR BEHAVIOR than the "room temperature" rate that others have. When I notate someone who operates far below this I have the choice to remain silent and degrade my standards to match theirs or I can speak out and communicate my concerns. Keep in mind that some people don't speak out. They simply vow to "NOT COME BACK TO THE STORE".

This time I plan to turn things around and ask the critics WHY do they empower the Black people they tend to defend to continue to operate below any standard reference for behavior - particularly in the public space.


Yesterday I was in need of some electronics accessories for my car. I could have easily driven to the local "Best Buy" and gotten everything under one roof. Instead I decided to drive up the road into Clayton County and make a round trip of my shopping list.

As I went toward the Radio Shack I noticed a "shapely" woman walking into the store while on her cellphone. (Hey - I'm a man). As I looked around I could not find what I was looking for. As I went to the store from front to back to front again I noticed that the woman on the phone was an employee of the store. As she walked into the back office and then to the register - she remained on the phone. She talked about some date she had the other day and even used some profanity in the conversation. As far as I am concerned - when she walked behind the register - SHE WAS ON THE CLOCK and off of her break.

As I was looking around in the back of the store she did not once offer to assist me. She was too involved with her own conversation.

I then walked to the front of the store and asked the other sales associate for help. She too couldn't find what I was looking for. She then called out to the other woman who was talking on the phone. She told her where to look but they were out of stock. As I cashed out with some of the other trinkets that I had purchased the other girl was still talking on the phone. She made some comments to her girlfriend that caused her coworker to smirk. Both she and I knew that she was getting a bit too personal with her conversation. SHE did not ask her co-worker to get off of the phone. This action and the music that was playing in the store showed me that my point of reference regarding what is appropriate for a retail establishment is much different than what they were operating upon.

I have a habit of stating my displeasure about customer service where people can "take it or leave it". In this case - based on the tone of the woman's conversation I would not dare seek to correct her in this manner. I assure you that I would have been told what I could do with my advice.

This Radio Shack location is likely hanging on by a thread. In addition to the compromised state of the entire Radio Shack chain because of the competition from big box electronic stores and Wal-Mart this location is contained within a shopping center that is facing a changing economic demographic. This particular shopping center has been around for the 20 years that I have been in the area. One look at the present line up of the stores shows the details of how the top line retailers have moved out - sans Radio Shack - and now discount stores and independents have taken their place.

Is it too much for me to expect that all sales associates operate with regard to ONE COMMON SET OF STANDARDS? "The customer comes first!!".

Thus I must get the jump on the attacks upon ME for daring to comment on the situation and ask my question: "What was within this sales associate's line of thinking that made her believe that her GIRLFRIEND on the phone was more important than helping me - a Black man and a CUSTOMER who ultimately insured that she had a job?"

Too often when we hear about "flight" from an area the argument is made in terms of the bigotry of those who have departed from the space. Rarely do certain people talk about the attributes of those who are 'left behind' that some people choose not to deal with. At the end of the day - there must be a common set of decency that is expected and enforced within the public space.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why Aren't Black Conservatives Taking To The Streets Over The Cancellation Of School Choice In DC? ANSWER

Here is my reply to Akindele Akinyemi who asks why Black Conservatives are not fighting the Democrats and Black Establishment over the cancellation of "Opportunity Scholarships" in Washington DC

Brother Akinyemi (and Wizz) do you mind if I frame your argument in the proper terms and then ask you about the rationality of it?

"Why are Black Conservatives (I am not a Republican) allowing Democrats and Black Democrats to snatch opportunities away from a handful of Black children who are escaping the failed DC public schools as they pursue quality education within alternative educational delivery sessions? Why don't we SAVE THESE BLACK KIDS from this wrath?

As I think about this, Wizz and Akinyemi - THIS ISSUE is a "photographic negative" to my attacks upon Affirmative Action.

IN BOTH CASES the key concept that goes unchallenged is the FAILURE OF THE PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS THAT BLACK AMERICANS ARE CONCENTRATED WITHIN and the "Democratic Immunity" that is afforded to BOTH those who are RUNNING THEM and the PARENTS/COMMUNITIES who are supposed to be managers of the educational careers of these students.


I have ONE "BLACK VOTE" just as the other Blacks who sit complacently with their IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY and allow the Progressives who run the schools and control the CULTURE there in (as well as the community).


At the same time, Brother Akinyemi - THIS IS A 'CHICKENS COMING HOME TO ROOST' situation in regards to the antics of those who have PREVAILING CONTROL OVER OUR COMMUNITIES.

About 6 months ago when I attended a "motivation day" for a Black elementary school in order to get them hyped to do good on a standardized test - my mouth dropped as I noticed the CULTURE that was dominate in the school. Let's put aside the culture of the students. I am talking about the ADMINISTRATION AND TEACHERS.

I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER allow my own children to attend this school based on what I had seen. This decision is based 100% about the CULTURE and PERMISSIVENESS and MESSAGES that were present in this the "2nd Wealthiest Black Majority County In America". (South Dekalb)

You see Brother Akinyemi I have coined the term "IDEOLOGICAL BIGOT" to describe a people who are SO ENTRENCHED into their ways where they see no other way. They are so HATE FILLED against anyone who dares question them.

(Key point coming up)
DESPITE THE AGGREGATE RESULTS that are rendered from the places where THEIR IDEOLOGY IS DOMINATE........those who are bound within their BIGOTRY are unable to see the PART THAT THEY HAVE PLAYED IN THEIR OWN MISFORTUNE.

Brother Akinyemi - I am not UNAWARE of the history of this nation.

I AM aware of TIME INTERVALS which represent CHANGE. For some people who are actually living in a NEW INTERVAL yet who refuse to stop blaming the OLD GHOSTS for their current peril - THERE IS NO HOPE FOR THEM.


So here is the challenge though. What do you do to a MASS OF PEOPLE who have LEADERS who know that the best way to KEEP UNITY AMONG THESE PEOPLE is to TAP INTO THE RAW WOUNDS FROM THE PAST.....pulling the scab off to produce the bloodshed of anger and protests against their long time adversary?

When today an increasing among of "Black Flight Progressives" are MOVING NEXT TO THEIR IDEOLOGICAL ENEMIES to actually receive that which their STRUGGLES was to deliver to them BACK WHERE THEIR IDEOLOGY IS DOMINATE. If THIS DISCOMBOBULATION does not produce QUESTIONS in the minds of those who live it - WHAT IS THE HOPE of convincing those who HAVE NOT DEPARTED these concentrated areas yet listen to the "9Ps" THAT CONTROL THE MESSAGE INTO THE BLACK COMMUNITY and the LIES and manipulations that they tell?

THE ONLY THING THAT YOU CAN DO Akinyemi is to BE CLEAR ON WHAT YOU BELIEVE, CONTINUE TALKING and allow those who are willing to yield upon their BIGOTRY to start STANDING UP AGAINST THE MAIN AGITATORS who are misleading them.

They are SOLD OUT to their IDEOLOGY and their PARTY.

They hate their enemy more than they LOVE THEMSELVES and their PERMANENT INTERESTS.

The next crop of Black kids who are coming through the institutions that they control via their POPULAR VOTE will similarly be INJURED by their perverted orientation at present.

I REFUSE to fight to CHANGE those who CLAIM TO BE OPERATING IN THE BLACK BEST INTERESTS yet who are unwilling to see how they ARE NOT. They are actually PERPETUATING certain behaviors and cultures as they use their non-judgmentalism to refract it elsewhere.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Am Opposed To The Proposed "Slavery Museum" In Virginia

Doug Wilder Presses for Slavery Museum

Richmond, Va., Mayor L. Douglas Wilder, himself the grandson of former slaves, is pushing harder than ever to see a national slavery museum erected in the Virginia town of Fredericksburg.

Despite financial obstacles, Wilder, who in 1989 was the first African American elected governor, has acknowledged the fundraising difficulties that the U.S. National Slavery Museum is having, but rejected the notion that the facility might be put in Shockoe Bottom, where remains of a slave jail recently were unearthed.
Organizers must re-register by this Friday before it can legally seek donations in Virginia, according to The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

I am personally satisfied that the fundraising for the proposed "Slavery Museum" in Virginia has stumbled.  In my observation of certain Black people slavery and racism form the core of their own being and their power.

I recently participated in a community outreach event in which a group of Black adults spent time educating Black youth on a volutnary basis.  As my group did some self-study work I focused my attention to a conversation happening within another group that was huddled up.  The adult lead of this other group had a book about Barack Obama.  In his conversation about 90% of the comments made reference to the slavery and discrimination that Blacks had suffered in the past.  All the while he said little about the future vision for Black America and what WE need to do to bring it forth.

Ironically many would accuse me of seeking to "bury the painful path" so that we might hide from our history.  Point well taken.   I will compare this against what they are doing on two points:

  • We as an African people spent countless thousands of years as FREE and SELF DETERMINANT PEOPLE.  Why then is 400 years of slavery able to sublimate this prior history as they tell it?   These people pervert Blacks as if slavery and colonialization was the start of our existence and that this will for ever be a part of our condition.
  • Those who are able to draw their power upon our "Slave Past" are equally incompetent at putting forth any type of organic vision of our future.  A future where we as a free people lay down the foundtion with each genertion to reclaim the spirit of our freedom and self determination.

I stand opposed to further investments in conditioning our people on slavery and racism.

I would support an African Science Museum, an African Art Museum, an African Future Studies & Policy Museum

Saturday, March 14, 2009

California Legislator: If Gays Can't Get Married Then No One Should Be 'Married"

Supporters of gay marriage have started collecting signatures for a proposed ballot measure to strike the word "marriage" from all California laws and replace it with "domestic partnership."

This comes as no surprise to me at all.
I figured that the "homosexual lobby" would seek to tear down all of our societal institutions IF any of them are used to deny them what they seek.

If this were the biblical story about the two women who claimed that the unknown infant was their own - they would be the woman who agreed to have the infant sliced in half so that each of them could possess a half of the carcass.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Africa Hammered By Global Recession & Drop In Commodity Prices

Commodity-rich Africa profited when the world was growing. Now that it's not, it will be the hardest hit.

For the last decade or so, an economic uplifting in Africa has brought millions out of poverty. Democracy spread farther and faster than ever before. In December, the World Bank reported that sub-Saharan Africa's 2008 economic growth was 5.4 percent, equaling Europe and higher than Latin America (Africa finally ceded to Latin America its place as the world's slowest-growing region). Even now, many Africans imagine they will escape the global credit crisis relatively unscathed.

They're in for a rude shock. Recent IMF forecasts predict growth of 3 percent this year, compared to 4 percent in low-income countries. There are three main factors at work. Commodities are Africa's bread and butter and commodity prices have been dropping fast thanks to falling demand due to the global downturn. A second factor is that many African countries are largely aid-dependent, and big Western donors with slumping economies are less likely to want to give. Similarly, declines in foreign direct investment and remittances will hammer African economies. Finally, the specter of economic collapse, while scary for well-to-do countries, can wreak political havoc in unstable ones. As revenues decline, companies and governments are likely to have to scale back development plans, which could infuriate populations who had only recently gained some hope that living standards in Africa could rise. "Most Africans believed they'd be untouched," says Greg Mills of the Brenthurst Foundation, an independent think tank in South Africa. "But they underestimated the scale and the intensity of this crisis."

Monday, March 09, 2009

Religion In Society Is Declining - Good News For The Progressive

Study finds percentage of Christians in the nation has declined

Just as in so many other left heading nations - America has and will continue to experience a decline in the practice of religious expression.

With the religious god removed - the state will take his place as their "God".

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sugar Of The Crop - A Woman Who Inteviewed Children Of Slaves Unintentially Debunks The Derrivative Behavior Theories Of The BQPFRC

My Journey to Find the Children of Slaves

This is a "must watch" for all Black folks.

Sana Butler, who I believe to be a Progressive, does an interview of actual children who's parents had been ENSLAVED. Yet despite showcasing the examples where the enslaved state of their parents being a tax upon their children these former enslaved Blacks actually press their children to EXCEL BEYOND THEIR PRESENT STATE!!!

This is great news!

When The Black Progressives Prints What I Have Been Saying

Here is a letter from the editor on "Rolling Out" magazine, Munson Steed:

The opening line in Chalres Dicken's A Tale of Two Cities, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ....." describes America's present circumstances perfectly. Coming off the historic election of the first Black president - an event to witness in their lifetime - the nation is basking in the afterglow of the goodwill generated by the unprecedented coalescing of people across racial, ethnic, economic and social strata. And while Barack Obama's election is cause for celebration, Black America doesn't have the luxury of gloating.

Before the election Black America was facing a myriad of problems; from sing-parent families to high incarceration, HIV infection and high school drop out rates. Any one of the problems could deliver a knockout blow to the community - bundle them, and you have a potential holocaust in the making.


A new era is upon us, but those old problems are still threatening the Black community. We have always had superstars who rose to the great heights and inspired not only Blacks, but all Americans. More brown faces are in positions of prominence and importance than ever, possibly since Plymouth Rock landed on us. But even during the most repressive times, some found a way to preserve and overcome. The measure of our success is not what the gifted can accomplish, rather it is what the least among us can hope to achieve. And on that score, we are far from overcoming.

Yes, we are proud of the president. But, if you'll pardon us, we'd like to focus on why little Johny can't read. We want to encourage Sally to postpone childbearing until she completes her education. So we're going to commit ourselves to mentoring the children in the community. We don't want President Obama to be an anomaly; we want people of accomplishment, vision and intelligence to be the standard for our community and our nation. Will you join us in that quest? Peace.

This is pretty amazing to me.
"Rolling Out" magazine is one of the most entrenched, politically and ideologically biased magazines for the benefit of the present Black establishment and the Democratic Party.

They key point that Mr Steed will not tell you is that all of the conditions that he speaks of that are bombarding the Black communities like torpedoes are taking place in communities that have elected leaders that are otherwise FAVORABLE to the magazine and its readership.  

The key point that we will not likely hear from left biased Black press oracles such as "Rolling Out" is the ACCOUNTABILITY upon the present regime that dominates Black America.

They are of the mindset that Blacks are on a perpetual struggle.  Where problems arise they are evidence that MORE PROGRESSIVISM must be applied because the ideology has not taken root enough to produce change.    Thus "Rolling Out" and others prove to be a death spiral in support of the present entrechnment.  

It is past time that the Black Community step back and hold an accounting of what the next ideological theme will be in place for us to actually obtain the benefits that we seek.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Guidance For "The Hip Hop Republican"

Brother Sanders:

You are right and wrong, both at the same time.

I agree with you that the social/moral issues are not the key points by which to attract Black people. Let's be honest - though some of use realize that some of these points are problematic, there is an increasing number of Black folks who live the 'keeping it real' life. They would see a reversion toward moralistic constructs as a number of different but negative adjectives: "the man's ways", Eurocentric behavior, you know the score.

Here is where you are wrong brother - I (and I am a Conservative Independent) don't like having our "Black consciousness and culture" built upon the scaffolding of the American Political Process. It is in fact something that is separate and distinct that is presently HIJACKED to appear as such by the Black Establishment. It just so happens that this establishment are Democrats.

The reason why the prevailing sentiment among our people is that of a liberal/progressive Democrat is because of our historical phase of the Freedom struggle and development. Thus, think about it - when you are a group of people who are living in an otherwise unyielding society that is working against your interests - indeed you should get LIBERAL leadership which seeks to loosen up the greater society's grip upon you (and your neck).

What people don't realize is that the Black community and America is now in a new phase.

Today as Black people and/or people who have policies favorable to the masses ARE THE SYSTEM per their seat in elective government, in the pulpits and people with influence in general - THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR

* Fielding an order that WORKS for the Best Interests Of Black People

* Propagating this order upon the domain of their control (ie: their city, state - and sadly now - THE NATION)

* PERPETUATING this order so that others coming behind them have such order rather than chaos.

Thus with this as the framework - what we see is that the present Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive-Fundamentalist Racism Chaser who INDEED sits atop our city governments but has failed to put forth a regime that can Educate us, Employ Us, Keep us safe in our homes, and keep us Healthy - all to a high order must be made to inspect this set of policies and assumptions that is in use.

Here is the key point of consciousness that has NOT yet been achieved by Black and Working class America that the Democratic Party has exploited:

In the list above the rank and file of the community will look toward its LEADERSHIP to provision as such. In as much as the present Democratic machine WHO IS IN FACT IN THE SEAT OF POWER and should be held accountable for these failings but is able to project their own failings on:

* Lingering White Supremacy
* The Legacy of Structural Racism
* The Unfair Distribution Of Capital Resources Due To Capitalism

then what they effectively do is to get the Blacks and the Working Class to LOOK PAST THE LOCAL FAILINGS OF THE REGIME THAT IS IN POWER and instead look toward NATIONAL CHANGE AND RESTRUCTURING so that one day THEIR lot in life will be better.

Some people don't realize that what Barack Obama is doing right now is well documented in ALL LEFT WING MOVEMENTS. They fundamentally need a nationalistic movement where they control all of the variables and thus can redistribute resources as society sees fit. Stern private property rights be damned.

The challenge for the Black conservative is to get our people to seek EARNEST MONEY along this road. Presently - we look past the "Local Democrats" and their failings. Despite their failures - THEIR POLICIES ARE STILL IN LINE WITH THE PREVAILING SENTIMENT OF BLACK AMERICA.

So think about it. If you are "right" in that your policies are rationalized as just and logical and correct. Yet when they are executed locally you STILL don't achieve that which you are envious of in your more "Conservative" and more "White" areas outside of your scope - WHAT DO YOU THINK THE AVERAGE BLACK PERSON IS INCLINED TO DO?

We will either say:

* You know what that White, more Conservative community right across the county line has low crime, better schools and more stable home values - THEY MUST BE BENEFITING FROM THE LEGACY OF WHITE SUPREMACY that has them with all of these resources


* You know - their results are more to my liking - Let's study what they do and adopt the key policies that they use to achieve these ends. Most of all we need a regime of law and order before we can obtain this.

I live in Metro Atlanta. In my observations of the growth of Black, Democratic majority counties and the political and racial dynamics there in I have coined the term "Black Flight Progressives".

The Black Flight Progressive are Black Democrats who VOTED TO CHANGE their home county into the Democratic dominated fortress that it finally became once THEY won the "racial and ideological" fight. The White folks MOVED to a place where their values were promoted.

Upon achieving control of this county and "the struggle" one - the Black Flight Progressives begin to look around, get lonely that there are no more "enemies" around to blame the conditions upon but also notice that the PROBLEMS did not get better they only changed in their dynamics. After a few years with their favored regime in power something motivates the conversation that opens with "Honey its time to MOVE".

As they do a real estate search they key in upon:

* Quality Schools
* Low Crime Rates
* Appreciating Home Values (well - we USED to do this. What about slower erosion of home values - these days)
* High quality retail shopping environment
* Political stability

After typing in these characteristics into their computer...........THEY FIND THAT WHERE THEIR CONSERVATIVE ENEMIES HAVE MOVED TO IS MOST ATTRACTIVE TO THEM!!

They end up moving right next door to their ideological adversary!!

But get this - and I say this based on the authority of seeing this last election: Despite the fact that they had to distance themselves from the place where the ideology and party that they favor HAD DOMINATE CONTROL.......their IDEOLOGICAL BIGOTRY has them STILL VOTING FOR THEM.

They are so unconscious as to what transpired in their life that they, ironically, slowly but surely customize their new home to look like the one they departed.

Here is my view as to why: They see their vote for the Progressives as one where they MAINTAIN THEIR LINK WITH THEIR PEOPLE. They theorize that while the conservative party has indeed been able to bring forth the conditions that they favor for their own interests, THE PROGRESSIVE PARTY HAS THE INTENTION OF BRING THESE BENEFITS TO EVERYONE. Thus they vote for INTENTIONS over IMPLEMENTATION. In doing so they are voting to connect with their PEOPLE'S DREAMS AND HOPES.

In truth this person is a liar to himself. He removed himself and his family from the personal harm that they were facing while living with their own people who were suffering from the consequences of their own aggregate choices. Once removed fro this threat he seeks to retain his sympathetic connection with his vote.

In truth what he should be doing is sampling what works and what does not work in his new community and then going back to his old community and advocating that they implement that which has proven to work and.........that which is ATTRACTIVE TO HIM.

I am at a disadvantage from you in that I am NOT ATTEMPTING TO GET BLACK PEOPLE IN TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The qualities and policies that proved to be attractive to the Black Flight Progressive is not owned by the Republican Party.

Instead my agenda is to PUSH THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY OUT OF THE RACIAL NUCLEUS OF BLACK CONSCIOUSNESS. They need to be kept at the periphery and made to compete for our interests and HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR RESULTS - just as any other competing interest.

Instead we have "Democrats who are Black" that are allowed free access to the "Secured Area" of our racial consciousness who are on a permanent reconnaissance mission for the benefit of their party. They need to have their employee pass revoked and given a visitors pass that requires a permanent escort who is watching their every move and who it benefits.

In summary, Mr Sanders - it is NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY that needs to morph into the demands of Black America. This is the consciousness of MARKETING to a CONSUMER.

Instead the BLACK COMMUNITY needs to be clear on our PERMANENT INTERESTS and revert back to the honest pursuit of them. Today there is what I call "Democratic Immunity". They are allowed to fail us and yet get our people focused on the battle against those who they HATE. (See the NY Post Monkey Cartoon diversion).

Instead we need a Black community that is SCIENTIFICALLY EVALUATING SOLUTIONS. This requires an outward exploratory mission to find what WORKS, NOT WHAT IS POPULAR.

My goal is to implement IDEOLOGICAL CHANGE among my people in the context of where we stand in our development time line. There is no racial dust up today that can trump the massive among of killing, dysfunctional education or systematic CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS that are presently going on WITHIN THE BLACK COMMUNITY in 2009. These issues are not being addressed because the purveyor of these assaults is not of the usual form that easily lends itself to protest or feigned outrage.

The best candidate for YOUR mission to attract Blacks into the Republican Party are those Blacks who have expressed a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the Democratic party PER THEIR MOVING TRUCK which took them to live in various conservative locales.

Your mission is to get them to be honest with themselves.