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Geographic Ostracizing And Racial Defensiveness

Geographic Ostracizing And Racial Defensiveness

Recently on a popular social networking web site a friend of mine, who I know to be a very strong Obama supporter, sent out a message noting how several law enforcement people in New Jersey are suggesting that the Obama Administration push for a return of US fugitives who are holed up in Cuba before seeking to normalize relations with this isolated nation, against which the USA has an embargo. Some of these US fugitives are charged with murder.

My friend commeted "The pitfalls of progressive foreign policies" . This was not a hard slam against Obama.

I replied that I would prefer to see the authorities of New Jersey focus upon the killers who are living out in the open in East Orange, Irving, Newark, and Camden.

I try to keep my interactions with my "known friends" a bit more toned down than I seek to do on my blogs. When it comes to politics the effort is doubled, especially in face to face gatherings. I'd rather talk about anything else but politics with Black folks. There is only one inevitable end. I try to lead the conversation carefully away as much as possible. Unfortunately someone always seeks to provoke a debate.

With regard to my response to my friend I was forced to think about how the people who know the other side of me would be inclined to take my statement.

Where as for most Black folks you could not talk enough about the "lynching" that has gone on in the SOUTH. The dialogue about "Red Necks", "Southern drawls", "hateful White folks" but, surprise, surprise - their personal guilt for being a Democrat is washed free for the "Old Racist Democrats" who did this to us.......are now the "New Racist Republicans". Despite the fact that far more Black people kill Black people than do White by a wide margin, it is the power of the images of the past that blaze past what we see on the news today.

Thus I wondered - "Would my unprovoked comments about these crime ridden cities in New Jersey, where there ARE killers who have never spent any time in jail for their crimes, be taken as a broadside attack on all BLACK PEOPLE" by those individuals who I don't talk politics with?

There is no doubt that a double standard exists. The stereotypes that I have detailed above are not to be considered unfair slights against White people. Those who offer them up will pull out the history books and then get the Whites to show where they are wrong. In their minds - this is always going to be the case until White people agree to have an "honest conversation on race". As if THEY themselves are ready to be "honest", thus allowing the conversation to flow whereever it natural goes.

But wait!! The statistics for these murderous cities mask the individual Black lives that were snuffed out and the value that this person who is now dead represented to someone just as well. Despite that there is no doubt that there were "Black people crying" over these murders and that some mother somewhere asked for JUSTICE for her son's killers - why is it that my words would be taken to be anything other than an attack on a person who has KILLED, rather than a broadsided racial attack?

What if the actual motivation for me "ostracizing" these areas is to have the people who too frequently get "Sick and tired" of crime and terrorism in their communities but who's systematic actions allow the cycle to continue and the same politicans to get reelected? Certainly I am not using these dead Black people's names in vain. The politicians who get elected upon their backs are far more guilty. At least I didn't promise to clear up your community. Hell, I don't even live anywhere near there.

(To be clear, no one has yet posted back charging me with such a "crime against Black humanity". This post is more of a mental exhorcism by me because certain operatives have fired back as such.)

With regard to "Racial Defensiveness" if a White person seeks to assign the characteristic of "crime prone" to the Black community these are grounds for calling them a bigot. "Don't look at what SOME Black people do. Judge me as an individual. We are individuals. I had nothing to do with what the thugs do. You watch the news too much". Mind you again - this same flow of respect and temerance does not get parcelled to Mississippi, for example. If you allow some people to tell it - there has already been 100 lynchings in the state in 2009. The legacy of the state and the assignment of the blame has outlived the reality of the situation.

As I peel the onion away and note what is at play it is merely a case of group behavior 101. Paint the enemy as a violent killer who seeks to subjugate you while defending against him or his agents when they attempt to paint you in the same manner. Such a stance also allows those authority figures who preside over your district to shift responsibility to the outside while never taking a hit. You are so busy fighting the "offense" of being labeled as "a violent community" that you forget that you should be actually fighting the violence.

If in fact it was the constant highlight of assaults on the civil rights of Black people to the general public, coupled with the imposition of laws and then followed through with the enforcement of laws which ultimately got the desired relief from the threat of terror for Black folks then my only hope is to figure out how to meter out the same forces who will be interested in combatting what I am "sick and tired" of seeing on the news today.

The last remaining region of this nation where the civil rights violations of
  • gross witness intimidation
  • community wide witness nullification (stop snitching)
  • low homicide closure rates
go unchecked and largely uninterested by the "Civil Rights Division" of the US Justice Department is the Black Community.

Where as I heard Martin Luther King III say that the under Obama the "shutters that were put upon the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Commission for the past 8 years will be taken off", sadly I realized that he was talking about their pursuit of WHITE FOLKS rather than he even being aware of the civil rights violaters of Black people's civil rights WHO ARE BLACK

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Accountability To One's Calling - (Christian Pat Robertson vs Thug Hip Hop Artists)

Another day. Another debate with entrenched ideological bigots.   They are unable to see the part that they play in their own continued bondage.  Their bondage is in the mental form.  

In their bigotry they serve as their own worse enemy.  That is assuming that they assume that they have a future that is brighter than that which they are bound by in the present.

I frequently talk about "assumed inferiority".  It is the tendency to show more value to certain individuals that have certain characteristics than they are inclined to apply to another individual because of their characteristics.   Though this is a loaded word I have yet to find a word that better describes that which they are inflicted with.

They have the ability to cast some people as "establishment figures" who should know better and thus should be held accountable for their words.  More problematic, however, is their ability to inferiorize other people despite their power and influence, often upon a larger group of people.   Despite the fact that these people use words that prove more hurtful, hateful and damning -  these abstract intellectuals fail to EXPECT anything in particular from these people allow them to go unchecked.

In their line of thinking - since the second group of people have not bound themselves to any particular high order, establishment entity - lets say the Christian Church - they are not in violation of any particular standard of reference and thus they should be allowed to run free in an unchecked manner.

Please understand my argument - I agree that a person like Rev Pat Robertson who self-professes to be a "Christian" should be evaluated based upon how a "christian" should walk his walk.  Thus calling for the killing of a sitting national leader is beyond the pale.

The center of my disagreement with those who seek to hold their adversaries accountable more than they care to say anything to their allies (or those who they hold under their protective wings as "history's victims") is their inability to ask anything in particular of this other, much larger and more impactful group.

In effect they operate off of the theory:  "If you don't promote yourself as being anything in particular WE WILL hold you up to that standard".  Or in their case - DOWN to this standard.

It frustrates me to no end how the very same people who can articulate how the historical African had his culture stripped away from him during slavery and colonization are also some of the very same people who don't know a damned thing about the vital function of a culture upon a people.  There is absolutely no correlation between a person who can articulate their historical victimization and their qualifications to construct a new, transformative culture for their own people so that they might prosper in the future.  In fact - some of these operatives need to be kept far away from the issue of "Where Do We Go From Here" for they have damaged our consciousness so.

You know what!!!  I am not even going to do it!!   I have just stopped myself from going out and looking up some Hip Hop lyrics in which they talk about "shooting a man with a 9 to his chest".  This is all too easy to find and I am not even going to waste my time doing so.  You all know that this genre is full of such hate filled and threatening lyrics made by those who claim to be communicating that which they saw with their own eyes on the streets.

My debate adversaries threw up Rev Pat Robertson's call to take Hugo Chavez out as a violation of his responsibility as a Christian minister.  They used these words to describe a history of American oppression and exploitation of the South American continent and of Christian hypocrisy.   Not to mention "White Supremacy".   I have little disagreement with this.

I then noted the irony that they'd be so interested in the WORDS of Rev Robertson and his calls to kill Chavez yet they are silent over the far more abundant calls for the murder of Black males who are threats to the lyracists in question.


If in fact Christians should be held to that which defines them then isn't it in the best interest of the Black community to form some framework to hold those who build such a bond with our people?

If you are in fact a "progressive people" shouldn't there be some framing by which you channel people forward upon?  If such racist and hate speech is offensive and you have worked so diligently to expunge it from general use in society - is it not a worthwhile exercise to systematically rid it from use within this crowd?


Let's pretend for a moment that my debate adversaries are truly interested in progressing the Black community beyond the damage that slavery and Jim Crow has rendered to our self determination?  What framework and mechanism do they have to align these forces of civil protest into more productive means?

Clearly one way to do so is to channel these Hip Hop artists that have tremendous commerical appeal and a significant connection to their audience into the stream of Democratic/ Progressive Politics.  Anyone reading this blog over time is aware of the case that I have documented in this regard.   Let me be clear - these forces working on behalf of the Democrats have every right to use these people as they so desire.  

My issue with these people is that in their quest to obtain the "little black book" of phone numbers from these artists that they have muted all inspection and criticism of the vile and violent language and images that they use in their performances.  It would be no surprise that if a White country/western performer talked about shooting and lynching a man who disrespected them these words would be taken as a clandestine reference to the lynching of Black people.  They would be dealt with accordingly.   For some reason, however, the desire to make good use of these connections of these thugs for political purposes trumps the willingness of the Black and Progressive establishment from calling them to the carpet, demanding them to tone down their lyrics.

I have little doubt that in the mind of these progressives they plan to 'GROW' these vile lyracists into their new role.  By "repurposing them" they will eventually shed their raw, street messages as they align their message with more redeeming, progressive causes.  Thus the key is to do "soft redirection" rather than "blunt attack" (like conservatives do) and risk pissing off those who you ultimately wish to work with in your cause.

Make no mistake about it folks - all of this is occurring under the surface of the ideological battle that is running within this country.  These Thug Hip Hop artists are in effect "social critics" and "permanent revolutionaries" in the mind of the Progressive establishment.  

Even when they rise to the top of both the rap world and the corporate world - as Jay-Z, the record executive and millionaire $450 million times over - his racially tinged words said at a party on inauguration weekend will not be judged as "irresponsible" and unbecoming of a "record executive".   If the proverbial "White Record Executive" espoused the very same words, however, he would be held to these rules.   What characteristics make them different?  

Can one's present circumstace afford him the state of "you should know better.  this is unacceptable?".   


Last summer I was thinking about a way to pictorially communicate my message about the imporance of cultural guidance in the reformation of man.   I had gone to Wal-Mart looking for a blow up bean bag man.  The type that can be punched and he stands back up.

My plan was to take several pictures of this blow up man.  The first picture was to represent the man being oppressed.  He would be on the ground,  partially deflated, with a picture of my boot on his neck - thus symbolizing how the external force of slavery and oppression had kept him down.

The next picture was to be of this same man with the "boot on his neck" removed.  With the removal of the boot from his neck it was gravity that enabled him to be reoriented with his feet placed on the ground yet again.   He was not fully errect, however, because he still lacked the air to be fully inflated and upright.

The last picture was to be of the "reference model".   This was the fully inflated being where he as "become what he was designed to be".   

The key point of the story is that beyond the removal of the "foot from your neck" is the need to implement elements which allow you to become that which God has created you to be.   One must be aware of this reference model before he will even bother to attempt to transform himself into this form.

This person, above all else, must resist people who seek to have him define himself via the days in which he had an external foot on his neck.  Instead he must look for people who seek to guide him toward the state where he is filled with the proper rate of inflation.

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Memphis Area Black Businesses Execute A Faith-Based Initiative That Doesn't Go Through DC

Giving credit where credit is due.

Church-Based Initiative Planned For Minority Businesses

The church as always been the convention center within the Black community. Since the church has a vested interest in securing the health of the community around it I believe that it should play a part as coordinator of information and education about economics in the community.

The Black Business Association of Memphis is launching “Propel,” a church-based initiative to teach people with entrepreneurial dreams how to turn them into realities.

Experts will provide workshops on topics such as customer service, business planning, marketing, accounting and preparing bid packages.

“There have been a whole lot of initiatives from the top down that don’t accomplish what people hoped they would accomplish, but this is from the ground up,” said Roby S. Williams, president of the Black Business Association.

The formal announcement of “Propel: The Proactive Program for Economic Progress and Prosperity” was made this morning. The BBA is working in conjunction with the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, the Memphis Chapter of the National Black MBA Association and the Think Tank for African American Progress in setting up the program.

“I believe in collective intelligence,” Williams said. “Last October, I had the opportunity to facilitate a session with the Think Tank for American Progress. That’s the Black Ph.D. group. We began talking about this. It evolved into this actual idea, and we began going to visit with the Baptist Ministerial Association and talked with them about it. We had to develop the infrastructure to make it work.”

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Metropolitan Black Police Association Of The UK Calls For Peace In The Streets

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MBPA) is urging the music industry to play its part in reducing the violence on our streets.

The Metropolitan Black Police Association (MBPA) is urging the music industry to play its part in reducing the violence on our streets.
And this year, the Association’s long running anti-violence campaign Revival takes on a new twist as their ‘Celebration of Life’ concert brings the opera world together with performers from reggae, pop, hip-hop, RnB and soca to promote the message: Stop the killing and start the healing.

Actor and comedian Curtis Walker will again host the show, while performances will come from artists including soca queen Alison Hinds, UK star Roachford, reggae singer Peter Hunnigale and London-based soul artist Tawiah.

In addition, composer Alex Wilson will be curate an exclusive performance of music composed by Ignatius Sancho. Born in 1729 on a slave ship headed from Africa to the West Indies, Sancho was brought by his owner to London as an orphan at the age of two. Self-educated, he was an accomplished writer and composer and the first African in Britain to vote and be published for his works.

His operatic arias have been re-arranged by Wilson to offer a unique contemporary perspective into the musical mind of this hugely inspirational and influential figure in black British history.

A section of the night’s proceedings will be dedicated to marking the 40th anniversary of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Tea Parties And The Last Gasp Of White Supremacy???

The White Conservatives who were protesting around the country at the Tea Parties were the sign of the last gasp of White supremacy and they are showing their fear of change. They know that their advantage in this society is ending and they are going to fight it.

Anytime there is a comprehensive agenda to extend social benefits to the poor and minorities in this country we see these type of protests from White people who seek to maintain their control over this society by keeping the class distinctions, the minorities at the bottom.

So was the paraphrased thoughts as heard on "The Friday Night Drum" on WRFG AM Atlanta, "Atlanta's Progressive Information Station".

Whereas it is common to hear certain Black people say that right wing talk radio has White racist talk on constant display - the group of Black leftist extremists that were assembled on this episode of "The Friday Night Drum" far exceeded any "racist talk" that I have heard said on commercial radio. Their spirited activism against this system called "American Imperialism" is soaked with racial hatred. In their view since they are doing a "good thing" of disassembling a racist system that has historically oppressed Black people - they are justified in their hateful tactics.

Whereas WRFG errors on the side of free speech and thus will not do anything to those people who cross the line and wallow into hate filled racial talk - the fact that this is an independent radio station and the people who were spewing racial hatred were unknown insures that those who typically monitor the airwaves for "White Racial talk" from Rush Limbaugh and alike will not expose these people.

Again - it is my conclusion that "hatred" is not an exclusive province of any ideology - left or right. They both make use of the same elemental tactics to draw upon their follower's emotions.


The argument among some from the left (Black and White) is that the Tea Parties were a fight for White Supremacy.

I do not plan to argue against this claim. Instead I seek to inspect the plan forward for the left. From this the logic or lack there of will become clear.

TAXATION. This is what is under inspection.

Taxation Defined
noun: charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government

Taxation and Social Policy

In effect taxes represent the flow of money from the people or businesses to the government so that the government can perform its key functions.

The battle between left and right is about exactly what the government's responsibilities to its citizens are. Those who are progressive/left tend to seek to use the government taxation powers to provide an expansive social safety net. Thus concepts such as "Social Justice" speak to the obligation that the government has to care for the people. "People over Profits" makes the case that the needs of the people should trump any system that is in place which works to maintain the present misalignment of wealth distribution in the country.

Those who are conservative/right are often heard calling for "limited government". Whereas some hear this as anti-government - this should be better understood as LOCAL governance. With local governance comes the consequence of a community's aggregate policies and beliefs being made as the key determining factor in their lifestyle and standard of living.

In focusing on this last point - those who seek to define a plot of land to exclusively govern/manage and then maintain their responsibility for all that goes on within - there is a critical alignment between the culture/policies/tolerances within and the outcome that they seek to develop. To the outsider they risk being called "non-inclusive" since they error on the desire for specific ends rather than acceptance of diverse views.

By comparison the progressive seeks a more expansive domain for their ideology. They error on the side of tolerance and diversity. Any loss of productivity that is promoted as individuals fail to do tasks that can benefit their bottom line is ABSTRACTED because the central government has taken the responsibility for assuming a greater portion of the core elements that the individual might need focus upon.

These two schools of thoughts cannot exist in the same time and space as they are at odds with each other.

As I conservative it comes as no surprise that I would tend to view the conservative perspective as the better of the two. It forces those who seek to produce a certain standard of living to consider all that they allow to happen within the district that they control. In having the people aligned with this mission they are allowed to develop more acutely as there capabilities are needed to support this end.

I can also admit that if you happen to be on the "outside" of the conservatives domain - you can be shut out of their umbrella of protection. The error over time for the White conservative in America is that they did not start out with the assumption that every man is assured legal rights that must be respected before you prosecute your segmentation.

Don't get to happy yet progressives - for TODAY there has never been a greater example of the observance of the law by conservatives has allowed anyone who qualifies to purchase a house and live next door to them can do so without the discrimination of the past.

Thus it proves interesting to see with my own eyes the choice by various progressives to make use of this new tolerance and move right next door to their enemies in order to purchase into the environment that was created.


The ability of a government to tax is akin to the ability of this same government to use force (military or police) and the ability to incarcerate.

Ironically those in our society who are averse toward using the other two powers of the government - seem smitten at using the taxation powers as a means of subduing their ideological and class adversaries.

Is there a better way to thwart a monied adversary than to take his money, regardless of where he runs in his attempt to hide the proceeds from his productive efforts?

As I listen to various progressives I often here their attacks on the "corporatists" in our country. These corporations seek to run over the interests of the people in this nation and thus the progressive sees the government - as the voice of the people - who stand against corporate powers. Where as indeed the government should be the honest broker who's interests is upon growth, stability, the elimination of fraud and the protection of private property - they would have the government to place its thumb on their side of the scale

It is critical to understand that when the Black Nationalists talk about fighting White Supremacy they seek to do so via the use of the government to place strictures upon corporate powers. THEY DO NOT have any plans upon making the Black community more ORGANICALLY PRODUCTIVE as their main course of acheiving this "equality".

The ironic truth is that CAPITALISM's growth is based on speculation and valuations. Those who bear risk and who leverage $1 bill into a multiplier generate wealth and also receive a bit of reward. In as much as the far left opposes such capitalistic exploits because those who are not positioned properly within the system - they in effect kill the goose that laid the golden egg which they seek to gain a portion of.

After years of reading "The Black" web site I have concluded that the can't possibly (or logically) call for the destruction of capitalism and corporatism because this is the key water source from which they seek to draw upon. Thus they are more smitten by a movement than they are the actual attainment of an endpoint.


I have heard Rep John Conyers say "political power comes prior to economic power".
Anyone who follows this blog knows that I have laughed at and attacked this line of thinking as being ridiculous - pointing to the hollow shells that Mr Conyer's city of Detroit and other cities are to prove this to be wrong.

I now say that it is ME who is mistaken.

You see I assumed that Mr Conyers was talking about taking local political control and then executing his own brand of CAPITALISM over these former employment centers and thus allowing them to prosper.

Clearly this is not what he was talking about.

Instead he and the leftist Black Establishment planned to use their local economic order (and regional power as well) as a stepping stone. Their real target is NATIONAL.

If they can take over national economic policies and allow the government to reign supreme in a centralized model then it is indeed true that by controlling the politics they control the economics.

In the past when they took political control of cities, counties and school districts and states - they did not factor in the presence of ECONOMIC FREEDOM. Thus the people and the corporations who disagreed with their philosophy picked up and moved elsewhere. In moving one inch over the political boundary that Mr Conyers and his ilk controlled - they could escape the taxation policies just the same. Scale these policies to the national level and - there is no where to run.

Thus the drive from the Black Progressive is NOT a drive for the organic development of more production among the districts where Black people live in our highest concentrations. Instead they seek to apply more centralized controls upon the conduct of commerce and finance in this nation so they can distribute these funds according to their notions of SOCIAL JUSTICE rather than MARKET VALUATION.


In controlling the economy and suppressing capitalism the growth in the economy is also negatively influenced. As I mentioned earlier - leverage is a key component in capitalism. From leverage comes the multiplier effect. From this comes tax resources. The fall of Wall Street also meant the fall of tax revenues in New York and other areas that were dependent upon this flow.

In my estimation - The right to certain entitlements does not translate to the maintenance of a high standard of living. As equality is mandated as a birth right resources become diluted among the masses.

In effect the government becomes the net suppresser of growth in that it carves the top off of mountains that have popped up in one area, transporting the materials over to the valleys that are in existence elsewhere.

Those who believe in this system crave EQUALITY. Even if this equality is maintained at an average rate that is in effect LOWER than what capitalism has expressed - this government suppression of economic freedom is a worthy cause.

Who Is Really A Slave?

This video deserves yet another showing on my blog.

This is a clip taken from the mockumentary "Good Bye Uncle Tom". Anyone who subscribes to NetFlix should check this one out.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Anger At A Small Black Owned Business Turned Into An Opportunity To Help Him

Its that time of year again. My dormant brown Bermuda grass is slowly but surely showing signs of life. Time to pull out my lawn equipment that I put up in my storage shed for the winter. Let's see if I can start them up.

My edger was acting up last year so I know already that I'll need to put it in the shop for service. I can push it about 3 feet and then it cut off. I would typically take it to one of the two local lawn mower repair shops in my city. I had been pleased with their service over the years even though their hourly service rates are relatively high.

Look at that. A new mower repair service in Clayton County. I drive through the county nearly every day so I am aware of much of which is going on. Hey that a "brother" who owns this shop. Let me give him a shot so that the county can get some much needed sales tax revenues and an upstart business can keep its doors open.

"Our credit card machine is broken. You'll have to leave a $10 deposit cash."
"So you'll have my carburetor serviced and I can pick it up tomorrow morning (Saturday) after 11:30? OK. I'll be there.

"Sorry sir. Your edger is not ready. I'll need to order a carburetor kit and it will be ready for pickup on Monday".

"Hmmm. I'll give them till Wednesday. I won't need the thing until Saturday anyway."

"Hello. Yes I have an edger in your shop and I wanted to check on the status of it before I drive up to pick it up".
"Hold on. Sir can I call you back?"

Alright. Let's try to start the tiller and the pressure washer. I need to do a better job prepping my equipment for winter storage. This makes no sense. Let me take these two pieces in and pick up my edger. I gave them enough time it should be ready by now.

"I need to bring these two pieces in for service and pick up an edger that I have in for service already. Do you have your ticket from the edger?"
"I think I left it at home. Can you look it up?"
"What type of edger is it. I can go back and look for it."
"Did someone call you on Monday? The carburetor kit didn't come in yet."
"You told me last week that you would have the kit in on Monday."
"You can come back tomorrow (Saturday) and all 3 pieces will be ready for pickup"
"You have to leave a $40 cash deposit for these two pieces."

I heard that one before. Let me come back next Wednesday morning. I have to travel anyway. This will give them some time to get their act together.

(Monday) "I am calling to check the status of my equipment."
"Do you mind if I call you back at this number?"

"I am here to pick up my equipment. Here is my ticket".
Look there is no ticket number on this form. How do they keep track of their orders?
The only identification they have is the name that I wrote upon the form.
Look at the cash register. It is vintage 1965.
The credit card machine has been "out of order" for 3 weeks. Maybe this is how it always is?

You know something? I am brainwashed. My job has taught me to come into a corporation and make note of their business processes so that we might sell them something. Why am I always thinking this way with all businesses that I interact with on a personal level?

You know what....even though I am mad at this guy - he really needs my help. Let me offer to work with him. If he were to get a computerized ticketing system this would allow him to get his act together. He clearly knows how to fix motors more than he does how to manage his business.

"Excuse me sir. I notice that your service tickets don't have any numbers on them to assist you in keeping track of your inventory. We need to talk at some point to see if I can help you".

"Yeah I need help around here. Things are crazy right now. What type of computer are you talking about? This one right here is not working".

"I am not talking about a computer. You need a computer application installed to assist you in managing your business."

"You are right. What's your name again? What ever you bring to me I will use it. Get back with me man. I'm serious".

"That will be $141 total for all 3 pieces. You'll have to come back Monday to pick up your tiller. There was water in the oil and it was smoking like a car engine with a cracked head gasket. I need to allow that water to evaporate for a few days."


And thus these are my thoughts and my spoken words.

This guy had me angered to the point where I was about to load up all of my gear and take it back down the street to "da man". Instead I stood back and made observations as to what his real problem is.

  • He has no means of efficiently managing his customers and their equipment. If the customer loses the ticket he must do a visual inspection of his inventory to find it
  • He can only give rough estimates as to when the equipment will be ready for pick up. In giving out bad estimates he only pisses off his customers
  • Despite claiming that he would sell any equipment left beyond 30 days - he has no system that would allow him to be prompted to call customers who haven't returned or send them an e-mail automatically
  • He is effectively running a cash business. I don't know if the other 3 people are family members or employees but if they wanted to rob him blind - the door is wide open to do so
  • I won't even go into the accounting challenges where he has to figure out his sales taxes due. No doubt it is a nightmare
In summary this business has a lot of potential but is a train wreck ready to happen.

What Do I Get Out Of This?

I have no interest in programming a computer system.
Instead I am looking to get a small scale project in which I can enhance my skills on Systems Analysis Consulting and in identifying a very easy software development tools that captures business processes and then generates a good portion of the programming code for you. The new trend in these powerful tools is to allow the business people to build systems based upon their knowledge of their business process rather than being wholly dependent upon a programmer who will have to spit out a lot of code.

This project also allows me to evaluate the various options available.
  1. Traditional Client / Server
  2. Internet Hosting
  3. Cloud Computing
If I can build a system that can serve as a broad template for other businesses facing this same problem and then host it on a service of my own choosing I can get him to pay monthly subscription fees rather than expecting him to pay the thousands of dollars in system engineering and development costs.

I am leaning toward a this monthly service fee model as it minimizes start up costs, computer equipment and the need to travel to his site for support. I saw recently how an insurance claims processor had an Internet based platform and how effective it was in enabling small insurance firms to operate like the big boys. While their software was written with old technology that limited the users to Windows and Internet Explorer - the new tools that are available today are far more flexible.

I will use this blog as my progress log.

Where as some people see a cave - I see a gold mine, seeking how to turn a challenge into a learning experience.

My talents are put to better use helping small businesses gain access to what I see when I interact with large firms. Though some people ask me "What Am I Doing About The Thugs" that I always talk about. I am of far more utility in assisting businesses within the community to keep their doors open and their customers happy.

Thankfully - The Oft Heard Story About The Little Black Boy Who Died From A Tooth Infection Has Prompted Action To Insure It Won't Happen Again

Black dentists turn Driver tragedy into action for locals

I am personally happy that there has been movement upon this issue. I am tired of hearing various left leaning Black talkshow hosts using this one story about this one little Black boy who died lacking dental care.

In response various Black dentists have stepped forward to insure that this situation will never be allowed to occur again

To the horror of us all, Deamonte Driver, a seventh grader from Prince George's County, Md., died of complications from an abscessed tooth on February 25, 2007.

The outrage is that Deamonte's life could have been saved by routine dental visits and an $80 extraction. As a response to this needless death, a team of Black dentists have established the Deamonte Driver Dental Project which provides mobile dental services to prevent similar losses from happening in the future.

The inexcusable and unnecessary loss of Deamonte's life is a Dickensian story that started when he complained of a headache. His mother was unable to find a dentist to see him who would accept Medicaid patients, so she took her son to a hospital emergency room where he was given medicine for a headache, sinusitis and a dental abscess and sent home.

He quickly got much sicker and was rushed to surgery, where it was discovered that the bacteria from his abscessed tooth had spread to his brain. Heroic efforts were made to save him including two major operations and eight weeks of additional care costing about $250,000-all too late.

Deamonte's story is not unique. Fewer than one in three of Maryland's 500,000 children who are Medicaid recipients received any dental services last year. This is due to the fact that only about 900 of the state's 5,500 dentists accept Medicaid patients because of the program's low reimbursement rate and bureaucratic red tape. Just arranging a dental appointment can be a major challenge for families that lack transportation or may be periodically homeless and have erratic telephone and mail service.