Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Accountability To One's Calling - (Christian Pat Robertson vs Thug Hip Hop Artists)

Another day. Another debate with entrenched ideological bigots.   They are unable to see the part that they play in their own continued bondage.  Their bondage is in the mental form.  

In their bigotry they serve as their own worse enemy.  That is assuming that they assume that they have a future that is brighter than that which they are bound by in the present.

I frequently talk about "assumed inferiority".  It is the tendency to show more value to certain individuals that have certain characteristics than they are inclined to apply to another individual because of their characteristics.   Though this is a loaded word I have yet to find a word that better describes that which they are inflicted with.

They have the ability to cast some people as "establishment figures" who should know better and thus should be held accountable for their words.  More problematic, however, is their ability to inferiorize other people despite their power and influence, often upon a larger group of people.   Despite the fact that these people use words that prove more hurtful, hateful and damning -  these abstract intellectuals fail to EXPECT anything in particular from these people allow them to go unchecked.

In their line of thinking - since the second group of people have not bound themselves to any particular high order, establishment entity - lets say the Christian Church - they are not in violation of any particular standard of reference and thus they should be allowed to run free in an unchecked manner.

Please understand my argument - I agree that a person like Rev Pat Robertson who self-professes to be a "Christian" should be evaluated based upon how a "christian" should walk his walk.  Thus calling for the killing of a sitting national leader is beyond the pale.

The center of my disagreement with those who seek to hold their adversaries accountable more than they care to say anything to their allies (or those who they hold under their protective wings as "history's victims") is their inability to ask anything in particular of this other, much larger and more impactful group.

In effect they operate off of the theory:  "If you don't promote yourself as being anything in particular WE WILL hold you up to that standard".  Or in their case - DOWN to this standard.

It frustrates me to no end how the very same people who can articulate how the historical African had his culture stripped away from him during slavery and colonization are also some of the very same people who don't know a damned thing about the vital function of a culture upon a people.  There is absolutely no correlation between a person who can articulate their historical victimization and their qualifications to construct a new, transformative culture for their own people so that they might prosper in the future.  In fact - some of these operatives need to be kept far away from the issue of "Where Do We Go From Here" for they have damaged our consciousness so.

You know what!!!  I am not even going to do it!!   I have just stopped myself from going out and looking up some Hip Hop lyrics in which they talk about "shooting a man with a 9 to his chest".  This is all too easy to find and I am not even going to waste my time doing so.  You all know that this genre is full of such hate filled and threatening lyrics made by those who claim to be communicating that which they saw with their own eyes on the streets.

My debate adversaries threw up Rev Pat Robertson's call to take Hugo Chavez out as a violation of his responsibility as a Christian minister.  They used these words to describe a history of American oppression and exploitation of the South American continent and of Christian hypocrisy.   Not to mention "White Supremacy".   I have little disagreement with this.

I then noted the irony that they'd be so interested in the WORDS of Rev Robertson and his calls to kill Chavez yet they are silent over the far more abundant calls for the murder of Black males who are threats to the lyracists in question.


If in fact Christians should be held to that which defines them then isn't it in the best interest of the Black community to form some framework to hold those who build such a bond with our people?

If you are in fact a "progressive people" shouldn't there be some framing by which you channel people forward upon?  If such racist and hate speech is offensive and you have worked so diligently to expunge it from general use in society - is it not a worthwhile exercise to systematically rid it from use within this crowd?


Let's pretend for a moment that my debate adversaries are truly interested in progressing the Black community beyond the damage that slavery and Jim Crow has rendered to our self determination?  What framework and mechanism do they have to align these forces of civil protest into more productive means?

Clearly one way to do so is to channel these Hip Hop artists that have tremendous commerical appeal and a significant connection to their audience into the stream of Democratic/ Progressive Politics.  Anyone reading this blog over time is aware of the case that I have documented in this regard.   Let me be clear - these forces working on behalf of the Democrats have every right to use these people as they so desire.  

My issue with these people is that in their quest to obtain the "little black book" of phone numbers from these artists that they have muted all inspection and criticism of the vile and violent language and images that they use in their performances.  It would be no surprise that if a White country/western performer talked about shooting and lynching a man who disrespected them these words would be taken as a clandestine reference to the lynching of Black people.  They would be dealt with accordingly.   For some reason, however, the desire to make good use of these connections of these thugs for political purposes trumps the willingness of the Black and Progressive establishment from calling them to the carpet, demanding them to tone down their lyrics.

I have little doubt that in the mind of these progressives they plan to 'GROW' these vile lyracists into their new role.  By "repurposing them" they will eventually shed their raw, street messages as they align their message with more redeeming, progressive causes.  Thus the key is to do "soft redirection" rather than "blunt attack" (like conservatives do) and risk pissing off those who you ultimately wish to work with in your cause.

Make no mistake about it folks - all of this is occurring under the surface of the ideological battle that is running within this country.  These Thug Hip Hop artists are in effect "social critics" and "permanent revolutionaries" in the mind of the Progressive establishment.  

Even when they rise to the top of both the rap world and the corporate world - as Jay-Z, the record executive and millionaire $450 million times over - his racially tinged words said at a party on inauguration weekend will not be judged as "irresponsible" and unbecoming of a "record executive".   If the proverbial "White Record Executive" espoused the very same words, however, he would be held to these rules.   What characteristics make them different?  

Can one's present circumstace afford him the state of "you should know better.  this is unacceptable?".   


Last summer I was thinking about a way to pictorially communicate my message about the imporance of cultural guidance in the reformation of man.   I had gone to Wal-Mart looking for a blow up bean bag man.  The type that can be punched and he stands back up.

My plan was to take several pictures of this blow up man.  The first picture was to represent the man being oppressed.  He would be on the ground,  partially deflated, with a picture of my boot on his neck - thus symbolizing how the external force of slavery and oppression had kept him down.

The next picture was to be of this same man with the "boot on his neck" removed.  With the removal of the boot from his neck it was gravity that enabled him to be reoriented with his feet placed on the ground yet again.   He was not fully errect, however, because he still lacked the air to be fully inflated and upright.

The last picture was to be of the "reference model".   This was the fully inflated being where he as "become what he was designed to be".   

The key point of the story is that beyond the removal of the "foot from your neck" is the need to implement elements which allow you to become that which God has created you to be.   One must be aware of this reference model before he will even bother to attempt to transform himself into this form.

This person, above all else, must resist people who seek to have him define himself via the days in which he had an external foot on his neck.  Instead he must look for people who seek to guide him toward the state where he is filled with the proper rate of inflation.

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