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Geographic Ostracizing And Racial Defensiveness

Geographic Ostracizing And Racial Defensiveness

Recently on a popular social networking web site a friend of mine, who I know to be a very strong Obama supporter, sent out a message noting how several law enforcement people in New Jersey are suggesting that the Obama Administration push for a return of US fugitives who are holed up in Cuba before seeking to normalize relations with this isolated nation, against which the USA has an embargo. Some of these US fugitives are charged with murder.

My friend commeted "The pitfalls of progressive foreign policies" . This was not a hard slam against Obama.

I replied that I would prefer to see the authorities of New Jersey focus upon the killers who are living out in the open in East Orange, Irving, Newark, and Camden.

I try to keep my interactions with my "known friends" a bit more toned down than I seek to do on my blogs. When it comes to politics the effort is doubled, especially in face to face gatherings. I'd rather talk about anything else but politics with Black folks. There is only one inevitable end. I try to lead the conversation carefully away as much as possible. Unfortunately someone always seeks to provoke a debate.

With regard to my response to my friend I was forced to think about how the people who know the other side of me would be inclined to take my statement.

Where as for most Black folks you could not talk enough about the "lynching" that has gone on in the SOUTH. The dialogue about "Red Necks", "Southern drawls", "hateful White folks" but, surprise, surprise - their personal guilt for being a Democrat is washed free for the "Old Racist Democrats" who did this to us.......are now the "New Racist Republicans". Despite the fact that far more Black people kill Black people than do White by a wide margin, it is the power of the images of the past that blaze past what we see on the news today.

Thus I wondered - "Would my unprovoked comments about these crime ridden cities in New Jersey, where there ARE killers who have never spent any time in jail for their crimes, be taken as a broadside attack on all BLACK PEOPLE" by those individuals who I don't talk politics with?

There is no doubt that a double standard exists. The stereotypes that I have detailed above are not to be considered unfair slights against White people. Those who offer them up will pull out the history books and then get the Whites to show where they are wrong. In their minds - this is always going to be the case until White people agree to have an "honest conversation on race". As if THEY themselves are ready to be "honest", thus allowing the conversation to flow whereever it natural goes.

But wait!! The statistics for these murderous cities mask the individual Black lives that were snuffed out and the value that this person who is now dead represented to someone just as well. Despite that there is no doubt that there were "Black people crying" over these murders and that some mother somewhere asked for JUSTICE for her son's killers - why is it that my words would be taken to be anything other than an attack on a person who has KILLED, rather than a broadsided racial attack?

What if the actual motivation for me "ostracizing" these areas is to have the people who too frequently get "Sick and tired" of crime and terrorism in their communities but who's systematic actions allow the cycle to continue and the same politicans to get reelected? Certainly I am not using these dead Black people's names in vain. The politicians who get elected upon their backs are far more guilty. At least I didn't promise to clear up your community. Hell, I don't even live anywhere near there.

(To be clear, no one has yet posted back charging me with such a "crime against Black humanity". This post is more of a mental exhorcism by me because certain operatives have fired back as such.)

With regard to "Racial Defensiveness" if a White person seeks to assign the characteristic of "crime prone" to the Black community these are grounds for calling them a bigot. "Don't look at what SOME Black people do. Judge me as an individual. We are individuals. I had nothing to do with what the thugs do. You watch the news too much". Mind you again - this same flow of respect and temerance does not get parcelled to Mississippi, for example. If you allow some people to tell it - there has already been 100 lynchings in the state in 2009. The legacy of the state and the assignment of the blame has outlived the reality of the situation.

As I peel the onion away and note what is at play it is merely a case of group behavior 101. Paint the enemy as a violent killer who seeks to subjugate you while defending against him or his agents when they attempt to paint you in the same manner. Such a stance also allows those authority figures who preside over your district to shift responsibility to the outside while never taking a hit. You are so busy fighting the "offense" of being labeled as "a violent community" that you forget that you should be actually fighting the violence.

If in fact it was the constant highlight of assaults on the civil rights of Black people to the general public, coupled with the imposition of laws and then followed through with the enforcement of laws which ultimately got the desired relief from the threat of terror for Black folks then my only hope is to figure out how to meter out the same forces who will be interested in combatting what I am "sick and tired" of seeing on the news today.

The last remaining region of this nation where the civil rights violations of
  • gross witness intimidation
  • community wide witness nullification (stop snitching)
  • low homicide closure rates
go unchecked and largely uninterested by the "Civil Rights Division" of the US Justice Department is the Black Community.

Where as I heard Martin Luther King III say that the under Obama the "shutters that were put upon the US Justice Department's Civil Rights Commission for the past 8 years will be taken off", sadly I realized that he was talking about their pursuit of WHITE FOLKS rather than he even being aware of the civil rights violaters of Black people's civil rights WHO ARE BLACK

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