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The Attempts To “De-Conservative Me” Before My Views Are Accepted

The Attempts To “De-Conservative Me” Before My Views Are Accepted

I am presently running a 3 channeled debate with Black folks regarding what amounts to the conscious of Black America. The first channel is on the blog “Booker Rising” where there are individuals who I have been battling on nearly every subject are resisting what is otherwise so clear.

The other two channels are via my personal e-mail account. First there is a circle of my closest friends. They often do a one on 3 or 4 debates – where “I” am the “one” fighting off their charges. One of these friends forwarded me a radio interview with leftist operative Michael Eric Dyson where he criticized President Barack Obama for not paying enough attention to “black issues”. In the view of my liberal friend – THIS was proof that “Black Progressives do indeed criticize Barack Obama and the Democrats”. My rebuttal essential asked if the mission is to “rebut” the Democrats as proof that you are not “sold out” OR is our mission to ACTUALLY obtain our “Permanent Interests” by EFFECTIVELY managing those who purport to be in pursuit of them. I get the strange impression that my friend merely wanted to prove to me that he doesn't agree with all that Obama is doing. There was no hint of a plan to turn these grievances into action. Michael Eric Dyson already told of his intention of voting for Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2012. Clearly he has no “Permanent Interests” that the Democratic Party can short him on. His plan is to CHANGE THEM so that they can be made into the vehicle that he wants them to be. The perfect plan of many abused wives. “I can change him. I know he loves me”.

Upon reading my friend's note about “Black Progressives Critical Of Obama” I chose not to fall into the trap of criticizing Obama. This would have lead into a blow for blow debate. They would simply attempt to “Republican-ify” me and thus the debate would become the tradition “Don't talk about Obama until you can justify Bush” sort of debate. Sorry I am not biting.

Instead I challenged my friend to JUSTIFY MICHAEL ERIC DYSON!

Last summer – Dr Dyson and his preacher wife sold Black America on the notion that Barack Obama as President of the United States would bring forth a worldwind of CHANGE for the betterment of Black America. During this time in the sales process I heard of no negatives about the “Democratic Machine” lead by Barack Obama. Thus I suggested that Dr Dyson gave us INCOMPLETE is not “bad advice” to follow. I suggested that Dr. Dyson and other operatives were pursuing THEIR OWN interests rather than the “best interests” of the Black community. I asked my friend to explain the CHANGE in Dr Dyson and set this against their intention to never allow unchecked suggestions to influence them again.

This was the plan at least.

I then included a second set of friends and co-workers who I receive a stead stream of “Obama-ganda” from into the discussion. One of these friends told me that he had sent my words into another forum that he participates in. He did admit that this was a “Black Progressive” forum but that my words had received a positive response from his circle of friends.

Then this other friend said something that I found interesting. He noted that MY WORDS were more compelling than “Michael Steele's words”. He would be more inclined to listen to Michael Steele if he were to argue the points as I do.

Why was “Michele Steele” the first reference that came to mind? Michael Steele is the chair of the Republican National Committee, more than he is a Black Conservative. I have NEVER positioned myself as a Black Republican.

I centered my argument around the key reference that I have crafted which works to give PURPOSE TO the Black political activism:

Safe Streets
Quality Schools
Thriving Local Economy
Healthy Lifestyles

I suggested that DESPITE the present domination by the machine upon which Barack Obama resides atop of – Michael Eric Dyson and other “Democrats who are Black” are still STRUGGLING to get their fundamental issues addressed to their own satisfaction.

With this as a permanent reference my friend responded in a way which effectively said “I would CHANGE form the Democratic Party to the Republican Party IF Michael Steele and other Republicans would address these issues within the Black community.”

I am not understanding this argument.

Why is it that my two sets of Black Progressive friends who know me as an individual (thus I don't throw bombs at them as I might do to adversaries during blog debates) are so bound to the notion that only the American political system and the political parties that are attached to it are the vehicles by which Black America can achieve its PERMANENT INTERESTS?

Why is it that the disconnected message from the Republican Party is a worse offense to my Black Progressive friends than the failures of the Democratic Party to deliver while they have ABSOLUTE CONTROL OVER EVERY SINGLE LOCAL INSTITUTION THAT IMPACTS BLACK AMERICA AND OUR INTERESTS?

Do you see the problem here folks?


If some external force does not come along and decouple us from this CURRENT EXTENRAL FORCE, we will continue down this suboptimal pathway and focus most of our angst against the OTHER external force. The external force who has no traction will be attacked more than the force that has the overwhelming monopoly force.


A second friend from the first group of e-mail debaters mentioned above said that my words often make sense BUT that he can't accept what I have to say because I don't attack Republicans and their lies.

So basically UNTIL I join them on their attacks on Republicans/ Conservatives they are not going to trust my words which are set at a level OUTSIDE OF the American political spectrum – where the Democrats and Republicans reside.

I see myself as the NPR “On The Media” , “Fox News Watch” and CNN “Reliable Sources” for Black America political and cultural and media exchange. YES I AM BIASED toward the RIGHT. I make no bones about that.

At the same time my “bias” pales in comparison to the machine of bias that is the Black Political Establishment. In their view my position as a “small minority voice among a political minority” is a bigger threat to their interests than are the people in the seat of power who are shorting them. I struggle to understand how they allow themselves to be so aligned with the machine that they favor that they attack a critic who is watching their every move and calling them out on their own “sellout behavior”. If they are more committed to their permanent interest than their ideology – they would make note of their general grievances and consider that the CRITICISM is NOT being done to advantage their long time adversary – the Republicans. Instead it is done to have THEM to recommit to their own stated permanent interests.

Our community was sold on the promise that if we staid UNIFIED behind THEIR presribed strategy that we would see certain benefits

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