Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Culture Where The Fundamental Tenants Are Up For Debate

Technology Changes Over Time And With Advancement
Fundamental Constructs About Human Behavior and Interactions Are Timeless

Those who think that they can change this fact surely care more about their own will than about the importance of the constructs that have brought others who delivered to the point where they have an ORDER to debate in the first place.

(My response as given on the Conservative Black Woman Blog Site on the use of "Legalism Over Religiosity" In regards to the debate over defending Traditional Marriage from a radical redefinition)

It is clear to me that RELIGIOUS ORDER is a key threat to the SECULARIST

(And you wonder how we ever got to a time where Christians were fed to the lions as entertainment)

DJ Black Adam:
Nothing to justify, I made a statement of fact, rather you are aware of or accepting of such actuality is not my concern.

Constructive Feedback:
Could you ENUMERATE all of the other ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION that is going on RIGHT NOW which will one day come and hit us with a lawsuit?

Who would have thought that for thousands of years the culture that this society has agreed upon chose to ILLEGALLY DISCRIMINATE by looking at a penis and a vagina and then make note of the distinction between the human reproduction system and the human digestive system and making INFERENCES from this.Commentator Ben Stein is becoming more brilliant with each passing day - he suggested that it is a WASTE OF TIME to bother with debating on the subject ABSOLUTES IN THE AREA OF CULTURE AND MORALITY when the person believes that humans were not created by INTELLIGENT DESIGN into a specific FUNCTIONAL FORM but instead were morphed from a series of evolutionary accidents over millions of years into our present form.Fear not DJ Black Adam and Steve - one day the male homosexual's anus will begin to lubricate itself in preparation for receiving its COMPLEMENT and thus reduce the lacerations that such penetration yields today and the female's reproductive and mammary glands will cease to function once EVOLUTION trues up their physiological form with their sexual preference. Maxipads for Lesbians once they achieve their EVOLVED STATE!!!

Let us all concentrated and then become ASEXUAL BEINGS over time!!! Then the point will be MOOT!!

(Note: for some of you this above statement will be seen as OFFENSIVE. In truth it cuts to the chase about what we are dealing with.

One side pushes for the WILL OF MAN and makes use of LEGALISMS to justify their claims. Any "religiosity" is a threat because the notion of "Because GOD made us in this form" stifles their attempts at promoting MAN's WILL as the final arbiter. We can only guess what he'll fight for next since everything is NEGOTIABLE.

The side that I stand on has the AUDACITY to make reference to:

* The Human Physiological form to make inferences about our natural order as human beings and mammals.

* A THOUSANDS YEAR HISTORY by which societies have ORDERED themselves in this manner which is under debate, thus avoiding chaos and building up great civilizations (who's legal framework they ironically leverage to DECONSTRUCT this one fundamental construct).

* The fact that this DEBATE is but a SUBSECTION of the broader, more FUNDAMENTAL debate regarding how the LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS about the FUNCTION of TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE has done material harm to our society and the crafting of our people within. In the unconscious period that we are devolving toward - same sex marriage is now being considered because TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE has been allowed to lose its honor and sanctity.

(See DJ Black Adam - No "Jesus References" still)

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