Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Debate Lesson - Abortion vs The Death Penalty

On the local "Fight The Power" radio station this morning I listened to the morning host give alms to Obama for his speech at Notre Dame this past weekend.

Despite being the first lady within a large Christian church in which her husband is the preacher - she proclaimed herself as "pro-choice". She noted that she believes that it is a woman's choice to control her own body. I am not unraveled by anything thus far even though I had hoped that she would hold herself to a higher standard because she is a woman of faith. I would love to see the biblical scripture from which her views on abortion and a woman's control of her own body trumping the gift from God that she carries within her womb are derived from? If there was ever a time where I had hoped for "clean hands moralism" - this would be that time. More on this later though.

Then she did what is so frequently done - she made a fraudulent equivalence as a means of covering her own tracks.

She noted how so many conservative Christian anti-abortion activists are HYPOCRITES because so many of them support the DEATH PENALTY. They don't believe in the sanctity of life as they claim.

As I tried to understand her argument I drew a blank. Clearly their hypocrisy is ONLY rooted in them "hating" upon one of the two controversial modalities of death that are under discussion. She, as a liberal, can't be said to be a HYPOCRITE as she is opposed to the death penalty yet pro-abortion.

We must understand her reasoning against the Death Penalty though. The practice has "racial overtones" as Blacks are targeted for death. In addition it is "too permanent" as the wrong man might be put to death by the state. Thus she is duly covered in her opposition to "death by government" authority.

When the entirety of her argument is distilled - score one for the principle of "DON'T JUDGE, DON'T HATE and YOU'LL BE STRAIGHT".

Now let me ask you: Do you think that she respects the views of a person who is against ABORTION and THE DEATH PENALTY? If you do - please go stand in the corner.

Aren't these people CONSISTENT and not HYPOCRITES in her view?

Well you'd have to believe that her motivations are about these critical issues rather than DEBATE FOR THE SAKE OF DEBATE in the context of the perpetual Left vs Right Battle of which she is a gunner for the left.

Her problem is that she is able to cleave to such lofty theories because they are in the realm of theory rather than being personally impacting upon her. Let's ask her about the death and bloodshed surrounding the Civil War which freed her ancestors. Does anyone believe that she is against war if the death of her enemy afforded her freedom? No need to ask.

Some may believe that I am nothing more than the photographic negative of this person and those on the left as I do frequent battle with them. This is an incorrect assessment.

Above all - I see these debates as "Management Issues" within our domain. As we are frustrated about certain elements of our present situation and we desire to put forth modified policies to make the future better - clearly an inspection on the prevailing order that guide us should be considered. Too many people like the subject in question punt on their duties to hold the ground on our cultural authority in the name of maintaining their "clean hands" and not casting judgment upon anyone (except their ideological adversaries). They seem unable to see the connection between their previous failure to regulate behavior via cultural strictures and the present disorder that they complain about.

In my estimation there is no measure of "cultural conservation" that will render all occurrences of a certain unfavorable outcome moot. One can stand for IDEALS that the society is held up to and thus deal with the exceptions. Today we see those who disassemble these standards and then are forced to point to some ubiquitous force of societal unfairness that is the cause of the issues that they are unhappy about.

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