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The Solution To The Moyo vs Sachs Battle - Africa Must Do It For Themselves

Jeffrey Sachs: Aid Ironies


Dambisa Moyo: Aid Ironies: A Response to Jeffrey Sachs

Prior to providing my commentary on the matter at hand I want to express the great difficulty that I have in syndicating any content from the "Huffington Post" on my blog. Their propaganda site is awash in yellow journalism. They are the home of people who seek to have the Black community remain as it is WITHIN, while seeking the outside world around it to change on behalf of the inhabitants.

This statement feeds nicely into my overall analysis about the positions that are argued by Mr. Sachs and Ms Moyo. Though I am inclined to be biased toward Dr Moyo I have to yield that Dr Sachs makes some strong points as well.

Having just read both of their arguments and then step back to apply it to the situation at hand - I conclude that the arguments made on "behalf of the Africa" is the consequence of allowing an external operative to pay your bills and thus he also feels inclined to argue what "YOU" should do.

In summary - Dr Moyo's position sits more comfortably with my own ideology BUT all is but theory until the Africa builds himself up and then REFUSES to take any more external funds that are not met with an equal exchange of something of benefit to the other party. The day when the African nations can say "Thanks for the offer of aid but NO THANKS. While your prima facie intentions were to help me, you have done great harm to my culture of industry. I can suffer no more from your injury".

As well the points raised by Dr Sachs prove compelling. He does what all "Affirmative Action" receipients are warned about: "Labels those who accept such gratis as hypocrites if they dare to refuse such aid offers to others down the line". Clearly the badge of inferiority which the "conservative critics" are damned for making use of is most frequently used by the White liberal as a means of reminding the Black person who dares attempt to stand up later on. One must wonder why only those who dared put on an "Affirmative Action Bake Sale" were attacked for projecting the inferiority of Blacks?

Sachs equates the acceptance of an "academic scholarship" with "dependent aid". This is preposterous but telling of the man's agenda. An academic scholarship is given to a student that has shown promise in a previous venue. It is an investment that allows this flower to blossom. The subsistence aid that is under debate in Africa is provided with the sole qualification that the donor seeks to see these people live. Nothing is asked of the donor. The transference is due to his projection of worth upon the recipient, even if it surpasses the self-valuation that is evident. The donor can't possibly see an equal human beings in his eyes for he has no particular set of expectations of him.

The key problem with Dr Moyo is that for this grand plan for independence and consciousness to work for the Africa she is forced to actually WORK WITH the African and convince him of the need to sever the ambilical cord and then keep him looking upward toward his full potential. Recent history has shown that, absence good governance and transparency the very thing that Dr Sachs points out does indeed come true. Since the de facto state of man is poverty a SYSTEM that produces otherwise must be implemented.


Throughout the African Diaspora there has been an inclination to promote leaders who know how to get the people riled up via their concatenation of their individual resentment about the past enslavement and colonization at the hands of the European. Such sentiment proves to be an easier draw upon the masses than does a tie in upon their quest to obtain their own full potential in an organic fashion. Indeed HATRED is a more powerful intoxicant than is RESOLVE to become a fully actualized people.

It is clear to me that the only force that can prevent a "Mugabe-like" figure to exploit the resentments held by the masses which ultimately leads to their own economic suicide is a SYSTEM OF GOOD GOVERNANCE WITH TRANSPARENCY.

With the more exploitative route has the advantage of expediency it fails miserably with regard to its endurance. Once the adversary is removed from the midst of the masses - they severe flaws in their strategy for perpetual governance is shown for all to see. In effect one oppressor is exchanged for another.

The citizens of good will, who are looking out for the long term interests of the masses should insist all along that practices of transparency and good government be implemented from day one. With a firm commitment to these practices and the institutions that bring them forth a CULTURE of good governance will be born and has a chance to endure the changing tides of the situation within which the people find themselves.

Where as I am inclined to agree with Moyo about the long term need to pull the plug on dependency and that open ended commitments are the sure way to insure continued depencency, the only way that Sachs' fears won't be realized is for the African to hold himself responsible for defining the long term goals of his development movement, grow to that point and then REFUSE to accept any transference inward that is not backed by an exchange of equal value outward.

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