Thursday, June 11, 2009

Michelle Martin Asks: What About Youth Violence?

Audio Report: NPR "Tell Me More" - Michelle Martin

Michelle Martin asks the question about the authority that is responsible for protecting our youth from violence.

My response:

As a long time observer of the "Black Establishment" and the "Black Press" I have learned that each passing day produces thousands of events that are left on the ground until someone comes along and brings attention to them. Emmitt Till was just another "Black boy who 'got himself killed'" until his mother & activists vowed that his death would not be swept under the rug.
In as much as there has been a great amount of defensiveness regarding "Black on Black" crime and the negative stereotypes that stream from them - the Establshment and Press deserve a measure of blame in regards to the conditions that we see. Our community has a "protest modality". When the assailant is of a different race our people are motivated to say "No More" and demand that the perps are thrown "under the jail". When the assailant is himself Black the contradiction between the call for justice and "yet another Black man in jail" comes to bear.

Lost in this contradiction is our community's absolute intolerance for crime and the assault of "our people's civil rights" by other people who look like us.

Clearer messages which condemn the acts and then destroy the complicty that a certain cultural element promotes (yes - Hip Hop) must be confronted.

If the government was to crack down upon those who are killing our children the same people who are saying "Do Something!!" now will be the protesters against the police and these same authorities that they called in when and if they believe that these authorities are in fact targeting their own people as the problem.

The only solution is to have a more effective ORGANIC operation within our communities to stop the present chaos.


Smile said...

Very well put. You've stated in a way which is easy to understand. It's encouraging to see black men stand up and speak in wisdom.

You say a good thing, "Clearer messages which condemn the acts and then destroy the complicty that a certain cultural element promotes (yes - Hip Hop) must be confronted." Yet, don't you think that keeping it simple and building a strong character, family, and information would cause a positive effect in other areas without directly dealing with many of those areas?

Constructive Feedback said...

Unfortunately I think that the blog editor removed my post from the "Tell Me More" blog.