Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only A "People" Can Add Value To A Gestating Child. The Law Can Only Define "Rights"

From A Recent Armstrong Williams column
[quote]A fundamental assumption leading to the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade was that because women are biologically tied to the birth process, they should therefore bear all responsibility in deciding the life or death of their children. The reason for this perspective is straightforward: Roe v. Wade rejected the idea that another person controlled a woman’s body[/quote]

My Response As Posted On "Booker Rising"

Mr Williams:

You suffer from the same affliction that others who defend "Gay Marriage" suffer from. (PS: I am sure that you will not escape this message thread without someone questioning your sexual orientation, but I digress)

Mr Williams - there are some issues that are NOT going to be resolved via legalisms or debate to find some mythical common ground.

With abortion and same sex marriage this AIN'T gonna happen.

Instead both of these issues will be put into abeyance when a higher level of CONSCIOUSNESS AND PURPOSE comes about the PEOPLE via the CULTURE that they choose to adopt per their desire toward bringing to life more productive "Directed Outcomes".

I had two movie clips detailing the news of a Black woman telling her man (oh sorry - that's Baby Daddy - for the fans of Huffington Post) about the news of her pregnancy.

In the first film with actress Kerry Washington informs her boy friend that she is pregnant. The first words out of his mouth????????? "Are YOU GOING TO KEEP IT?"

Once SHE informed him of her decision.....he, the sperm donor was made happy.

I found this telling about the state of Black male/female relationships in our present day.

In a second film - a Black married couple which was struggling to make ends meet. The WIFE informed her husband that 'THEY were pregnant' with the son that he always wanted.

WHAT WAS HIS first response? OVERWHELMING PRIDE AND JOY that a new addition would be added to the family, forwarding the FAMILY name and legacy.

THE WAY I TAKE IT - same two GENETIC MASSES being gestated within the womb.

the VALUATION of these two clumps of cells were derived to a greater extent by the RELATIONSHIPS that the two people responsible for putting it there as guided by the societal norms and the culture that they choose to subscribe to REGARDLESS of the societal norms that are around them.

Mr Williams - with Black people in America in particular we have been forced to defend against an external threat and thus our SELF-VALUATION has not been our primary concern.
Today we continue to ask for OTHERS to show us that they VALUE us as equals.

As time goes forward it will become more clear that the remaining area of development will be for the infrastructure by which SELF VALUATION is expressed via the institutions and standards that are enforced and expressed among us.

For some the "right of man" as they pursue the "Will of Man" trumps all other considerations. They trade legalisms for honor, decency and cultural traditions.

Thus Mr Williams your concerns that the man has no control over the "execution of his child" is a laughable concern to many who see little more than a "clump of human tissue" gestating off of the nutrients of its female host. HER RIGHTS trump any other consideration.

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