Saturday, June 06, 2009

The "Will Of Man" Placed Over The "Mandate For Civilized Order"

As I listen to the "Will Of Man" theorists they err on the side of "Maximized Rights" for two or more consenting adults. No government nor religious order should infringe upon the rights of the individual in our society to do what they please. As long as it does not apparently infringe upon the civil rights of others (notice I can't say "economic rights") then they should be free to do what they please.

From my inspection of this line of thought many of the holes that are present within this system is addressed via some government intervention. If problems are exposed then the government has failed. At no time will the purveyors of such a system dare to do introspection about their assumptions.

Some of the very people who proclaim their intention to seek increased VALUATION of the individual are actually seeking to have the GOVERNMENT show the value of these people via expressing their increased rights to entitlement.

When it comes to the worth of these same people being expressed upon their own backs - a casual observer beings to see the "assumed inferiority" that is actually present among the "liberators".

I struggle to see how those who operate as "civil libertarians" and thus seek to deconstruct much of the Judeo-Christian cultural ethic that has brought us this far fail to note how they are actually enablers of chaos.

They are so bound by IDEOLOGY that they can't see the damage that they do.

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